Best Tomato Knives for Easy Cooking Prep in 2021

Cutting tomatoes can be really messy. Every time you dice tomatoes, your chopping board is surely spilled with all the juicy pulp of the tomatoes.

Ever thought of slicing tomatoes without creating a mess of the pulps all over?

Or do you like to present your food in the most beautiful manner?

But with tomatoes, it sure ain’t helping you.

Moreover, using normal knives to cut tomatoes for daily preparation can be okay but if you want a perfect presentation of the food, then your daily knife isn’t one for that purpose. Your normal knife would end up squishing and bruising the tomato.

Like almost all ingredients, tomatoes also need to be cut in a specific way essentially when they are this delicate. The way tomatoes are sliced or diced has an impact on the texture and the flavors of your food.

If you like to cut your tomatoes in one perfect shape and rather not ruin it, or if you like a better presentation of your fruits and vegetables, then you have to switch to the tomato knives from your regular ones.

At its tip, a tomato knife will also include prongs. The points are useful for moving without destroying perfect slices of tomato. It is also useful to use such prongs when slicing cheese.

Buying guide for the Best Tomato Knives in 2021

The tomato knife has been specially crafted to handle thin skins and the delicate insides of the tomato. They are usually serrated, which enables the knife to pass easily and with minimum pressure through the skin.

These knives appear to be relatively small, but their sizes vary from that of a paring knife to some 6 inches.  They also appear to be low in profile, which helps prevent the blade from sticking to tomato slices.

The tomato knife serrated shall be the best type of knife for slicing the tomatoes. On juicy, slippery fruit, a serrated knife is extremely delicate. Since the cutting movement is across, it can make small, even slices, rather than down, and without simply pressing any of the seeds out.

Serrations are not necessarily required for the cutting of a tomato. It’ll work just as well with a super sharp razor. Serrations, though, have a few advantages, such as they’ll work well for tomatoes first of all, even if the knife goes a little dull after some time.

Other than that, the knife can take a bit of pressure to go through the skin when you don’t have serrations. Some of the knives will come on both sides with serrations. With a double serrated tip, the best tomato knife helps you to cut tomatoes, either left or right-handed.

If you can use a chef’s knife to cut tomatoes, the blade needs to be ultra-sharp to slice the tomatoes perfectly.  Since tomatoes have thin skins, but underneath them is tender, fragile flesh, anything less than sharp will not easily get through the skin.

You will need to apply a lot of pressure, taking the risk of the tomato being crushed. Also, to render a paper-thin tomato slice, steak knives and other general-use knives appear to be too thick. Big, regular kitchen knives often appear to stick to slices.

So, having a tomato knife set is a matter of choice for anyone. But with it, chopping and slicing the tomatoes would surely be very easy and convenient. But tomato knives are not your regular day knives, so you need to know some essential features of the knife so as to be able to buy the best tomato knife.


The blade of the knife is the most essential element as the quality of the blade should affect the way you are going to use it. A good blade in the knife would last for a long time even for a lifetime and would be resistant to rust.

It will not last long if the material used in the blade is flimsy, porous, or brittle. The different types of blade available along with the knife are:


This is a traditional alternative and because of its reliability, has been a constant choice of kitchen tomato knife manufacturers. Well-made high carbon steel is an exceptionally sharp instrument that for long periods can maintain its edge and sharpness. The roughness of high carbon steel, however, is not absolute. Particularly if it is exposed to constant pressure and stress, it will end up breaking.


This combines both stainless steel and carbon steel’s positive properties.   Combined with high carbon steel, stainless steel has higher rigidity than normal carbon steel does. This unique material also includes chromium, which provides rust and stain resistance.

Although as compared to high carbon steel, high carbon stainless steel is very difficult to sharpen, so when you resharpen it, you need to exercise extra caution. But it is also one of the preferred types of metal.


It is one of the most popular and recommendable types of blades. The titanium also has greater weight and protection than other metals, an exceptional capacity to protect itself from corrosion and rust, and is not weak, so even though you use the kitchen knife set regularly, it won’t wear out.

Another advantage is the flexibility offered by the knife. The excellent integration of carbides and titanium enables the blade to undergo thermal treatment, which increases the toughness and robustness of the titanium metal.


The blade made up of ceramic is crafted by combining zirconium oxide along with aluminum oxide. It is sturdy in nature because of the physical properties of zirconium, which is the second toughest material after diamond and it also very durable.

But there are still chances of it breaking or cracking down if the blades are not maintained properly. The edges of ceramic blades are thinner than their stainless-steel equivalent, which helps the knife to cut through materials quickly. However, slicing, rather than cutting, is the best application for ceramic blades.


You should not compromise with the quality of the steel used in the kitchen tomato knife. They can sometimes be costly but can last a lifetime and hence, would be worth the amount spent. There are several qualities of steel available but before purchasing try to particularly know about the advantages and disadvantages of all of them and decide on the best one.


A knife can be sharp enough but you cannot use it comfortably without having a good handle. The tomato knives come up with several handles fitted and some of them are:


The tomato knife with a wooden handle looks classy and sleek with a wooden handle. They would give an aesthetic look to your modern kitchen.  But not all wood is suitable for the handles as only hardwood should be used for this purpose.

Wooden handles provide outstanding grip, but as they appear to get dirty, they need regular cleaning and maintenance. They can also easily be infiltrated by microorganisms.


This handle is resistant to germs and bacteria due to the plastic injected into the wood, so it is a good option for your kitchen. Maintenance is never going to be a challenge, since it can hold itself clean, and the grip stays fine.


The lifetime of the handle exceeds that of wood and plastic, and since it can ward off microorganisms and other detriments, it does not require comprehensive maintenance. When they are not wet, these handles are easy to hold and have a good grip.

However, if they get wet because of their smooth surface, they appear to evade the grasp.


If you want to buy something other than the wooden ones, then try one of these. Such handles need limited maintenance as they are not prone to either chipping or debris formation. Some of them are also safe for dishwashing, which makes the cleaning process a lot simpler.

But their life is not that long, though, so they will inevitably become flimsy. Besides that, when wet, the handles appear to get slippery. The tomato cutting knife can fall from your hand time and again unless the plastic is layered.


This is an important feature of the knife. As a buyer, you should be assured that the handles and the blades are durable enough and would not break with the mere application of force.


Tomato Knives are not only used for tomatoes. They also make a useful the best paring knife, that can be used for chopping other vegetables and fruits.   Onions, lemons, and other plum-like fruits are all simple to chop. It will also turn out fine for eggs that need to be pretty neatly cut for a salad.


Check the grip on the handle while buying as without it the holding of the knife would seem pretty difficult. Without the perfect grip, the knife would slip while cutting and there are chances it might hurt your hand.


Before purchasing also ensure to have a peek at the warranty offered on the knives. Although the warranty would vary with the brands usually you would find the best knife for the kitchen with a lifetime guarantee.


The tomato knives are not much costly and would come within your budget. If you plan to buy one try going for the best quality knives and do not compromise with any factor or feature of the knife. Usually, they cost around some few dollars to 100 or more according to the materials and quality and also depending on the set of knives.

Watch the video of the Tomato Knife buying guide

Video Transcript:

Hello, we’re kent and Cheryl Anne from chef knca coming to you from our home kitchen today we’re working in collaboration with culinary apple to demonstrate their Wusthof knives this is going to be a series of short videos in which kent will give you some tips and tricks yep.

I’m going to take these knives and show you how to make some vegetable cuts and maybe teach you some ways to make your life a little easier in the kitchen with these beautiful knives and then we’re going to resolve the whole thing at the end we’re going to make chicken proven salt.

Hi I’m going to be showing you this Wusthof classic tomato knife today it’s great with tomatoes of course but it also is a great utility knife slicing tomato is a pretty straightforward process but it’s made even easier with the razor-sharp serrated edge of the Wusthof classic tomato.

So we’re going to use the Wusthof classic tomato to make some tomato con essay start by removing the core of each tomato next you will want to score the bottom and the top of each tomato just slightly through the skin this will make it easier to remove the skin after the next step takes your scored tomatoes now and dip them into boiling water.

They will need about 30 or 40 seconds in order to soften the skins enough to have them slip off I have prepared a bowl of ice water that I can quickly cool the tomatoes in before peeling next use your Wusthof classic tomato knife to peel the skin off of the tomato.

Now the tomato is peeled we will split the tomato to expose the seed cavities using your fingertip scoop the seeds out of the seed cavity now the tomatoes are ready for dicing tomato conchas simply peeled tomatoes is great when used in sauces or in other places.

Where you don’t want to have bits of skin or seeds in your finished dish check out the other videos in this Wusthof knife series in order to see the components that went into creating this beautiful dish chicken provencal you can also purchase the fresh garlic seasoning salts we use to flavor the dish at culinary apple or at our website.

FAQS for the Best Tomato Knives in 2021

Do the tomato knives ever become blunt?

There are a couple of components that can make knives go blunt. Tomato and lemon juice are among the most prevalent problems out there as they are acidic. The acid appears to cause the blade to corrode. It is quite probable that using a tomato cutting knife every day for tomatoes and lemons would corrode the edge within a couple of months.

This is the primary reason why tomato knives are commonly made from stainless steel. Although still affected by corrosion, the stainless steel in front of it is more powerful. Plus, to maintain their edge in the long run, such knives are typically ice-tempered.

How do I use the tomato knife?

To cut the core on the top of the tomato, use the pronged or pointed end of your amazon tomato knife. Then, keep the knife at a 45 ° angle as you cut through the tomato.

Pull the knife back to reach the skin without placing pressure on the tomato. At last, using a gentle sawing motion, slip the knife easily through the remaining tissue.

How can I sharpen my tomato knife?

Good tomato knives have stainless steel blades with high strength that help them stay sharp for a longer period of time. Dull blades can tear the skin of a tomato, and can even slip and injure you. If your tomato knives start to get rusty, you can use any sharpening steel or honing steel to sharpen them.

Why are some tomato knives designed with holes?

In general, tomato knives are also used for other things, such as other foods, including cheese. In order to minimize the surface contact of sticky foods with the blade, this tomato knife with holes is created for this reason. The cheese is less likely to adhere, thus. The tougher the cheese is, the better it should be with your knife.

What can we cut with the <strong>japanese tomato knife</strong> beside the tomato?

You can also use a tomato knife to cut or slice cheese and it is pretty convenient with it. You can also use them to cut fleshy fruits such as peaches, plums, or avocados. So, you can consider them quite versatile in nature.

How to choose the Best Tomat knife?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys billion tickets in here I’ve just been shopping again this video is for developing it’s a nice toy of a great tomorrow I just want to show you I forgot today pastry coast useful double-sided $4.99 for six bargain cute anyway that’s all I saw chef Paul chef Jon food wishes boo Twitter’s calm using one of these I saw this for $2.99 for bio give it a go further back making pastry cookies you know cutting in the butter with the flour born on I’ll give it a go Tong’s I need some dirt on scuzz it’s honest I got an amazing 40 pence.

I can’t remember anything but they were fence ends they could fog squeezing tea bag 20 havoc or t-tops free 99 silicon grippers good cool anyway let’s am a dull knife Victorinox a previous had it tomorrow knife but from key eric on this one so much better no a key recon.

Call this a sandwich knife so maybe it’s not anything maybe that’s why is not as good as Victorinox tomato if you can get in the red too but that’s a little bit too on the nose in it anyway let’s see the joys of it’s my knife occurred to me little tomatoes were really soft.

But I don’t want to make these noises well to me though yeah chef knife can do that too yes a pizza shop usually had a victorious sorry para they could tell you but not lengthwise they lose out a bit but Victor, when I saw Paris excellent so sharp caught myself many times over them anyway this is a big tomato slice that clean-cut want you being out of a table, saw-like beautiful slices – I can go this is half this thin slice there was a tiny knife tiny slice is it amazingly beautiful is that chocolate.

But I’ll use the bunnies at work today boo the pepper normally no just you know Jeff and I have cut the top around it yes it’s so good free slice in this is a shallower plate you just go around attention quite – but cuz it’s rated I wouldn’t normally cut wax side down or like a pepper after the slip I’ve caught myself twice kind of Davis well sorry good knife.

You can’t good rips it nicely it’s a great life how about easy to go, Daisy – bloody AZ – bloody easy next it’s pretty much doing what can it do ask you that lovely slicer tomorrow I bought two of these for $7.99, of course, this is not an advertisement on this saying this is a great knife thanks for watching.


A tomato knife is a tool that is expected to get used frequently in the kitchen for vegetable preparation. It has several other uses when cooking, but it is intended for neatly slicing tomatoes. Having a tomato knife could be useful every time you slice tomatoes.

It would not spill the pulps and would also try to enhance the look and taste of your dish with the perfectly diced pieces. Buying one of these would surely not make you regret your decision. We are sure that this article would provide you with enough information in making the right decision while buying one.

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