Best Potato Masher for Creamy Mashed Potatoes in 2021

Do your mashed potatoes fail to achieve the perfect consistency?

Or they aren’t that fluffier? Do they have a lot of lumps?

This is because you are using the wrong equipment to mash your potatoes.

For a perfect texture of mashed potatoes, a potato masher is what you need to go for. The secret to making soft delicious and juicy melting potatoes that aren’t gluey or sticky is a potato masher.

A potato masher consists of a handle usually made of metal with openings in the form of holes or slats with a robust blade that helps the user to easily apply little force and comfortably mash the potatoes into the desired consistency.

Buying Guide For The Best Potato Masher in 2021

This is one of the most useful and handy equipment to mash potatoes. The hand masher will deliver the lumps in a creamy, smooth way. Everything you need to do is get into every corner of the pot and have the right way to mash it.

This way, with the aid of a masher, you would be able to twist and click the motion. If needed, you will need to add a little liquid each time. The masher is the best choice if you want to throw the potato skin.

This is easy to use and can be used by anyone even including beginners. You can buy this for your house or any commercial purpose. They save a lot of time and effort also. They are quite efficient in their performance also.

Having a simple design and self-assumed use is super easy to deceive you into buying any normal potato masher. But let us tell you purchasing a masher for potatoes can be very tricky especially when you do not know what all factors are related to the performance of the tool.

There are a wide variety of products crafted of different distinct materials but not all the mashers give the desired results every time, so we have picked out the best features that you need to consider as a customer while buying a potato masher.

Features of the Best Potato Masher In 2021


They are usually made up of metal such as silicone or plastic. The excellent potato mashers are ergonomically built so that the user can comfortably hold and use them for longer duration use.

The best potato masher should be rust-resistant.  Additionally, a corrosion-free unique potato masher can also serve you for an extended period of time without getting corroded easily.

Stainless steel and other metals are the popular materials out of which potato mashers are crafted. There are a variety of other types of mashers that are made of nylon, rubber, or silicone.

While typically cheaper than metal potato masher, these mashers are usually not as durable and won’t last as long as the metals such as stainless steel would do.

Because of being lightweight, people prefer the mashers crafted out of aluminum. But these models appear to bend easily and are not extremely robust.

Another common choice is plastic, and it appears to be fairly light while being very tough as well. If you select a plastic potato masher then it is necessary to ensure that the plastic is BPA-free.

Otherwise, if the plastic masher comes in contact with plastic then it would react with it and produce chemicals and pollute the food that would ultimately be harmful for human consumption.

The material of choice for the best potato mashers is usually stainless steel. To make mashing easier, the extra weight of the stainless steel makes it sturdy and gives a good grip.


The size is a vital factor that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a kitchen potato masher.  To decide your ideal size, you must first bear in mind the number of people who shall be feeding.

If it is for commercial purposes or to accommodate a large family, a large size should be your preference. The bigger size would make your work much easier and more efficient while you are serving many people at a time.

But if you want it for serving few people, then you can go for the smaller size mashers that come in handy.


The potato masher’s head is the part that makes contact with the food and produces the texture that is desired. It determines the kind of consistency that you shall be getting.

So, it is another essential feature that should be considered carefully. There are several distinct head styles of unique potato masher available in the market. The head of the mashers are most commonly made of stainless steel and are usually either holes or curved wire loops of flat plates.

While some have large piercings, others have small. Wirehead mashers are strong, but to get a good mash, they need more energy to be applied by the users.  Flat plate mashers can break more food at once, but in the gaps, the food can also get stuck.

Additionally, mashers come with dual plates or dual ranges of piercing, which would give both types of consistencies.


The handle is one of the most essential features that cannot be overlooked while buying a potato masher. The handle should be long and robust for a good grip on it.

The traditional potato masher is fitted with vertical handles and the mashing plates usually have a zigzag pattern made up of stainless steel. This may be a great choice to fit the look of your kitchen is traditionally built.

However, if you have a contemporary kitchen then the traditional one should not be an option. Go for some modern designed masher that shall compliment the look of your kitchen.

You can choose the modern potato mashers that come with mashing plates and have horizontal handles.


To allow the users to get a good grip on the handles, it should belong in length. These days, instead of the conventional vertical handle, some models also come with horizontal bars that are more preferable due to better grips.

or those who do not have many hands or wrist power, these are best, as they provide more leverage. These can be used by people who have carpal tunnel, arthritis, or tendinitis.

Choosing a design that has anti-slip pads on the handle is safest and comfortable as the chances of it slipping from your hand reduce and you can use it at more ease.

This will make it easier for users, even though their hands are damp and slippery, to get a good grip. This layer also helps to protect the hands and makes it more convenient to use the masher for potatoes.


You might deny buying a potato masher just for mashing potatoes only. This seems like one-purpose equipment. But let us tell you that although the names suggest it as a ‘kitchen potato masher’ but it can be used to mash other vegetables and fruits also.

This is quite a more useful piece of equipment in the kitchen. You can use it to mash eggs or bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, avocados, or even beef. Even nuts and hard fruits and vegetables can be easily chomped.


This is another feature that you should think about before buying a potato masher. Since they come in all sizes you need to find adequate space for storing them.

If there is limited space in your kitchen, you must invest in a small potato masher for easy storage while you shall not be using it. But with enough area to store one and when you are serving a large number of people go for a larger one that would be beneficial for you.

For convenient storage, we advise you to look for a product with a compact design or a foldable handle.  You can also purchase the potato mashers that have attached hanging hooks. This shall be also more convenient for you to keep it in a hanging position.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Due to the holes in the head, potato mashers are usually very tricky to clean. If there are lots of small holes in the top of the masher this actually becomes a matter of concern.

This is because usually food tends to get stuck in these holes and removing them can be a trouble for you. Many of the perfect potato masher available on the market are safe for dishwashing and this ensures that it is easy to clean them and is also time-saving.

Therefore, choosing a potato masher that can easily be popped into the dishwasher is a smart idea that you should apply.


Potato mashers won’t ever cost you heaven. They would usually cost between a price range of $10 and $15. You can find good and appropriate styles within this range of price. But if you go for the metal potato masher with good features it shall cost you more.

At $10 you would end up with inexpensive models but if you pay between $11 to $13, the designs would be more robust and sturdy. But if you go for a perfect potato masher costing  $14 or more, they shall be very strong and would live for a longer duration.

If you are expected to use it on a daily basis for the recipes you regularly make, you will want to invest in a costly model that is more likely to hold up to repeated mashing. In comparison, for occasional use, consider an affordable potato masher.

FAQS on the Best Potato Masher in 2021

What is the difference between a potato ricer and a potato masher?

Potato mashers are handheld devices that are used manually to press and mash potatoes. The heads vary in design and shape.

For a finer and smoother consistency, choose from perforated or tinted designs, or single-wire, which allows a more coarse, rustic mash. While a ricer for potatoes uses a plunger to drive the cooked potato in a perforated basket through holes.

They create a fluffy mash, meaning airier mashed potatoes, that ends up giving a creamier consistency.

What can be a suitable material for a potato masher?

The stainless steel potato masher is the best suitable for mashing potatoes. They are robust and sturdy and would give you a good grip on the handles making it easy for you to use them.

You can use it very frequently without the fear of it bending. It is corrosion and rust-resistant that adds to the list of its advantages.

Are potato mashers safe from the dishwasher?

It shall always depend on what type of model and material your masher is made up of. The stainless steel masher is dishwasher safe whilst the plastic-coated handles can wear down in a dishwasher with the passage of time.

Can I use a food processor to mash potatoes?

If you do not want a pasty gluey mess on your plate, then we strongly advise you not to go for a food processor to make mashed potatoes. The blades of a food processor tear starch molecules into the potatoes, allowing the mixture to turn into a paste. A potato masher is a lot softer and more preferable to make mashed potatoes.

Will the stainless-steel potato mashers rust?

Many stainless-steel potato mashers should be usually rust-resistant, even if they can sometimes it might succumb to rust. You can prevent your stainless steel potato masher from rusting if you keep them clean and dry eve time you use them.

How to use a Speed Hand Blender With Potato Masher?

Video Transcript:

This is the Cuisinart Smart stick handheld blender it’s 700 watts and it also comes with a really unique potato masher it also comes with some other unique accessories that make it multi-purpose so first I’m going to show you the product this is the power base this is the power switch right here it has a stainless steel body here and on the top, you’ll notice it’s round mmm and it has an unlock feature you press this down while pressing the power button and it will unlock so that the unit won’t run if you don’t have the unit properly engaged.

It also has you’ll notice here there’s a little dial there’s an arrow and it goes from low to high and that’s a variable speed this is the stainless steel shaft it’s this part is three inches wide and it’s designed what’s called a bell shape for more along a commercial-style this is your chopper attachment you remove the lid by twisting and turning and then here in the bottom this is your blade it has a blunt side and a sharp side and checks your IB on how you reverse the blade I’m not going to do that today but you reverse the blade always use a sharp side for soft food items and the blunt side for harder things it’s going to put the lid back on this is your whisk attachment.

It’s great for whipping creams meringues has a nice shaped stainless steel has a nice balloon shape and a lot of times such help in aerating your items so that you get a nice whipping for whipped cream or meringue-like I mentioned so and then one of the other items here is our potato masher which I’m actually going to show you how to use this today you mount the extender on it by putting the arrow in line with the unlock or lock and you twist it to lock it into place and then what you do is you mount the powerbase on by pressing it down like style and to remove any of the accessories you press this button here and you can lift it off like so and that’s how you change out your accessories it’s gonna put this back on because.

I’m going to use this in a few minutes and then next this is our a4 cup measure this is really great because if you’re gonna do anything like a vinaigrette you can put all the ingredients in here and then what you would do is just put on the proper attachment and you can actually blend directly right in this pitcher another great thing to use this for too is if you want to make omelets it helps make sure eggs light and fluffy you can also put all your seasonings in there too at the same time so that’s that so the last item I’m going to show you is the potato masher which we’re actually going to use today and this is your extender basically.

You line up the arrow with the unlock icon here so you line those two up and then you twist it to the right to lock it into place so it’s simple and easy and then you just once again put this on to the bottom by engaging the two you don’t have to press any buttons to do that it’s like I said today we’re gonna use this great handheld blender to make mashed potatoes so the first thing that we’re going to do is these potatoes were cooked already you’re basically going to cut them into peel them and cut them into cubes and then what you’re going to do is cook them until they’re tender and while they’re still warm you’re gonna put them.

I just have these in a separate bowl so I could just show them to you put that in there like that and what we’re going to do is we’re going to add the butter now just so you know this is a half a batch of potato it was compared to the recipe that we give you in the book just so you know just gonna add the butter and the milk I like to add a little bit of the milk first and then more later if I need it and then what you’re going to do is remember I said you have to press this and the toggle switch at the same time to get it going it’s gonna take this off.

And it’s gonna this is really easy to do what happens is as it mixes the potatoes come up and over the attachment so I’m just gonna scrape this off so we don’t waste any like so this is a great attachment especially if you’re not sure you know a lot of people you know they’re not quite sure how long to mash the potatoes and you do it just very quickly and easily and you can see how beautiful that came out now all I’m going to do is add my seasonings which I could have done before but to be honest I completely forgot.

So now we’re going to do it now so add your salt this was a little pre-measured actually so you can add that right away and your pepper and a little parsley for color and flavor and I are just gonna mix it up a little so it’s incorporated I could do this with the potato masher but since I just I already took it off I’m just gonna do it like this so there you have it beautifully incorporated nice and fluffy but not over mixed mashed potatoes using your Cuisinart Smart stick handheld blender with potato masher you.

How To Use A Potato Masher In The Woods?

Video Transcript:

How to use a potato masher in the woods for this project you’re going to need one potato masher right here these cost about five dollars at Walmart I have a Dremel tool and then here I have from my tap and die set you to want the 10 by 24 tap and then you need to 1/8 inch of these connectors you can buy their Stanley they’re stainless steel and they’re a little pricey you could probably use another steel besides stainless steel but I wanted something that would entrust easily and they’re about five dollars apiece but you can probably find them cheaper.

If you looked around so that’s what you need using the Dremel cutoff tool with the cutoff wheel you want to cut this off right here and then you want to cut right here and right here and then you want to straighten these bars out as much as possible and get them fairly straight so we have our potato masher bars straightened out and cut and then the top here is also cut and you can see we just have little tiny pins as it was sticking out on each side then using our tap and again it is a 10 by 24 we want to take and thread this end.

It’s rolling away there and then we also want to thread this and this once you get those threaded properly then you want to take these connecting rings here and you want to cut these so that you can get the small screwing section off of there the piece that connects these two that opens and closes and then you want to put that on to your threaded bars so now we have these threaded sections here with these nuts from our connecting rings and we’ve tightened them really tight we want them permanently attached to these two pins.

Or sticks and then at the other end right here I have smoothed this off and rounded you can use a file or some sandpaper or whatever you don’t want sharp ends and a little note for you before you actually cut these off of this go ahead and thread this end it makes it easier to hold if you thread it beforehand now we have this section here with these threaded portions and what we want to do is we want to take our pins and we want to screw them on like this.

So essentially we’re kind of reassembling our potato masher but for a quite different purpose and you can see now what we have put together and you could put this in a small stuff sack and I would advise that actually because when you use this it’s going to get black so let’s get a fire started and let’s see how it works we’re gonna start this fire with this in stuff ire which I demoed a few videos back and I’m gonna finish this bag off and also going to be using a piece of a fatwood.

I really like fatwood for many many reasons, of course, it is the secret to starting a fire in the rain but I love this is stuff is a fire starter it’s great stuff there we go alright we get that going and put our fatwood on top here start adding some of our other dry alright we’ve got a nice little fire going here and so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to pull this down just a little bit so it’s not quite so high like this watch out for the fire and smoke a stick.

And now we’ve got it right there so there is the mini grill that we just made from our potato masher and we can cook on it boil on it all sorts of things it makes a really nice very small portable platform for your fire a bit of wisdom from years of experience of cooking you always want to cook over hardwoods not necessarily cedar or pine because they can impart an odd flavor to your food and so while it’s great to get a fire started it’s always best to cook over hardwoods and of course when it comes to actually cook you want to cook over coals.

And not so many flames but for today’s demonstration, we’re just going to start as it is as you can see we have our water bottle sitting securely and firmly on our stand and it should be boiling here just a moment stay tuned alright as you can see we have achieved a nice rolling boil here and so really like this method cooking because it’s small it’s portable it’s very lightweight it doesn’t take much space up in your pack and it provides a really stable platform go ahead and take that off the fire using our multi-tool set it down let it cool and there is our mini grill.

All right let’s cook up a deer burger and see how it works as a grill for cooking this is our deer burger patty we have our holland lightweight nylon camping cook set with the spatula and the long sport their nest together and we’re going to put that on our little grill and see how it works so there is our deer burger patty on our mini grill and you can hear it sizzling our deer burger patty is cooking up quite nicely and boy does it smell good again you can see underneath now our grill is working as you can see our dear burger is cooked to perfection what we’ve done is heap up the coals around it it’s a very small fire and of course that’s.

What you want this is a perfect stand for a small fire you just want to stop and make a quick lunch and often what I will do is I’ll take a piece of steak if you take hamburger or something frozen and my first night out camping I’ll have fresh meat over the fire and like I said you cook on coals, not open flame and this just makes a great quick and fairly cheap grill that you can make yourself with minimal tools so here it is it’s done to perfection.

And it’s still fairly hot we’re gonna dig into it and see how it tastes set by our fire this is some good eating here hmm Wow that’s really good salt pepper some onion flakes and a little bit of seasoning salt as you can see done perfectly on the inside no pink left I’ll finish this and get back to you this is what our grill looks like after having cooked our deer burger on it and boiled a quart of water utensil sitting there on my seat or water they’re cooling down I appreciate you joining me on this little excursion here and hope you find this helpful.

And it is small like I said it is lightweight it’s portable it’s durable and for a small fire it is a perfect cooking companion so here it is cleaned up I took the two pins off of it and there’s the concede threaded sections and I have some little red caps that I saved from something that I got I always say these little rubber pieces I never know when I’m going to use them and then I just have here a glasses case came off of a little pack and so you can slide it in here put the two pins in there now it has its own carrying case it’s really flat doesn’t weigh much.

It actually even has a belt loop or some velcro attachment if I want to attach it to something but what I also found out that I like about it is here my Maxpedition bottle holder where I keep my spoon and also my demo this the other day my holder for the pot system it’ll fit right down in here just kind of wedge it down inside work it a little bit put the spoon back in and then just zip it right back up and now I’ve got my mini stove grill right in my backpack with me well this is James bender for Waypoint survival please like share and subscribe make sure to press the Bell button to stay notified of our upcoming videos and we’ll talk to you next time.


Mashed potatoes are thick, full of substance, and are creamier and full of flavors that would surely make you have a hearty meal. They are comfort food and are the priority in family gatherings.

This time you need to surprise your family and friends by making the super delicious mashed potatoes and we are sure they are going to ask the reason behind such perfect consistency of your potatoes.

So, what are you waiting for? Having gone through this guide, it’s time you decide what kind of masher for potatoes you are going to buy.

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