Best Ravioli Makers Buying Guide in 2021

Ever thought of making ravioli at home but dropped the idea because it can be hectic and messy?

Or have you ever tried making ravioli but the shapes of the pockets have come out to be disastrous?

Making ravioli at home can be tedious at home?

But it is surely a great idea to treat your guests with your handmade ravioli. It can be easy to think but the task of making definitely is a burden. You might end up making distorted shapes and creating a mess.

But with a ravioli maker, your ravioli making can be super easy and you can efficiently make many pockets of ravioli without creating a mess.

Buying Guide for the Best Ravioli Makers in 2021

Ravioli is your pasta, made in the form of little pieces of compartments containing fillings. Usually, they are square-shaped and vegetables or cheese, or meat can be used to fill the insides.

This ancient Italian cuisine of the 14th century is popular around the world, particularly because of its unique shape and taste. These are usually square, circular, or half-moon-shaped. The filling is sealed between two thin layers of pasta dough and paired with tomato or pasta sauce in the traditional way.

The kitchen ravioli maker is a simple tool that makes this kind of pasta easy to prepare from scratch. The making of ravioli using a ravioli maker is convenient, simple to manage, and an undeniably helpful tool that can customize ravioli to your taste.

So, amongst a thousand choices of ravioli makers in the market, you can be easily deceived to fall for any deceiving products but we are here to tell you the best features of ravioli makers that would help you to choose the best options amongst all.



The automatic ones generally come in the form of an attachment that functions with a machine such as a pasta maker.  This can be an expensive choice since you need to purchase the best pasta maker and then additionally buy the ravioli attachment.

It is a convenient choice, though, and is particularly preferable if you frequently cook ravioli. You should go for the automatic ones with multiple attachments and accessories if you want to make professional-grade ravioli and need to create them in bulk.


Manual models are not as easy as automatic to use. But if you want to make small batches, then these are a better choice for you. But you can get acquainted with their operations after some practice and frequent use.

These models typically have molds or cutters with sharp edges that would help you to get the perfect pockets of ravioli. These are economical and would cost you less. It does not require any attachments for use.


RAVIOLI MOLDS AND TRAYS: These are available in a number of shapes and sizes, with deep holes for the ravioli filling and raised ridges that help define the form of the ravioli, ravioli maker mold, and trays.

As pressure is applied with a rolling pin, the ridges also help cut the ravioli. Molds and trays produce 12-36 ravioli at once and are ideally suited to both beginners and anyone who is a habitual maker.


They are hand-held devices that usually have a dual-headed wheel on one side with scalloped edges and on the other side with smooth edges. This is by far the simplest method to use because it can be fully managed.

This tool can also be used for a number of other kitchen tasks, including cutting pie crust, which is ideal for beginners and those who want to free-hand their shapes.


Ravioli stamps are hand-held, single-ravioli-shaped instruments. The stamp for ravioli gives you a simpler option rather than thinking about running the dough through a machine or removing it from a mould or plate, so all you need to do is add an egg wash binder and stamp it.

Features of the Best Ravioli Makers in 2021


The metal ones are, for a matter of fact are more durable than the plastic ones. Ravioli moulds can be found in the form of plastics or aluminum. They are also available in the form of stainless steel.

The metal ones are also preferable because the ravioli pockets are easier to cut and seal using them. So, before buying one ensure and check the quality and the material in which it is crafted.

Often look at the kitchen ravioli maker material, and also ensure that it will be robust. purchasing aluminum and stainless steel is often a good way to choose from amongst many choices.


To understand what kind or how much amount of filling you can add to your ravioli, the size of the ravioli maker should be taken into account. Vegetables and minced meat fillings can be put inside 1-inch of the size of the ravioli maker.

But if you want more filings or want to include seafood fillings and mixed vegetables, large sizes ranging from 2.5 inches or more will have to be considered. Always consider your needs while making your choice.

We would not want you to regret your decision of ending up with an exceptionally small or large ravioli maker. Ravioli makers that come in the form of stamps can make just one piece of ravioli at a time. But they are a good choice if you want larger size ravioli.

So, if you like larger pockets of ravioli then you can go for this. But the ravioli maker with the press can make several pieces but of small size.


Quantity means that how many ravioli moulds you can create at a time and it is one of the most essential features.  One issue we shall encounter when selecting amazon ravioli maker is that in a single press, the high-grade ones do not produce many moulds.

Whereas the medium-range ones at one go can yield as many as 24 moulds. If your goal is time efficiency, go for the ones that can produce multiple moulds simultaneously. But if consistency is what you want, we advise that you should opt for those of superior quality that can produce one mould at a time.

The quantity entirely depends on your needs.   If you need to manufacture bulk ravioli at a time, it is smarter to select multiple mould options.


Some ravioli makers come with ergonomic handles that are comfortable while using. Also, ensure that the process of making the ravioli should be easy otherwise you would have to waste time understanding the instructions every time.

The ravioli makers having sharp edges can be harmful to you as they can cause you injury and would cause a hindrance while you clean. Instead of a rolling pin, you can get a ravioli maker roller. It is easier to manage a smaller roller to produce a perfect dough for ravioli.

The convenience factor is very essential as you will not want to be stuck with a sloppy ravioli maker that takes you a lot of time and effort. Since electric pasta makers are the obvious alternative, only in terms of ease of use.

But, if you don’t mind doing some manual work and saving a lot of money by not purchasing an expensive one, then manual options can be considered.


You should understand the size of the filing so as to understand what kind of ravioli maker you should buy. You can accommodate the vegetables or the minced meat within the 1-inch small ravioli maker.

But if you want to fill the ravioli with other stuffing and that is more in amount then we advise you to go for the size that is 2.5 inches or more. So, consider all things you can make with your ravioli maker.


Due to the non-stick coating, or aluminum base, the majority of pasta makers are not dishwasher safe. Since the makers of ravioli come with the nooks, the food may get stuck on the maker.

So, it is advisable to select the ravioli maker tool with wider nooks, which can be washed with water and soap under the sink. But it shall always be difficult with the metal ones while cleaning.

You shouldn’t brush them with water when it comes to wooden parts. Use a wet sponge rather than a scrub to keep it clean and pour a couple of drops of Vaseline to bring back the original condition of the wood.

You can consider buying plastic trays as they are the best choices in terms of cleaning them. They are dishwasher-free and can be put in the sink easily.


Ravioli makers are available at a wide range of prices.  Generally, a ravioli manual stamp costs considerably less than a machine with a ravioli attachment. The amazon ravioli maker with the press would cost you somewhere in between both.

Ravioli makers are small equipment and those won’t cost the heaven for you, so you can expect them to be within your budget. Although the electric version of the ravioli makers is more costly than the manual ones.

FAQs on the Best Ravioli Makers in 2021

How do I prepare Ravioli from scratch?

Knead the dough and let it rest for a while in order to make the perfect ravioli from scratch. You may, whilst, prepare the filling of your choice that can include, veggies or minced meat, or any seafood.

Then you need to flour or grease your tool with oil before using ravioli maker roller. Roll the pasta dough to your ideal thickness with a rolling pin. Then follow the instructions to get well-sealed ravioli pockets from your ravioli-making manual.

How do I seal the ravioli pocket?

After you are done making ravioli the last thing you would want is to see the filings coming out because the pocket is open. This can be a mess and for this, you need to understand that the pockets are not properly sealed.

The making of ravioli, of course, requires practice but with time you can learn how to meticulously complete the task. To seal the ravioli properly you would have to brush the sides of the ravioli with the egg wash, then put the remaining square on the top.

Press the seal down as the air bubble around the ravioli would be removed and allow it to hold together and stick properly.

How are ravioli rolling pins used?

It is quick to use rolling pins. The pasta dough can be spread into a sheet using these pins. Keep the ends of the pin and run them over the dough until you get the thickness desired. You may use the ravioli rolling pin to close the pockets as well.

Upon stuffing, put a second sheet on the mould and roll the pin to firmly lock the pockets. There are infinite options for a delicious batch of ravioli when it comes to stuffing.

Why do I need to buy a ravioli maker?

You can avoid the hassle caused by cutting the ravioli. When you use the correct ravioli maker tool to make this dish, you'll have better quality ravioli. You would also be able to produce uniform-sized pieces of ravioli with a ravioli creator. With the right materials, you can make cleaner cuts of pasta dough.

How to make Homemade Ravioli?

Video Transcript:

Oh, Tommy Gina University my grade or they want me to make radio so I’m gonna read a mate okay what’s on your apron oh my all my grandchildren that’s why they give a middle rather they prefer makers make pasta ravioli now we start and now if we need a little water in a little water little more water first mile to the south and then we make up four eggs six feet and I will stop measure the salt women to spoon you the song the one investor to spoon you to solve like this no the two large tablespoons of salt how much water.

Do you have about a cup I want to say go number four what about a half a cup it’s s cup okay this is you can put a less oh you know you know not the poor, okay okay now we pull our you do to this proud very proud the problem of today going well no and no anything like this before ever all right so go all right I put foreign to here now we can start below this you are worth something here so you’re making the dollar I met blow I did we need another because I put too much flour okay sir but the flour I know made oh that’s right you didn’t measure the flour so you’re mixing it till you get the right consistency so this will be the pasta for the ravioli yeah.

That’s a pasta that’s a good dog no how many where we always do you think you’re gonna make for six people I don’t know what you think when we make we see how much of a gun so we don’t know but we’ll find out who taught you how to make this huh who taught you how to make this your mother oh we got it tonight know who taught you how to make the ravioli ah oh my god they want to all make and they want Omega mu to bake so did your mother teach you how to do this these raviolis hi your mother yeah my mother.

My grandmother and wallet all the family we use of the make we also make any Dali anyway okay in Italy we may go on bake everything years ago we know you go going to start by the pasta maker make a car dealer we make a Jean you know what the song and now real one we all time we make up oh yeah that’s right that’s what everybody likes now it’s all the homemade stuff they wanna almost make the stuff and now we out of time with the mega we make that’s great so you’re kneading the dough you got a what allowed on the dog got to work it.

Yeah have one though and then you got a nice the middle of a buffoon ten minutes I forgot a rest a little bit me Jess illusion de la pasta yes the doke it’s like to get shiny look shine, oh okay so you keep working it till it starts the gunshot I’m at the pasta it comes to a nice shine the shop for gesture better-making heck sighs a look yes yes I see oh a boy lot of exercise he made it aside like this can our knife one knife you can make it to the ball when we start with pickle it one time it had less sustain plastic a day they keep a tender the keep food they make a knot crossed another then it’s a little warm hey Brenda class they show me the boss show me the ball to ball ok and it’s a damn of the dog it may be like this.

Let’s say a flower and then you work it we make a reveal ok wait for a half-hour Wow can we make a video ok so now we’re going to wait for a half-hour to let the dough rest yeah and then we’ll start out of the stuff okay I’m gonna ask you for a bit of the stuff before the reveal ok ok we’re back now we make the stuffing so 2 pints of the ricotta every pond 1 egg so yeah with you we need two eggs our cat, okay putting the ball and put the wait two eggs.

Mom a 2 2 X now we make one cup of the parmigiana cheese ok we make a Lydia not depend on our dependent we just a little bit we want little paper just a little bit like this that’s all make a spoon we make a soft boy we got a taste I know a partially your parceling and say and people help each other not too much the DFO boots RL because the ravioli they call up cheese review on the suppose test we called the cottage radio, okay so it’s not a half.

A pound of cheese Oh an embosser oh that’s single challenge yeah but Syrah okay it the wave so that that’s off the stuffing okay that’s the stuff assault on you over the pace than others when you finish the mix you tasted put a salt that you taste, okay okay this is it okay now we sad babies yeah we’re all set go hey um look doc I know it’s my fault now we start with the dollars already and then we got this you do like this they big enough like this little thing you have a little flower fire we need flour, no no it’s in the dish my brother put on the hand oh now here’s.

The mush okay she’s a bit of a stop no useful mush what number do you have the machine on what number is the machine no more clue number two okay the last Lyman normal six last one will be six okay so what to be a safe look I said maybe five or six five or six now we said okay no set seven of those more so then our first kid now we put another no one is as cool now a metaphor right that’s a five that’s fine okay we’re gonna go right to five but your bandana quad because I’ve used us you just stick belong okay drag on wow it’s getting wrong but my cool Oh Fatima Fatima Bob all right this one I took to his face Xena yeah.

But where’s the right foot from his face you’re gonna go to six or now I’m not what about Shannon oh hi Dora I got this another thumb one more time okay put the little flower on it okay now at 6:00 why is it something like that video quanta so dope sit up to take it out oh go on listen to Moon crystal up assault and go oh I stopped the clock gotta go around the table this doesn’t make the solution okay so one on top one on the bottom it’s noble to see so their pin number 6 number side machine ok ma give Matt the stuff finger Christy little water.

Here so mom sees good time like this ok mmm a good healthy spoonful it is only Riley already got a pull like this, okay you can do like or not support to do this all right ukulele wire to hear me waiting here this just plain old water they got a stick so with wet, okay this one’s about any of us don’t best percent at the time they are put on the top okay stop me here okay press around it seal it up easier but it all will creep at our little alley cause then take the table call report all day and then when I make you put one of my learning put all of it.

Ah okay, that’s what okay keep the put one holiday but Bouchard because it this is all it’s an hour reading well then need to get your Noah yeah we need to know what I need it’s not that sharp well Isamu novelty most of us take you to take like this put back in the plastic lose the trust and then we do it again no me, yeah pulling the plug then you redo that so and okay then we keep going what’s more close you’re a hot dog okay so then we keep going till we’re all done right yeah that’s the same thing come off with it okay.

So then I die but you wanna die I’m not gonna okay don’t there one more oh my gosh okay we’re doing another one nice oh yeah and then we make this supposed to belong without like that one okay we want to throw down when I’m already I pass it on down now we put that’s a nice long no for the Napa, okay okay sometimes you can use of the brush you know just like this little word now use of a thing why because you want also little brush okay to like this I brush it probably be easier right say pulling the brush okay yeah all right so then you’re going to keep doing them till they’re all done yeah I put it everything out of town they got a dry a little we cook with gravy we okay all right so later we’ll shout all right okay say bye goodbye.

Goodbye all right so we’re lining them up here to get a little dry all right now we finish to the one there are many on the grind the path the board and we put the ravioli, okay these are the ravioli Saturday, hey now the water is boiling and we put them in the boiling water is their salt in the water yeah they’ll play me okay all right we got some salt in the water okay we’ve got it need the time when I pass up mm-hmm oh.

Yeah come on your dog will talk just out of four okay that’s a less yeah okay now we let them boy now that got bored let me take up to the biggest fool you know what it would be cool just to move a little bit gotta move a little big car okay okay all right so yeah the let’s look I got the spaghetti now just forget it okay we had some leftover dough yeah we can make another time of this and so we made spaghetti yeah make another famous.

Spaghetti well show you how that was done on another video, okay David killed on a moment I will get your move okay so we gotta wait for the water to get away from their mom ah it’s gotta come on man it’s about ten minutes okay I’ll get out now the one throw me on a bit cook okay now we put out to sea they cook all away.

Low when the warning they already know then okay you got them in the colander to drain it Saturday okay okay finish of this pot we make a dish okay gonna make a dish and take some plates of ravioli how much I make five we H 1 that sounds good 5 in Chauhan 5 6 7 make one show us how you make one okay then we put the cheese oh sorry sorry I am I’m a fat dude you put the cheese you like this nice little pecorino romano.

And then we make up the dough make almond make salsa this is homemade tomato sauce oma made a couple of money the sauce sit down Abbey yes it okay and when I say everybody can almost run me overcome on hey anybody give me one of you okay thank you for showing us so okay say bye bye bye wanna pity them okay I wanna pity the can ciao ciao ciao.

How to Make Ravioli Dough from Scratch?

Video Transcript:

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to make delicious homemade ravioli from scratch. This recipe will make ravioli for eight and can be filled any way that you like. There are many different ways to cut and seal ravioli. For instance, a ravioli stamp or a ravioli mold. However, in this video, I’ll be demonstrating how to use two items that almost everyone has in their kitchen: a 2-inch biscuit cutter or cookie cutter and a trusty fork. We’ll be using a pasta roller to roll out the ravioli. In this case, the Kitchenaid Professional 600 pasta roller attachment. However, feel free to use any pasta roller machine including these Hand Crank models.

As they say in Italiana: Andiamo (Let’s go!) Step 1: Make the pasta dough. To make the pasta dough we’ll need about two point two five pounds of all-purpose flour. This is more flour than you’ll need and includes flour for rolling out the pasta dough later. You’ll also need 8 eggs, 1 teaspoon of salt, and two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Crack eight whole eggs into the mixing bowl. Add to the eggs 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil. Give it a quick whisk. Fit the stand a mixer with the dough hook attachment. Add to the eggs about half of the flour that you’ve measured out. That’s about 1 pound or 18 ounces. When mixing dough by hand you always want to start with a small amount of flour and add more as needed. We want to do the same here.

Start the stand mixer at low speed. In reality, the Kitchenaid Pro 600 works best with large quantities, so feel free to double the batch of dough. Pasta dough freezes really well so making a double batch of pasta dough will keep you all supplied for many meals. After about a minute the flour in the middle will be well incorporated with the eggs.

You may notice however that the flour on the outside has not yet been incorporated. This commonly happens with the Kitchenaid Pro 600 if you are working with a smaller quantity of ingredients than we are here. To solve this problem, stop the mixer after about a minute and use a spoon or spatula to push the flour along the edges towards the middle of the bowl. You should only need to do this once. Turn the mixer back on low when even the edge flour is beginning to incorporate and the dough is starting to form a ball, increase the mixer speed to about 4. Continue to mix for one to two more minutes.

When almost all the flour has been incorporated, stop the mixer, pull the dough off the dough hook and flip the dough so that unincorporated flour is facing the top and place the dough ball in the center of the mixing bowl. Like this! As predicted, we have a lot of flour left in our original bowl. Now that the flour is fully incorporated, it’s time to knead.

Turn the mixer back on at a low speed of about four and let the dough hook knead the dough ball for about five minutes. During the kneading process, you may notice that the dough is beginning to stick to the bottom of the ball. It’s always better for the dough to be too wet than too dry. If this happens simply add about a quarter cup more flour a little at a time. The 5-minute knead should be more than enough time to incorporate this last bit of flour.

After five minutes the dough ball should look like this. Stop the stand mixer, remove the dough ball, wrap well with plastic wrap and let the dough ball rest in a cold area like a refrigerator for one hour. After the dough has rested it’s time to stretch. Cut the dough in half with a dough scraper or a large knife. Wrap one half tightly with plastic wrap to prevent the pasta we are not working with from drying out. Divide half of the pasta dough into four equal pieces. Take one of the four pieces and cover the rest. One piece of pasta will produce about 10 finished ravioli.

Flour the dough well and roll or press the pasta into a quarter-inch thick rectangle. Start the pasta machine at the setting of one the widest setting heat the pasta into the machine, a short side first. After this first pass, fold the pasta like a letter and roll once again to a quarter-inch thick. The purpose of the letter fold is to ensure that the pasta extends uniformly. With the settings still at ‘1’ feed the pasta into the rollers short side first. Pass the pasta through the roller again at a setting of 2 Pass through again. The setting of ‘3’… A setting of ‘4’ and a setting of ‘5’.

After this pass, your sheet of pasta will be long and possibly a bit unwieldy. For this reason, you may want to cut the pasta in half for the final pass like this. Lightly flour both sides in this time. At a setting of ‘6’ pass each sheet of pasta through the roller one last time. At this point, the pasta will be just a bit translucent as you can see here. Starting with two sheets of pasta you are ready to make the first of the ravioli. Lay one sheet of pasta on a well-floured surface. Using a ravioli stamp or a cookie-cutter lightly score the pasta so that you know where to place the filling.

Scoring helps us ensure that the ravioli is evenly spaced and lets us put filling in the center of each ravioli. Add a heaping teaspoon of filling in the center of each ravioli score. Leave plenty of room for a good seal around the filling. Here we’ve erred on the side of less filling – something we recommend for beginners who are not using a ravioli mold to help seal the two sheets of pasta together.

Brush a generous amount of egg yolk wash around the ravioli filling. Cover with the second sheet of pasta. Lay the pasta sheet gently on top in a position so that the bottom layer of pasta is completely covered. Starting with one side use your fingers to press around each mound of filling. We want to press this way to avoid trapping errors in creating bubbles in the pasta. Here we press from left to right and from inside to out in order to squeeze any air out the open sides.

Here’s a closer look Use the cookie cutter to cut around each mound of ravioli filling like this so far we’ve used the egg yolk wash in the process of cutting the ravioli to help seal the pasta to be extra sure that the ravioli is sealed using a fork to crimp the edges of each ravioli like this you may want to flour your fork between ravioli transfer the ravioli to a well-floured surface or parchment paper make the rest of the ravioli if you don’t plan to cook the ravioli immediately store in the refrigerator to cook the ravioli gently slide the ravioli into a large pot of boiling water cook for three to five minutes until the ravioli floats.

Transfer the ravioli to a large skillet and finish off with a sauce of your choice click to check out our recipe for butternut squash ravioli topped with a savory onion puree or go gourmet with this authentic Italian recipe for meat-filled ravioli topped with truffle sauce subscribe below for more recipes like this from Italy and beyond.


Making ravioli at home can be tasty and would give you a more engaging taste and with a kitchen ravioli maker by your side, this would no longer be a tedious job. You can Surprise your guests and family with the simple preparation of fresh ravioli at home and we are sure they are going to love this.

We bet you would love this process and with the time you would be an expert in making ravioli. You can rely on this buying guide the next time you shop for ravioli makers. So, we wish you good luck with your next shopping.

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