Best Mini Fridge for Dorm Buying Guide in 2021

Are you a midnight snack eater?

Are you spending hundreds of bucks on street food or restaurants?

Are you looking for the best mini fridge for the dorm?

Suppose the questions mentioned above create a massive problem in your everyday life. In that case, we are here to provide you with the best solutions.

Well, due to cut-throat competition, manufacturers strive to make innovation to survive in the market. This was when they launched mini-fridges. Mini fridges are one of the best fridges one can afford to have in his/her room. Further, it always satisfies customer needs and preferences. Hence, it is one of the best buys one can make while looking for the dorm mini-fridge. Before purchasing an electrical device, there are some things that one should always consider in them to avoid any issue later on. So, let’s grab some look at it.

Buying Guide for the Best Mini Fridge for Dorm in 2021

Purchasing a mini-refrigerators is not an easy task. As you know, the fridge comes under the category of necessity. We cannot store food outside the refrigerator, whether it is summers or winters. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to purchase one of those refrigerators. Further, each brand offers different quality too. So, seeking the best fridge among the available ones becomes essential. This is thinkable only if you are mindful of the main features to seek in them. If you aren’t aware of those features, then we have come up with some.

Size of the Mini Fridge

Though it might not look, size does matter even in the mini-fridges. As you know, the best size mini fridge for dorm can be used in any place, whether it is a house or a shop. So, according to the area and need, the size is to be designed. Usually, mini-fridges are available in size varying from 1.7 cubic feet up to 6 cubic feet. The smallest cube-shaped mini-fridge is 17 inches wide and 20 ½ inches tall. So, suppose you are living in a dorm. In that case, you have to consider the number of members to be served by that single mini-fridge, and then you can choose the exact size according to your will.

Purpose of Why A Mini Fridge?

Why are you purchasing a mini-fridge? This question should always arise in your mind while you are thinking of buying it. Further, the purpose of purchasing the fridge should be clear and specific in your mind.

For instance, people purchase mini-fridges to preserve wine, whereas some want to store food safely. Just the same, you have to be considerate about your purpose in buying the fridge. Further, if you are thinking about the serving purpose, make sure you aren’t more than 3 individuals.

Price of the Mini Fridges

As there are several sorts in the market selling mini-fridges, there are different prices charged. However, those prices depend upon the number of unique features offered by them. So, suppose you aren’t looking for a mini-fridge with full features and uniqueness. In that case, you can get one at a reasonable price. Otherwise, the price may rise to a satisfactory level. However, your pocket too matters a lot.

If you are ready to spend a fair amount, you can get the best high quality mini fridge. However, through an excellent survey, you can get a better-quality fridge at a reasonable price too. After all, you cannot compromise with the money much as it is an electronic device and an investment for many years.

The Design

In today’s era, various companies are offering good quality in their products. Thus, it becomes an essential factor to provide an attractive and appealing design too. After all, what matters the most is the external look. The fridge to be purchased should give an impressive look and, at the same time, provide space and organized sections to keep drinks and foodstuff. Further, just like a regular fridge, it should have large refrigeration and a small freezer section. The large refrigeration area is to store foodstuffs. On the other hand, the compact freezer section is for ice cubes or desserts.

The durability of the fridge

The compact-sized fridge should be durable. It is a necessity as the food perishes away if not properly stored. So, one needs to pay proper attention while purchasing a mini refrigerator with freezer as durability defines the product’s life. In other words, before you spend hard-earned money on a product, you should be aware of its durability. One should go through every detail about durability before deciding as the features of the fridge vary.


Warranty is when a company promises to replace or repair a product that breaks within a specified period. It is usually in the case of electronic items and for a fixed time. But it is not in all products and does not cover low-priced items or products whose quality cannot be determined. Every company offers a warranty to attract and retain customers. Therefore, one should consider the warranty period that a company provides. Usually, the period varies from a minimum period of 1 year to a maximum of 2 years.

Energy Efficient

The average wattage for a mini-fridge ranges between 50 to 100 watts. However, other factors determine how much energy it uses in the long run. The internal temperature can be easily affected if the best mini fridge with freezer is not insulated. It is the main reason that there should be sufficient distance between the mini-fridge and stove. When the mini-fridge insulation is good, there is leakage of cold air, so the fridge has to work less to uphold the interior temperature. In fact, the person has to consider all the technical issues before purchasing a product. Usually, one should prefer to buy energy-saving electronics to save electronics.


Before investing more than $100, one should consider the quality that various company offers in the market. One company tries to get over its competitors; hence, they tend to provide good quality of goods at affordable rates as the customer is the king. Various companies try their best to gain a large share in the market over their competitors. Because of this intense competition, customers get a variety of products from which they can choose. Moreover, companies innovate as a result of which their commodity stands out in the market.

Purchase According to the Budget

Highly-priced goods are of superior quality. This concept is, however, not always be accurate. Nowadays, many companies offer better quality at affordable prices to provide satisfaction to the customer. Their main aim is to gain customer loyalty to achieve their long-term goal, that is, to sustain sales level. Therefore, one should buy according to the budget. The mini-fridge is available at different price-level to suit the budget. One can buy an expensive mini-sized fridge, the same person can purchase a medium-sized or low-priced fridge to fit the budget. Or, you can just wait for the sale. At that time, you can get an expensive fridge at a reasonable price.

Family Size

Suppose one is away from home for studies or only a couple living in an apartment temporarily for a job. In such a state, there is no need to buy an expensive regular-sized fridge. The best mini fridge brands can work for them as they do not have to store many foodstuffs. Whereas, if the family members are more than two, one needs to buy a regular one as it has proper food storage facilities. Thus, the size of the family can affect the purchase of the commodity.


Basically, the fridges are made up of steel and have a layer of plastic sandwiched inside them. It consists of several components that are combined to create an attractive and durable look.  The doors are made of aluminum or steel sheet material. That steel sheet material is painted to make it look appealing.

Components or Structure of the Fridge

The fridge parts consist of the exterior cabinet and doors, the liner, the line part’s insulation, and the cooling system. It also consists of refrigerant and the fixture. However, the components or the structure of the small-sized and the regular-sized fridge is the same. The only variance between the two is the size or storage capacity.

Top Variants for the Best Mini Fridge for Dorm in 2021

As you know, many brands are always fighting to attract various customers. It becomes thought-provoking to choose the best. We have ourselves with the customers’ top 5 mini-fridges highly preferred to avoid mishappening while choosing the best fridge. These fridges have the best quality and offer features that are highly adored as in a mini-fridge.

1. GE Freestanding Compact Refrigerator– (Best mini fridge with freezer)

Best buy mini fridgeAs you know, GE company is one such brand that can be found in every household kitchen. It is because they offer a variety of kitchen appliances, fridges, and dishwashers. Among these products offered, their best invention lies to be mini-refrigerators.

This mini fridge with freezer is available with durable features and top quality, making it the best of all. It is a 3.1 Cu. Ft. capacity small-sized fridge, specially manufactured for dorms. It is an energy-efficient compact refrigerator that covers very little space as compared to the other mini-fridge. It has a separate freezer compartment, that is, sufficient space to store frozen foodstuff. The look of the mini-refrigerator is pure black that has a bold look and carries an impressive look.

It is, in fact, attractive and appealing, too, when it comes to design. It automatically lights up when the door opens, as in the case of a regular fridge. Besides, This dorm fridge with freezer provides facilities for the storage of fresh fruits, vegetables, and drinks. It consists of door shelves that make small boxes and containers easy to find. However, its double door facility makes it quite unique.


  • The performance quality of this mini-fridge is good.
  • This dorm room fridge is durable.
  • It has a partial automatic defrost system.
  • The recessed handles available make the opening and closing of the door easy.
  • It can store tall bottles that make space for other items.
  • It is energy efficient.

Customers Feedback:

I just got this mini fridge today and as you can see it holds a lot of food. I love it because it has a real freezer. It runs so very quietly that the only way to tell that it’s on is to open it. One of the other advantages is that great little light that comes on when you open the door. I haven’t filled the freezer yet but the dorm room fridge pretty large (it froze water into ice in an hour) Let me add that before buying this GE model I had a Galanz mini fridge and it sounded like a truck every time the motor turned on. There’s no comparison between the two. The Galanz was a toy this GE is a real honest to god refrigerator. I only wish I had seen the GE first. I could have saved some money. If you’re in the market for a mini fridge don’t waste your time and money on a cheaper model. Spend a few extra bucks and buy yourself a real refrigerator. You’ll be a lot happier. (Now I am going back to watching The Sopranos. Good Night)

Oh my goodness…after having this dorm fridge with freezer for nearly two years, (and I LOVE it, by the way), I just figured out how to keep items from touching the back wall of the fridge. (Because they will freeze if they touch it.) Take a lid from one of those plastic shoebox storage containers and simply slide it behind the shelves!! (Top facing you) it will create air pocket between the back wall and your food.

2. AstroAI Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer– (Best cool mini fridge)

Best cool mini fridgeThis time, we come to another known brand – Astral. This brand already offers a wide variety of digital multimeters, air compressors, car clean tools, etc. In fact, all the products offered by them are of superior quality.

Among the wide variety of products lies a mini-fridge. This best size mini fridge for dorm offered by them is available with unique features and the best quality at a cool price. This is a compact fridge that not only satisfies everyday needs but is also portable. So, if you are planning to go out, you can carry this fantastic fridge with you.

The best feature of this cool mini fridge is that the temperature can change from hot to cold. It is the best selling product that can capture anyone’s attention, covers very little space, and is trendy. It has a storage capacity of 4 litres. It can store cans, food, and also a skincare product. When it comes to color, it is available in attractive shades to make choices. Further, it is less expensive than the mini-refrigerator of more storage capacity. So, you can also present it to your cousin or friend too.


  • The temperature of the mini fridge cooler warmer can change from low to high.
  • The refrigeration chip is freon free.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product.
  • It does not produce sounds.
  • The company offers a warranty for 3 years.

Customers Feedback:

I say initially, because I’ve had these before and working fine in the beginning is one thing, but how long the mini fridge cooler warmer works is another. I use it on my desk in my office, and the convenience is incredible. This one’s quiet as a mouse, and seems to have cooled down in an hour or so, which is great. My last one (different brand, but identical physically) lasted just a little past a year, then the switch for hot/cold went out. For the price, repair didn’t seem logical, so I replaced it with the cheapest item available. Since others have noted short operating life, and that’s my experience, too, I’m viewing this as a disposable item.

The size mini fridge for dorm works as advertised and is a great little addition to my car. I use it to keep small water bottles cool so my riders can be refreshed. It does its job quietly and unobtrusively. While the fridge does not keep items “freezing cold,” it does a great job of keeping it cool (and that is exactly what it is described as doing). Quite apart from the fridge, the top-notch support provided by this company has simply blown me away. I reported a little problem with a component of the fridge and received a reply within one business day. Another day later, I received a complete solution to my problem in the mail. I was so impressed I went looking to see what other products AstroAI makes that I may need. This company stands behind its product and truly puts its customers first. This company’s support is simply excellent.

3. Mini Portable Compact Refrigerator– (Best mini refrigerator with freezer)

Best mini refrigerator with freezerThis compact refrigerator is offered by the brand – Tinfancy. It is a portable fridge that can fit right under the table in your dorm. Further, it is lightweight to be carried anywhere you want in your car. The look offered to this fridge is unique. And it has an impressive look. Next time, if you are thinking of going on a picnic, you can carry this best mini refrigerator with you.

This bold looking compact fridge has a storage capacity of 20 litres. This whirlpool mini refrigerator can store food, cans and carry it wherever one wants to. It has an LED display and also easy to operate the temperature button. One can see the temperature on the display screen and adjust the temperature according to its need. It is a multi-function fridge that can change the temperature from low to high to low and vice versa. Its handy feature makes it more comfortable.


  • It is a multifunctional fridge that can change the temperature digitally.
  • This glass door mini refrigerator consists of two plugs for a standard wall outlet.
  • This is a super versatile fridge.
  • It can store foodstuffs, cold drinks, and ice-creams.
  • The temperature can be changed with just a click of a button.

4. BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator– (Best cheap mini refrigerator)

Best cheap mini refrigeratorThe Black Decker is a company that is well known for the quality of the products it offers. Its mini-fridge is well available for its design and durability. It is occupied with 2 full-width glass shelves and is suitable for a dorm when one is away from home.

This cheap mini refrigerator keeps foodstuff and drinks chilled. It is a small yet durable version of a regular-sized fridge. It has sufficient storage space that one looks for in a compact fridge. It has a sleek design and is found in a variety of colors that one can choose from. It is not portable but has many advantages. Thus this mini refrigerator amazon is evident that the company aims to provide money worth to its customers.


  • There are 2 width glass shelves.
  • This mini fridge cart for dorms comes with an attractive look and beautiful design.
  • The durability is high, and it is energy-efficient.
  • There is an availability of separate storage space for a drink, veggies, etc.
  • It has a one year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on the compressor.
  • It has a freezer compartment with an ice-cube tray.

Customers Feedback:

After reading the reviews, it appeared this mini refrigerator with lock was a gamble. However, we gave it a chance because it looks nice, has the simple features we needed, and the price was good. We wanted it to freeze soft ice packs (to use after sports, exercise, etc.) and to keep cans and bottles of drinks cold. We are happy that so far everything is working exactly as it should. The freezer works GREAT, freezes those ice packs as well as our large freezer. There are a couple of things that may be contributing to the excellent function of this unit; it is kept in a cool room, and it is not used heavily in that the door is only opened 6-8 times per day.

I’d planned to order the smaller version that was cheaper and got better reviews but for some reason there was a two month wait. I bit the bullet and bought the 2.5 cubic ft. version in spite of the price and mediocre reviews and I’m so glad I did! It’s quiet, big enough to hold enough food and drinks to last most people at least a week at work and the freezer has kept everything frozen solid. It’s so convenient to stock it with healthy ingredients for lunch or snacks and I never have to worry about forgetting to bring something to eat or having to eat junk food when I’m hungry…well, most of the time. This is one of the best things I’ve ever bought and I only wish I’d bought the mini refrigerator amazon years ago. If anything changes I’ll update my review but for now I’m completely satisfied.

5. YITAMOTOR Mini Portable Cooler and Warmer Refrigerators– (Best portable mini fridge)

Best portable mini fridgeThe mini fridges offered by Yitamotor has a useful temperature toggle that can change the temperature. The compact-sized fridge is conveniently portable and can be carried from one place to another. Its cooling power is to 32 degrees below the room temperature or heats up to 140 degrees, i.e., its temperature is changeable.

This portable mini fridge is designed in an innovative way that does not make any sound. Further, it can also store insulin, medication, and other skincare products. It is scratch-resistant, dust resistant, and it is easy to wipe and clean the parts. Its quality has increased over time and is available in varied designs, making This pink portable mini fridge suitable for dorms.


  • It has the A\C and D\C adaptor, which enables both indoor and outdoor functions.
  • There is sufficient storage space at a large amount.
  • This fridge is easy to port and carries to different places such as picnic, office, dorms, etc.
  • This mini refrigerator portable fridge has a lightweight.

Customers Feedback:

I have had the best portable mini fridge for two days now and so far so good. It big enough to fit all of my skincare essentials and it’s very quiet. I only use the cooling function and it chills everything nicely at 51 degrees. Product description says the sound level is 25 decibels (db), but my reading came in at 35 db when standing next to it and 33 db at 3 ft away, which is still quieter than a library. There is some condensation (a few drops), but I think this is normal for mini fridges. Considering the other positives and none of my skincare product were damaged, this didn’t bother me as much. Highly recommended!

FAQs of Best Mini Fridge for Dorm in 2021

How long does a mini-fridge last?

Refrigerators are durable and long-lasting commodities. They are bought by a person to satisfy a long-term purpose: to store foodstuffs and prevent them from perishing. The purpose of purchasing the fridge may differ from person to person. One person may buy the refrigerator to store foodstuffs to go for a picnic. One wants to purchase for office purposes.

A person, before spending an amount, makes sure that the best buy mini fridge worth it and is durable. Therefore, one must check the insulator's quality, the fridge's further, it is inexpensive as collateral, and the warranty before purchasing the product. These factors determine the life of the refrigerator. Thus, the mini-fridge has a long life. However, it lasts from 10 to 20 years.

Is mini-fridge expensive to run?

The company usually states the consumption of watts. Most of the mini-fridge consumes 80 to 100 watts in one hour of running. In other words, it is 640 watt-hours a day. Residential electricity consumption is measured in kilowatt per hour. It is not easy to predict its cost accurately because it does not consume energy regularly. The fridge is on until the temperature is constant. Once the temperature sets, it turns off automatically. If one keeps warm food in the refrigerator, the running time increases. The quality of the insulation also contributes to the running time of the fridge.

Is a mini-fridge suitable for a dorm?

The main advantage of a mini-fridge is that it is portable and can be carried from one place to another with ease. It has all the features that a regular fridge has. Besides, it covers very little space, but it has an adequate storage capacity that stores fruits, veggies, and cosmetics. Further, the quiet mini fridge for dorm room is inexpensive as compared to a significant regular fridge. Therefore, any person who lives in a dorm and wants to eat something healthy can buy a compact mini-fridge.

Is it wrong to keep a mini-fridge in your room?

A Mini-fridge is kept by people living in a dorm away from home, travelling, or carrying foodstuff with them. Now the question arises whether it is good to keep a mini-fridge in a dorm. As such, there is no disadvantage to using a mini-fridge. It is a compact version of a regular fridge that makes it portable. It saves money which one spends on street food. It can help to maintain one's health by storing fresh veggies and fruits.

Can a mini-fridge explode?

Though it is quite rare to hear, there are chances that a mini-fridge can explode. If such a thing happens, it can cause great destruction to the house and the people living in the house. Usually, this problem arises due to the compressor and is located in the fridge's back. It helps to absorb all the interior heat and makes the quiet mini fridge for dorm room & keeps cool for a longer time, thus maintaining the veggies and fruits fresh.

How to solve the Mini Fridge / Refrigerator trouble?

Video Transcript:

Patience for the state fair competition they might have a small refrigerator for you to troubleshoot and these is one of the easiest things to identify what some of the problems are because it’s a very simple circuit we just have really one motor there are no fan motors with these small refrigerators everything natural convection the condenser you won’t see a coil anywhere because it’s actually behind in between the insulation and the casing on the inside and the outside so sometimes when this thing’s running it might feel a little warm because the condenser coil is actually right.

underneath this pants you can’t see it the other thing this is a shell type evaporator where the evaporators two plates stand together and then they have grooves that are like raised up for the refrigerant to flow through so this is where we should be feeling cold now before you even know if you can plug it in or not so, for example, somebody just dropped off this bridge doesn’t know what’s wrong with it just knows that it wasn’t cool and that’s why it’s here you got to do a few steps just before you can safely plug it in because something wrong electrically which most of our HVAC refrigeration equipment it’s 80% of the time going to be an electrical problem.

the other 20% would fall with a probable refrigeration problem and the refrigeration problem could be pumping on the compressor it’s running but it’s bad valves and it’s not getting any difference of pressure could also be this what is another refrigeration problem what’s the common one with the thing we’re always doing in loved ones gets you over and over and over again for your project’s test let’s steal or make sure what sealed yep so what do we do but isn’t water yeah what are you doing what is that 50 litres.

test early yes so that’s really actually if it’s a refrigeration problem most common refrigeration problem is a leak problem where is where somebody taught us used to be back in the day before the head drops three or the deep rotten automatic defrost this would fill up with big block ice and it was cool as well anymore because the ice would act as an insulator even though it’s ice it still would be cool all the food so they would get impatient and with a screwdriver start chipping away at the ice these things are very thin steel sometimes illuma just this thing with a screwdriver.

what if we just done if we break down under one of those raised areas pokes in those moulds all and so sometimes if you get one you see oil down in here what it trees is oil indicate we leak where’s it wasn’t supposed to be and the compressor right about here so could be ready see oil probably not going to be like a problem probably going to be a refrigeration problem appease your sense for that but if you don’t see any oil and it looks pretty clean or I’ll just go plugging it in and then touching the unit a good if it’s got a ditch shorted it.

Collecting myself or could spark right here shorting together somewhere or if you trip a breaker hopefully or blow a fuse some sort of safety device so before we do anything we’re going to go ahead and use our multimeter that is the continuity you’re all sitting on what it is for level two I got you some new meters to use this year so I’m going to use this one right now I’m also going to show you that one as well because that’s the meter that you’re going to be used in the contest and throughout the year which one’s going to be ground to room phone box one on the round yep.

So I’m going to put this the ground now I’m just going to make sure one we got a ground so there’s a green wire we should have to beat you should have continuity but I should not have continuity if I touched either side here and then it could be I’m not getting the circuit all the way through on one of these sides because what’s clicks would be turning on and off this compressed probably inside here somewhere you got one at all this what’s the name of that switch right there it is there’s a switch so you could be off and on them what do you call this.

Come on turns up and down with an adder yeah the thermostat you got the thermostat there I’m going to go ahead now my turn it off and I’m gonna do this I don’t know if it’s folks come in like that and it looks like at that time start to get broken so I’m gonna go ahead and do it like that aren’t always the lowest setting which would actually be the highest number one temperature is high and what does that mean.

What’s that mean it’s calling for cooling yep and it should click off if I turned it and this knob was lit it cracked right here right and it’s not letting it turn all the way so we might get a pair you don’t know something to be able to turn that off test the switch so that could be the problem could be the sermonette never shuts off and it actually freezes the food but that’s actually a good sign and you could get some sort of resistance reading because you got the winding going through inside the compressor and then this is one of the simplest wiring diagrams right here we’re going to go over this from the classroom but pretty much what it is it’s just like a light bulb all right and then you add a switch yours.

Thermostat it turns on that and off that that piece of equipment you also have another circuit to get the motor to spin so we’re going to put also in series a capacitor okay with that start one so that capacitor will come in and allow and then there’s one other thing that also uses the temperature is mounted on the side of the body of the compressor called an overload all right and I showed somebody that those things you guys get to see the overload where I got to light it with a lighter and it’s pop to this so now I’m done with a mint maybe that’s okay I’ll show it again.

There was an overload on the ground here the other day there it is yes so look the same thing it’s on the side the overload if you hear it look at Icahn wild powers hooked up to the unit see if the donor loads energized or not good if I can have somebody hold it here like this and I mean anybody to hold it risky but good day so here’s what’s going to happen I’m going to hear this over love just like the compressor would be if it couldn’t start trying to start with a camp from whatever reason might burn my fingers here watch out there’s always an element of danger with me there’s a click there’s if they pick it out it’s the same thing like a thermostat so my siren said she put two pieces different metals together similar metals like brass and steel or nickel and cadmium and they’ve been and expand and contract at different temperatures one will bend over the other.

So what I’m doing now is one of the metals is heating up when I put the flame to it and that’s causing it to spring up and bend and it springs contact to the switch that’s the overlook that’s the only other switch beside the thermostat that could break the power to that compressor racer all right and then there’s one more circuit that sometimes has a capacitive circuit towards us which I behind this black case right I pop this cover-up on the black cake and I’ll seat you switches I’ll be some sort of relay a potential relay or current relay depending on what it is and that overload switch.

And the other switch would be the thermostat so that’s pretty much his daughter by state right it’s not grounded can I plug it in not ground it good I safely plug it answers and it should fire up can’t hear they’d see you you can feel it let’s use our senses and tell me if that compressor running or not what about you Felix hang on son we feeling those that aren’t jumping up here to feel it see now there’s no heat yet FELIX stomachs up we got for about an hour maybe bi but you can kind of feel the stress raising the vibration a little bit all right oh you hear that click you hear that clear you hear that click.

Uh well, we think that was you over though does it doesn’t feel like it’s running those it just felt it vibrate a minute ago stop I’m right anymore broke could also confirm that can’t get to the wires right here because they’re all tied together and actually did a really good job I might be able to clip one of them I don’t know but it’s tight but we can measure and freeze unless we use the other beautifully for that super sports kind of hard to get in there but the amperage is a chronic loan through the wire won’t be firm if that thing’s running enough and then you might hear click again.

Brand-new that’s you done used it whoo surely in the battery okay we’re weightless how about feeling that for a minute tones click with that home place checking periodically what and in-state running other things that you would want to do other things you want to do which is open up the case and sort of feel this evaporator in here if this thing was running what would it feel like in here how would that evaporator feel cold, yeah and then you got to refrigerant lines one coming out one going in that one’s probably coming out this charge is usually smaller suction is usually bigger.

they could be the same size but how would this one feel compared to this one coming out would be how would be coming out cool you think it’d be cold like if you just got squished from a space like that to his face like that are you gonna be cold we’re going to be warm and we really weren’t going to be very hot and actually, that’s discharge line discharge lines the hottest line oh that’s good you heard of the quake but we hear it done is it going or what yes I feel the vibration but I don’t know if it’s spinning like it was to 100 there’s that click again hard it’s coming it’s coming it’s not just not vibrating anymore now it’s coming now we got to put the amp probe around this little bit to measure the current flowing through they.

For this now if I can’t clip around one of these wires we’ll have to unplug the power and take that black case off and that black case will reveal our overload which is what you’re hearing click just like that one I just hit here there’s another part they use eating called sequencer it uses the same thing to activate the switch uses heat.

Temperature yep it’s a waiting game I hear you’re coming along like the way it is you use all the senses and everything you gotta wait listen to joyce place stop messing with the bikes please it’s just the be patient and watch some of the game here no tapping thank you we’re recording this is my broadcast this is our first video back for this new year on youtube, yeah well mo couple hundred thousand years I don’t know we’ll see I haven’t seen anything yet season two that’s right season two it is nature so we got to try and get this little thing puts around and maybe this is going to sell us there it might have two wires in there that are small so what I want to read what is what I want you I set the same there are all your choices what should I choose the throw would be this voltage yet I want to check voltage I need to check the voltage of this ef what do I need something on ants there we go so I’m looking for an ass.

There we go can’t see how I see this triple club really that’s my temperature probe says you micro a sec I’m on my program there we go and they see up top there and then we got 50 and then you got 400 amps so we’ll probably go look at the nameplate here maximum amp rating maximum amount rating there’s our rated voltage doesn’t have an amp rating on here yeah there we go 1.3 n says rated current 1.3 amp block roads from 100 sides at locked rotor 12.5 which is close to a thousand times that I mean, yeah so we can stay with the 50 under 50 amp get a close-up of this because when it clicks again that means you get a close-up of this that means you to everybody.

Look look look at the number when it clicks because if it’s not spinning and it tries to the lock rotor amps number will appear go away the waiting game the library ramps while we’re looking that’s what it’s supposed to be that’s 1.3 when it’s running normally or somewhere about 80 per cent of that so it could be like 1 point 1 1 if it’s locked up that’s on the compressor here locked rotor amps is 12.5 so you tell me if it’s 1.5 or less for 12.5 about reading and then you can tell me if it’s locked up or if it’s running well it’s just nothing so overload if you waiting you got to complete the circuit.

we’re waiting for that click waiting for the heat to cool it down on the bigger units for your house your air conditioning units that you have with the compressors that are bigger outside they have that overload in the compressor that’s something that you can access so you might be guys if it’s overloaded trying to hose it down with water trying to cool it down sometimes to let it cool down naturally can take hours 4 or 5 hours so then you go run another call and go back to their house after it’s been shut off and cool down for a while to check most of the time people.

Misdiagnosed it as a bad compressor when actually it could be just something as simple as an overload rarely is that the case is more unlikely it’s the capacitors not allowed to start winding you need to can’t just have the positive and the negative one circuit you need a second one to get that magnet to suspend the first time sometimes this has been a change our compressor they didn’t wire up the common starting to run one spray and that also would give you this stuff that’s weird there’s the answer five point four so is that bigger than 1.3 is then it means 12.5 you can get up to that if it gets just enough so what do you think over locked up we got a locked up compressor go ahead and pause that.

How to Make a Mini Freezer at home?

Video Transcript:

In today’s episode I will be making this very useful mini freezer reaching temperatures down to zero degrees Celsius and will cool down your beverage in just 30 minutes let’s get started first of all you will have to gather the following components the size of the box was based on the volume of the average drink but if you need a larger one simply scale up the dimensions here are the exact measurements the installation I’m using is thirty millimetres thick foam and can be found in basically any hardware store for a couple of dollars I use the black marker to trace out the parts on the foam and cut them out using a utility knife.

With all the parts cutouts I quickly assembled it to make sure it was a good fit I then used my hot wire foam cutter to slice the top part in half this is for the Peltier module to have good contact with heat sinks, later on, I placed a Peltier module in the centre of the sliced part and marked out the cutting lines squeezed it in and added a small amount of thermal compound on the cold side I mixed up some two-part adhesive and smeared it out from the edges of the heatsink slightly larger than the Peltier module, I place the heatsink over the Peltier and push them together I did the same for the large heatsink.

Before I assemble the entire thing I did a quick test to see the current draw with both the sand and the Peltier connected it peaked at 4.1 amp the cold side reached a temperature of negative 11 degrees Celsius the key to reaching these low temperatures is to remove as much heat as possible on the hot side you can do this by using a large heat sink and a powerful fan to dissipate the heat using a high-quality Peltier module will also increase the performance links down below.

Instead of using hot glue, the foster silicon worked out great it’s white so it blended in very nicely and gave me enough time to align the parts perfectly instead of having the electronics include to the box I quickly designed a small wooden container to hold the components with these dimensions using the same board material as they drink a cooler last week I sketched out the parts and used a basic hand saw to cut them out to make the ports look nice I also painted them.

I then marked where each component should be placed and made the necessary holes I used my soldering iron to join the negative terminal of the led to the appropriate resistor I also attached the red wire and used shrink tubing to protect it from short-circuit at this point I began placing the electrical components inside the protective box with the technical build of the freezer almost complete a 3d printed two hinges for the door and used epoxy to secure them in place I squeeze the box as hard as I could to seal it shut while the epoxy was curing to really make sure the door is shut all the way I used to need Damien magnet and as you can see there are no variable holes for the cold air inside to escape through.

The mini freezer is now complete so I connected the power to make sure everything worked properly by inserting a thermometer I was able to get some accurate readings you after only eight minutes the temperature was down to five degrees and after another five minutes, the temperature was down to zero degrees Celsius all right I am very curious to know how long time does it take to cool down the beverage inside the freezer as you can see we have an initial temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and what I’m going to do is put the drink in the freezer for 30 minutes and then we will come back and measure the temperature once again after 30 minutes in the freezer.

It reached a temperature of 11 degrees which could be enjoyed at the beach and that’s why you can make this simple adapter and now you can use the battery to power the device just make sure you have an alarm to alert you whenever the battery voltage gets too low remember that the power is adjustable in case you don’t want freezing temperatures if you did enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more have a nice day bye.


So, now we come to an end. I hope that now you can find yourself the best mini-fridge for a dorm that serves the purpose and satisfy your wants. In the article, you have now equipped your mind with all the relevant knowledge concerning the mini-fridges. So it would now be a cinch to differentiate the suitable one among all. If you still face issues, then have a look at our listed fridges for a wise purchase.

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