Best Pizza Rocker Knife in 2021 for Pizza-Cutting

Are you a pizza lover but while slicing them you don’t get the perfect size of slices?

Do you use your normal knife to cut through the pizza?

Difficult and messy, isn’t it?

It is also a hassle. The toppings would be displaced from their locations and the cheese shall stick onto the knives. You cannot even slice through the pizza in one go. This would definitely spoil the pizza and you can’t even get the perfect slices.

This is because you are using the wrong equipment to slice your pizzas. Your regular knife isn’t the one for the purpose. You need to switch to the perfect tool for this, i.e., the Pizza Rocker Knife.

Pizza Rocker knives are designed to cut through your pizza instantly with a rocking motion.

Buying Guide For The Best Pizza Rocker Knife in 2021

Pizza rocker knives are used to precisely slice pizza while keeping the toppings in the perfect place and without messing with the toppings or cheese.   It is a tool that comes with a sharp disc or a handle-grip blade on it. For easy and quick slicing, it has a slightly curved blade attached to a contoured handle at the tip.

This sharp pizza rocker knife can slice through all the cheese, toppings, and crust while keeping them in their right place. With a single cut using this sharp knife, even a flatbread can be sliced.

The stainless-steel blade’s consistency stays razor-sharp for a longer duration of time.  You can cut your favorite delicious pizza in a single move without slipping the toppings anymore.

The blade and handle of stainless steel are robust, ensuring that the professional pizza rocker knife is robust and efficient if you catch it. It not only cuts through the pizzas but also slices perfectly your bread pizzas, frozen pizzas, or any other foodstuffs.

But as a customer, you need to first know about the features of a pizza rocker knife before buying one. And for this purpose, we have picked out the essential features of a Pizza Rocker knife making it easy for you understanding and shopping.

Features For The Best Pizza Rocker Knife in 2021


The blade of the knife is the most essential feature and it should be made of high-quality stainless steel. Further, it should be rust and corrosion-resistant.

Various materials such as plastic, silicone, hardened rubber, and wood are crafted to make the handle. The material should be durable in nature so that the pizza knife could last a little longer.

These materials are robust, and the cutter of your pizza can last a long time without breaking or cracking.  The nuts, bolts, and rivets should be anti-corrosive and of high-quality so that they don’t corrode and pollute the food.


The handle of the pizza knocker knives is generally made up of wood or metal such as stainless steel. The handles crafted out of wood give a good visual presentation in your compartment and would give an aesthetic look.

But it is kind of risky with the wooden handles. This is the same in the case of stainless steel handles also. The only exception is the added textured wooden or metallic handles and it is recommended.

Furthermore, those made with rubber or food-safe, hardened plastic guarantee the best grip for you. Often, they are easy to clean and able to avoid stains.

The pizza cutter rocker knife is evidently highly stable with synthetic handles. Blades made of high-quality stainless steel simply suffice to have a long-lasting blade.

It is smart to look for an ergonomic construction that provides a comfortable grip, irrespective of the material you select.  You can also select knives that have either one or two handles.  The latter models are suitable for high-volume chopping because the rocking motion is supportive of the design.

However, if you need to sometimes slice pizza or dice herbs, due to its controlled motion, a single handle is perfect. Also, such knives are easy for storing when you are not using them.


A seesaw motion is initiated by the dual handles and the arched cutting edge of the pizza cutter rocker knife.

Because of the applied momentum, the blade keeps moving in this movement with the least effort and quite efficiently it slices the pizza. So, the blade should be wide for the pizza to be cut properly and in one go.


A pizza cutter knife thin and sharp blade is typically made of stainless steel, although the conventional models are limited to high carbon steel. Such curved blades should likely be between 5-14 inches.

For small work or for cutting through smaller objects, the shorter blades are perfect. In other words, they are suitable for limited amounts or a few ingredients being processed.

While for chopping harder or larger ingredients like nuts, lettuce heads, chocolates the shorter ones would not be suitable. This would require a larger blade.

In addition, a longer blade means more strength for cleanly slicing thicker parts of the crust without causing a mess. So, if you plan on using it for cutting denser or larger items go for a blade with a long length and vice versa.


Having a good grip on the knife is essential as there are chances the knife might slip and hurt yourself in the process. Double handles are should be your preference as they would keep your hands away from the blade and you would have to control the blade by holding the handles.

The rocker knife one handed knives can take a longer time to establish a relaxed rhythm, but they should perform just as well as their double-handle counterparts once you get used to them.

Also, consider the material for the handle. Rubber and durable plastic are great choices as, compared to wood, they can have a convenient, non-slip grip.


You want a cutter which, is strong and durable and would be able to withstand the applied pressure. This is because while cutting the slices of pizzas there would be a certain amount of application of force.

If your cutter broke during use, it can be a big issue for you. If it isn’t durable enough, it might slip down and hurt you also.


Using your professional pizza rocker knife with easiness and comfortableness is one thing that you would not want to compromise with.

A secure grip or handle may make a big difference in helping you to slice the pizza smoothly. Holding the knife comfortably you can cut through the pizza without harming yourself.


Pizza rocker knives are designed strategically for the purpose of cutting pizza.  They are crafted in such a way that they are smooth, precise, and safe to slice the crust of the pizza.

This distinguishes it from a normal knife that is not made for cutting or slicing the pizza.  Rather their purpose is to cut, slice or mince. And if you cut a pizza with a knife then it would not be possible and would be rather difficult for you. This would also end up messing the pizza and its toppings.

Hence, the easiest and safest way to cut every single time is with a pizza cutter rocker knife.


Some knives come with handles for compact storage that appear to fold on their own and this helps for good storage. But the rocker knife amazon that is excessively long or is more than 14 inches shall be an issue for storage.

Try storing in a dry area so as to avoid rusting. Also before storing the knife ensure to cover the blade of the knife to prevent any harm.


Every time after using it make sure to wash the knife properly in water and then dry it and keep it.

Because the cheese and crust of the pizza might get stuck specifically in those hard-to-reach areas and ultimately it may be hardened and get stuck on the pizza cutter.

The maintenance and hygiene can be ensured if all the parts of your commercial pizza cutter rocker are accessible for you to clean. This ensures that there isn’t any chance of germs hiding at any corner of the tool.

Usually, the cutters or the blades crafted out of a single piece of stainless steel do not create cracks and are also more hygenic than the others.


If you intend to use the rocker knife amazon a little frequently and aim to keep it for a longer duration, then go for the knives which have the best materials and do not compromise with the quality also.

Also, ensure that you have a good warranty period so that if it gets cracked or damaged then you can approach the manufacturer. And if it does not meet your standards in terms of durability, you can either return the product or demand a replacement.

Purchase the knives that have extended warranty or promise of satisfaction and good customer reviews.


Investing in a high-quality blade is profitable in the long run. High-quality stainless-steel pizza knives are costly but they shall be useful for you if you frequently make pizzas at home.

The rocker knife pizza usually costs between $10- $50 or more. The cheaper ones can be below $10 or a little more also but high-quality durable ones shall be a little expensive.

FAQs for the Best Pizza Rocker Knife in 2021

What all other things can be cut using a pizza rocker knife?

Pizza rocker knives are versatile enough and can be used for cutting wide varieties of food. You can cut the baby food into small tiny bites with the knife. Slicing the waffle and pancakes using the knife is also possible.

You can cut grilled cheese, flatbread, or bread pizzas besides just the pizza. Use the knife for cutting pizza and for cutting the dough of the cookies, or biscuits, or slicing the tortillas. You can use it to dice up the meats and salads or chop the herbs and lettuce.

How do I remove rust from my knife?

For removing rusting of your rocker pizza knife make sure it does not soak in water for more than an hour. Remove it promptly and dry it with a soft cloth if you intend to place it in the dishwasher.

Even so, if you get rust on your pizza cutter, put the knife in a glass of white vinegar (make sure the blade is fully coated by the vinegar) and leave it for five minutes. Next, take the vinegar knife and wipe away the rust with a sponge.

How do I wash my pizza rocker knife?

To prevent your cutter from rusting, first, soak your pizza cutter in a container of soapy water for about 30 minutes, but no longer than an hour.

Next, remove the cutter from the jar and roll it to remove any food that is trapped on the blade at an angle against a soft cloth or sponge. Lastly, to get to those hard-to-reach locations, use dental floss. Rinse and allow your pizza cutter to dry.

Does a pizza rocker knife effectively cut through the pizza into perfect slices?

Without messing up the topping and garnishing, a decent pizza cutter knife can cut the pizza effectively. It should also be able to maneuver well on a single roll of the blade across thick and thin crusts of the pizza.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, rocker pizza knife are dishwasher safe but they should not be left in the water to soak for a long time otherwise they might rust.

How do I sharpen my pizza rocker knife?

You can use any sharpening tool or honing steel to sharpen your rocker knife pizza.

How to Make a Pizza Rocker Knife?

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If you want a tool that can not just cut your pizzas into perfect slices but also multi-task then here it is. This time you shall surprise everyone with your cleanest slices of pizzas cut perfectly.

Take some moment to browse through the articles in detail to understand what all factors you shall be considering while buying an amazon pizza cutter rocker.

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