Best Lunch Bags for Men Buying Guide in 2021

Do you want to eat hot and healthy food during your lunchtime?

Do you find it challenging to keep your food hot or cold during working hours?

Are you not able to choose the right lunch bags for your work?

While you are a working person, getting the right lunch bag is quite necessary. Lunch bags are meant to carry the food to the office and keep the food hot for a longer duration.

After all, there are fewer chances that you can find a microwave or any other option to make your food warm. But finding the desired lunch bag is quite tricky.

After all, there are many bags available in the market with different styles and functions. To reduce your burden, we have come up with the content to help you find your need’s desired lunch bag.

So, let’s grab a look.

Buying guide for the Best Lunch Bags for Men in 2021

Different lunch boxes come with other functions, so it becomes mandatory to know more about them before purchasing. This reduces the chances of opting for the wrong package and then regretting it in the future.

Here we have a buying guide that will help you decide what features are to be considered while purchasing it.

Type of the Lunch Bag

There are many types of men’s lunch bags for work made for keeping food, either cold or hot. So it should be decided what type of lunch bag you want to purchase according to the requirement. Insulated lunch bags helps to keep food hot or cold. It also helps to keep food healthy and tasty.

It maintains the temperature inside the lunch bag that stops food from releasing any foodborne illness. Hence, it is decisive enough to choose the right type of lunch bag to eat healthy and tasty food during work hours or picnic. Insulated lunch bags are best as they keep the food protected and safe and are less breakable.

Bag Size

One of the significant points to be considered while deciding to buy the best lunch bags for men is its size. Many types of lunch bags available make it very confusing to choose what is best to carry healthy food to the work or picnic spot. Most people prefer to buy a large lunch bag for men with ample space to keep safe lunch boxes, water bottles, napkins, cutlery, or mobile accessories.

This helps them in carrying their stuff to the office or trips. So, bags are selected according to their needs. Some prefer compact and stylish lunch bags. Hence, it is better to choose the right size of lunch bags that you want to buy so that there is no regret or problem regarding your buying choice.

Its Style and Look

In today’s world, the style and look of the product are significant for the customer. Many lunch bags are exceptionally curated creatively so that it suits the person’s personality also. Many purchase lunch bags as a style statement at their workplace.

Not for the workplace, but now lunch bags are designed for different purposes, including bike riding. It is specially designed for the riders to carry essential food items or water to enjoy their journey and enjoy healthy and tasty food. Now lunch bags are made so comfortable for the people to take to their favorite places.

As people are getting health conscious but want to look trendy, its style and design of the lunch bags matter for men. They want to look appealing and attractive even if they are carrying a lunch bag with them. So, if you’re going to take food at your workplace or any other place but want to look stylish, you can also opt for smartly designed stylish lunch bags for work.

The Durability

If you are willing to buy lunch bags, it is better to check its durability. Nobody wants to waste their money on lunch bags, which cannot be used for an extended period. Lunch bags material should be appropriately checked.

The material used for lunch bags should be chemical-free. If the food item comes in contact with the fabric of the bag will be less harmful. Lunch bags made of eco-friendly and good quality material is the best choice to buy.

These things should be checked before deciding to purchase the lunch bags and ensure that you invest your money in the right product. You won’t regret your decision later in the future. So, it better to be cautious in the beginning.

Its Protection System

One should always check that the lunch bag has a safe closing system to avoid the food item’s spillage. Proper zipper available on each pocket is the best that protects the food carefully.

It keeps cold and hot items separately without getting mixed up with each other, keeping the men’s lunch cooler bag temperature maintenance. An appropriate protection system is a must in every lunch bag as it will keep the clothes or carry bag stain free.

So, if you are getting an adequate protection system, it would be the best decision to purchase the lunch bag. It is because you can carry your lunch bag without worrying about getting your clothes stained or spoiled from the lunch bag.

Can It Be Environment Friendly?

Lunch bags were created as an alternative for plastic and disposable bags to save the environment and keep the food healthy when eating in their free time.

So, yes! The lunch box can be eco-friendly. Eco-friendly lunch bags are very famous nowadays as they can be recycled and easily washable. High-quality material is used to maintain the lunch bag’s hygiene and the safety of the food items kept in the bag.

These lunch bags are the best option to buy as it is plastic-free and ensures to keep food tastier and safe for us. And it will not harm our environment, it will give a sense of loyalty towards the ground in you.

Eco-friendly lunch bags are meant to contribute to society. They help reduce the waste near them and walk towards living a healthy life.

Comfortable and Easy to Keep

Comfort matters for everyone. If you are not comfortable carrying a lunch bag without so it might irritate you. It is better to look and check the lunch bag properly and see if you can take the best insulated mens lunch bag conveniently or not, then you can think of purchasing that lunch bag.

Also, look whether you can keep the lunch bags with you easily or not. Comfort and ease are essential for every individual, especially in their products, to make their life easy.

A lunch bag should have an adjustable strap so that it can be carried easily to the workplace or any other picnic spot without compromising your comfort. If the material or the strap irritates and you do not want to take the lunch bag with you, then the money will be wasted. So, keep your comfort before anything else as you are going to use the lunch bag.


You have to take the food every day irrespective of the weather condition. The weather will not adjust according to you, so it is better to take precautions before buying the lunch bag.

A good lunch bag should protect the food in the rainy season or even if there is water leakage from the water bottle, and water does not destroy the warm food kept with it. A water-resistant feature in the lunch bag is mandatory. Lunch bags should be waterproof so that the food kept doesn’t get spoiled.

Further, you should always check the details with the seller as there are some lunch bags available that are not waterproof or leakproof.

These details are not shared until you ask for the best waterproof lunch bag, so always check it properly before purchasing the lunch bag. If the lunch bag is waterproof, then you should buy that without any second thought about it.


Another factor that cannot be ignored while deciding to buy the best lunch bags for men. Lunch bags are available in the market in different price ranges, making it difficult to buy the best lunch bags.

It would be astute enough to invest in a lunch bag to help save money rather than spending money on lunch every day.

According to their useability and good quality bags, one should try to decide on a budget according to the needs and preferences as lunch bags are available in different price ranges.

Top Variants for the Best Lunch Bag for Men in 2021

As there are various lunch bags available, we have come up with 5 lunch bags for men. These bags have all the necessary features which are desired for a lunch bag. So, to purchase one, you can head up to this list or consider it while purchasing one of your own choices.

1. MIER Adult Insulated Lunch Bag– (Best lunch bag for men)

Best lunch bagsSave your money by using this reusable lunch box by MIER. This bag comes with a handle strap and a detachable shoulder strap. There are two sections present in it which separately adjusts the cold and hot food and at the top of the bag is a small pouch.

This pouch is big enough to carry fruits, chips, or drinks. At the bottom of the best insulated lunch bag, you can keep your lunch or any eatable item you wish to. There is even the space to place the utensils. So, you don’t have to be confused about whether to carry spoons or forks to the office. You can keep your other kinds of stuff, such as napkins, keys, or any additional need in that pocket.

Now, when we come to the interior part of the bag, This lunch tote bag is well designed and is made of a soft material. It has an eco-friendly lining of the PEVA, which is insulated in nature. If your food gets spilled, it can easily be washed away over this lining material and won’t wear and tear it.


  • There are many pockets available to keep the stuff accordingly.
  • It is big enough to carry food for the entire day.
  • The material is leakproof.
  • This best lunch bag for work is BPA free.
  • The fabric is water-resistant.

Customers Feedback:

I love the lunch cooler bag. Not too big, Not too small. I put 6 16 oz. water bottles in the bottom, 2 sandwiches, a pickle in a small rubbernaid container a small bag of chips, small bag of cookies and some yogurt in the top. It all fits with some of the thin blue ice frozen cooler blocks. I pack it at 5:30 am, 3 frozen water bottles on the very bottom, 3 unfrozen bottles of water above those in the bottom section. I put 4 of the frozen blue ice blocks in the top section and pack my daily food on top of that. I have never had any issues. I’m in a service truck 12+ hours a day in Southern California. It gets hot here. this bag is in the cab and I don’t use the A/C very often. I The frozen water bottles on the bottom of the bag are still half frozen at 5 pm I was spending $8.00 to $11.00 a day for lunch. Now I make it the night before. pack it in the morning and save a lot of money.

great lunch box. Ive had it and used it pretty much everyday for 5 months. roomy compartments. My INEVIFIT bowls and 3 compartment trays fit perfectly on the bottom along with a cold pack, drink, yogurt and one or two pieces of fruit. the top compartment is roomy and i might stick a water in there and a couple things that really dont need refrigerating (fruit, granola bar, nuts, etc) and usually carry other things in there too like glasses, pens, whatever…its very roomy. the floor of the top compartment is flexible to if I can overstuff the bottom if necessary but still have plenty of room. the pockets on the side are great. The strap is comfortable and having both strap and handle are convenient. really have enjoyed this box. Would purchase again
I’m a mechanic. I fit everything in this thing! Vitamins in the front. Two meals in the bottom with a bottle of hot sauce or salad dressing. Chips, snacks, and about 2 sodas in the top with room to spare. I can put ratchets and screwdrivers, work gloves, etc. in the side pockets, and the strap makes it so I can sling it over my head and still tote my gym bag or a box or something. I love it. The lunch tote bag is my second one. Only reason I bought a new one is cause I wanted to. Nothing was broken. The first one just started to get dirty on me. And guess what? When this one gets dirty I’m going to buy another one. Lol. Oh yea I can fit a six pack of tall boys in it too! 😉

2. PackIt Freezable Lunch ag with Zip Closure– (Best adult lunch bag)

Best insulated lunch bag If you are looking for a freezable lunch bag, then this is the one. This bag is designed in an entirely unique way with a cooling design. Its walls are comprised of the freezable gel, which is non-toxic in nature.

This gel lets the entire adult lunch bag gets frozen in some time, usually in 12 hours when kept in the freezer. So, if you want to carry frozen food, you can take it and let your food stay healthier for a longer time. If you are baffled while thinking about the food you can carry here.

This best lunch bag for commuters is the salad, fruits, prepared meals, or meat quickly taken away. But don’t worry, the cold air inside the bag will not go away as it is covered with a zip-top closure. It locks the cold air for a longer duration.


  • It is BPA free, lead-free, PVC free.
  • There is an in-built ice pack.
  • The material designed to prepare is rich in nature.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • This compact lunch bag is easy to sustain this lunch bag.

Customers Feedback:

I love this best compact lunch bag that it has it’s “ice pack” built in. I use it as a breastmilk storage everyday at work and I’ve left it out room temp (when I have no access to fridge) and kept it in between breaks and lunches in the fridge and after 10 hours the sides are still frozen and the milk is still cold! Then I can rest assure my baby will stay safe. The zipper allows for seal and further keeping contents inside very cold. The bag is pretty expandable if I need to stuff it with lots of things, (rare) but totally possible. Would be great for someone who doesn’t have access to fridge at work but want to keep something cold for long times. I’ve never kept it in direct heat, when I take it outdoors I’ll make sure to put it in the baby packback or somewhere covered.

This lunchbox folds up easily so you can freeze the whole thing. I pack a 6”x6” container of salad, a small container with dressing, a 16.9 oz bottle of sparkling water, A fork and a napkin. My husband takes this to work every day and generally puts it in the refrigerator. A few occasions he has left it on his desk and he said it stayed cold. The top zips shut so there is no worry about stuff dropping out. There is a flap with Velcro with the handle on top. We used another pack-it (without the zipper) daily for 8 months, it still works, I just thought my husband needed a fresh one. Ordered the black one on Amazon and wanted to let other people know I like this product, have used this product before, and would use this product again.

I have included photos below to show the product and uses for it. The best lunch bag for commuters is a great lunchbox for a great price! Alot of lunchboxes out there are just your standard ones for a high price, but this really stands out. One of the best things I like about this is how you can stick it in the freezer and in the morning it is frozen (as there is icepacks in the lining of the bag) so you don’t to worry about adding anything cold. Another great feature of this lunchbox is that if you are trying to fit in a tight space, like a small or tight backpack, it easily folds up to fit, even with items in it. I have been using this lunch box for a few months now and it shows no sign of wear, so it definitely pasts the durability test!

3. Tiblue Insulated Lunch Bag– (Best lunch bags for professionals)

Best lunch bags for men Now we come to the lunch bag which is available in a sleeking color. It is an insulated lunch bag build-up of the EVA material, which is eco-friendly in nature. It comes with a triple insulated cover which keeps the food at the same temperature as earlier for hours. So if you plan to go to a picnic or office early morning, then this bag is good to go.

The interior and exterior fabric of these lunch bags for professionals is water-resistant and leakproof. So, if your bag falls on a pitch of water or it starts raining, the food kept inside won’t get spoiled. Or, if your food gets spilled, it won’t get leaked from the inside.

Thus, theis best lunch cooler bag comes with one compartment and several pockets that allow the easy placing of the stuff in proper places. You can accordingly pack your charger, napkins, chips, or any other item in these pockets.


  • It is convenient to carry to different places.
  • It is reusable.
  • The bag is free from BPA, Lead, PVC, and phthalate.
  • The material is highly durable.
  • There are multiple uses of this portable bag.

Customers Feedback:

My cousin was carrying his lunch to work in a grocery plastic bag. I asked him if he had a lunch cooler. He said he didn’t and wished he did, but hadn’t had time to look for a decent one. I loved this company. They make durable lunch coolers that can take the rugged abuse of my kids and their school lunches and travel packing, so I knew it would work great for him. We even took it to our favorite embroidery person to get his name on the insulated lunch bags for men so the other people at work knew it was his lunch. I was tempted to have them embroider “Keep Out” on it too, but my husband assured me that might be going too far. LOL! Either way, his lunch has handled being shoved into a frig or a locker at work, and works great at keeping everything at the temperature it needs to be all day.

I figured getting a “cheaper” lunch bag might result in lower quality. And maybe the last one was so shredded, I didn’t really care. But it seems this lunch bag is so sturdy and well-designed! The top zipper tugged a little the first time, but my husband, for whom I purchased this, has never complained about it. It’s a little smaller than the last one, but he’s managed to fit everything he usually does inside. And an upgrade from the last cooler was that this one has a cross-body strap, not just a handle, which makes it so much easier to carry when burdened with other items! I couldn’t have designed it better myself. And it looks nice to boot!

I have scoured all of my local stores, and spent too much time online trying to find the perfect lunch bag for school. I have definitely found it! This lunch cooler bag first of all, could not be any cuter, but I am so very pleasantly surprised at how solidly made it is. It has everything you could want, a shoulder strap with padding, netted pockets on either side, a zipper in the front for miscellaneous items, a tight net on the inside of the lid to hold your utensils, and an easily wipeable inner lining! Very happy with my purchase! Oh yeah, it’s quite spacious too, holds more than it looks to hold! For comparison sake, I have added a picture with a large jar of peanut butter, and a large container of almond milk. You would even be able to squeeze more in there for sure.

4. MAZFORCE Original Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box– (Best amazon lunch bags)

Best lunch bags for professionalsAt an exceptionally reasonable rate, here comes the lunch bag offered by MAZFORCE. This bag is fit enough to start the day with a more robust and durable lunch bag. It has been solely manufactured, keeping in mind its primary need and Californian vibe, especially meeting the daily needs.

These insulated amazon lunch bags keeps the cold stuff cooler and hot stuff hotter for the entire day. It becomes possible with a superior insulation technology, which is of ultra-thick foam. Further, this bag comes with many side pockets with the main compartment. So, you can now place your water bottle along with keeping other items in the available pockets, enhancing these mens lunch bags for work overall capacity.


  • Its insulation technology doesn’t get affected even though it is dropped.
  • This large lunch bag is free from BPA, PVC, and other harmful materials such as lead.
  • This lunch bag includes a leakproof fabric.
  • The bag overall isn’t heavy in weight.

Customers Feedback:

I originally ordered this bag for my 8 year old son, but when I received it I realized I wanted it for myself. I snack a lot at work, and everything fits perfectly, including my water bottle on the side pocket. This bag is good looking and great quality. My favorite part is the clip on the handle, makes it easy to clip on the side of your backpack or purse and not have to hold it. I will now have to order my son his own lunch bag. I highly recommend this bag!! I uploaded some pictures so you can see how much food I was able to fit, I also added a picture of after I zipped it up, so you can see how my food was not stuffed tight I there.

This lunch box has a lot of well-thought-out features: a water bottle pocket, 2 outside (flat) pockets, one inside (semi-stretchy mesh) pocket (perfect for utensils), and even a buckle on the handle so that you can attach it to another bag. I especially like that, the mens lunch bags for work looks nice and professional while also being sturdy and easy to care for. This box is the perfect size for one day’s lunch, but will be a bit tight if you’re trying to pack for multiple days or a large lunch. You’ll want to put larger tupperware and/or soup vertically so that it fits and doesn’t leak while you’re carrying the lunch box. It has some flex, so you can stuff it extra full if needed.

I bought the lunch bags for kids for my 8 year old son for school and I am so glad I did! It’s roomy enough for an adult but it’s easy to clean which is a must for kids! Another reviewer mentioned the no seams on the inside and let me tell you, that in itself is amazing! Makes it so much easier to clean and you don’t have to worry about liquids getting into the cracks and making it smell. It keeps stuff cold for him all day. I usually put a yogurt or string cheese and cold drink in with his lunch and with an ice pack, it stays good and cold. I absolutely love this lunch box and would absolutely buy again.

5. MATEIN Insulated  Lunch Backpack– (Cute lunch bags)

Best lunch bag for workLastly, we come to this fantastic lunch bag which you won’t reject going for. It is an insulated cooler bag with a USB port and a compartment to place the laptop. Thus, this adult lunch bag men becomes an ideal travel bag for the men as well as the kids around.

You can easily set the stuff you desire conveniently and won’t lose these cute lunch bags at all. As the USB port is in-built in it, it becomes easy to charge the phone whenever necessary while having fun or walking around the park or beach. The bag’s material is leakproof and waterproof, thus saving the food from spoiling the area where the bag might be kept at.


  • This personalized lunch bags for men is durable.
  • There is a thick shoulder strap, which allows its easy carrying for a longer duration.
  • There is an ideal space for tableware.
  • There is a separate compartment for placing a laptop.
  • Its main compartment is quite wide to place lots of things.

Customers Feedback:

The insulated mens lunch bag part gets cramped if you shove a lot of stuff in the regular bag like my mom does. But dang this thing holds up to three chromebooks and a bulky notebook along with a few folders of paper. My mom is a teacher and she puts her bags through hard work. Even overfilled this bag is preforming well. Amusingly even though the lunch box part gets cramped I can still fit a sandwich and ice pack in it as long I put a plate in to protect the sandwich.

I purchased the personalized lunch bags for men to use as a bag for work since I was previously bringing a tote bag and lunch box. I have been using it for about a month now. The cooler does a great job and fits 3-4 Tupperware containers, and the quality is great for the price. The inside is spacious but does reduce in size if the lower cooler part is full, so it may not be best for someone who has a lot of extra stuff to carry. I have also used it on a hike to bring water and sandwiches.

FAQS on the Best Lunch Bags for Men in 2021

Which are good lunch bags for adults?

There are numerous available options regarding lunch bags. Thus, it becomes difficult for everyone to choose the right one. A lunch bag would be right for you if it helps keep food warm and healthy without releasing any foodborne illness. Adults always want something trendy and fashionable as they do not want to compromise with their personalities. Most important is comfort. Suppose that the lunch bag you have decided to purchase isn't comfy to be carried around. So, there is no reason to purchase it at all. Hence, such things are to be considered before buying the best lunch bags for adults.

Are lunch bags expensive?

Lunch bags come at different prices according to their features, uses, looks, and capacity. So, it is up to you what type and style of lunch bag you want to carry for your workplace or any other place. If you wish to take a lunch bag with a bigger capacity, you may have higher prices. Further, the price also varies according to brand names. Opting for name brands will let you pay more for the best eco friendly lunch bags. So, we cannot say that the lunch bags are expensive. It all depends upon you and your desire for which kind of lunch bag you want. So you can pay the price accordingly.

How often the lunch bag should be changed?

Lunch bags are purchased to save money spent on food every day at work or if you go to any other place. When it comes to changing the lunch bags, it depends on the quality of the lunch bag purchased. Good quality material is used in the lunch bag, then it can be used for a very long period. Suppose the material is not acceptable, and after washing the lunch bag, its quality is deteriorating. In that case, lunch bags should be changed immediately as the material's cheap quality can infect your food with bacteria and germs.

Are lunch bags and lunch boxes the same?

No, lunch bags and professional lunch box are different from each other in many ways. The lunch bag is considered the best option to keep food safe and healthy as they are insulated. Lunch bags can be washed easily and are usable for a more extended period. Whereas lunch boxes are plastic or steel, they do not keep the food warm and safe for a more extended period. They are easily breakable, but they are preferred by many people as an alternative for lunch bags. Still, lunch bags are demanded by most people due to its capacity and durability.

Can we keep insulated lunch bags in the refrigerator?

When you have purchased an insulated lunch bag, there is no need to keep it in the refrigerator. The insulated lunch bags for adults are specially designed to keep the food hot in the cold environment by maintaining its stable temperature and vice-versa. It keeps the food healthy and tastier by keeping the foodborne germs in control.

How do I keep my lunch cold all day?

Video Transcript:

I recently heard someone talking about how you absorbed the Karma of the people cooking for you and you know it sounds a little crazy but I honestly believe in that you know on this channel we’re always trying to teach you how to cook for yourself cook for the people around you because you’re gonna be putting in the most amount of good love good energy into your food which means you’re gonna be taking that in and I I believe that wholeheartedly I think cooking for yourself will change your life you’ll feel better you’ll feel more.

Accomplished all of the things we’ve always tried to teach you on this channel of course but when it comes to you know taking food on the run that’s new for a lot of people that’s a weird thing usually people they just eat out when they are out of their house you know you’re at work you go to lunch you spend whatever it is you spend a lot of money eating out and not only that you’re eating other people’s food that most likely you don’t know you don’t trust and you know for me I get a lot of shitty food that way and I waste a lot of money and that’s what this video is about it’s teaching you guys the best tips to eat out on the go launch it.

And we’re not talking like packing you know a packed lunch for your kid to go to school this is everything it could be that but this is if you’re you know if you’re in school and you want to take snacks to get you through the day so you’re not spending money if you’re going to work and you don’t want to spend a ton of money on lunch every single day these tips are gonna be perfect for you guys out there you’re gonna save a lot of money and you’re gonna feel great in the process this video is in collaboration with the challenge that I’m running on my Instagram called.

The packed lunch packed hashtag packed lunch packed where you guys are making a pact with me that you are going through pack your lunch every day for a week starting this Monday just to start to get you used to the idea of packing your lunch it’s very new for a lot of people can be weird at first I know for me sometimes I get a little embarrassed when you know I’m bringing out food and random places but you get over that quickly because the reward is so good.

And I’ve been doing it all the time I pretty much never leave the house for an extended period of time without packing something because I love saving money and I love eating my own food that I cooked I cook for my wife every single day pretty much that she goes to work I’ve got a lot of tips for you guys and if you do participate in the challenge I’m gonna pick three winners who are going to win coaching and consultation from this guy right here so anything you want that is food-related that could be on a food business you’re working on that could be a menu for a birthday party so make sure you get involved in this challenge and on your Instagram just hashtag packed lunch packed and tag life by Mike G so I can see what you guys are doing I can interact and we’re all gonna have a grand time together but.

Let’s get into these tips so you can have an easier time on this challenge number one is investing in some solid Tupperware that is the easiest way to get discouraged is bringing out like a Tupperware something like this that’s gonna leak on you like this is shitty Tupperware and yeah it might be cheap but you’ll get discouraged pretty quickly if you bring this out and it leaks in your bookbag or something like that so definitely get some good stuff I have a bunch of variety here that I’m gonna show you real quick we’ve got this is one of my favourites I’m not sure the brand it probably comes in different brands but it just has a very solid leakproof just sealed on screw tight lid nothing will leak in this thing and the bowl shape I found is super convenient for soups for salads it’s just I don’t know like the dimensions of it are perfect for really packing.

And a lot of stuff this stuff is great it’s a little heavier so that could be discouraging so maybe you don’t want that but if you don’t want to mess around with plastic if you’ve got some health concerns about plastic glass is great this company just sent me these glass ones that are great leak-proof seal right here a little heavier but they are great as well if you want to go with glass actually we just gave out a contest for these and some lucky people won a whole set of these but that has been great to have and then you’ve got you know you’ve got mason jars you can reuse mason jars that you get these are leak proof usually this one don’t have that seal but these are pretty much leak proof and you can pack in a salad.

Smoothies I use these things are great I’ll take some kombucha on the go and they’ve got that nice seal they’re mini mason jar for dressings I buy this yoghurt that comes in here and I just saved these and I pack all types of stuff bone broth whatever and then these are pretty cool these go stacks I use these for dressings all the time so yeah make sure you invest in good Tupperware so you don’t get discouraged number two is packing your food efficiently that is so important because you don’t want to have these huge Tupperware’s that have just a little bit of food because you need to be efficient with your space when you’re on the go Josh and I used to have this game where we would test ourselves to see how well we could I up some food and pack it perfectly in a Tupperware so if you have like a thing of mac and cheese it’s like okay that’s gonna fit perfectly in this one or perfectly in this one.

And that’s important when it comes to food you can see here packing things up to the top and just efficiently like okay this fruit is gonna go in there this soup is gonna go in there that’s really gonna save you a lot of space and just you’re gonna have a more efficient eating experience number three coming out of the freezer this is a freezable lunch box or lunch bag this one is incredible to call packet freezable link that in the description but a ton of different brands make these and they’re super cheap but this is incredible.

Investment because a lot of times you might be on the road you might be in class and you don’t have a refrigerator a lot of people you know if they work a job they’ve got a standard fridge where they can put their food in so food is normally fine travelling to work but if you’re spending hours without it you want to get one of these and put your food in there and you can see right here I can pack a lot of stuff in this thing and I’m telling you it will stay cool or cool enough all day so you can be out for like eight hours.

And you’re good you’ve got a little mini refrigerator here and this thing has saved my life numerous times great poll number four is packing food that won’t actually break down or will on you so easily which is very important because when it comes to lunch when you’re on the go when you’re at work whatever it is a lot of people like eating salads it’s the middle of the day you want something light it’s 10:30 right now I’m about to eat a salad very soon I love eating salads for lunch but salad greens wilt down very easily that is something that could will on you even on like a ride over somewhere so it is important to mix in things to your salads like cabbage and kale almost make more of a slaw type thing you can see here I’ve got some kale I’ve got some cabbage I’m chopping up some radish some carrot so pick hearty or vegetables that aren’t going to break down and even if they break down they’re gonna be good.

Like there’s nothing worse than a wilted a naturally wilted spinach leaf not like wilted in the pan and not just that just packing things that are wilt tolerant like a muffin is gonna be fine all day even if you don’t have a fridge a piece of bread something like that so a lot of times if I don’t want to take the freezer bag out that you just saw and I know I’m gonna be out I’ll just pack wilt tolerant things that really aren’t going to break down it can hold up to room temperature number five this seems pretty obvious and maybe it is to a lot of you but packing salad dressings and sauces on the side so sauces and salad dressings are gonna start to break down food especially if you don’t have refrigeration right away.

So finding little Tupperware is just like these guys are little mason jar or these ghost stacks that I showed you these are clutch I pack the salad dressing in there and then I’ll put the salad dressing inside the Tupperware with the salad greens so you know it’s not gonna leak you’re fine you’re good to go and that comes with sauces too maybe you have I don’t know you’ve got a stir-fry and maybe you’ve got some you to know sriracha or something like that just pack a little sauce on the side and you’re good to go it won’t release make your food so soggy and it’s just a good tip to keep everything nice and fresh.

Number six is having a variety you know it’s funny because I was looking up some ideas I had most of the ideas for this cuz I do it all the time but of course, you’re gonna check the internet to see what other people think and someone was saying that you shouldn’t have a variety for kids cuz it overwhelms them and I haven’t packed for kids yet so I can’t answer that question but I know when it comes for packing for my wife or packing for myself variety on the run is really good it’s nice to have different things you can pick from so you don’t get bored and you’re not just eating one thing maybe that’s just the way I eat but I know a lot of people they pack a lunch and it’s like one salad and that’s it but you know put in a green put in a piece of bread put in a snack.

Maybe a little muffin you can see right here this is like a beautifully balanced you know meal for the entire day and you never know what type of mood you’re gonna be in your hunger levels maybe you want a smoothie at this time and then maybe you want a little sweet over here so you’re gonna really cut down cravings for like you know outside sources of like going to the corner store and picking up some candy if you just have a little piece of chocolate that you pack in your bag the key is to cut all cost when you’re leaving the house and I can tell you I feel so accomplished when it works out when you know I’m out and I’m feeling a little snack and I whip out a muffin or.

Something like that just having the perfect variety for what you’re feeling at the time is going to be the key to success another one that seemed obvious but is so important is taking dinner from the night before and repackaging it for the next day not only that planning to do that you can call it meal prep whatever you want to do you can see right here I made this nice miso soup right here with a few vegetables but I plan to have a little extra because I knew my wife was going to work so I scooped.

Out a bunch of that right away put it in the Tupperware and then you’re good to go that’s like a big portion of her lunch and if you can get into that cycle every single day you’re you’re golden right there you are going to be saving so much money eating your own food so just making a little extra food at night to give you lunch the next day oh my god this one is like this might be the number one tip I give out to any person that is just getting in the meal.

Prepping or cooking and that is just a cook as much as you can when you can so whenever you have time usually that’s a Sunday Sunday night but you know maybe you’re off from work or school for a day just cook as much as you can whatever you have in your fridge because the most people complain that they don’t have time to cook that is probably the number one complaint I get for why people don’t cook so if you just take whatever’s in your fridge whatever’s in your pantry if you have like quinoa just cook it all just not cook it all but just cook a bunch of it and then you can start repurposing that throughout the week so things like rice like that’s gonna last some time so if you just cook a thing of rice you can throw.

That in a salad maybe you just stir-fry vegetables you’re gonna be well on your way to cooking for yourself if you just have things already cooked around so just make sure you really put an effort when you can to cook whatever you can if that’s a soup if that’s you know the piece of chicken you can make those things last in creative ways you can split them up you know to add a little bit of this to that to that whatever it is and all of a sudden you have meals out of what you cooked on Sunday it might be Thursday and it’s still working for you so that is another key to success number nine this is a really good trick if you have a little more of a long-term situation so if you you know you work somewhere and you have a pantry or desk that you can keep food in just stock it with some healthier snacks this is gonna help you big-time when you get those cravings so you don’t crumble and you know go out and eat something bad if you just have some healthy snacks or.

Maybe it’s rice crackers maybe a little peanut butter that’s what I’ll do like I’ll give my wife a little you know a thing of peanut butter and some rice crackers and then all of a sudden she’s got a little bit of a snack even if you just pack a bunch of them a bunch of t2t is a really good way to cut cravings when you’re at work I’ve got these things called Tia chinos that are tea that tastes like coffee and they’re incredible you can maybe you know bring a little almond milk to work keep that in the fridge and then you’ve got something a little more substantial you make some tea or some coffee pouring some almond milk right there you’ve got a tiny little meal slash snack slash drink whatever it is so just packing some things so you don’t fall into the cravings because that’s so important.

When you’re on the road number ten one of my favourite tricks and it seems a little ridiculous but cutting up your fruit and vegetables I can’t tell you how much more appealing it is when you open a Tupperware and it’s filled with delicious fruits and vegetables cut up ready to go because a lot of times you know to be honest you might be in a situation where you don’t want to munch into an apple or peel an orange but it’s so easy to like reach into your bag and just start picking out some fruit and fruit it’s just it’s a perfect snack let’s be honest when you know you need a little bit of that sugar craving and you just need a little energy just pulling out some fruit is perfect so slice up your fruit and you know put it in a bowl I like a variety just like this that is actually going to be a great tip on the run.

Number 10 bonus tip and maybe the most important is if you are packing lunch for someone like I’m doing all the time make sure you slip in a little something special from time to time a little note that is huge I’m telling you especially guys out there if you’re packing lunch for your lady or ladies if you’re packing lunch for your guy just a little something to help them through the day you’re gonna get some bonus points and everything’s gonna be better in your life those are my top ten I hope those helped you especially for this challenge I want to see you guys in the chow.

I want to be interacting with you so head over to life by Mike G and take part in this challenge all you have to do is on Monday we’re starting every day if you actually want to win the challenge you need to post every day packed lunch packed hashtag tag life by Mike G you get a chance to win a free consulting session with me coaching session on anything food-related if you don’t want to actually win the challenge you can just post you know one day two days whatever it is just for some inspiration to other people to yourself but I want to see you guys there it’s gonna be awesome and packing food to go will change your life I’m telling you from experience it’s gonna be awesome it’s gonna save you money and you’re gonna be eating the good stuff so see you guys soon.

How do You keep your lunch warm whole day?

Video Transcript:

Hey, everybody, today screen tip is no more cold lunches how to keep your lunch warm with a bio lunchbox so you can give it some fire lunch boxes here they’re my new favourite lunch box because like I said this I will dig keep your food warm so I’ve struggled for a while with myself I’m trying to find something that could keep food warm and now that Avery is going to be a first-grade last year she was in kindergarten we showed a lot with the food be with tasker that was healthy and who made by the time intact at school it was not warm anymore and she hardly touches it.

So near the end of the year, we were packing basically sandwiches snacks high-five owns because she wouldn’t eat hardly missing meals because the temperature was not desirable and it doesn’t taste good so I went on a classified eco-friendly green kind of option to help have her lunch stay warmer and what I found was to buy a lunchbox key here so the by the company was nice enough to send me some samples here to try out and my family has fallen in love with these I’ve been telling everybody about them and they’re very impressive.

So these vital inch boxes are vacuum insulated they use something called vacuum therm technology that’s able to keep your food like I said warm or hold for up to 5 hours which is great it works up great for Avery for school we pack it in the morning around 7:00 and she’s lunch around noon so it’s able to stay warm that whole time surprisingly it really does work I’ve been so impressed so the violence box comes in two sizes there is the 1000 millilitre size and then the $600 later size for my test I like to use this picks hundred won and then for myself and my husband we like this 1000 one can see they come in some fun designs they even have a candle here that they can use I’m carrying them to school and when you open them up for the kids.

One needs it has two little Pippen so this allows you to have a nice compact design instead of all of these little containers all over the place you have two for this one there comes with it comes with dividers you can divide the sections to give you four sections total if you would like with a larger one here you can see it comes with three chickens the inner containers here are made out of high-quality stainless steel with a copper finish they also come with leak-resistant lids that are able to press down onto your container that keeps everything nice and tight so it won’t spill so when you raise your clothes upper lunchbox to just stack the containers on top of each other.

And place the lid on top and then lock it on the side I have stainless steel locks that allow a lock keep any spills from happening and it’s good to go another thing that the buy a lunch box comes with is a bag-mask double visit bag they can put the lunch box in and when you’re ready you can just open it up lay it out and for some service that you can use for eating off of it’s resistant to settle and then you and your Johnny could just zip it back up so I find this is really handy for Avery with her lunch we just pack it in that and then she’s able to just carry that I come to the straps.

But with her backpack to school all right so when I come to using the buy lunch box some tips on giving it ready and enhancing it to make sure you get the warmest foods possible so what I do like in the morning before we go to work I will take our leftovers which is the most common thing that we attack for lunch keep those in the containers we put them in the night before places in the fridge and the morning I will get those out and warm them on the stove so one sympathizes is to warm some water and pour that into all the tipping containers so you have warm water warming the containers and even the shell and while your food is also warming and then when it’s when your food is ready you’re going to jump the water I of the coarse-grained tip.

You want to stay your water you just put it back into the thing you poured it into and once it cools off I use it to water my plants later that day but you’re going to pour out the water and then such a warm food scoop it out directly from them being nice and warm on a stovetop into your containers then you’re going to seal those up pressing your lips on top of them stacking them on top of each other and then you’re going to place the lid down and lock it on the side it will give it extra insulation if you place it into the bag mat like I mentioned earlier but that’s just kind of an extra bonus thing you could do personally I found that the wall with the water warming of the hip.

And too many things going on for me and my busy morning so I found my work food stays very warm even just to skip that step so it’s up to you if you would like to try that so we’ve been using these lunch boxes for a couple of weeks now and I am in love with them for starters they are quite the eye-catcher so everywhere I go people like what are you using what is this lunch box and I like proudly show it off and like see things are amazing it’s just a nice convenient way to carry home and food.

To wherever you need to be eating it at and how to stay warm I certainly don’t use a microwave so some types of in situations where I know I don’t have any a way to warm it up to my traditional way of a stovetop or a chair a toaster oven and so usually just pack something cold which is not my favourite thing to do I’d rather have my leftovers and with this by a lunchbox I’m able to do that so that’s coming to candy it’s really working out great for Avery as well she has so many more lunch options this year and she’s actually eating more of her lunch as opposed to just skipping the main portion that was probably the healthiest from home and just eating the snacks and things on the side so once question I had writing with giving these lunch boxes oh my gosh what if I don’t want everything to be warm in there what if for her lunch box.

You should have fruit or crackers or something on the side and the way we’ve kind of got around that is to pack for a nice warm lunch in here and then have in the bag mat place a container of another type of fruit or snack but you don’t really want to be warm and just place it in there so they thanks Divya for putting these lunch boxes and if you’re interested in learning more about them you can check below there’s a discount code that you can use on your first purchase to save 10% if you’re interested in giving it a try picture below what you will have to make your nice warm lunchbox and what you’re making this because you have a kind of a warm so thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time for the next screen tip okay.


Earlier, we used to keep our food wrapped in a cloth if we were planning to go out for a picnic or work. After all, there was no such technology to keep our food safe and warm or cold till lunchtime. But now, technology has upgraded itself. It has benefitted us in terms of small inventions to make our days convenient and happy. We have different lunch bags to eat tastier and healthy food with the development even if you are working. So, it’s a must to go for this product.

Our article will help you choose the best lunch bag for men, and you won’t regret your decision to invest the money in such a fantastic product. Examples are also there so that you can get the idea of the lunch bag to be purchased. Lastly, we bid you the best of luck with your ultimate purchase.

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