Best Wooden Spoons for Cooking in 2022

Do you know?  That wooden spoons that are available in several forms and crafted in many different designs are not any contemporary invention.

The origin of wooden spoons dates back to ancient times when human civilization began. It is one of those few utensils that were used by ancient man.

There were very easy and practical for the ancient man to carve the spoons out of wood. They had mastered the art of craving them perfectly.

But in the present times, we don’t really see many people chopping off woods and craving to make spoons, although spoons still have a place in our kitchen.

The customization of the products and with the evolution of man, spoons made up of steel, stainless steel, brass, cooper have been the new go-to utensils.

Have you ever pondered on such things? Well, No, no one does.

All we do is pick up the spoon and use it and then throw it in the sink. Perhaps the oldest known use of the wooden spoon is from 250 BC when they were used for cooking by the Iron Age Celts of Britain.

Buying Guide for The Best Wooden Spoon in 2022

Wooden spoons as a matter of fact are very fashionable and never fail to give you an aesthetic vibe but require a little maintenance.

There are plenty of different types of wooden spoons. They also come in different shapes in which the handle can be bent to easily rest on the edge of the pot or the part of the spoon itself can be wider, thicker, or even slatted to allow the liquid to drain out while solids remain firmly within the crater.

The wooden spoons for eating can be used as any other normal spoons and can be used to stir, fry, cook, or can also be used for tasting, eating, serving, and others. The quality of the materials that go into a good wooden spoon today, although no longer hand-carved, are strong and durable and would form the next set of utensils in your kitchen.

But before starting your search for wooden spoons, there are certain crucial things that need to be taken care of while buying wooden spoons.

This article shall provide you a pathway that will guide you to reach out on an idea to buy the best wooden spoon.



Due to its durability, bamboo is an eco-friendly material. Since it’s a resource that is sustainable, bamboo spoons are cheap. They’re a durable option as well.


This is the least costly and least robust wood type. Pine wooden spoons can also at first offer a “piney” taste to your food, which dissipates with use, and without any doubt, it is also a sturdy wooden spoon.


A higher-quality spoon is made of hardwood such as oak, beech, plum, or olive. They last longer and are less likely to break because these trees are tougher than pine.



Basic Wooden spoons are used a lot while cooking. Well although not everyone does use wooden spoons for cooking, the basic wooden spoons can be very comfortable and handy while cooking. You can cook anything or stir with such spoons easily.

These spoons can be used to stir liquid food or scoop out anything. It is simple in nature and doesn’t even have a chance of spilling the food. The bigger size of such spoons can be used as a serving spoon. The smaller size spoons can be used for eating purpose.


This wooden spoon can be used to pick bigger ingredients but you cannot although pick any small or liquid in nature as it will spill from the spoon. These spoons have holes or openings in the bowl so that liquid can fall from within. They can be used for serving and cooking.


The wooden spatula set can be used to toss food or frying them or maybe mixing food. It can be used to scarp off food from the bottom of the pan.

FEATURES of Best Wooden Spoons in 2022


These spoons have long handle usually and are easy to grip. So, they are comfortable and feel secure in your hands. But they are also available in several sizes and forms so you choose the suitable one from amongst a countless choice available.


Apart from being environment-friendly, wooden spoons are long-lasting, unlike plastics and metals. These mini wooden spoons are reusable and can be used for a longer duration and would not rather get damaged anyway. They are sturdy and robust so won’t break that easily.


Wooden spoons do not react with the food and lead to chemical reactions which are possible in the case of other metals and plastic. Further, it also doesn’t react with the utensils in any way, and it very safe for cooking. Spoons such as aluminum react with heat and, after some time, begin to make food toxic.

If used in cooking, a plastic wooden spoon produces poisonous gases that are detrimental directly to us and indirectly to the environment. On the other side, wooden spoons are the most natural product that you can get. With no temperature or metal, wood does not respond and keeps the food safe and non-toxic.

So, it is advisable to go for wooden spoons for cooking.


Wooden spoons are the best in nature and also are environmentally friendly. It does not promote waste, unlike plastics. Wooden spoons are the best for preventing plastic pollution in the environment.

The plastic spoons available are non-biodegradable in nature and would pollute the environment. But the wooden spoons being naturally biodegradable can be disposed of.


Wooden spoons are resistant to water. Though wood is porous, because of water or some other liquid, it is not destroyed. So, you can cook any liquid recipe without worrying about it soaking.  Depending on the wooden spoon size, you can use them when stirring, pouring, and even feeding.

They come in all shapes and sizes that correspond to your need for use and purpose. So, when cooking recipes that use water or oil, wooden spoons can be used and it won’t harm the food.


Food that produces a strong odor can be repulsive and will make you lose your appetite. But let us tell you that wooden spoons for eating have the capacity to absorb strong aromas and odors. When cooking food with strong scents, becomes challenging.

But wood, being porous, absorbs all kinds of powerful odors and makes cooking a pleasure rather than just a job to be done. Without affecting the nutritional balance of the food that is being prepared, the best wooden spoons will give you odor-free food.

So, switch to wooden spoons if you cook food that has a strong odor.


A wooden spoon doesn’t conduct heat as wood is an insulator. Other spoons are good heat conductors, such as metal or steel spoons.  Also, you would never want to burn your hand unintentionally while cooking.

For this reason, wooden spoons can be the best option because they are bad conductors of heat and would prevent from burning your hand. After all, as any kind of temperature, hot or cold, wooden spoons are the best for cooking, they will not be directed above the utensil.


The best quality wooden spoons for cooking material can be found at the most affordable price. You can also purchase a whole bunch of several types of spoons for various purposes and that would surely give your boring kitchen utensils a new kick.

Buying an individual spoon can cost you less than a dollar while if you go for bulk then it would cost you around $6 but if you go for the best kinds then it shall cost around $7. Sometimes, cheap wooden spoons come in packs, which can include half a dozen spoons priced at $1 to $8 each. For high-quality spoons of hardwood, expect a package of three to pay between $14 and $40 for a single spoon.

FAQS For The Best Wooden Spoons in 2022

How can Wooden spoons be washed?

Wooden Spoon doesn’t require exceptional care but remember not to throw it in the dishwasher or else it will soak. The wooden cooking spoon set can be washed easily and does not require a great deal of time or effort. To remove any food unit, simply clean the surface of the wooden spoon with a piece of cloth after cooking your meal.

Then, in a pan, put the wooden spoon and pour some of the boiling water over it. For around 10-15 minutes, let it rest. Mind, however, not to soak it for any longer, as it could damage the wood. Take the wooden spoon out from the water and clean its surface and then let it dry.

Not only does this technique disinfect your wooden spoons, but it also sanitizes them from bacteria and germs.

Do wooden spoons break?

Wooden spoons are hard and sturdy and would not break easily if used properly. But if an external force is applied, then there are chances that it can break off. They are composed of a very thick layer of wood, and hence they cannot be broken. The wooden spoons for cooking amazon are thick enough and can withstand cooking and dining without breaking off.

But if you try to place items that are too large or maybe try to use the product as a lever, there is a risk that it will break.

How do we oil the spoon?

Go for mineral oil of food-grade consistency and rub it on the spoons. This oil will certainly extend the life of your spoons and as soon as you oil them up, you'll immediately see older spoons revitalized. There is no need to rinse after adding the wooden spoon oil. Only hang the spoons up to dry instead.

You cannot use the spoons until the oil has dried completely to allow the oil to fully settle in and do its job, penetrating beyond the surface.

What is the life span of Wooden spoons?

It is predictable that wooden spoons can be used for nearly 5-6 years. But it also depends on how it is used and where it is stored.

If used wooden cooking spoon then, it shall last long. And if it is stored in a warm and dry place then it dries off easily as the warm temperature is suitable for wood. Also, it sanitizes and prevents growing bacteria if stored in a warm place.

What do we need to oil the spoon?

Advising of oiling your spoon is a maintenance task. It's easy to oil your wood spoons and it goes a long way to hold them in like-new conditions. Not only does it make them look stronger, but it also stops the wood from drying out over time.

How to Make Wooden Spoons?

Video Transcript:

I know each one of you has one of these in your kitchen and today I’m going to show you how to make your own I’ll be demonstrating how to carve a wooden spoon by hand this is easier than you think and is great for weddings or during holidays gifts I’m a student at the Herron School of Art in my creative processes class I designed a large series of wins serving spoons alongside my professor who has his master’s in furniture design with this project I worked on exploring different subject matters to convey my concept in a non-traditional.

Way my dad is also a woodworker and this is his woodshop where I will be showing you the process of making a wooden spoon some safety precautions and different ways to make your spoon personal to you so let’s get started first I’m going to be showing you some of the materials and tools that we’re going to be using and I will be explaining those later in detail first you’re going to want to start out with your piece of paper.

And you are going to want to fold it in half longways like so then you are going to start out by drawing your design onto the piece of paper after you have that done you’re going to take your scissors and you’re going to cut it out after you have it cut out you’re going to place it down on your piece of wood trace your template and that way you have a nice guide for some of the marks that you’re going to be making later and after you have that done you’re going to want to start carving the bowl of your spoons when you carve the bowl you’re going to just start on your piece of wood you’re not going to make any exterior marks like.

This is because you don’t want to squish the bowl and that will cause problems later so when you begin carving the bowl you’re going to want to choose one of your tools from your set that has a nice rounded edge and this is a Miller’s fall set from my great-grandfather and you want to make sure it’s pretty sharp because a sharp tool is a safe tool and it will make it definitely easier on you so when you begin carving you’re usually going to want to clamp it down to the table.

But today we just don’t have time so you’re going to want to start with your tool down in one corner like so then you’re going to take your tool to rotate your arm and your wrist you’re just going to as you’re pushing forward you’re going to rotate your arm and that way you get a full scoop out like so you’re just going to want to do this all along with the bowl until you get your desired depth and shape after you carve your bowl then you’re going to move over to the bandsaw.

And I can’t show you that right now because we just don’t have enough time but when you make your cuts on your bandsaw you’re going to make a few relief cuts then just go around the exterior and make a nice shape that you desire after you have that portion done then you get on to making something that looks closer to a wooden spoon so then you’re going to be using sandpaper or what I like to use is an attachment on a drill press and that creates for a nice even texture and it also takes off large chunks at one time and so if you’re using sandpaper which is a good tool I would definitely start out with a sixty coarse grit, to begin with, and that will take off large pieces you can also use a hand file which has nice little.

Teeth in it which will also take off big pieces and you’re going to move all the way down through one twenty-one hundred grit all the way up to a 220 and that will give you this nice smooth texture that’s on some of these spoons and after you’re done with that you’re going to have something that looks this color still but you’re going to have something that’s the shape and texture to get this color this is all-natural color by the way I use olive oil and just like you.

Would use to cook with and I like this because it’s all-natural you can also use some other sealers you can find at Menards or lowe’s but a butcher block is also a good option and so you’re going to take this you can use your hands or a rag you’re going to apply this all over the spoon and get it in all of the pores of the wood and make sure you get an even coating.

and after about one to two days it should be ready to go and just make sure you might wash it off once or twice before you begin using it to serve or cook with and then finally you can add lots of different textures this has a different handle just whatever you want to do to express your personality and your creativity and that’s all thank you.

How to Carve a Wooden Spoon?

Video Transcript:

You know what’s been an engineer but by the time I got through school in the 80s there was a lot of engineering left and see well what can I do what I can carve spoons I’m making some ladles this is a bit of older and it’s just great shape for making a ladle because it’s kind of already in there look you all you’re doing is you’re taking away the waste wood to get the spoon out really it’s usually a glance off like that I want to get the pit out that’s where it’s going to split us where it will start you can see straight away start mistake shake just a few blazes.

I don’t use any of the softer hardwoods sycamores a firm favorite with a lot of spoon carvers and was traditional for the welsh to make their call spoons and ladles and envy they love spoons but a lot of the work is done with the ax so you need very sharp tools and I had this one made by a blacksmith on Dartmoor he’s quite the man and yeah it’s nice to have a really purpose-made tool like I say it’s and I’ve got all eight fingers I started with this morning cause.

She & you can always sleep more wood off but you can’t put any on so the idea is to take only little bits off it doesn’t always go to plan and at home, I have a stack of the most beautiful kindling you know so some of it took hours to make they call it isis and kindling now don’t lean in more accurately over the ax the list of the hard work there is to do and a sharper the easier it is also the safer with a blunt instrument you put so much pressure behind your cut when it goes wrong spectacularly wrong with it with a sharp tool there’s very little.

Force going into your cuts so always keep your tools nice and sharp this is the gouging out the center bowl and it’s a welsh pattern called it took ham but my wife she’s terrible with the eye I probably spittle oviya used for gouging out as much wood as you can at a time to make the call spoons to take around and sell in the villages so the man was making yeah it’s hard to make a lot of them so he didn’t want to mess around right in there in wales they would often burn their spoons the day that the spoon man came round and quite often he was someone that was disabled due to an accident in the mines or in the slate works and the community.

Supported him by buying his spoons and so they would burn the spoons every month spoon man’s coming around he’d ever cutler quit and you know it’s a good way of looking after people we’re in this sort of social context and then for a new slightly more delicate once I’ve gone most of the wood then I go down to a little blade like that that one it’s got a compound curve on it so you can get deep and tight or you can get nice and flat like that it’s invaluable.

Tool the only thing that puzzles a lot of people is how do you sharpen a knife like that so really what we use is strops do a lot of stropping us just lever with the auto sole you know the leather the metal polish.

Just a bit of that on it and then every few cuts or so just give it a quick go like that and it’s back to razor-sharp and I’ll leave that to the season for two or three days and when it’s hard and it’ll oxidize this will probably go orange and what you would do then is you can you know to make it look really pretty you can even I never sand anything only ever using life further finish it makes a far better finish and you notice if you wash up a wooden spoon only go, Ferrari, that’s because it was sanded when you have a tool finish you get a nice finish and that will always.

Be like that it stops the ingress of any nasties yeah it’s a tool that finishes the way forward you in size here your pattern was it with this kind of knife and then rubbing something like virtual coffee powder cinnamon and then oil over the top and it brings it out really strong and it’s an old Scandinavian method that it’s called coal rossing which I’m told means burnt rose or burnt red so but it’s one of those lost words you can always identify the wood by the sound.

It makes this one’s a whereas ash has got the harder ring on the growth rings and it shattered ii was a good word it’s a very light-colored word when it dries and it’s incredibly soft and carves beautifully it’s not like a with a knife through butter one of the properties of this is it has a very tight grain which means you don’t get any ingress of food particles that’s why rarely will you ever see spring combat evoke because of the tube with the makeup of it and you get bugs down in there you get ill but so you can see how easy this stuff is to carve.

And the grain is just absolutely lovely I mean a lot of the love spoons were made with it because it’s very strong as well some would only have like short grains you know something to linked but this it runs right up the tree bit like ash that was a silver batch which is a lovely softwood we put the twist in it that takes twice as long as the spoon to do but it has a nice impact on that it looks pretty and then burnished but what it does is it compacts the surface.

So you don’t get any more it stops the ingress of food and bacteria, even more, makes a very durable finish and it’s less likely to stain and all manner of things an extra 20 minutes half-hour and you turn a good screen into a great spoon you know assuming I’m not going to do what I call a barley twist on it just do some coal rossing or just playing carving there’s about another hours worth in here so in total probably about two two and a half hours you know it’s quite a chunk of you of your day but then it’s.

Very enjoyable you know it’s almost therapeutic we just go rock up in the woods with a kelly kettle to make a cup of tea grab a little bit of wood do some carving for the afternoon with a little fire going in it it’s a good way you know the kids run around and get all the fresh air it’s like forest school but free you know and the only problem is now my boy jack his spoons I can’t tell them from mine after time and so I’m wondering if I’m selling his.

But I think he’d let me know pretty quick so that’s the next generation of spoon carver’s coming along really the wood tells you what I wanted to be some of it just does not want to be a spoon you know it wants to be a spatula or again kindling you know this so lifeproof tab that I wear it’s an old french design and my pronunciation is terrible but I think it’s called a tableau do protection but basically means a protection apron at least we used in northern France whether used to make the hoops for the wine barrels before they were metal these to make.

About a chest map and so there’s a huge huge industry in making these heaps because they weren’t metal they needed 9 hoops on each barrel then when it kept a man busy several men busy what would happen is the for the french floor knife is very different to ours and there are very short handles and so that the french don’t keep their elbows in either so when they come off the end of the piece of the wood they slip off and quite easily cause themselves.

Quite some damage you know it wasn’t reported of disemboweling and all sorts whereas we English when we use ours because we’re very clever got long handles you keep your elbows in see you can’t come back and hit yourself but some I thought it was a marvelous design so I just had to make one there’s a much-talking piece and no one’s ever seen one.

Before I’d imagine they were passed down from father to son all your going to work in the cops you’ll need this when I teach people to cars you get people that got the visual can visualize in their heads they fly through it and then people that can’t visualize is to work so much harder but they get there and the kids absolutely like wow it’s made from a log you know I mean half of we’ve never seen a log these days unless it was on Minecraft I get a lot of stuff from spawn damage we call in storm springs a lot of screen covers and I’ve got springs from storm kate I got one up there from storm Doris never fell a tree for making spoons so we need a storm now and again you know every cloud has a silver lining and – spoon-shaped.


So, are you impressed with the whole lot of features that these wooden spoons provide? By now you must have formed a better idea of how to purchase a wooden spoon and what spoons can be the best for you. Then why not get ready to buy some.

Buying the good cook wooden spoons for your kitchen can be one of your best choices. They are safe and are user-friendly, easily available, and have no side effects. They make your cooking manageable and fun. According to the needs of customers, they come in all sizes and shapes, and their cost is fairly rational.

Also, several people bring wooden cutlery so that they can avoid using plastic as they exacerbate nature. They also will give a new look to your boring kitchen. This is in the true sense is a wise choice that you should make- switching to wooden spoons.

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