Best Wood Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen in 2021

Would you like to make your cooking in the kitchen enjoyable?

Or is it that you want to ease your chopping task in the kitchen?

Are you tired of replacing your wood cutting boards again and again?

You will find all the answers here to get the best wood cutting boards with incredible kitchen edge finishing and be satisfied with your purchase.

The wood cutting board for kitchen may be of various materials, but the wooden ones are always the best. Their absolute natural built keeps your fruits and veggies away from bacteria and other toxicities. The best single-piece wooden cutting sheets are manufactured using three different methods, which we are about to tell you.

But before that, let us see some traits that will help you make the best purchase among various branded wood cutting boards available.

Buying guide for the Best Wood Cutting Boards in 2021

Many people are confused about the wood cutting boards because of the variety and unawareness of the quality. It is better to get some research done before purchasing the appropriate cutting board for kitchen.

We have curated our search so that all your queries are resolved here, and you can buy the best wood cutting boards easily at the desired budget.

Type of Board

Choosing the best type of wood cutting board is not an easy task. But if you take the necessary screening before making the final buying decision, then you might hit the jackpot

There are many types of wood used for making kitchen cutting board but choosing the right kind of wood is difficult. The board should also have the proper stability and weight to hold itself to its position.

  • Edge grain

Edge grain development can be made for decent items. Other than scratch marks being more evident on these than on the end grain assortments, they make brilliant cutting sheets.

One extra advantage is that they don’t need to be just about as thick as the end grain items to limit breaking or parting odds. This implies that they might be made lighter, and along these lines, they are simpler to heave into a sink on the off chance you wish to do.

Additionally, most “butcher square” ledges are made with this technique (for certain remarkable exceptional cases).

Edge grain sheets are long bits of wood stuck identically. This edge grain cutting board is a lot less expensive than end grain sheets yet will be sturdy whenever focused on appropriately. Be that as it may, these sheets will, in general, dull the blade edge quicker than end grain sheets.

They’re fundamentally less expensive than end-grain sheets on account of their less strenuous method of the manufacturer. In any case, the cutting surface is more rigid and has more minor give. So it is bound to dull your blades over the long run. It additionally has less capacity to self-mend or with no healing features, so it’s bound to show cutting signs.

  • End Grain

End grain cutting boards are high in demand and mostly purchased due to their self-healing properties.

So, let dive into more details of the end grain wood cutting board as it will give better clarity of the type of cutting board.

End grain development gets rid of any damage you may have over splinters. It is inconceivable with a butcher square kind of board. The wood filaments’ heading faces an extraordinary course and subsequently isn’t inclined to disintegration or damage.

The end-grain board’s cutting surface is relatively smooth, delicate on your blade. It gives your knife a superior grasp during cutting. Minor imprints are typically just brief as the open wood-cell design of the slicing surface permits it to heal itself.

Type of Wood

The right choice of wood is also a confusing and challenging task for every individual. So, it is crucial to buy the best and affordable wood cutting boards for your kitchen. There are two types of used wood for making the wood cutting boards.

  • Maple

In every wood cutting board, maple wood is used as it is not prone to splitting or cracking easily after every use. Edge and end grain are well polished so that it does not deplete in a short time.

Both delicate and complex maple wood cutting boards make for brilliant cutting surfaces. Yet, hard is the business standard among cutting board creators: It’s more scratch-and-effect safe than beech, teak, or pecan; however, not all that hard that it will dull your blades. But any type of Maple will turn out to make the best wood cutting boards.

  • Teak

Teak is also the most used wood for making wood cutting boards. This is due to its some hard quality. Teak also holds up scratches, and effects over the cutting board for kitchen are more petite than beech or Maple.

However, as a tropical shut-grained hardwood, teak costs the most. It has a high silica content, so now and again, cutting on a teak cutting surface will dull your blade edge. Teak recoils not precisely any of the other three wood choices for cutting sheets, so you can get it by molding it quarterly to twice per year.

Its vast pores make it more helpless against dampness and stains than pecan, Maple, or beech. All things considered, the earthy-colored tones of the food-safe wood veils finish in a way that is better than Maple.

Teak can also be the best alternative option if you want to buy as it is even better in many other ways for the wood cutting boards.


Quality is an essential factor to be considered while purchasing a wooden cutting board as it is challenging to find the appropriate type of wood for the chopping board.

You must check the quality of the wood used in making the cutting board that they are not prone to cracking. Bad quality wood is easily damaged after first use.

On the other hand, an incredible wooden cutting board ought to dispense negligible harm on a blade’s edge. It shouldn’t be inclined to twisting and breaking either. It also does not leave splinters after cutting, making it dangerous for the user for their next round.

After purchasing the excellent quality wood cutting board, it will satisfy that you invested your money in the right product.

Safety and Hygiene

One of the significant factors that should be considered is the amazon wood cutting board hygiene while using. You should question the seller if it is safe or not as many wooden boards produce toxins after cutting fruits or vegetables.

Microscopic organisms that are not visible to anyone with a naked eye are created by some woos. These are later used in making the cutting boards.

So it better to take the necessary steps before jumping to the purchasing decision.

Always check the hygiene of the board and the safety measures taken while constructing the best quality wood cutting board. This is so that it is not dangerous to your health and your family members’.

If the wood used for cutting boards is safe, you should buy the best wood cutting boards without any hesitation.


Durability is the essential characteristic every buyer looks for in a product before investing in it.

A decent wooden cutting board can keep going for quite a long time as your primary cutting surface, even with continuous use.

However, if you burn your cash on a terrible one, you’ll blame yourself each time you cut onion on it. We have curated our research on wooden board materials. Their durability discovers which ones are worth the penny for you.

The wood cutting board’s imperishability should be checked properly so that you do not have to waste your money on the wrong one. The best quality wood cutting board offers good quality and is not easily damaged after use. They do not easily scar after a few uses and last long.

So if you find this on a wood cutting board, it is the best opportunity to grab and purchase it for your kitchen.


The initial point to be considered before deciding to purchase the best affordable wood cutting boards. You should plan and decide on the amount you are willing to spend on the desirable coard. Whether the wooden cutting board is a high or reasonable price, people should consider their limit on the money they want to pay.

The costs of locally acquired cutting surfaces shift broadly, relying upon the wood used to make them. Usually, cutting sheets fall at the lower end of these reaches and butcher squares at better quality.

FAQs on Best Wood Cutting Boards in 2021

Which one is better, wood or plastic cutting board?

Wood or plastic cutting boards are both commonly used by most people. But as per research and reviews of the customers, wooden cutting boards are their best choice.

The plastic cutting boards for kitchen are manufactured very stylishly since they have a good shine. But you can see the scratches and marks over it after one use. It also increases the chances of birth of the bacteria quickly.

Be on the safer side go for the amazon wood cutting board as it is safe and clean if appropriately kept. There are wood cutting boards that heal themselves and are well designed to suit the kitchen's décor.

Are wood cutting boards naturally antibacterial?

Yes, but not all type of wood is antibacterial, so you should look appropriately through the wood board's specification. There is wood that heals itself after use, but the kitchen cutting board' quality and cleanliness also depend on the user.

Suppose you clean and sanitize it after chopping it won't give the bacteria a chance to emerge. In that case, it will also not depreciate the quality of the product quickly. Even if your wood cutting board is antibacterial, the board should be cleaned regularly.

Wood is a natural item used in making the good cutting boards, so they are an excellent choice to purchase and use in your daily life.

What is the best type of wood cutting board to get?

For quite some time, Maple has been viewed as one of the top wood types to use for a cutting load up. Woodcutting sheets have numerous benefit points over the more complex and rough materials, and Maple is an ideal illustration.

With a maple cutting board, you're guaranteeing that you keep your blade and its edge as sharp as could be expected. It can be the best choice for the best wood cutting boards for some people or some it's not as it depends on the preference and use of the cutting board.

How often you replace the wood cutting boards?

It entirely hinges on the quality and durability of the cutting board people purchased. If its condition is good after using it for years, then it's the best investment made. Another factor is that if you take the proper care of the wood cutting board, cleaning and sanitizing it after every use.

By this, you can get that the wooden cutting board for kitchen replacement depends on the usability and handling of the product carefully and adequately. But if you saw too many scratches and were not cleaning them, then it's time to buy a new one.

Are wood cutting boards expensive?

Woodcutting boards are available in every range in the market. The price depends on the quality and type of wood used in the construction of the cutting board.

Good quality wood cutting boards are reasonably priced and have a longer life. They are expensive wood cutting boards than plastic ones as they are heavy and well designed. But they are commonly used by people as it is healthy and durable.

How to Care for Wood Cutting Boards?

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Michael and I’m Leslie and we’re kitchen writers at the wire cutter sorry one more time it’s not what the wire cutter anymore okay it’s okay I’m gonna send sweet home a minute ago see that’s a minute hi I’m Michael and I’m Leslie and we’re both kitchen writers at wire cutter we love wooden cutting boards they’re great but they’re also expensive and they require a little bit of maintenance so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna talk about how you can maintain your wooden cutting board so it lasts you for decades that’s right.

So you never want to submerge the wood board in the water you never want to put them in the dishwasher and if you can’t get to cleaning it right away you just want to let the food crest upon it let it just let it but when it does come time to wash it we like the seventh-generation dish slope and sponge scotch Brite works or scrub brush works as well be sure to wash both sides of the board so it doesn’t warp on one side when you wash your board and dry it always lean it up against the wall let it sit there overnight let it air dry all the way around because it will get moldy if you just put it away damp and nobody wants that another thing that you can do to clean the board is to use a vinegar solution and you can just use regular white distilled vinegar put it in a spray bottle.

We use the ratio of a quarter cup of the vinegar to 3/4 cup water and you can just spray down the board whenever you feel like it really that’s another way to sanitize it yep and then you let it air dry cutting boards no matter if they’re wood or plastic will hold on smells especially to chop a lot of garlic artichokes can leave a bitter taste behind on cutting board so our favorite thing to do juice a volume non it and rub do you rub it in.

I read it rub it in getting it all in there sprinkle it generously with kosher salt don’t be shy with it at all because this is going to suck the smell out of the wood as it dries sometimes the lemon doesn’t have enough juice in it to really like soak through the salt so he’s adding a little water for help and he’s gonna let this dry overnight a few hours basically you just want some salt to dry and once it’s dried then you can scrape it off Joanne do the honors yes would you like to use that base.

Yes you can use a bench scraper you could also if you don’t have a bench scraper at home you could also use just a spatula metal spatula and you don’t have to use a lot of force it just comes right off it’s so satisfying to make sure the spatula is a nice flat edge on the front I mean if it’s rounded it’s just gonna create more work for you it’ll work you’ll just spend a little more time doing it and then you want to wash.

Your board as you normally would and then let it air dry and then you can oil it after that so beet stain cutting boards more than any other vegetable or fruit so it’s not the end of the world if you do get a stubborn beet stain because it will come off over time as you use and wash the board but if you’re impatient or you just really look that stain out you use baking soda and water microwave sure would be honored just make like a little paste.

There it is so thank you all gum it’s like a magic trick so now wash it with soap and water and oil it which we’re gonna talk about in a second, you want to oil the board keep it conditioned so that it doesn’t crack there’s no regular schedule for oiling it’s gonna be different depending on your climate if you’re unsure when to oil it you can always test it by just throwing a few drops of water on it and if it absorbs the water then you know it’s time to be oiled it should sort of beat up on the board when it’s properly oiled so there’s a bunch of different products.

You can use we really like using mineral oil just because it’s inexpensive it’s odorless simplest tasteless and you can find it at most hardware stores or kitchen supply stores so it’s really easy to come by and I don’t think it ever goes rancid right it doesn’t go rancid which is why you want to use it so you don’t use olive oil or vegetable oil.

Because these can go rancid on your board there are other things you can use there’s beeswax which smells great I was making everyone smell it and then there are other products you can use which are a combination of wax and mineral oil we’ve tried actually all of these and they all worked about the same there wasn’t really much of a difference yeah please please thank you, yeah you want to be sure to oil both sides of the board and then you can just let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then once you’ve let it sit and absorb some of the oil then you can wipe it with a dry paper towel just to get all that excess oil off and then you can just leave.

It like you would after cleaning it and just prop it up and let it air dry the ideally you want to let it dry for a couple of days I like to do it when I’m leaving for the weekend or going on vacation or something just because you know it can totally absorb the oil and then do its thing and you won’t be getting it wet again so when you do oil your board I always think it’s a good time to do the other wood products in your kitchen so you can do salad bowls and wooden spoons or whatever you have that you need to do I just do it at the same time because.

It’s easy to remember that way handles wooden handle knives eventually if you put your knives in the dishwasher don’t do yeah boy you’re cutting wood so unlike a plastic cutting board you can easily resurface a wooden board and it’ll last longer and you’ll smooth out the gouges which makes some people and easy but also if the gouges are deep enough your knife will kind of like catching them and it just doesn’t make for a very smooth cutting experience so if you’re if you rub if you have a tarry rag or any rag over it you like it catches yeah the little loops catch on it it’s time to Sandra board what we recommend is that.

You start with a medium grit sandpaper 100 is a good place to start and you want to start from like the coarser grit and then move down to a fine grit so Michael has cut these yes I’ve already cut these you can use just like a box or you can use your just the paper by itself and sand in the direction of the grain it takes a little grease it’s not a passage job but you don’t have to buy a new cutting board so I like this aspect of wooden cutting boards better than plastic hawai like if I have to throw away a plastic cutting board and buy a new one and it hurts my soul but I have had the same wooden cutting boards for 20 years I just aged my and then after that wash it.

Wash like soap and water sponge-like get all of that sawdust off let it dry and oil it Michael why is my board it’s warped because you put it in the dishwasher oh no but you really that’s how a board will warp if you put it if submerge it in water or put it in the dishwasher it’s that this is what’s gonna happen to it but luckily there are some ways to fix it we’ve tried a number of ways and we think the easiest way to actually fix the issue is to sponge the concave side so the side that’s that’s slightly flipped up you want to sponge the whole surface of the board just one side.

And then you’ll just flip it over and for a thinner board like this one, something of moderate weight like this casserole dish works great because it’s basically the size of the board so so it’s pretty evenly distributed like so yeah perfect go like that if you have a big board that’s like two inches thick you probably don’t even need to weigh it down you can just sponge one side flip it over and let gravity do its thing is the rectangular dish intentional like.

Can I just throw a Dutch oven or a cast-iron skillet on top, yeah you ideally want to use something that’s around the same size you could use another cutting board you could place another cutting board on top of it that’s bigger that would like evenly distribute the weight but yeah you want to keep it even so that when it settles it sits it doesn’t warp again and yeah it’s sort of trial and error so when we did it in the Test Kitchen we had to do it a number of times until we kind of you know reached a perfectly level board cool I like it I also like this dish you?

How to Oil a Wood Cutting Board?

Video Transcript:

Hi there my name is Scott Aaronson and I’m a private chef now I’m here to show you how to oil your wood cutting board maintaining the board for life basically and we’re going to do that with mineral oil a woodblock oil okay now this oil is a special oil it’s mineral oil and a food-grade oil you never want to use vegetable oil extra virgin olive oil canola oil on your wood, okay eventually that will go rancid and bacteria can grow and it’s not good for the wood.

This mineral oil will preserve the wood especially if you use if you clean and water your board a lot of water can work the wood and that’s what this prevents it from warping cracking you know bending and this board actually has never been old it’s very dry and I can tell that it’s that it has never been told there’s all some cracks here and whatnot so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to go ahead and take this oil.

And we’re going to take a cloth you can take a cloth-like this or a paper towel you want to generously put your oil on the board as such and we’re going to go ahead and work it in with the grain of the wood not only does it preserve the wood it makes the board look beautiful and it really brings out the natural grain of the wood but again preserving your wood board is so important wood blocks are very expensive these days and you don’t want to keep on repurchasing a woodblock when you can preserve the one you have for years to come.

I know I’ve had mine for about five years six years and it’s still in great condition because I lit on a regular basis depending on how often you use your cutting board and what you use it for I would say oiling it with and every two or three weeks should be fine so we’re going to go ahead and oil this second side of the board and mineral oil butcher block oil isn’t extremely expensive.

I would say anywhere between $7.99 and $15 so between 8 and 15 dollars you should be able to get yourself a nice-sized oil that will last you a good amount of time and I’ve had this oil for at least a month or a couple of months.

It should last a good five-six months easy just remember to oil both sides all sides and your butcher block will last a long time this is how you a wood butcher block thanks for watching please don’t forget to subscribe and check out our other great videos if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email me at requests at Mahalo com.


Hopefully, we have answered all your queries through this article. Now, you can buy the best wood cutting board confidently with no hesitancy. It will help you buy the best affordable wood cutting board for your kitchen.

Investment of the money will give the sweet return when you cook the delicious food.

You can get a basic idea of how and what they can check before purchasing the ideal wood cutting for themselves.

So, you can go forward towards the purchase and purchase the ideal one. Good wishes!

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