Best Piping Bags for Decorating Pastries in 2021

How do you decorate your cake?

Isn’t decorating and icing the cakes very messy?

Well, we agree decorating your cake can be a very difficult task.

Messing up your icing while you try to decorate your cake not just spills all over the place but also is unhygienic. This attracts all types of germs and bacteria while you ice it.

This is because you haven’t yet tried using a piping bag. If you want to ice or decorate your cakes and pastries, then you shall surely require a good piping bag. You can make beautiful decorations, including beautiful flowers made from frosting, with the correct piping bags and tips.

Buying Guide for the Best Piping Bags in 2021

A baking kit would always seem incomplete without a piping bag. A piping bag is such an essential object while you make a cake. You would always need it for icing the cake or decorating it or for tackling macarons and meringues.

A piping bag is a triangular-shaped hand-held bag made of pliable and food-proof materials. It is used by pushing them through a narrow opening at one end, fitted with or without a piping tip, to pipe ingredients like icing or potatoes.

The best bags for piping isn’t a usual popular product, and thus, buying a piping bag can be difficult for you especially when you do not possess enough knowledge regarding the features and other essential factors about the product. So, we have brought before you this guide for your better understanding of the perfect piping bag that would ultimately help you while you shop for it.

Features of the Best Piping Bag in 2021


The material of the piping bag shall decide the strength of the frosting bag and the effectiveness of the bag. The material of the bag is also responsible for giving you a good grip and better frosting results. While you use cream, butter or icing then your grip might not be stable but if you have a good material that provides a better grip would make you feel comfortable while you ice your cake.

The durability of pipe bags depends on the material. It could break down and leak because the plastic used for the manufacture of the amazon piping bags might not be as thick as it needs to be.  An important thing about the material is that the cost and quality of the collection will be affected. If the bags are made of better materials, the value of the best piping bags would be more and vice versa.


The piping bags are available in 2 types: Disposable and Reusable bags


Generally, these are made of lightweight plastic materials. They are now on the cheap side, which is why, although they are generally 100 or even higher, they cost customers even less in the market. This is more hygienic as it is just a one-time use material and after that, you usually throw it away. The Disposable piping bag provides excellent visibility of the component, reduces cleaning costs, and is easy to trim.


Usually, recycled pipe sacks are more expensive than disposable ones. The primary reason is that it is made of materials that are stronger and longer-lasting, so it lasts longer and can be used again and again without the issue of being damaged easily. The disposable ones are made from different materials, but the most common among the majority appears to be silicone.

This is generally preferable and popular because you can utilize it frequently and then wash it and reuse it again. You also save a lot of money that could have been wasted on the disposable ones.


The grip usually depends on the texture of the bag’s surface. A good grip ensures that you do not slip the bag from your hands.  Further, it is very important to make sure that the inside of the kitchen piping bag is straightforward and has no texture or design. That ensures that the icing is generated regularly without any problems. For bags with patterns inside the bag, this is difficult.


Now, if you want more control over decorating or icing your cake then you would need a tiny pipe bag. They are perfect for smaller decorations or thin line icings.  In certain cases, you might prefer a larger one, when many cupcakes and a big cake are stacked or decorated. If you constantly want to replenish amazon piping bags, you will be annoyed. So, the size of the bag shall always depend on the type of work or decoration you do on top of the cake. E.g., If you have to ice a big cake, then you should prefer a larger size.


Piping bags aren’t just used for the purpose of piping, rather they can be used for other several purposes. For piping mashed potatoes, perfectly poured pancakes, dough, filling pasta shells, piping butter, or filling salty appetizers, you can also use your piping bag. Isn’t it versatile enough? Ever had a thought of it? Well then have it now. Now that it is such a versatile option then it surely needs to be purchased.


The cleanliness of the piping bag is an essential factor while you make cakes or bake at home or even for commercial purposes. This is because you should put the health and hygiene of the people while you bake. So, we advise you to purchase a kitchen piping bag that would be sterile while you use them. You can also opt for the rolled or packed bags so as to avoid any germs from entering your piping bag.

But if you are specifically using it for domestic purposes, then we advise you to go for reusable icing bags as this would require you to clean your piping bags every time you use them and would avoid the risk of contamination. Even the bags made up of silicon are dishwasher safe and can be washed with warm water and soap.


Tips, couplers, or bag ties will come with some piping bags but it doesn’t come every time though. However, you can have the bags that come with the accessories if you are a chef, you have a pastry store, or you want the decorations to be more appealing. Buying the one which provides extra accessories would be incredibly convenient for you and make your decoration more appealing.


The recycled piping bags generally would cost you more than the disposable ones. Reusable bags may be more expensive, but the number of times you can use them over time can offset their cost. Generally, the best bags for piping are affordable. Purchase bags that are sold in packets or in bulk as they would be comparatively cheaper than the individual ones.

FAQs on the Best Piping Bags in 2021

How do I hold the piping bag?

To comfortably hold the piping bag without letting slip, you need to grasp the bag a few inches behind the coupler tightly with your stronger hand. While you hold the professional piping bags very close to the tip it gives you great control, which is perfect when doing thorough work of decorating. So, pick the bag up and keep it closed and out of the way with your non-dominant side.

How do I clean my piping bag?

To wash dishwasher-safe piping bags, simply turn them inside out and tie them with a clothespin to your dishwasher rack. Turn the bags inside out to clean non-dishwasher-safe bags, and wash them with warm, soapy water by hand. Then, clean the bags thoroughly. When washed, use paper towels to loosely stuff the reusable piping bag and allow it to hang up on the counter till it dries entirely.

What is the size of the piping bag?

Piping bags usually vary from 7 - 24 inches in length. The size is dependent on the amount of frosting you are going to fill in it. If a large cake or a massive batch of cookies is iced, the bigger the better. The opening of the container, which makes refills easy, is also kept in mind. The 14-to-16-inch range includes an all-purpose professional piping bag. The smaller the bag, the more likely you will need to refill it.

How do I fill icing in the piping bag?

Holding your piping bag and filling it with items at the same time can be hard and surely messy. You can end up spilling it. Rather Insert the bag into a tall glass with the tip facing down to hold the bag secure and fold the sides over the edge of the glass. Then, you can quickly continue filling your piping bag.

How do I maintain my piping bag?

To make them long-lasting, perfect piping bag tips are made of tough materials like stainless steel or nickel-plated steel. But, to prevent rust from growing, they need to be hand washed and dried immediately every time after use. Likewise, you should refrain from washing the decorating tips in the dishwasher.

How to Make a Piping Bag?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone this is Jen from cookies cupcakes in cardio comm today I’m going to talk to you about different types of decorating bags also called icing bags and the couplers and the other things that go with the bags that you might need to know so the first bag I’m going to point out here this is called a featherweight bag and it’s a reusable lightweight that you would use for large quantities for mass production as it can fill it can take up a whole lot of icing inside of the bag here you can wash it what I usually do is turn it inside out and just pop it in the dishwasher I find that that’s the best one drawback is I do find that strongly tinted icing.

Such as reds and pinks they will tint the bag a little bit this one’s a brand new fresh one so you can’t see that but on some of my older bags they do have remnants of the color behind with the big bags goes extra-large couplers this is called a coupler and what it does is hold the tip and we use a large coupler with a larger tip so this goes inside of the bag and then it just goes in like this and I’ll show you how to assemble it later and what a coupler allows you to do is exchange different tips and so if you have the same color of icing.

But you want to have a different tip technique that allows you to exchange your tip and change your different technique so this kind of bag over here is a 12-inch disposable decorating bag you can buy them in bulk we buy them by the hundreds you can get them to find them in the boxes you can find them in these bags and what they typically are used with is for more fine detailed decorating use a smaller coupler the exact same idea it comes off here and you put your tip on and it goes back together and you can exchange.

And change your different tips for different techniques we use these a lot for small cupcake orders decorating making a different kind of characters on cakes and I tend to use the decorating disposable bags a little bit more than the recyclable or started a reusable one just because you have to wash the reusable one it does add another element to an already busy workload but the third type of bag that you can create by yourself.

And all you’ll need to do that is parchment paper and it’s tended to use for writing and lettering techniques on desserts and cakes and whatnot and it’s used usually with melted chocolate to do fine detailed work so the next thing I’m going to show you is how to assemble these bags and get them ready for being filled so now I’m going to show you how to assemble the decorating bag using the coupler and the tip so what you first want to do is take your the big piece of your coupler and you’re going to put it all the way down inside your bag you’re going to stretch it down as far as.

It can go and it may be difficult at this point to see so just listen really care what you want to do is with your hand just feel the very bottom of the ring and you can tell where it is just with your finger and I’m just gonna make a little mark at the bottom of the ring just enough so that you can see it it was very very light and I’m gonna bring out the coupler and then I’ll show you so what I was feeling and where I marked was right here so it ends this is the flat smooth part and then my finger could feel this rung and that’s where I was marking.

So that’s where my bag has been marked with your scissors you’re going to cut off the bottom of your bag using that from that mark and then you’re going to put your coupler back in there and just push it right through to there if you’re unsure and you’re not quite certain of where you need to cut it always cut on the side that would give you excess you don’t want to have your bag have too much cut off and then have your bag be unusable that’s the worst-case so if you’re unsure don’t cut off as much as you think that you need to.

So the next step once your bag is fitted with the bottom piece of the coupler you’re just going to put your tip on and then you put the top of your coupler on you twist it on and there you have it so that’s all it takes is for your bag to be ready for icing so when I would go to fill my bag I would inside out bend it like this year have it ready to go and I would fill from there so that’s how you feel one of these reusable featherweight eggs now for filling the disposable bags that’s a little bit easier you can do the same technique by putting your tip in and I would do that if you’re just a beginner or it’s just you know casual decorating make the mark but if you’ve done it many many times you kind of know by feeling where it is and my feel mark is about.

An inch and a half from the tip that might be even a little bit short I’m gonna pull back the bag here now I find that that’s a little bit easier put the tip or put the coupler through there no I was perfect told you I know that my feel put your tip on and then put the coupler together like that so now you feel your icing and then you could change your tips on and off take it off put a new tip on etc so next up I’m going to show you before we fill the bags I’m going to show you how to put together a parchment bag so in order to make the parchment bag.

Which we talked about earlier is made for decorating with letters and fine details you need to start with a piece of parchment paper that you’re going to turn into a triangle so the easiest way to do that is just to take one corner of it fold it up to the edge to see where it needs to make a sharp crease from there you’re going to take a very sharp knife and what you’re going to do is just cut along where you folded your triangle so using the triangle you’re going to take one corner of it and you’re going to let it curl in towards itself and down here sorry getting a little crazy around here so what you’re going to do is take.

The corner curl it up and this part right here is going to become the tip which is this part right here so that’s what you’re going for so I’m just going to fold this corner of the triangle up like this here and then while that one’s wrapping around I’m going to wrap the other side around as well and these two pieces from the two corners you want to meet at the top of your triangle which then forms your tip so I’ll just do that again for you so you’re going to have the two pieces of the corners here meet up here at the tip your folding wand corner around bringing it up and into here then the other piece is coming around and around to the back and.

They’re both going up to meet together and they’re for me a very small finite tip at the bottom and you can adjust the level of which or the size of which the tip is just by moving around the tightness of your pieces of paper at the top here what I like to do next is just fold it over you can use tape or a stapler here all I’ve done is just fold that over there and then if you just give it a little tear and then fold those pieces down it locks it into place so that’s as simple as that so now it’s locked together you can do all your decorating using the parchment bag so next up I will show you how to fill the bags the decorating bags that we have been working with so to fill your decorating bags you do the large one and the small and the exact same.

So I’m just going to show you how to fill the reusable one here so what you do is the part that you folded up and under you want to cup your hand around it and tuck it in up there so it’s like your hands making a C and you can fit your other hand down inside of it and that’s where the icing is going to go when I put my icing into it I’m going to pull back with my knife and I’m going to drag it along the space between my thumb and my finger here so I’m going to fill up my knife push it down as far as it will go into the bag and then.

I’m just gonna pull up in that middle part of my hand there and just keep doing that until you have enough icing in your bag to do the decorating work that you desire a couple more in here so scrape off your knife there then from here what you’re going to do is just pull the bag back up off of your hand and then you’re going to close it up at the top here and squeeze the icing down towards the bottom where the tip is squeezing it down and then to make it easy on yourself grasp it where the icing is and turn and twist and you’ve got yourself a filled.

Piping bag ready for decorating and you can do all your decorating tips which we’ll be filming a series on later so that is how you fill a piping bag with regular buttercream icing so we also showed you how to make the parchment paper bag for decorating and this one you would use with decorating chocolate melted chocolate I have melted candy melts here that I’m going to use so all you do is you basically just put it inside.

Of the glass, as I have here to help us stand up and then you put your melted chocolate inside of it you don’t need very much in these ones because these are usually just used for really fine details pull it out of your bag same idea and you’re just going to make your decorations from here there are little sparkles in these candy melts might be clogging my bag here so if that happens all you have to do is take a little snip off the bottom.

And you’ve got yourself a new fresh tip and you can do all sorts of different decoration and techniques using a plastic or a sort of parchment you can take that part to my bag so thank you, everyone, for watching hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more today remember to subscribe to our channel and we’ll see you again next time.

Are Silicone bags preferable?

The piping bag with silicone is reusable and eco-friendly, so it is a good option for buying.  Also, it is not detrimental to the environment.   In addition, sturdy silicone bags are the best option as they will never crack or burst, and because you can reuse them, and thus, you can save your money.

Do I need a nozzle for my piping bag?

While nozzles work effectively to allow you to reach your cake designs, it would be okay to use a piping bag without a nozzle. In the shapes you need, you can cut the reusable piping bag yourself. That way you can use do the designs in any way you want.

How to Make Piping Bags for Icing?

Video Transcript:

Hello welcome to my channel today I’ll be showing you how we create piping bags for the icing I use medium size freezer bags I find they’re thicker more durable and great to make into piping bags I start by trimming off all the sides of the freezer bag with scissors and I end up with two sheets at the front in the back and make these bags mostly for small details that require control they end up being small fit nicely into your hand I pre-cut some tape into small strips and I have these ready before I start to assemble the bag starting from the longest corner.

I’m going to create a cone shape but I have to maintain that the tip is going to be as tight as possible so I want there to be a point and I’m slowly curling the plastic over itself to create a cone shape I want to control the tip opening and to keep it sealed I slide the loose plastic under my thumb towards the bag opening this helps seal the hole I then secure the tip opening with some tape and I also use some tape inside the bag just to keep the inside layers in place whilst I fill the bag and then I seal it again on the outside one more a time.

Where I have the loose piece of the plastic around the top I then cut some extra tape for sealing before I start filling the bag I have my realization ready and I’m ready to fill and I’m using a small spoon to fill up my bag and I just added in gently I try not to overfill you want to actually, seal this bag so I probably add about two tablespoons at most you want to keep a good amount of plastic near the top to seal I use my fingers to just push the royal icing down to the bottom of the bag I have a bit of a mess of the top so just using a napkin.

I’m wiping away any excess and then gradually and folding over and rolling to seal in the edges and I really want to keep a tight seal so that no royal icing get there so I roll it over itself a few times and using the tape that I had cut I start from the back of the bag and then wrap it right over the fold so that I seal it in place and I do this three times first this is the second which is over one corner and then I get another piece of tape to seal on the other corner and this is nicely sealed in there because the oil is tightly sealed inside the bag.

There is pressure so when you’re ready to trim the flow will be very fast and it would force its way out I normally let this run and I’ll pipe it on some napkins until it slows down or stops and that’s when you’re ready to use it I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful I’ve had quite a few people ask about how I make my piping bags and I hope this was helpful to you please be sure to subscribe and I hope to see you again soon thanks so much for watching.

How will the icing come out smoother?

it is very essential to ensure that inside the piping bag there are no air bubbles left, and you have to keep constant pressure on the bag so that the icing comes out smooth.

Will the piping bag has any chances of leakage?

Whether the bag can leak or not heavily depends on the consistency of the icing and the material of the bag you are using. If you prefer good material bags then the chances of leaking are less but if the material isn’t good or cheap then it has chances of leaking.

How do I use a piping bag?

First, use a glass to put the silicone piping bag in it and open it up. Slowly, put the cream in the bag and fill the bag halfway through it so that you have enough spec for holding the bag. Ensure that there are no air bubbles left inside the bag as it would end up with splotches on the cake. Also, put the nozzle in the piping bag if you are using one. So, after you have filled up try out piping it before actually doing it on the food.

How To Master Using A Piping Bag?

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the D Agostini cake-decorating collection this DVD is designed to show you some of the basic skills demonstrated in each issue of cake decorating where you’ll learn to create extraordinary cakes once you’re comfortable with the fundamental decorating techniques highlighted in every issue you’ll be amazed at the professional-looking cakes you can achieve that will delight your family and friends mastering basic piping techniques will enable you to expand your decorating skills more than anything else.

Once you’re comfortable working with a piping bag you can experiment with the many different shapes of decorating tips filling a piping bag as we demonstrate in issue two doesn’t have to be a messy prospect fold over the top of the bag to make a wide cuff and place your hand under the cuff to support the bag or place your piping bag inside a tall glass and fold the cuff down over the rim use a spatula to scoop the buttercream.

Or royal icing into the bottom of the bag filling it no more than halfway if you overfill it the contents will squeeze out of the top of the bag when the bag is half-full fold the cuff back up and gently squeeze the contents down the bag toward the tip twist the open end of the bag tightly to remove any excess air and then squeeze a little of the contents out from the tip to make sure there are no air bubbles it’s a good idea to spend some time practicing the basic piping skills discussed in issue 2 to build your confidence and improve the steadiness of your hand begin by using a small round tip to pipe straight lines like the ones used in the issue.

5s pattern heart cookies by holding the bag between your thumb and your index and middle fingers and using your other hand to keep the bag steady touch the tip onto the surface and apply light pressure lift the tip up slightly and move across keeping even pressure on the bag at the end touch the tip down slightly and then pull it away once you’re comfortable making straight lines you can use the same basic technique to create a number.

Of different effects to make dots squeeze the bag with gentle steady pressure until you’re happy with the size of the dot the longer you squeeze the bigger the dot when you lift the tip away you may form a small peak to get rid of the peak use your moistened fingertip to gently Pat the peak down to outline and flood any design such as the polka dot butterfly cookies in an issue first use your piping bag and royal icing to pipe the outline of the design.

Allow drying completely to fill in the outline you’ll need flooding icing which is just diluted royal icing add a drop or two of water at a time to your royal icing and mix it until you reach the desired consistency use a piping bag with or without a tip.

To completely fill or flood inside the outline work from the outside of the design toward the center to ensure smooth even coverage allow the icing to dry completely before moving or decorating we encourage you to interact with us through our social media sites on Facebook Pinterest and Twitter and share your creations with our community and please visit our website my cake decorating com we can’t wait to see your successes.


The role of piping bags in the decoration of your cake is evidently crucial. The best alternative to make your desert meals more beautiful and appealing is to own a piping bag. you would surely end up with an attractive and appealing presentation of your baking stuff if you switch to the amazon piping bag. And with frequent use, you would turn into a pro in a few days.

Having a piping bag is such an essential part when you love to bake. But buying one would no more be an issue for you as we have just made it easy for you through the guide.

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