Best Spice & Herb Grinders in 2021

Almost all households surely would have a Grinder, cause without it cooking surely would be the toughest task.

But have you ever thought about the features that your mixer or grinder has?

Well, no.

But it is really essential for every user to understand the quality and the feature of your grinder to realize if your grinder in the true sense is efficient or if it requires a change.

Spice and herb grinders can be used for grinding spices, such as cloves, nuts, or others, or grinding herbs, like basil, rosemary, oregano, etc and larger seeds and others.

The traditional way of grinding through motor and pestle is very time taking and inconvenient. But also, those days are gone and no one is seen using them. With the development in technology, many tools and devices have come up to save our time, one of them being a grinder.

Buying Guide For The Best Spice & Herb Grinders in 2021

So, if you looking up to blend your spices or herbs, then you should give a look into the features of one of your favorite handy devices, i.e., a grinder. A mixer grinder requires a main unit made mainly of plastic, jars that are made up of stainless steel, and lids and caps that can be used for closing the jar during grinding.

The grinder usually has an anti-slip base and an ergonomic design. The blades are normally made of steel alloy and the settings are operated by knobs or buttons.

Every time we cook, a grinder machine comes to our rescue. It can grind spices, nuts, and herbs in fine fragments. This is because grinding on our own hands is a hassle.

It will take all our energy just to grind some spices. But with a grinder, you just have to put the right amount of spices and then plugin and switch it on, and then it would grind it finely for you.

With a grinder, you can comfortably grind a large number of spices without any issues and within a few minutes. There are many different sizes and shapes of grinders, but the circular cylindrical shape is usually the most common. Various kinds of materials, such as wood, aluminum, or metal, can be found in grinders.

But choosing the best mixer grinder is not an easy task. It takes in a lot of understanding of the several factors that are closely associated with the buying of a grinder.

Through this guide, we have listed down and characterized essential features that would help you to understand how to purchase a suitable grinder according to our requirements.



Manual spice grinders are divided further into types of ratchet and mill. Mill grinders must be manually turned, while a rotating handle is used by the ratchet grinders to grind the contents.


They are user-friendly and easily complete the process of grinding. Settings can be modified according to the degree of fineness necessary. The electric grinder amazon comes with grinding bowls that are either interchangeable or fixed.

Also, a few electric spice and herb grinders will grind both dry and wet spices. They also ground seeds, coffee beans, and nuts, in addition to spices and herbs.

FEATURES of Best Spice & Herb Grinders in 2021


The blade in the grinder is the most essential part of its functioning. Without the blades in the grinder, the spices would not break into fine particles and the grinder would not be able to grind the spices or herbs.

Blades made up of stainless steel are the most preferred. They have longevity and are sharp and durable that ensures the best powdering of the spices and herbs inside the grinder. Further, they are rust-resistant that prevents your food from getting contaminated.



It is the most common type of blade which is used for shredding cheese or vegetables or fruits for salads.


It works to grate the vegetables or fruits.


These blades help in the easy slicing of fruits and vegetables in all sizes.


This blade can be used for the grinding of nuts, spices, etc.


This blade can grind around the herbs, make juices or blend them.

So, it is advisable to be specific regarding the blade while buying them.


The motor of the grinder is another essential part of the grinding, without which it would not become possible for grinding. The daily-use grinder must have a capacity of at least 300 W.

On average, 500 W motor grinder machine are well suited to grinding basic ingredients such as ginger, onions, garlic, chilies, spices, and nuts, required in daily preparations.

Depending on your own needs, i.e., the amount of people the grinder can serve, and also the noise factor, you need to purchase a grinder with motor power of either 500 W or less, or 750 W or more.

Grinders with power 750W or above are suitable for grinding hard ingredients, such as rice lentils or turmeric, etc. But they produce a lot of noise and they also consume a lot of energy.

So, it is advisable to consider the efficiency of the motor and the energy required while buying it.


Grinders with an average speed of about 15000 rpm are adequate for most of the chores and kitchen activities. To ensure a smooth grinding experience, a grinder that has several speed settings can be helpful. Without having to ground all of them into the same coarse or fine powder, it helps grind and mix spices and nuts into desired textures.

However, particularly if you don’t want to get into complicated settings and procedures, single-speed control is also good enough. Your work will be done with a quick push-button. Thus, find the grinder which has comfortable and easy speed settings according to your requirement.

These speeds are dependent on the motor that works effectively to regulate the speed at which the blade travels. This speed also ensures that there is no overflow of pastes or mixtures within the grinder and thus avoids spillage at the maximum speed when in operation.


The continuous-time period over which you can run a grinder should also be taken into account while buying a kitchen grinder machine.   It is normally about half an hour, with a running time of 4-5 minutes and an additional break of 3 minutes for the system to cool down.

It ensures that the engine does not heat up or get damaged and therefore operates effectively.


Usually while grinding for more time, or if your spices or herbs need to be done a polished grinding, then the grinders have a tendency to heat up. But there are certain grinders that provide overheating protection features.

This feature ensures that the connection is cut off and the grinder is automatically turned off in case of overheating.


While buying a grinder, another important thing that cannot be overlooked is the capacity of the grinder. It also depends on for what purpose you are buying the grinder.

If you want a grinder for regular use for grinding spices or herbs in small amounts every day, a small grinder mixer can be considered. But if you are grinding a lot of masalas every day or if you want to grind herbs at a time and store them, then it would require a grinder with a large capacity.

Small spice-keeping capacity makes it difficult to cook more than one dish. Select one that has deep chambers. A grinding bowl has a normal capacity of 70 g.


The grinder should be designed simply so as for the user to understand it efficiently without any issues.  You should be able to adjust the settings, for instance, the speed controls, according to cooking specifications.

Specific speed settings for high, medium, and low speeds should be given, and controls should allow simple movement from one mode to another as needed, preferably by clicking the specified buttons or rotating the dials to switch between modes.


Every grinder possesses 2 types of switches: A rotary type and a Piano type.

The rotary type switche has knobs that have a dial that can be rotated according to specifications to set a precise power, whereas in the piano style the buttons can be pushed on and off so as to ensure simple operation.


It is advisable to choose grinders that are easier to clean. Grinders having a large surface area shall be easier to clean. Choose grinders that can be cleaned and maintained easily. The herb grinder machine with removable blades are more suitable because they can be quickly separated and cleaned.

The jars that do not need to be washed with water are often easier to clean because they only need to be cleaned with a wet or dry cloth.


The warranty offered by the companies varies from each other. But warranty should be a later option to notice. Thus, while buying a grinder try comparing the warranty periods with some other different companies.

Companies that offer a longer grinder period ensure that they shall take care of any issues happening with your grinder, thus strengthening brand loyalty. It also indicates that the manufacturer is sure about the product and the product is trustworthy enough to be brought.

Most grinders are provided with a minimum warranty of 1 to 3 years, with some having even more. There is an additional warranty on the motor that is offered sometimes. Also ensure that while you purchase one, the grinder has the tag attached to it.


The more expensive grinders seem to last a little longer and have several chambers. More features, renowned names and a higher standard of service result in higher costs than any other appliance.

The price ranges from around INR 1500 to INR 6000 or more.  The kitchen grinder machine cost more than the others for both dry and wet grinding capabilities.

You should compare the prices of the grinder available based on your budget and also search for offers and schemes available that guarantee a discount and therefore assist you to get the spice grinder at a lower price.

FAQS for the Best Spice & Herb Grinders in 2021

How is a spice and coffee grinder different?

A Spice and herb grinder generally has blades for powdering the spices and herbs into fine particles, whereas a coffee grinder machine is designed with conical burrs that would aid in breaking the large coffee beans into finer particles.

There is also room between the blades and the base of the grinding bowl for spice grinders. But there are small spaces for coffee grinders and they smash the coffee beans to make a coffee powder.

How do I clean my grinder?

The spice and herb grinders or specifically the electric spice and herb grinder are fitted with removable grinding bowls and hence, this can be washed with and then wiped with a dry cloth.

But if your grinder is fitted with a non-removable bowl then you can go for a cleaning brush or wet cloth to wipe the insides and outsides of the grinder.

Do I need to hold the lid of the grinder while grinding?

No, not necessarily, it is required to hold the lid of the spice grinder machine while grinding. It would depend on you if you want to hold it or not.

Just make sure that the lid is fully sealed and that ingredients are not stuffed beyond the capacity of the jar. By ensuring that the lid is intact before the grinder starts, the safety lock assists you in this.

How to Made Phoenician Herb Grinder?

Video Transcript:

What’s up everybody welcome to another episode of The Daily sesh I’m Rick James and we’re here standing in Phoenicians manufacturing facility they’re a grinder company located in the States of course right here in Mesa Arizona we’ve got drew he’s the manufacturing manager and he’s going to give us a walk-through and show us what it’s like to make a Phoenician grinder let’s check it out hey guys it all starts right here this is all of our raw aluminum it’s all 6061.

So we process into our grinders from here we move it on to our tables for staging we got these three machines making all three different sized grinders right now from large small to medium each piece of aluminum is cut in a different size for the part that it’s going to be completing we have test gauges here to make sure that we don’t have any discrepant pieces and the best quality is going to be a pain so from here we load it into these machines and then that part becomes this which then later becomes that which is the finishing grinder as far as the machining goes so it starts off as this piece.

Or but starts like this then it gets transformed into this from there this would be the finished raw part so this surface is underneath so this is the lid here which is part of the cutting mechanism which stacks on top of that and this is the bottom part or if this is the fall through so this is the top side of this say the flip them over to yeah like like those it’s two operations okay so this part is half done this part is completed so once it’s finished with this then you flip it over and you grind out some anymore yes and there’s a called grinding or cutting.

Or this is heading yeah grinding tends to be like on steel this is all aluminum so you run 20 to 26 different tools per grinder on these for the finish 26 different tools what’s that mean yeah we can look up at the Carousel here I can show you a couple of different ones what each of those tools is necessary to complete the product that we create here Wow so the machine and this is a CNC machine it starts with one like a drill bit and then just kind of rotates to whatever it needs for the next set yeah correct yeah so it’s all automatic tool changing all numerically controlled so depending on what needs to be cut this specific part right here.

Will be changed out automatically yes so that tool has a specific tool path in a specific order to create the finish and that this one being a tiny chamfer mill you can see at the end it’s got a nice little point on it that’s a ninety-degree chamfer melt and that finishes out in some of the tighter areas of the grinder so it’s pretty straightforward these machines do all of the work when you’re making grinders how many grinders can you make in a day in a day.

It really just depends on the size because they all run different times so this one here runs for 20 minutes so you can do the math there on an eight-hour work shift because the large runs for more than 40 minutes and with loading times it’s close to 50 so a little bit less on the large a little bit more on the small but we do keep this thing running all day and we make plenty once it’s out of that stage then what happens next once we unload that we’ll have a finished product and then it comes over here to deburr and everything’s hand-inspected.

And handy bird which essentially means that there’s not going to be any sharp edges or any the scrapping parts coming through later on in the assembly and processing so this is a part that’s fresh out of the machine it’s a complete grinder obviously less the screen that goes in there no magnets yet there’s no anodization on there so this one hasn’t been deep bird yet I can walk you through that real quick you have to do it starts out on these buffers and then everything gets checked from there so basically just kind of cleaning them up and polishing them or yeah so you can see the difference here so this edge tends.

To be really sharp coming out of the machines so running over it with this disk eliminates some of that sharpness so no one’s get in their hands cut up and you guys have to do this with every single grinder we make goes through this process from there we bring it all up here get staged in these trays and this is their last step before they get anodized and so anodizing is something that you guys do out of the house or out of shop yeah yeah we outsource that just due to a couple of different reasons cost and the chemicals in the whole process.

Of it’s a pretty big process to deal with but you’re still outsourcing to phoenix um yeah it’s a local company everything we do is gonna be locally sourced here so keeping the money within all US made all and on all quality controlled by us here out of this facility so why Phoenician grinders and how did they come about so Phoenicians started with the two founders here Colton and Dane and they just wanted a quality product and they had a background in manufacturing so they weren’t finding a quality product that was up to their standards you could.

Say and they decided to manufacture it on their own and then it evolved into what you see here today how long has Phoenicians been around for six years now how many grinders have Phoenician made now we can go over and look at some of the serial numbers yes you brat, yeah so we saw the deeper process and once things come back from anodized they actually shoot over into this room here and this is our laser room so we do all the engraving in house here and we have this set up here this does the tops and bottoms for both the large.

The medium and the small and from there we kick it over to assembly this is where we’ll press in all the magnets and we’ll press on all the screens we do a quick cleanup once over of them here and each grinder also includes this Keith pick that we manufacture here in house from the machines yeah this is made on that laser that we just saw so we do the engraving and the outline of it guys cut it from the machines as well yeah it’s all cut on.

That laser oh the laser cuts that yeah the laser cuts everything on here but once it comes back from the anodizing then it comes over to this table and yet and everything gets assembled yeah everything gets assembled into this complete grinder so this one here we’re at thirty-seven thousand two hundred and ninety and this is a medium four-piece grinder and that’s actually only for the medium sizes each size has their own serial number correct.

Yeah all the grinders are gonna have serial numbers on them how big is the staff here at the nation on a daily basis it’s usually three or four of us so it’s myself Dane Colton and the sales representatives that we have worked outside the office so internally it’s three of us so we have a large grinder medium grinder small grinder we also manufacture a few different things this is our aura this is a pipe with our X bowl incorporated in it the front carb manufactures all out of aluminum this is this smaller version for your last piece this is an 18 mill X bowl piece also.

Offer that in 14 we have our ashtray deee bowler with a removable nail that nail is coated in nickel just to ensure quality and longevity this is our concentrate tray we also have a flower option which will show you up in the office and there’s all coating later so this is the gold stuff, yeah and this stuff actually belongs to a colleague of ours and it does get used pretty heavy you can see here just how well this finish holds up so this is the same process that a lot of satellite parts go through they get launched up into space so it is designed what do you mean.

It’s the same process so a lot of those satellite parts require a gold or silver coating on them, okay just to keep from deterioration so we use that same process here for the gold coating and I know for a fact this grinder has been used heavily and you can see here just how well it maintains its super clean how much does this grinder eco-floor so this is the large four-piece paper slot and usually retail on that for a standard and a diced one is 125 and for the gold.

One the gold one is 1,500 Wow alright guys that are gonna wrap it up today we did a cool walkthrough withdrew the manufacturing manager up finishing grinders he’s able to show us everything that it’s all about and of course if you want one of their grinders you just got to go to Phoenician engineering comm or hit up one of your local smoke shops and if they don’t have it you got to tell the owners to get those Phoenician grinders until next time guys give us a thumbs up and smash that like button see you guys late.

How to use a grinder to grind Cuisinart spices and Nuts?

Video Transcript:

That lid is actually an activation lid I think to call it so it’s basically like a button so when you hold down on that it actually starts to blitz um I’m really really happy that it gives you two of these uh basins with a blade inside it means that you know you can make a spice blend up put the lid on one put that into the cupboard and you know perhaps you feel like you want to do some garlic chopped or something like that then you know you could you can still go ahead and do that and you do actually get a lid for the other one as well um some good recipes in the booklet.

there you know your usual safety stuff so that’s worth reading if you’ve got children and so on or if you’re just a little bit cautious about things these days um so let’s get to it so the first thing I’m going to do is grind some whole spices so you know it’s pretty easy once you’ve done it once getting the base and into the deck there so that’s all in and it’s plugged on there’s no like flashy lights or anything like that to show you when it’s on so don’t expect one of those so I go and try and put the plastic lid on which you don’t want to do otherwise.

it won’t press down for the activation lid so you take that off which feels weird but anyway it does cool down so once you press that down I was actually taken back because it suddenly started the blitz which I wasn’t expecting but yeah it’s really that simple so just like any of these things you don’t want to be holding them down for minutes on an at a time shall I say um it’s just going to burn them out so you just want to do a little 20 second pulses.

and then you know give it a break in terms of um getting set up to use one of these things this is the easiest thing I’ve ever used as the blades inside of the metal ball you’ve got a couple of lids to deal with it’s so simple so yeah just a little shot there for you to see the spices game blitz and one thing is you notice the little activation lid does collect some spices so you just need to be maybe you have a break halfway through pat it all down and just re-blitz um it’s doing an amazing job oh the smell of that when it opened up was just amazing the aroma was just beautiful.

So I’m only just getting into your grind and spices so once I’ve ground then I’ll go in with some actually just regular dry spices I’ll pop the lid on and just give that a quick glitch just so we’ve got our final curry powder or masala mix one of the things I feel like this is going to do is just help me experiment with balances of spices and just getting the flavor right for whatever you type you’re cooking at the time I’m already excited about creating flavored salts.

you know putting some salt in there with some seasonings or some a little bit of garlic and create some garlic salt you know I’ve even gone in there just to see how it performs with some curry leaves be interesting to see how it would perform with bare leaves to be honest they’re normally quite fibrous and thick but I’ve got no shadow of a doubt that that would make a really good job of splitting any dry spices at all so I’m just going to hold down.

And give it a break here in there just until I feel like it’s uh ready and nice and fine but you know some things don’t want to be too fine so you might just want to blitz a little bit like you say if I was making a flavored salt I might not want to blitz the chili perhaps into the salt too much so yeah so what we have here is a really fine great grind on the spices there so like you see there’s a little part of the top there which seems to cling on to some of the spices so if you want a really really fine spice you might want to knock that back down and turn.

it back on but I was pretty happy with it at this stage and like I said the activation lid does collect a little bit there so I’m just going to put that onto a white dish just so you can kind of see what we’re working with here as you can see it’s a pretty good grind on there nice and fine yep and so what we have here is just a great spice and you know we can put the lid on there and use it at a later date and I would say one thing is a little tape whole spices.

Once you’ve ground them don’t go grinding huge amounts of spices just grind what you need for that day or for the next few days so one question I had before I purchased this was can it grind lick like wet things or liquids and I didn’t really get any clear answers anywhere so here it is so one thing I intend to use as far as garlic and ginger paste but I didn’t really need any at the time I already added I already had some in the cupboard should.

I say in the fridge so that’s it so I went in with a carrot so as you can see a quick blitz on there and we ended up with a little carrot ball halfway through so I just took that off just to check and went back down and you’ll hear the noise of the blender change slightly when everything’s smooth so I take the lid off here and let’s take a little look around and as you can see if you wanted you could push all that back down to the blade and turn it back on.

I’m just going to go in with a quick check and what was just absolutely incredible I’ve never seen anything like it in a blender it was literally as smooth as a sorbet orbit or perhaps baby food so you know if you don’t want to cook the life out of something and give it to a baby maybe you could look at that or maybe you’re just in some kind of diet at this minute.

but it was a real brainwave moment of what can be done and all these experiments we can be doing so I’ve only discovered these recently they’re not as well known as other kitchens appliances here in the UK but I do hear that these are really really popular in India um so this is my first time using one however I am actually really really really impressed with this um it’s definitely a 10 out of 10. I already know it’s worth every single penny and I just can’t wait to get using it and just seeing what I can come up with and I really do hope you enjoyed the review and uh thanks for coming by.


For each kitchen, a spice grinder is a must-have. It is a requirement for the needs of the household and also ends up making your work much simpler and save time.

Each model would have its advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on the buyer to buy the one which provided you the best features. Some models also offer spatulas with the grinder and this can make your work easier, i.e., would make the removing of the spices much easier.

The best kitchen spice grinder can be available anywhere and, on any platform, starting from roadside shops to malls and even online. But buying a grinder should not be your only concern.

should rather try to choose a grinder that would fulfill your requirement and should make your work easy and would simultaneously save your time. We hope that this guide would have provided with you an outline for buying the best purchase.

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