Best Sushi Making Kits for Beginners in 2021

Of course, the shape of sushi is a very essential factor and it shall enhance the taste of the sushi.

Do you love sushi but don’t know how to prepare sushi?

Or every time you make sushi it gets messed up and you cannot get that perfect shape of sushi?

Or do you have to compromise every time with your food choices at a restaurant because sushi seems to be very costly at your place? We agree as several of the leading sushi joints charge an arm and a leg for the freshest seafood and beautifully made sushi rolls, sushi lovers will literally end up spending a lot on it. This is actually having an impact on your finance.

We understand your love for this delicious food but it is saddening to see the money that you have to spend every time on some very pieces of sushi.

But now you don’t have to worry anymore, because we have come up with the idea of buying the best sushi kits that shall aid in preparing your favorite dish at your home anytime you want and without compromising with anything.

Buying Guide For The Best Sushi Making Kits in 2021

But before thinking about buying sushi, try understanding the dish of sushi. Sushi is a basic Japanese dish consisting of vegetables, egg, rice, flavorings, sauces, and spices. All this is then bundled within a layer of nori, which is more generally referred to as seaweed.

You can come across several forms of sushi, all with a different emphasis. Maki, Temaki, Uramaki, Nigiri, and Sashimi are all here. For a healthy, pleasant meal, all these forms of sushi provide nutrients and low calories.

In Japanese culture, Sushi is considered one of the best delicacies and is eaten by all Japanese. It is one of their regular food and it is prepared in every household and it is also sold as street food in Japan. It has gained more popularity over the decades because of its impeccable taste. It is very simple and full of fun to make sushi, even at home.

You might think that preparing sushi might be hectic, but let us tell you with the right equipment right by your side, your sushi making not only becomes easier but also the sushi comes out to be very delicious.

But for preparing your own sushi at home, you surely require a sushi kit and we shall provide you with an outline of getting the sushi chef sushi making kit out of dozens available in the market.

You can find sushi making kits at various places. When making your sushi, the finest sushi kit should contain anything you need. A non-stick paddle and a beautiful frame made of the finest material must have an outstanding package. The selection of the best among the available ones, however, is always a challenge.

There are hundreds of kits to select from since sushi is now more common than ever, which can make choosing the right package a daunting, time-consuming task. But today we have sorted out this issue for you and have listed down the features and the characteristics of the complete sushi kit and this would help you arrive at a conclusive decision while buying a sushi kit.



Usually, conventional sushi making kits only have a few fundamental components. They provide a rolling mat and a rice paddle very often.

They seem to be priced fairly and do not take up a lot of space. It can take some time to learn how to effectively use them though, but with the time you shall be habituated with it and can efficiently use one.


Besides the normal traditional mat, this includes several other tools that would be useful for rolling sushi. It shall include several tools made up of plastic and this kit is more durable than the traditional one and can be used in a dishwasher.

For forming the sushi, some have containers or molds. Some may have training mats to be used as a reference when the rice is spread out. Such sushi maker kit can be more costly than standard models.

If you opt for a bamboo sushi rolling mat, then make sure you select the mold-resistant option that can be washed and dried easily by hand after each use. While, if you go for a plastic kit then it is easy to clean.


The sushi kits are available in several various types of shapes and every other shape looks eye-catching and attractive enough. These shapes range from squares, circles, hearts, and others. So, it shall depend on you and your creative skills as to what sort of japanese sushi kit you shall be buying.

There is entire liberty on the customers to choose anything as per their preference although the square and the circle shapes are the most preferred amongst these.

Moreover, using different attractive shapes to make sushi and give them in the lunch boxes of your children surely seems interesting and fun and a wise way of making your children eat veggies.


From one sushi-making package to another, the extra accessories differ in every pack.   They contain holders of soya sauce, sushi knives, sushi rice, molds of nigiri, and other several things within them.

These extras help to honor the skills in sushi making. Try going for kits that provide good accessories with it so as to compliment your sushi making.


Your Sushi kit should be easy to use and should not include tons of instructions that shall make it a burden for you to understand all of them. The instructions and the use simultaneously should be easy for the customers.


Before buying also ensure and check whether your sushi making kit can be washed win the dishwasher or not.

Although the traditional ones made with bamboo sushi rolling kit cannot be washed in the dishwasher the non-traditional ones made up of plastics surely can be put in the dishwasher for a proper wash.

But it also depends on the user, if you want it more convenient to wash, then you can go for the ones made of plastic.


If you are going for a traditional kit, then you need to check the rolling mat before buying it. You need to investigate the quality of the mat and its longevity and durability to ensure that it does not get damaged easily within a few days.

Also, you still need to search for the precise length and width of the mat while purchasing to know about the size of the sushi that is going to be prepared as end results.


The sushi making kit that you shall choose should be handmade and not made from any other harmful chemicals such as plastics that can cause any health-related issues in people. Moreover, handmade sushi kits are bio-degradable and are environmentally friendly.


The sushi-making kit should be available with a recipe book within it and this shall make it easy for the user to understand the instructions and the process of making the sushi and how they shall use the best sushi maker kit in the proper manner without causing any error.

Moreover, with the recipe book attached, you shall not stick to just one recipe rather you get the chance of trying out several innovative recipes and please your audience.


You are forced to use your kitchen knives in the absence of a great cutter or knife. This is not a beneficial situation for your amazon sushi kit box, though. The acquisition of an effective knife or cutting tool affects the speed at which the food is oxidized. S

o, you can find that after preparation, some instruments make your sushi rot faster. Nevertheless, this becomes the least of your problems with porcelain knives, thereby making them a great choice to consider.


If you are searching for a package that allows several individuals to roll sushi at once, you need one that contains as many mats as possible. Some kits, such as sushi rice, contain a few of the edible ingredients you need.

When it’s time to buy your seafood, this makes your ride to the store less difficult. Select one that contains as many supplies and ingredients as possible for those who want to buy a package as a gift.


Usually, the price of the sushi-making kits ranges from $20 – $50. But it also important to note that you shall get the type of material that you will pay for.

You can easily notice that amazon sushi kit available for a price of $20 compromises with longevity and durability and would also not include any important related accessories that can aid you in your preparation of this dish.

On the other side, a $30 kit might have a few accessories, such as chopsticks and knives, but other basics are lacking. If you spend $50, you’ll probably get a luxury sushi-making package that’s packed to stun your family and friends with all the ingredients and accessories.

FAQS for the Best Sushi Making Kits in 2021

What all accessories are included in the sushi kit?

It shall always depend on the brand that you choose to purchase. The accessories that are given with the Japanese sushi kit always vary from each brand and also with the price. S

sushi making kits that are expensive would provide knives, chopsticks, or spoons with it while the comparatively cheaper ones might not give. So, before buying you could give a thorough check to the accessories that they supply with the kit.

Usually, you'll find molds, bamboo or plastic rolling mat, an instruction sheet, a full recipe book, and a rice paddle after completing your order In addition, the sushi chef sushi making kit can include bowls, a cutting knife, plates, and chopsticks. Depending on the brand, you might chance upon various sauces, rice, and other stuff.

How do I wash my sushi making kit?

Ensure the category to which the sushi making kit belongs prior to purchasing it; non-traditional or traditional. The traditional sushi making kit for beginners is made of wood or bamboo, which implies that they have to be washed by hand with soap, hot water, and set out to dry, to make them spick and span.

Using a dishwasher, the non-traditional kits can be washed in a jiffy, thereby making them a more versatile option somewhat more if you want to save time.

How do I prepare sushi?

First, spread the rice that you cooked on the dried seaweed before. To give the rice some control, add sugar and salt. Now, you're going to put the sliced vegetables in place and roll up the whole thing.

Secondly, if there are shape molds in your package, you can pour the rice and vegetables. The purpose is to place the vegetables in the ice core.

Lastly, you can tie them after wrapping your sushi with a string of dry seaweed and then cut into pieces and serve them.

What kind of rice shall I use to make sushi?

The best choices are Calrose medium-grain rice or Japonica short-grain rice because the most effective choices to offer your sushi an outstanding bond is a medium or short rice.

How to make sushi using a sushi kit?

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone you guys ready to learn how to make sushi come on down alright this is gonna be so much fun, yeah you guys are gonna learn how to make sushi this is awesome you guys get to learn how to make sushi too just watch this episode see you guys soon hey guys my name is sushi Randi owner of sushi confidential I know we’re all sheltering in place right now you’re trying to find things to do for the kids for yourselves well we came up with a sushi-making kit.

This is going to be perfect to give you and your family a chance to sit at the table kind of bond and be able to create something you’ve probably never made before so I’m gonna go through what our sushi making kit contains again you can purchase this at sushi confidential in downtown Campbell and we’ll be able to put these kits together everything’s going to be super fresh we just need to know when you want to pick it up and we’ll make sure we have it all set these kits are gonna be perfect for probably three to six people and we can also double it up if you happen to need more so let’s go through what’s going to be coming in with this kit so obviously you have to have some sushi rice we uh we have an extra bowl that you can put some water in and.

I’ll explain what the water is for we have nori which is the seaweed so we’re gonna have a bunch of seaweed for you we also have some vegetables we’re gonna have some pre-cut cucumber I’m gonna show you how to cut some avocado some of the proteins that we have we have a regular crab we have some spicy crab for you and we also have some spicy tuna we have some fun toppings you guys have been to sushi confidential before you know.

We’re not very traditional so we add a lot of fun ingredients so we’re giving you guys some of those fun ingredients to play with traditionally we have some black and white sesame seeds we have some green onions we’re also adding in some macadamia nuts we have some tobiko which is the flying fish roe we have some jalapenos some tempura crunch obviously we have ginger and wasabi and then we have three sauces we have the unagi sauce which is a reduced soy sauce they call it the eel sauce.

We have a sweet-and-sour sauce we actually put that on our one of our most famous roles at the restaurant the Cobo conspiracy and then everyone loves spicy mayo so we have that as well so here are all the ingredients we also have a bamboo mat for you to be able to use we have some soy sauce and of course chopsticks since you’re at home you can use your fingers if you need to no one’s gonna judge you in any way but this is gonna be fun all right.

Let’s get started so we pretty much have everything in the kit that you’re gonna need there’s a few items that you’re gonna have at home that we don’t have in the kit so obviously you’re going to need your own knife a standard knife that’s not serrated you just want it to be a very sharp edge you’ll be able to use that to cut the sushi roll you want a butter knife everyone has these this is how we put the avocado on the roll so I’ll you’ll see me using that if you guys have any sriracha at home obviously sriracha some of you like super spicy so you can add sriracha to the roll at the restaurant it’s sushi confidential we do have one of our most popular rolls called the geisha girl we put thin slices of lemon so if you happen to have a lemon at home.

You can put some lemon on top or inside of the roll Sapporo we always want to a beer while we’re drinking doing this it’s a lot of fun and we also have sake so you can definitely when you call the restaurant you can add a Sapporo you can add some sake to it just to make it even more fun for you guys especially obviously the adults and lastly if you guys feel a little bit daring or advanced what we’re also doing is you can upgrade and if you want to make some of your rolls into a rainbow roll or if you want to learn how to do nigiri.

We’re also doing a four-piece tuna salmon and shrimp so you can upgrade and do that and then you guys can make rainbow rolls you can add some of the lemons on top you can try to mimic what we do for our geisha girl so a lot of fun options that you have with our sushi making kit and one last thing you’ll also need cutting boards so everyone I’m sure as cutting boards so doesn’t matter the size obviously as long as it fits for one person that’s gonna work great for you guys so that’s all the things all the additional things that.

You’re going to need for this and we’re gonna get started I’m gonna teach you guys how to make sushi so first off what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut one of the avocados I’m gonna show you guys how to cut an avocado so we’re just going to cut the top part of the edge off we’re just going to cut straight down and then there’s a big seed on the inside so we’re gonna put the blade in and go straight in till it hits the seed and then now we’re gonna just rotate this and then we’re gonna just spin this and it opens up like that you want to be careful taking the pit out so I usually have a little rag that I have here and what I end up doing is I just stab that and then it comes right out you know just set that off to the side so now you’re good on the avocado.

We got that set and I’ll show you what we’ll do with that in a little bit so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make a sushi roll so you want to grab your nori and nori is dried seaweed it’s very dry it can tear very easily so we have to be very careful with the seaweed now because it’s dried it’s gonna want water so when we put the rice on here the rice has moisture in it so it’s actually going to stick to the seaweed what we don’t want to do is we don’t want the water to drop on this so we have our water bowl here and the important thing for the water bowl is we want to get our hands if your hands are dry.

And you touch the rice that’s why they call it sticky rice it’s going to stick to your hands we don’t want it to stick to our hands we want it to stick to the seaweed to make the sushi roll so when you dip your hands in the water you just want to lightly rub them I have a damp towel here that I just kind of make sure my hands don’t get too wet and now I’m gonna grab this rice I want to grab about a tennis ball-sized, not a softball not a golf ball.

But we want tennis ball-sized and we don’t want to smash it as we’re doing this we’ve spent so much time to keep all the individual grains of rice that it will be able to spread nice and easily over the seaweed so now I’m just gonna go from left to the right kind of like you’re reading a book and I have starch on my hands because I just touched the rice so I have to constantly rub that starch off and then I have to get my hands again.

But I don’t want to drip on the sushi roll and now I’m gonna even evenly spread all this rice right on top of this nori and what you don’t want to do is if you do too much then your roll is just gonna have way too much rice so we want like I said about a tennis ball size of rice and then it’s going to do about two to three layers of rice on your nori now one of the biggest things that happen when someone’s making this is they forget to flip it over nowadays we do inside-out rolls where we don’t want to put the fish on top of the rice you can’t fit a lot of fish that way so you want to flip it over and make sure that the rice now is touching the cutting board once you do that we’re gonna now pick what we want we’re gonna start off with a simple California roll so I’m gonna grab some crab and one thing you don’t want to do is put too much crab in there.

If you guys have ever made a burrito at home and you load up the burrito with beans and rice and all this other stuff and then you try to close it and it just kind of blows apart that’s exactly what could happen with this sushi roll so it’s better to do a little bit less than too much especially if you’re adding multiple ingredients in there so it’s best to only do two maybe three ingredients inside of the roll so as you can see here right in the middle of the roll I put some crab now what I’m gonna do is I have my avocado I’m gonna put a little avocado and this is where the butter knife comes in play so now with the butter knife.

I’m just gonna lightly cut and then I just kind of put it right here right on the inside of the roll just a nice little sliver now I’m going all the way across you want to start on one end go all the way to the other end and you want to make sure that you get to the ends otherwise when you cut the roll in the eight pieces you want the ends to be full of all the fish and avocado too I’m also gonna put a piece of cucumber in here so we have cucumber already cut for you so I’m gonna put that in there as well now as you can tell I keep wetting.

My hands wiping all the starch off now what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to finish the roll so now I have this seaweed the seaweed has sucked a lot of the moisture out of the rice so now it won’t tear as easily remember when I had this and it tore very easy well now that the seaweed has soaked a lot of the moisture out now it kind of bends a little but it won’t tear as easily and now what I do is I roll it away from me in this rice now because it’s sticky it kind of acts as a glue and I want to make sure that we tuck all of the fish crab avocado cucumbers whatever you put inside we want to tuck.

That in and you want to be able to see kind of a seam right here that’s the seam that’s gonna allow you to close the roll so now I close the roll so it’s almost done now we have to shape the roll what you can do before you even get started is we want to wrap our Maki mat this Maki mat is made out of bamboo and if I were to put this Maki mat right on top of this rice all the rice is going to stick to this so the best thing to do you want to grab some plastic wrap what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wrap the bamboo mat because this plastic wrap actually acts almost is like a layer of water kind of like with your hands so I’m gonna just wrap this all right so now we just wrap the mat so now with this mat, I don’t have to get it wet because it already has plastic and it won’t stick to the rice now I’m just gonna drop this right on top when I drop it on top I just kind of lightly form it.

If I squeeze the roll too hard the avocado the fish can just shoot out the sides we don’t want that to happen so now I just lightly form that and then sometimes a little bit kind of gets out on the edges but that’s alright and you have a sushi roll it’s that easy guy once you guys make the California roll if you upgraded with the rainbow roll package and you got your four pieces of tuna your four pieces of salmon and your four pieces of shrimp now is the time you want to put that on what you want to do is grab a piece of your tuna and you want to lay.

That directly on top get your salmon you could put a piece of salmon right in the middle get your piece of shrimp and then in between all the fish we want to put a little thin slice of avocado in between the tuna and salmon another thin slice between the salmon and shrimp and then now when you cut it you want to put plastic wrap over the top putting the plastic wrap over the top and pushing it down is going to allow you to cut it without the fish falling off so now you want to wet the knife get that blade wet and you want to cut right down the middle on the other side right down the middle back on the right side and then now you want to cut it in the middle again on each of those so this is.

Going to allow you to have eight total pieces once you do that you grab your Maki mat that has plastic on it and when plastic touches plastic this will actually lift that plastic right off every now and then a piece of fish might come off with it so now I got all that plastic off that I just cut and now I have my rainbow roll now I get to add some toppings to it usually you don’t add toppings until after you cut it but there are some things that you could put on right now before you cut it here’s some sesame seeds so we’re gonna just sprinkle.

Some sesame seeds this is your typical California roll I usually don’t put anything else other than sesame seeds until we cut it so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna cut it now kids we don’t want you playing around with the steak knives and cutting it have your mom or dad do this so what you want to do I obviously have my trusted sushi knife here but you don’t need a sushi knife I’m just going to use a standard knife that we have in our kitchen here and when you cut the roll you want to make sure that the blade gets wet remember my hands had to be wet before I touch the rice we had to make sure that we put plastic wrap on the bamboo mat so the rice didn’t stick to it so what I’m going to do is now my water bowl.

That I had here I’m just gonna you can see the water dripping off of the blade and that’s what we want and when we cut it we’re gonna cut it right down the middle and normally you don’t want to cut back and forth remember we’re not using a serrated knife and if you have a sharp knife you should be able to do just one straight cut but if you’re not experienced at it you want to just put your fingers on each side and you can go back and forth until it cuts if you want to cut it in half so now we have two halves and then now.

I’m gonna cut it in half again so now we have four pieces but obviously, we want to make that smaller I have my towel here’s where we want to now wipe the knife the safest way to wipe the knife because there’s starch and stuff on it so it gets harder and harder to cut the roll I’m just gonna set my wet towel down and just gonna wipe the blade now I’m gonna wet the knife again and then I’m gonna now cut it in half again and then one more over here I’m gonna clean the blade I’m going to set that off to the side now as you cut it you can see that the rice kind of comes off just a little bit so one last thing I’m going to do is I’m going to reform it.

So I’m just going to reform it lightly that way it cleans it up and now you have your sushi roll so now’s the time where you can put it on a plate or keep it on your cutting board if you want and you lay the rollout so now I want to add a bunch of toppings to it I like green onion so I’m going to sprinkle a little green onion on here we have some tobiko the little fish eggs some people love them, other people, they pop in their mouth and it kind of scares them so they don’t always like to have the tobiko jalapenos when you guys touch these jalapenos you have to be very careful if you wear contacts or anything you got to be careful so you just want to really wash your hands after touching jalapeno or use a glove or maybe use a spoon to put it on there but the jalapeno oils can stick to your fingers so I’m almost done I have macadamia nuts over here I have a tempura crunch but.

I’m gonna drizzle a little bit of unagi sauce on here so you just want to go really light kind of go back and forth in action get a nice good drizzle there the spicy mayo it’s a little bit thick so it may not be able to drizzle like that so I’m just gonna put a little bit here on the side and I’m gonna add a little bit of tempura crunch so you can just grab some of this tempura crunch sprinkle that across the top and I mean I’m at home so I’m ready to eat right now and then just get some soy sauce I get a little bit of wasabi out here I’m doing this just right on the cutting board.

Because I’m just making sushi for myself I’ll put a little soy sauce on there you mix that together put a little spicy mayo here you go Wow sushi at home that’s the bomb you guys can do it too let me know if you have any questions you can always email me sushi Randi at I’ll tell you whatever else you need to know to see you guys soon.

How to make sushi at home?

Video Transcript:

So in today’s video guys I’m going to be showing you how to become a master sushi chef you can make sushi at home it is really simple you can master the art so quick and it tastes delicious first thing we’re going to do is I’ve got 500 grams of sushi rice now if you follow the instructions on the packet you really cannot go wrong what we’re doing here is just washing all the starch from the outside of the rice we don’t want.

It to go too sticky so we just keep rinsing and repeating it takes about three or four times until all the starch is gone just keep washing it until the water goes clear you want to get your hands in there and give it a right good massage so once the water is clear we’re just going to drain it off now to cook it I’ve got 500 grams of rice here to that I’m going to add 660 milliliters of water pop a lid on it we’re going to put it onto a stove bring it up to a boil.

And turn it down and simmer for 10 minutes once it’s simmered for 10 minutes we’re going to leave it to stand for 10 minutes don’t take the lid off while that’s cooking we’re going to get on with making the vinegar so one teaspoon of salt two teaspoons of sugar then you want four tablespoons of a nice rice vinegar to give that a really good stir together to make sure that it’s all dissolved and incorporated and once your rice is done this is what it looks like it’s nice and sticky but it’s also nice individual pieces now I put mine here into a bowl it’s better off to put onto a flat surface.

If you can because you want to try and cool it down but as you’re stirring it just keep putting a teaspoon of your vinegar until all your vinegar’s gone and it’s well incorporated over the rice so I’ve got here some carrot some cucumber and some spring onion you can put inside the sushi whatever you like it’s entirely up to you I’ve got some skinless salmon here now to be safe if you’re gonna eat salmon raw unless it’s just come out of the water what I recommend you do is freeze it first then defrost it then it should be safe to eat just cut that into nice long strips.

I’m also going to be using some smoked mackerel I like the flavor of the smoked mackerel inside sushi I think it’s absolutely delicious this couldn’t be simpler to do all you do is just cut down the middle and then just push to a side and the fish will come away from the skin you can use the skin if you like but I think it’s a little bit too chewy inside of a nice soft sushi roll so I take mine off now we’re ready to assemble so get yourself some clean water.

This is really important and this is a nori roll which is basically seafood seaweed even so there’s a shiny side and there’s a rough side we’re going to put our rice onto the rough side when we put a price on I’m going to leave a one-inch gap at the top this is so that when we roll it the nori sheet sticks together so you can see that the rice is ultra sticky to my fingers so that’s where you dip it into the water and that makes it easy to spread so put your ingredients.

Down the center like I say it’s entirely up to you whatever you put inside I’m just doing this just to show you so I’ve got some salmon some mackerel I’ll go in there with some cucumber a little bit of spring onion now in my opinion whenever you’re using a smoked fish inside of sushi you have to go deep and you’ve got to have some sriracha sauce on it love the spice that comes through and the garlic goes really well so this is how we roll it so your top end here wants to overlap to the end of the ingredients that’s going to be your first roll and it’s your most important.

Roll once they meet up at the end like that what you’re going to do is just apply some pressure so most of the pressure is going to be applied by your fingertips and just a little bit on the top to hold it down once that’s together there like that’s your first roll done all you want to do then is just go for another half-roll and do the same again apply some pressure to form the shape only thing that’s leftover then is that one inch that you’ve left over in the nori this will just seal it together so the last roll applies pressure again job done so that’s how you make a simple suture.

Roll what I’m going to show you now is how to make a California roll which is basically the same as that but inside out so you want some cling film over your mat this stops the rice from sticking nori the same as you did before this time we’re going to smear the rice all over the outside you don’t need to leave a gap and then if you just very carefully flip it over I lost a little bit of rice there but most of it will stick to the outside it’s nothing to worry about just tuck.

It back under the same thing again put the ingredients down the middle roll it over but like say this time the rice is going to be on the outside just sprinkle that with some sesame seeds on the outside and you’ve got a beautiful California roll honestly guys making sushi it’s a lot easier than what you think you really should try it and give it a go now it’s time to the slicing so you want to raise a sharp knife and make sure it’s wet.

So a wet knife will just go straight through the rice look at that for the money shot oh absolutely amazing so keep cutting it in half and then half again etc until you’ve got all evenly shaped pieces and then the best bit about making sushi as a chef when that little end bit that’s all saggy that nobody wants don’t throw it away it tastes just as good as all the rest of the roll so I always just eat that bit and that’s it, guys, that’s how you make super simple homemade sushi give it a go guys thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel to become part of the family and I’ll see you guys in my next video.


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These kits include everything you need to make beautiful rolls that look like a professional sushi chef has prepared them. Also, we understand that the luxury of eating sushi at restaurants cannot be provided by everyone, but with the sushi making kit by your side, you can prepare your sushi at any time.

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