Best Rice Cookers for Cooking Fast in 2021

Are you a homemaker?

Or are you a bachelor who lives alone?

Or do you prepare food on daily basis?

If yes then rice must be the first item you must be cooking on a daily basis, right?

Because without rice lunch seems next to incomplete. In fact, it is the main dish we all consume daily. Not only we but almost 50% of the global population eat rice day to day life.

Now the question is how do you cook rice? In a conventional way or with a modern rice cooker?

The conventional way of cooking rice might seem a difficult task to do if we are not wrong. If you are in the beginning stage of cooking you may find it the most hectic thing to do as you have to regulate the temperature manually and look after the process so that the rice does not get stuck at the bottom or get over boiled.

Undoubtedly automatic rice cooker can make your life a bit easier when it comes to cooking the rice in a perfect way without much effort. It makes cooking rice as easy as a walk in the park. All you need to do is add water and uncooked rice as per your need turn the machine on.

After some time you will get perfectly cooked rice without even monitoring anything during the process. In advanced cookers, they have inbuilt keep warm facilities which allows you to get fresh and warm rice whenever you want to eat.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief idea about rice cookers so that you can choose the right one for your family.

Buying Guides for the Best Rice Cooker in 2021

A rice cooker isn’t far behind when it comes to important kitchen appliances. You can find it in almost every household kitchen nowadays. However, with so many latest models from different brands, it is really confusing for anyone who wants to buy or upgrade their amazon rice cooker.

Now the question is are you one of those confused people? If yes, then you don’t need to worry about it all this article is just for you. Here we are going to list down all the features that you need to keep in mind while you buy the best rice cooker as per your needs.

A rice cooker is undoubtedly a perfect addition to your kitchen. Nowadays rice cookers with advanced features and computerized sensors are available in the market to make cooking fun. Some of the latest rice cookers come with additional features such as steaming veggies, simmering soups, cooking dalia.

Nowadays the market is flooded with a number of rice cookers. But you have to choose the best one as per your need. So first you have to check the capacity of the cooker. Considering the number of members in your family you can choose from the different capacities of rice cookers available. Another thing to keep in mind is its operation.

The microwave rice cooker should necessarily be easy to operate. Some of the more advanced rice cooker models, on the other hand, have digital controls that give you more choices for cooking a variety of dishes. While buying a cooker check the automatic keep-warm feature which allows you to get hot and fresh rice always. Other things to keep in mind are having a detachable power cord, easy cleaning, design, warranty, etc.

Features of the Best Rice Cooker in 2021

Types of rice cookers :

Rice cookers come in a wide range of models, from common plastic versions that operate in the microwave for white rice to more expensive and advanced models with induction and pressure cooking technology and programmable, customizable modes for exotic grains. Some of these types are described below.

1.Conventional rice cookers:

These are the most common amazon prime rice cooker, and they all come with the same basic features: a heating pad, a cooking pot, an external port, and, in some cases, a steam tray. They keep it easy by cooking rice with just a heat plate and a timer. Many of them even have an automatic shut-off, pause, and keep-warm features. They come in sizes ranging from 3 cups to 60 cups in commercial sizes for restaurants and caterers.

  • Microwave

       It is a plastic cooking vessel that holds steam locked in for cooking rice. It is also used for steaming food.

  • Micom

It is a more sophisticated and costly small rice cooker with a computerized microchip that adjusts cooking time and temperature using thermal sensors for perfectly cooked rice of all types. It can also assist with other cooking tasks.

  • Micom with induction heating

        An induction-heating element produces a magnetic field that continuously transmits heat across the entire inner pot for more even cooking with micom technology, which is another step up in feature and price as well. We found these an overspend purchase because most versions cost $250 or more.

  • Micom with pressurized induction heating

These models take induction and micom technology a step further by using pressurized heating to increase the cooking temperature and alter the texture and structure of the grains and starch in the rice. This type of rice cooker is referred to as the most advanced type.


The capacity is one of the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a rice cooker. The number of uncooked rice cups you can cook at once is referred to as capacity.

If you have a big family or live in a joint family, you’ll need the best rice cooker for brown rice that can cook at least 10 cups of uncooked rice. But if you have a smaller family then a rice cooker with low capacity is also available in the market that can cook up to 5 cups of rice at once.

Even cooking:

Starting from the edges up to the middle, the best rice cooker can produce an even batch of fluffy rice. A mushy base, soggy grains on the bottom, crispy edges, and undercooked grains on top may all result from an unevenly cooked pot of rice. Hence purchase a rice cooker that cooks rice evenly.

Lid type:

  • Unsealed –

This model of microwave rice cooker is usually much less expensive than the other. It’s simple to clean, and the glass lid allows you to monitor the progress.

  • Sealed –

The rice cooker with a sealed lid avoids spills and rattles on the table. It’s also difficult to wash. Some models, on the other hand, have a removable vent that makes cleaning convenient.


A rice cooker can be a lifesaver after a hard day at work when you’re exhausted and struggling to get dinner ready. Rice can take up to 18 minutes to cook on the stove and also some cookers take more than 30 minutes to cook white rice.

We recommend not to buy those cookers and go for some cookers which will take less time, so you can eat peacefully without waiting for a long time. The market is flooded with such less time-consuming cookers, so you can grab one of them.

Multigrain Setting:

A rice cooker isn’t just for cooking white rice. Some midrange multicookers can manage and cook different grains, such as brown rice or long grain rice.

Quinoa or millets, oats, and porridges are also cooked by others. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose and long-term investment, the professional series rice cooker with the above features is a good choice.

Fuzzy Logic:

There are only a few models that use fuzzy logic as part of their programming. It is equipped with a chip that monitors and adjusts according to the cooking parameters.

Quick Cook Setting:

A rice cooker with a quick cook setting is particularly useful when you need to make rice quickly. However, it can affect the texture of the rice to some degree.

A plastic paddle:

To scoop out the rice without damaging the nonstick coating, a plastic paddle can be a useful tool. We observed that the nubby ones did a great job of not sticking to the rice.

Automatic shut-off and keep warm:

All of the rice cookers we looked at have an automatic on/off cooking feature. In addition, it keeps the rice warm. However, how long it will keep the rice warm varies by model.

Ease Of Use:

Certain factors are there which makes it easy for you to use the tiger rice cooker such as

  • Cook with a nonstick bowl which is easy to clean.
  • With a removable cord carrying and storing will be easy enough.
  • It is easy to operate with labeled controls.
  • A cooker with a large handle will be easier to lift.


 Almost all the amazon rice cooker comes with a measuring cup that is used to measure uncooked rice and water. But there is no particular size for measuring cups.

It varies with brands. Other accessories like a steamer tray or basket are included which can be used to steam rice or other food items. A spatula or ladle must be there to serve the rice.


Most of the rice cookers come with a warranty period of at least 1 year. But you don’t need to worry much about the warranty period because almost all the rice cookers last longer than their warranty period.

Available Price:

While considering the price of a rice cooker, you should take note of your budget. Rice cookers are not costly enough for you to buy, so they generally fall within your budget. But we would advise you to check for the other features rather than simply jumping into the price factor. A rice cooker may cost you between 30 $ to 60 $.

A high-quality best rice cooker for brown rice shall offer all the good features and a good warranty period would be offered to you as well. While the cheap ones would compromise with the quality thus there are chances you end up with a bad quality rice cooker and this is neither we nor you want.

FAQs for the Best Rice Cooker in 2021

Can a rice cooker keep food warm for an extended period of time?

Yes, a rice cooker can keep rice warm up to a period of 24 hours after cooking.

Can we use a steel vessel in a rice-cooker?

No, any steel pot will not work in the rice cooker. Only the vessel that came with the professional series rice cooker can be used.

Do all models switch off automatically when the cooking is finished?

Not all the models have automatic turn-off facilities. Because some are featured with automatic keep-warm mode after cooking.

Do all models provide other accessories?

No, all models are not providing extra accessories. Only a few models include a measuring cup, a spatula, and a second pan.

Can I use this cooker for cooking other food?

Multi-cooking facilities aren't available on all models. Before trying to cook something, check the specifications to see what else it can cook.

How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker?

Video Transcript:

And that is how you cook rice in a rice cooker hey guys today I’m gonna show you how to cook rice in a rice cooker so obviously, the first thing you’re gonna want to do is to fill your rice bowl with rice greens now I’m gonna be using white rice in this demonstration but you can use the same method that I am showing you on brown rice I’m using short green white rice for this video so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is to measure your rice in cup measurements and let’s just take a second to appreciate this beautiful sound that we’re about to hear call me weird.

But for whatever reason I just love the sound that rice grain makes when it is hitting the empty bowl yep I’m weird I’ll accept that so for this demonstration we’re gonna be cooking three cups of rice now I’ve seen different ratios some people use like you know half a cup of water per cup of rice but I’m gonna be using one cup of water for every cup of rice this is the style that my mother has been doing for years and this is the style that I am used to now I am still able to make sticky rice with this method now some people might like their finish rice a little bit drier.

But I like the rice a little bit on like the moist side obviously it’s still relatively dry after you’ve made the rice I’ll show you at the end of the video what it gonna look like so on your rice cooker you have many different options you have the white rice button the brown rice button you also have quick rice button for like Minute Rice typically the options that I like to use is the white rice and the brown rice button depending on what rice grain I’m using so obviously when you plug it in they’ll be the power button but let’s go and get our water so as you can see.

I already have my water measured out and I have three cups of water because I just put in three cups of rice so I’ll just point it out right there you go you see that I measured out three cups so let us pour some of this beautiful water into the rice bowl protip if you wanted to make your rice a little bit more flavorful you could add chicken broth or beef broth instead of water and you could also add some seasonings to the water and naturally the rice will absorb all the flavors so if you’re willing to experiment add some chicken broth or beef broth.

Once you’ve measured your desired fluids and added them to the rice as I said I am using the ratio of one cup of rice grain to one cup of water so now you’re gonna go back to your rice cooker and then you’re gonna shake the rice cooker so that the rice is perfectly leveled on the bottom so that the rice cooker is able to cook the rice thoroughly and make it very even.

Because you would hate to have some of your rice overcooked so now I’m just gonna close the rice cooker and obviously, it’ll make a little click and we’re going to plug this bad boy in with this beautiful cord oh yeah here we go so it’s gonna go into this outlet right here just shove it right in there okay so now you’re gonna have to hit the power button to turn on the rice cooker there it is now that you’ve turned the rice cooker on it is time for some beautiful rice cooking action so I am using white rice green for this video so obviously I’m gonna hit the white rice button but if you’re using brown rice hit the brown rice button so right here on the screen you’re gonna see these two dots and this that’s going to circulate all the way through.

While it’s cooking now it typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour depending on what type of rice you’re making so we’re gonna wait for it to cook and you’ll see a little countdown in just a second alright so as you can see it is seven minutes until the rice is done once it hits I think at about 10 minutes it will show you like a number and that’s how many minutes you have to wait so you could just see that just went down to 6 minutes.

And we’re gonna jump ahead to win the rice is done alright once the rice is done cooking the rice cooker will automatically go to keep warm mode and let us open this bad boy and look at that beautifully cooked rice now what I’d like to do next is I like to stir the rice around just in case I want to keep the rice cooker on warm so that the rice on the bottom doesn’t continue to cook and get dried out so I highly recommend you serve around the rice once the rice cooker is done cooking and just like that you know how to cook rice in a rice cooker if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to hit that like button thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys lit up.

What size is best for my family?

You might be known that the capacity of an electric rice cooker is calculated in cups. This allows you to choose the choice that best suits your family’s size. A 3 cup rice cooker small size will be appropriate for small families having 3-5 members, a 6 cup for medium families having 5-7 members, and a 10 cup rice cooker for large families having 10-15 members.

How to use a Rice Cooker?

Video Transcript:

Simple as that an idiot does not get at all Hi, guys welcome back to another video so today. We’re talking about rice cookers we’ve had a lot of questions lately about how do we cook everything in a rice cooker and People being wanting demonstrations to show us. How you cook oatmeal? Pasta Rice vegetables, what else do we do? Potatoes Yeah, everything basically you know ice cover. So we’re going to show you how we do all that but first, we want to demonstrate Okay, so this is your sort of you traditional rice cooker basically. It’s got an on/off button Actually, it’s actually cool simple as that you can you know idiot you can’t get it wrong so this is a traditional style rice cooker.

And it comes with a steamer, yeah, and That’s the inside of it now this one was Handed down and the coaching is very good it kind of comes up. Yeah, I’m blushing I mean, it’s it It’s initially nonstick But then as it wears away if the contents do begin to stick to the bottom that is really you know It’s just a waste you’re not with Losing a fair bit of food don’t you yeah and all Sorts not very healthy whatever that coating is starts to come off on food, and then it’s you know you’re consuming it. Yeah, okay, so that’s rice cooker one But if it’s always an afford.

It’s a good option rice number two is the beast now This is digital. It is a little bit fancier yeah um but Same principle yeah strainer again spoon a steamer, and that’s it hot It’s got a nano-ceramic lining So it’s the healthiest sort of lining you can have and this cost us 50 dollars 50 Australian dollars here in Thailand another one that we showed first is our watch Eva, but it is a good investment if you can afford the initial It’s well worth that we recommend it Yeah so rice cookers are fantastic for Students because if you don’t have a proper kitchen setup you can just put all your food in that and it’s done but if you’re short of time if you’re on a budget of the rice cooker.

Is just the easy cheap way of getting whole plant foods into your diet and not fussing and not needing a whole kitchen worth of appliances. Yeah So on to the demonstrations. Let’s do it Okay, how to cook oatmeal in the rice cooker? The Ratio is two cups of water at every one cup of oats plus an extra one cup of water at the end Boil the water first once the water is boiled just add your oats protip never close the Lid Never ever close the lid they will bubble over and explode everywhere And just stir occasionally Once you’re out to cook just turn off the rice cooker.

And you can either eat them like this hot or you can remove this from the rice cooker and let them cool down So we’re going to cook some Japanese ground sushi rice today And we recommend you try different varieties of rice just to spice things up and keep things buried some just got my Measuring cup that came with the rice cooker. This is of a standard cup metric cup and generally, with rice, It’s about a ratio of but I like the right we like the rice moist So we put a little bit more than one for one so good 4 cups of rice So I’m going to do more than 4 cups of water. Going to steam some broccoli in here and.

That’s going to take some extra water so about 5 cups So the great thing about a rice cooker is that as the rice is cooking you can steam the veggies in the steamer on top? Too easy, Here is one of the fastest easiest meals pop your rice in the rice cooker next frozen veg winner Today, we’re going to cook lentils in with the rice so we’ve soaked these lentils overnight, and you just put them in with the rice We did and 3/4 of these cups of rice? 3/4 of one of these cups of lentils And I put about four and a quarter cups of water because brown rice takes a bit longer and these lentils are quite Tough even though they’re soaked overnight. We’re also going to steam some eggplant.

On top which is going to require some water Cooking pasta in a rice cooker simply boil your water put your pasta ring That’s it pastor boiled As for our sauce tonight, we’re cooking it in our second rice cooker So that’s handy because we’ve got to but if you don’t have a second rice cooker you can just stir through Some diced up tomatoes and add some herbs to your pasta or you can prepare your sauce in your one rice cooker before you cook Your pasta up to you Cooking.

Potatoes in the rice cooker easy-peel chop them up cover them with water and That’s it close the lid let them boil up and That’s how you boil potatoes in a rice cooker I Hope this video has been helpful to you guys if you can think of any Interesting ways to you know to use a rice cooker put them in the comments down below. We’d love to hear yeah Yeah, I think yeah recipe ideas that you might have, and if you know of anyone who says.

I want to go vegan But you know, it’s too difficult or I can’t afford this video thank you so much for watching don’t forget to share and remember until next time going vegan is not the most we Can do it’s the least we can do and it is very cheap and easy with a rice cooker? Sure, I can see you next video. Bye guys We’re going to show you that veganism is not only good for your health the animals on the planet But it’s also good for your pocket you’re actually going to save money by feeding vegan, and this is the final meal absolutely delicious simple and Hearty.

Is a rice cooker healthy?

Yes, of course, it is healthy. It is the quickest way to cook rice, and since it uses less fuel, the food retains the majority of its nutrients, making it healthier.

Conclusion :

We all know the importance of time in our life. You can save your time from the already busy schedule investing in the Best Rice Cooker which can prove to be a great alternative. Otherwise, following the standard method of cooking rice can worsen the pain by causing accidental burns or steam rashes apart from killing time.

The top amazon rice cooker has undoubtedly enhanced the way you cook rice, making it fun. To get perfectly cooked rice, simply pour in the ingredients and press the button on the best rice cooker. Furthermore, with a top-rated automatic rice cooker, you won’t have to keep an eye on the rice preparation on the hot summer days.

Also, make sure to read the comprehensive Electric Rice Cooker Buying Guide given above before deciding on the best electric rice cooker on the market. So, now that you’ve gone over it, go to the market or order online and get your desired rice cooker so you can live the stress-free and mess-free life you’ve always wanted.

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