Best Pizza Cutters for Any Budget in 2021

Can you imagine someone saying no to pizza?

Of course not. “Pizza” does the name itself makes your heart skip a beat?

Are you among the people for whom no matter what happens, pizza will always be there for you, thick and thin, in the crust we trust?

Pizza has now become the adorable babe of today’s world. There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box placed on your lap, is it the same for you?

And how can one forget about the toppings? The aroma of olive oil, oregano, tomato, meat olives, basil, parsley, mozzarella, or any other of your favorite cheese, mouth-watering is not it? Just thinking about these can take you to another dreamland.

But have you ever faced trouble while slicing the pizza? Are you using your regular knife to do the work? Then you must have faced the situation where your fab pizza on which you had put so many efforts turns out to be a bit non-presentable one in which the toppings get displaced and does not look to increase your appetite.

Isn’t it? In such situations, the Best cutter for pizza comes to your rescue. Pizza cutters are designed to smoothly cut through pizzas, create neat slices and prevent the toppings from squashing or dragging. This helps to ensure your pizza is going to look its best, right up until you serve it to your family.

Buying Guide for the Best Pizza Cutter in 2021

A deceptively versatile kitchen tool is pizza cutters. In addition to pizza, their use extends to tortillas, dough, and pastries. The best pizza cutter has a razor-sharp blade and fits comfortably in your hand. Without dragging the toppings, it also rocks, rolls, or slices through thick pizzas.

The KitchenAid pizza cutter needs to slice the pizza without hesitation, whether you’re dealing with a stuffed crust or Chicago-style pizza. The ease of a rocking blade may be preferred by true pizza gourmets, while bakers may be happier to use a stainless steel wheeled cutter on pastry doughs or breadsticks in addition to pizza.

Your storage space and pizza preferences that are available can help determine the best pizza cutter for you. With a regular knife, a piping hot pizza can be difficult to cut. Make sure that you have the appropriate tool to get the slice you crave — a chef pizza cutter. Whether you plan to use it just for pizza or want something you can use to cut other foods, this article is designed to help you find the best pizza cutter for your needs and to choose the best one in the market where it offers you a variety of pizza cutters.



A wheel attached to a handle is featured in this classic pizza cutter. Instead of cutting through it with a sawing effect, a wheel presses down on the pizza as you would cut with a knife.   Consequently, without pulling off the delicious toppings, the wheel slices through the pizza. Stainless steel blades provide simplicity for cleaning and durability too, making them a prevalent choice for wheeled cutters.

Some designs also feature stainless steel handles, and others with easy-grip designs have plastic or rubber handles. When applying a downward force on the pizza, wheeled cutters often have an ergonomic design to ease the pressure on the hand and wrist. Some lack a conventional handle and instead have a curved cover over the blade that fits into the natural curves of the hand, taking off the wrist pressure.


The territory for finding rocking blade cutters used to be neighborhood pizzerias. But a rocking blade can slice through pizza with rapid efficiency for those who eat or make pizza quite often. Featuring a single long blade with a curved center, these cutters allow it to rock from one side of the blade to the other.

With these blades, straight cuts are easier because you do not have to press them forward. There is only a rocking downward motion, leaving straight, clean cuts behind. These blades, ranging from 12 inches to 18 inches, are efficient and come in various sizes. There are large rocking blade cutters, which take up more storage capacity than the other types of a kitchenaid pizza cutter.


Pizza scissors are very analogous to kitchen shears, with the major difference between the two is the angle of the blade. Pizza scissors have either a curved or flat side that, as it cuts, slides beneath the pizza. To avoid having a single-use item in the kitchen, kitchen shears can be used as a professional pizza cutter.


To keep the blade free from rust and corrosion, the blade should be made of high-quality stainless steel. The pizza cutter handle can be made of various materials like plastic, hardened rubber, silicone, and wood. These components are sturdy, and the cutter of your pizza will last a long time. You should make sure that the nuts, bolts, and rivets to be anti-corrosive and high-quality.


Trying to start tearing your way through a crust of pizza can strip everything that makes it good, namely the toppings, from the pizza. Without extracting the toppings, a razor-sharp blade slides through the pizza, leaving the deliciousness undamaged. The blade needs to be made of sturdy, hard materials like stainless steel, ceramic, or hard plastic to maintain that sharpness.

Place it in the provided cover or set it somewhere when storing the blade, where other knives or silverware won’t bump it. Over time, nicks in the blade can dull it, decrease its efficiency and cause it to pull the toppings off the pizza.


The design of the pizza cutter constitutes a substantial difference in how well it works for you. Some designs in your hand will feel awkward or clumsy. Others feel like an extension of your own arm, almost which is a bit uncomfortable. Wheeled cutters necessitate you to put pressure on the blade both forward and downward.

The wheel pizza cutter with a shield is often easier to use because they match the shape of the hand and apply pressure directly to the blade rather than to the blade through a handle. Rocking cutters for pizza are easier on the body, but it’s a bit harder to store. Ergonomic models work to ease the stress placed on the body, whether they are scissors, rocking cutters, or wheeled pizza cutters.


Handles that hold natural positions of the hand and wrist enable you to enhance the effectiveness you put into cutting, easing the pizza cutter through the crust.  The pizza cutter handle or finger holders should be intended to feel comfortable and safe in your hand. For strengthening the grip, wheeled cutters with handles may have finger grips or contours.

Angled ergonomic designed handles lessen wrist stress, making them an excellent choice for those with mobility issues or strength of the hand. On either end of the blade, the rocking blade pizza cutter may have a vertical grip or two horizontal handles that help the user flaunt the blade.


During cutting, washing, and storage, the sharpness of the knife can often make things messy and risky. Therefore, safety is of paramount importance. To ensure safety, both the roller wheel and mezzaluna models usually have a thumb/finger protector. Due to the movable and rotating components of the roller wheel models, it sounds are a bit risky when washing. Both models, however, are generally dishwasher-safe.


Choose the materials meticulously if the professional pizza cutter is anticipated for long-term use. Also, buy a product with a prolonged warranty or guarantee of satisfaction. This way, if it does not meet your expectations regarding terms of durability, you can either return the product or demand a replacement.


The ability to slice food other than pizza makes a flexible and convenient pizza cutter. When it lets us cut proportionate slices as well as the number of slices cut at once not only pizza but other foods as well makes the pizza cutter versatile.


Make sure to wipe your blade immediately after using it. Allowing food to dry on the blade wears it down more quickly and makes it even more difficult to clean. Some chef pizza cutters are safe for dishwashing, but we suggest hand washing. To clean, use warm running water and soap is advisable. Clean from top to bottom to avoid cutting yourself on the blade by moving in downward motions.

Pro Tip: Try using dental floss or a fine material to run through the small area to clean between the handle attachment and the wheel on a wheel cutter and try dislodging anything that may be in that spot. You can hold it down in a bowl or sink for the wheel pizza cutter to stop spinning while you wash. To fully dry your pizza cutter consider using either a towel that will not leave a scratch or allowing it to air-dry completely. Using either a towel that will not scratch or allowing it to air-dry completely, dry your pizza cutter.


You should take appropriate steps to take care of your amazon pizza cutter if you want your pizza cutter to last a good long time. Give respect take respect, if you treat it with respect, as you would most blades or kitchen tools it should last you several years.


You can find a wallet-friendly pizza cutter for less than $10 if your use is limited to occasional use only. They cost closer to $20 for those with ergonomic handles and featuring sharper blades. Some pizza cutters are priced at $30 and above but are primarily designed for use in food establishments.

FAQs for the Best Pizza Cutter in 2021

How should we sharpen pizza rollers?

To sharpen pizza cutters, there are a couple of methods. A conventional knife sharpener or whetstone can be used. Handheld whetstones, known as puck sharpeners also do the needful. Also, a belt grinder can do the job. It is not meant for household use, however. pizza cutter sharpener, designed specifically for the purpose, are also available in the market.

How should I store my pizza cutter in the best way?

Store the cutter for your pizza in a way that works for you. To avoid rusting, make sure it is in a dry storage area. Be aware of the blade, too, and whether or not your cutter has a blade cover to ensure that your amazon pizza cutter is stored as securely as possible.

Can a pizza be cut with a knife?

The answer is no. It can be a real mess to cut pizzas with ordinary knives which looks like a slaughter of pizza with sauce and cheese all over. Therefore, a knife is not the recommended tool for pizza.

Does a pizza cutter cut the pizza efficiently?

Without messing up the topping and garnishing, a good pizza cutter can cut the pizza appropriately. It should also be able to traverse well on a single roll of the blade through the thick and thin crusts of the pizza.

Is a pizza cutter easy to clean?

The type of knife blade cutter is easier and faster to clean than that of roller types. For cleaning, a few roller-type pizza cutters or roller pizza cutter can be disassembled for better cleaning.

How to use a Pizza Cutter?

Video Transcript:

Hello, Peggy Paul Casella here from the blog Thursday night pizza calm if you thought there was only one way to cut a pizza you would be wrong there’s the tradition that we’re all used to but there’s also the pizza wheel and the Mezzaluna or rocking pizza cutter today I’ve made six different 8-inch pepperoni pizzas using my overnight dough which you can find on the blog and making the crust as thick as possible I didn’t want to make it too easy on these pizza cutters so you can see how they actually work as I demonstrate so let’s get started.

So let’s start with a Kitchen Aid this one I like because you can tighten it yourself I don’t know if you can see it right here there’s a bolt that you can tighten with just a regular screwdriver which is helpful because sometimes after using these things get wobbly so that’s one thing I like about it right off the bat okay it cuts really nicely it also has a sturdy feel to it which is nice the only downside on this one is that the wheels a little small and because of this area it can smudge the cheese across the pizza if you’re not careful to hold it perfectly upright then the OXXO.

This one I like but it’s a little wobbly the handles really great to hold the wheel itself is a nice size and then finally we’ll go into the pizza craft model okay this one I love the size of the wheel and I love that the handle is curved and soft so it’s easy to hold and it naturally puts you in the right position to cut a pizza and not have it be obstructed by this the only downside on this one is it can get a little wobbly and there’s no real way to fix it once it does overall.

This is actually the one that I use the most because I like how it feels I think it’s the most comfortable and it’s pretty reliable too so here is the pizza weevil this one is made by the brand kitchy but there are all kinds of other models out there on the market you can find them online or in any specialty cooking store the best part of this to me is that it has the safety cover that locks in place both ways so I don’t know if you could hear that click but it clicks and it stays in place the size of the wheel I also love you can see if you put it up against the Kitchenaid.

Version it’s pretty noticeable so it covers a lot of ground alright let me show you how it works all right nice clean-cut even through the pepperoni I like it because it’s got the leverage to it there’s something nice about the traditional cutters too but this one has earned a place in my heart especially for when I do cooking classes in a different place.

And I have to bring my own cutter it’s really easy to transport this one from Bosca Holland is probably the sexiest piece of cooking equipment I have in my kitchen I just love it there’s also this one from Bialetti that I have it kind of just looks like a giant bench scraper also serves the same function so let’s see how these guys work on the actual pizza.

You can see how this Bosca holland has two handles that make a nice quick cut and clean and then the BLT takes a little longer to cut but also makes a really nice clean cut to the pizza with a 12-inch pizza sometimes you do have to do two nice cuts across to get it that is the one downside I haven’t found one that’s quite big enough to get it all in one shot but I just love having this in my kitchen and I love showing it off if you haven’t noticed I don’t really have a clear preference among the three different types of pizza cutters that I own when it comes.

To the traditional I do reach for the pizza craft probably because of its brightly colored handle I also just like how it feels in my hand it’s got a nice soft grip I like the angle of the handle and I like the size of the blade so those are things to think about if you’re looking for your own traditional pizza cutter the pizza wheel is great too especially.

For when you have thicker toppings because it gives you leverage that the others don’t I also love the safety cover that snaps into place and then there’s my friend the Mezzaluna this admittedly is less practical than the other two because it takes up a lot of room in your kitchen drawers but I do find that it works very well.

It does a nice clean cut and it’s very impressive if you have a pizza party and want to bring it out to show your guests so that’s the recap I hope this helped a lot please leave comments and send me an email you can find my contact information on the blog if you have any other products you’d like me to review or any other questions about pizza making in general please leave those in the comments too.

Are pizza cutters safe inside a dishwasher?

Yes. Pizza cutters are mostly dishwasher-safe.

Is a high-end pizza cutter worth buying?

It varies depending on your frequency of use. You should go for a high-end pizza cutter if you intend to use it often. Multipurpose use is also provided for high-end pizza cutters.

Are the rotary cutters better than scissors?

It depends on whether you intend to use the rotary cutter for only cutting a pizza or for other purposes as well. If the intended use is just to cut pizzas, a rotary cutter is best suited.

How to sharpen a Pizza cutter?

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the new video and I’ll show you now how to sharpen a pizza cutter with a raw diamond right everybody knows a pizza cutter it’s in circle form and now I take a diamond sharpener and I sharpen it this way now I’m rough on stuff and I sharpen it looks fine it’s not free to sharpen this home I don’t sharpen it so hold it on one side and do it on both sides so I do it this way again and those diamond sharpness came what I think in Europe Germany where I come from the cost about 2 euros and I don’t leave them this way I sharpen them with a ceramic.

Lot special you know I’ll just 1 – P I stopped the camera for a minute and when I come back now erm again and this is a ceramic rod which comes from Ikea we’re alone around the world cost about 20 euros don’t know the cost then dollars so I turn the wheel from the pizza cutter you see what I’m doing now turning the wheel and turning the.

Pizza cutter turning the wheel of the pizza cutter against the hours of a watch but turning the ceramic rods as well against the hours then turning the pizza cutter and doing the same as well I’m sorry for my real lousy English to let’s spin I think 25 years ago I had my last English lesson but I think you understand what I’m doing you understand what I’m talking about so now I’m ready to make some fine firework in the next video.

I’m talking about a German pizza from a German food company called River and show how I’m using the real sharp pizza cutter now maybe I’m showing it now I’ll show you now with a big fat kind of paper now this is a real thick it’s not a paper it’s called Capone now I’m looking for a little bit of paper I show you this is number piece of letter paper okay now try some beta see you later alligator you.


Like the pizza, with its gustatory effect, is just to die for, getting the perfect slice is bliss. Now that your choices have been substantially whittled down to only the best cutter for pizza you can purchase, you should use the factors listed above to evaluate the value of the one you like the most and you will surely be able to find anything that is the perfect sort of grater for you.

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