Best Potato Ricer in 2021 for Making Silky Smooth Mash

Do you like your potatoes to be smooth in texture?

Or are you a mashed potato lover?

Do you hate when you get uneven texture while you eat potatoes?

So, if you want to have those fluffiest and delicious mashed potatoes then you need to go for a potato ricer. Potato ricers are such amazing equipment that would get you smooth, creamy, and fluffy mashed potatoes very efficiently and within minutes without even much of a hassle.

For the fluffiest mashed potatoes, some cooking experts suggest ricers. A lump-free side dish is assured by the way they process cooked potatoes through a screen.

The kitchen potato ricer gently pushes each potato through the tiny holes of the disc rather than breaking up the potatoes by mashing and thereby producing the smallest pieces possible with the least amount of motion.

Buying Guide for the Best Potato Ricer in 2021

Potato ricers make your ricing of potatoes quite smooth and easy and would end up giving you a smooth texture. It has tiny holes in which they hold the cooked potatoes.

You get rice-like bits of potatoes when you use them. It is well built on a hopper in which, whether it is peeled or not, you have to put a cooked potato and even a plunger that helps the potato to move through the opening.

When the air enters along with the potato, the method can give you the best way to mash potatoes. And in the end result, you would end up getting the best smooth and mashed potatoes that have an enhanced taste.

To make great gnocchi or perogies, a ricer for potatoes is necessary, or you can use it to make tomato sauce, puree soft fruit for jam or baby food, or squeeze out excess fluid from frozen spinach. You can use them to squeeze lemons and get juices and on similar lines, you can go for any other fruits also.

Amongst several choices in the market, it is obvious that you can confuse yourself with the wide range of features and materials that the manufacturers offer. This is why you need to go through this guide to widely understand the best features of potato ricer and decide upon what is the best for you.

Features of the Best Potato Ricer in 2021


The longevity and efficiency of the potato ricer are based on the type of material used in the construction of the ricer. There are ricers available that are made of pure stainless-steel material, while there are some others that are constructed from a mixture of stainless steel and plastic ABS.


The ricers made up of pure stainless steel are durable in nature and sturdy. They can mash huge potatoes at once. The amazon potato ricer is strong in nature, rust, stain, and corrosion-resistant. These can be repeatedly used.


They are prone to breaking. ABS plastic ricers with stainless steel plates are handy. They are also not capable of pushing more potatoes at once.

We advise you choose the stainless steel one as it can be used more frequently and is not damaged easily. Stainless steel is by far the best choice in terms of reliability and overall design. But if you want a plastic potato ricer make sure the material is BPA-free.


The potato ricer, which is ergonomically built and comes with non-slip properties should be your choice as the handle of the kitchen potato ricer is very important.  Other than this, it is also important to remember handle size.

Choose a handle that is not below 4 inches keeping all the safety measures in mind. Potato ricers fitted with long handles shall reduce the strain on your hands. To stop sliding or slipping from your hand every time you use it, the handle infused with silicone or rubber should be preferable.

It is very essential to keep a note of the handle of the ricer to help make it simpler and more convenient to use. It is where you need to apply the force to push through the potatoes.

Looking for a model that has extra-long handles and soft grips on the handles is a wise idea. you can also go for models that can be used in just one hand depending upon individual requirements.


If your potato ricer is just used to press through the potatoes then it can be disappointing for you as a customer who expects it to function more flexibly than just performing one function.

Look for a robust, flexible utensil that can also mash through the hard fruits and vegetables. You should consider a potato ricer kitchen warehouse for easy use, which can mash potatoes, carrots, and even push through the tomatoes or grapefruits or any vegetables and fruits.


The potato ricers have discs fitted in various sizes and numbers. Some have plates that are built-in, and some have interchangeable plates. In addition, some have a single plate, and some have plates with up to three discs.

The ricer for a mashed potato that comes with a single plate is designed with a single plate dimension. These ricers are also available with 2 or 3 interchangeable discs. With these, you get various sizes of holes for the easy mashing of the potatoes and vegetables.

These sizes include the coarse and medium sizes. This indicates that they are very versatile in nature and can be a reliable option for you.


The greater number of holes a ricer has, the mashed potato is more likely to be smoother and silkier. The mashed potato is likely to be coarse and lumpy when the holes are too wide or far apart.

Some wide hoppers have holes rather than just the bottom on both sides. This helps to deliver mashed potatoes in record time for consumers. It is also a good idea to look at models with distinct ricer discs for mashing other vegetables.


To connect the handles and other parts, potato ricers usually have screws and springs. Ensure that the quality of the ricer is very solid.

If the small components fall out and get lost, the full potato ricer kitchen gadget could need to be replaced. With the capacity to bear and mash a lot of potatoes at once, it should be robust and with a strong grip that is easy to handle.


The grip on the handles is one of the essential factors as you would not want the ricer to slip down from your hands every time you use it. Look for a ricer with a long handle that shall give you a good grip. For better grip and comfort, choose a handle with infused rubber or silicone.


The comfortableness and the convenience of the potato ricer is also a relevant factor as you need to squeeze the potatoes through the ricer. You need to be comfortable to work more easily.

The comfort level shall depend on the handle type and size. But if you go for short-handle potato ricer on amazon, check if you are comfortable in using them. Besides this, for quick and convenient carrying, the handles also need to be longer. The soft grip helps to decrease the pressure on the palms, so you don’t need to apply much force.

In addition, when mashing, you will need to check the knob to keep it safe and comfortable. The knob or the disc shall be attached with the ricer.  This can be added for a quick and mess-free activity to the side of a bowl or pot.

Ricers with non-slip knobs allow more robustness around the pot or bowl when using the ricer, adding more comfort.


Potato ricers are easy to clean and also easy to use because of their ergonomic shapes. There are dishwashers free and you can also put them in the sink for washing.

So, while buying ensure that it has convenient, easy-grip, and long handles for an easy-to-use ricer. As you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure, such a potato ricer amazon is certainly basic to use in various positions.

It should also have an ergonomic design that enables the potatoes to be mashed properly. As not all are dishwasher friendly, you need to choose the dishwasher safe choices for an easy-to-clean ricer. For ricers that are not safe for the dishwasher, you need to make sure that you handwash them.

So, choose the ones that are dishwasher safe and have removable parts so that they can be easily cleaned.


Potato ricers aren’t something that would not fall within your budget. The plastic ricers are comparatively less expensive than the stainless-steel ones.

The plastic potato ricer shall cost INR 100 or above while the stainless steel shall cost you INR 400 or more than that considering the quality of the materials and other features.

The stainless-steel ricers might cost you around $20 or more. Do not compromise with the quality while you buy one. A sturdy and robust potato ricer would have a long-lifetime and would be beneficial for you in the long run.

FAQs on the Best Potato Ricer in 2021

What all factors do I need to consider while buying a potato ricer?

They can be messy and difficult to clean so look for the ones that can be separated for easy cleaning or at least are dishwasher proof.

As it can make it harder to squeeze the handles, weight is a factor that you need to consider while buying one. If you want to feed a larger number of people, size matters as you can only bring a few vegetables through at a moment.

The professional potato ricer comes under a lot of strain, to withstand the harshness of pressing and washing, it needs to be durable and robust, so consider the quality of the potato ricer also.

How do I use a potato ricer?

Firstly, if required, peel off or wash the potatoes clean and cut into smaller pieces and put them in a boiling pot until soft enough to split, and then use a colander to drain out the excess water.

Then take some potatoes and put them in the good potato ricer and then squeeze the riser's handles together until the potatoes begin to extrude and do it quickly with the remaining amount until the potatoes get cold. Using a wooden spoon to add your favorite ingredients and stir.

Lastly, immediately clean the riser until the starchy potatoes stick to the riser.

What other things can I use the potato ricer for?

Apart from pressing the potatoes, you can press garlic. You can go for apples and you end up getting applesauce.

You can smash fruits if you want to get fine-textured jams. You can use a professional potato ricer to remove the excess water from grated potatoes for preparing crispy hash browns or you can rice the pumpkins for pumpkin pie. Further, you can also prepare baby food puree through it.

You can also rice cauliflowers. You can use this to create a good consistency for pizza sauce by ricing tomatoes or getting a creamy guac by ricing avocados.

What if the hopper of the ricer is small?

If the hopper of the good potato ricer is small, then it would require you to additionally cut your potato into small chunks and make them puss through it. If you would not cut them through then the ricing of the potatoes would not be possible as your potato would not fit into the hopper.

How to use a potato ricer?

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to another episode of I want to cook I’m chef matt and this channel is all about empowering you to become a better cook in my last video I showed you how to make homemade mashed potatoes and for said mashing of those potatoes we used one of these this is just a manual masher but today I’m going to show you another tool for making mashed potatoes and it is called a potato ricer and this is my secret weapon for making the smoothest.

Mashed potatoes you have ever had so this is a potato ricer and today I’m going to show you how to use one of these so this is a potato ricer and it is purely mechanical you don’t need batteries or electricity. To run one of these you just need some muscle so the way it works is you put your food into this canister you adjust this push plate and you simply press down and what happens is the food will then be extracted.

Through these holes into a really fine mesh potato erasers don’t cost too much they’re about 20 to 30 dollars you can find them basically at any kitchen store some general stores and of course online some potato ricers even have interchangeable plates so that you can vary the size of the food that is being extracted now before I show you how to use one of these I want to show you how not to don’t just like take a raw potato and you know put it in here and try to push down you would either break the device or break yourself with that this is meant for cooking.

Foods or soft foods only so now I’ll show you how you do use one of these and two reasons why you might choose rice or over a masher, the first reason I’ve already discussed is that it just yields really really creamy potatoes you won’t get any lumps with this the second is that it actually saves time because you don’t need to peel the potatoes before you cook them because of these holes what happens is you can load your cooked potatoes with skins on a push through and by its nature, because of these fine holes it will extract just the potato.

And not the potato skin so you can save some time peeling potatoes by using one of these so let’s make some mashed potatoes using a potato ricer so for using a ricer for mashed potatoes we will once again begin with russet potatoes but instead of peeling them we will just give them a good scrub from here it’s the same method as using peeled potatoes we’ll cut them into similar size chunks put them in a pot cover them with water then heat the pot.

Over medium-high and simmer until tender the cooking process should only take about half-hour or less until the potatoes are nice and fork-tender when tender drain the potatoes now at this point instead of using a masher we’ll pile these potatoes into the potato ricer and press here’s how it’s going to go downtime to put our ricer to work so we will load up our cooked and drained potatoes we’re just going to put these right into the canister here make sure none getaway you don’t want to fill it too full especially if you’re doing this just for the first time so the potatoes are in the ricer now all we have to do is press and just like this process is called extrusion and see what it yields are these nice fluffy amazing.

Potatoes like clouds so that’s how you rice a potato and then we’re just going to repeat this process now you’ll note that the skin on the potatoes is kind of at the top here and every so often I like to take that out and you can just trash it or compost it or I don’t know maybe even like give it to your dogs or something but that’s all we’re gonna have to do so once again we’ll just reload and then press just like that and see you get these fine fine potatoes this is kind of fun and you even get to use your muscles and build up a little arm strength here and again if it gets gunked up just kind of uh brush the skins and kind of this excess off into an awaiting.

Bowl here and be sure to scrape the bottom to get all those lovely riced potatoes now these are fluffy on their own and they’re delicious but just like with regular mashed potatoes I’m going to add some milk and butter to these to make them just extravagant so I’ve got some heated milk here I’m just going to pour this in and some melted butter we’ll pour this right in and again since we’re not using a masher we’re just going to use a fork and just kind of whip these up oh my gosh my friends I wish I wish you could smell these the butter the creaminess.

I’ve got some parsley flakes to add these on a little pepper touch more salt final stir heaven thanksgiving or any day if you want to make the smoothest creamiest mashed potatoes potato ricer so that’s the 4-1-1 on potato ricers and hey if you get one of these you can actually use them for uses beyond just potatoes you can also squeeze yams out of these things sweet potatoes I’ve heard some people even make baby food puree by using.

One of these potato ricers hey do you have one of these if you do and you use it for a different use other than potatoes I’d love to hear what you use these for and any results that you get as always thank you for watching I want to cook if you found this video helpful please give it a like that lets me know that I’m producing content you guys like and if you’re not already a subscriber welcome to the channel please subscribe that way you will always know when I have new videos to help you be a better cook thanks for watching and I will see you next time until then keep on cooking.

How to choose the best Potato Ricer?

Video Transcript:

Hi there well you know when I think of comfort food which I do more often than I probably should one of the items that pop right to the top of the list is the russet potato fixed in any number of different ways I guess my favorite way our mashed potatoes and ideally mashed potatoes with gravy but it’s in the preparation of that dish that I find the most frustration, of course, the priority is to have them be fluffy and lump-free and to do that I’ve always used.

My food mill is a great piece of equipment but it is I use it all the time for applesauce it does amazing work but if I’ve discovered that it is not ideal for processing potatoes I made dinner for the family this past Christmas Eve and mashed potatoes were on the menu but as I found as I was processing it and turning the crank and turning the crank and trying to get the potatoes through the sieve they just got starchier gummy ER and it was just a very frustrating experience well, fortunately, priority chef recently came to the rescue in the form of their potato ricer now at this point in my life I realized that I should be subtracting not adding pieces of equipment to.

My kitchen but this thing is so easy to use it’s so effective that I’ve decided that I definitely will be keeping it and I can see myself using it regularly, in fact, the experience of trying it out was so positive that I thought I would make this video review and so let’s go down to my kitchen and we’ll get started in taking a look at it and actually seeing it in action all right come along well assembling the ricer couldn’t be simpler I’m using the disc with the smallest holes because that’s what produces the fluffiest mashed potatoes but there are two other ones one with slightly larger holes which is good for removing moisture from Aleksei spinach yeah I take a look at these interesting shaped holes apparently it also it’s good for making spaetzle something I’ve never tried now if you want a coarser texture for making egg salad for instance then the moment the largest.

The holes is perfect I like the long handles you get great leverage which makes the hole pressing through process simple and it has a useful silicone knob hanging knob that lets your wrist racer on the side of a without the risk of it sliding around and of course the handles themselves have that silicone pad which makes the whole thing ergonomically perfect well, of course, you could bake or boil your potato first I decided to go the easy way today and just put it in the microwave for six minutes and for the purposes of this demonstration I’m just going to put one.

Of the halves in at a time although I’m sure both would fit okay let’s see what this feels like all right well squeezing the handles together could not be simpler or take less effort and boy look at that pile of beautifully riced russet potatoes I’m gonna take the paring knife here and just scrape up scrape off the excess here and opening it up yep there’s the skin stuck to the plunger some people would throw that away I will not throw it away.

I love the skin and the disc itself yep it’s popping out with really no effort at all I’m gonna put this stuff over here and we’ll see what it’s like to clean it just a second the racer is dishwasher safe but I have very hot water and I’m finding here that just using this high-pressure spray is basically getting all the potato off just this way.

For those who prefer a more hygienic approach I will use this soapy sponge do they kind of do some redundant finishing off of the cleaning but it couldn’t be easier and I’m guessing going forward I will probably hand wash it every time well before I got my eraser I would have had to wait until I had some leftovers before I could make potato cakes but not anymore this was really easy this morning and I think I’ll be doing it more.

Often I can’t wait to try this that’s about it I’m really happy to give this priority chef potato ricer five stars out of five it’s a very useful piece of equipment easy to use and really every kitchen should have one I hope you found this video review useful and I thank you for watching.


Mashed potatoes are such comfort food that you would crave every time. While a potato masher would have some lumps, an amazon potato ricer would give a smoother texture and you can enjoy them with butter or any gravy.

There are several different versions to choose from in different shapes and sizes since this tool is so useful and flexible to use. It is not just that you confine it to the use of ricing potatoes rather you can use them for ricing several other fruits and vegetables.

So, this equipment is a must for your kitchen to make your easier. So, grab your pens and point down all the essential features and quickly rush to buy one.

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