Best Knife Rolls for Chef’s Safety in 2021

Are you a professional chef or have just started your career as a chef?

Or are you a culinary student?

Are you a homemaker?

As we know every dish that goes out of the kitchen can be made without the help of a knife. So, are you worried about how to store them?

A majority of people leave their knives on the counter – or, even worse, chuck them into a cabinet. Did this sort of storage of those sharp knives accidentally fell and cause harm o you or any of your family members? If not then such careless keeping of the knives can end up in a dangerous situation which you must have never thought of.

Others have invested in a knife block or a magnetic wall storage system. The traditional solutions have significant flaws. To begin with, a knife block restricts you to the number of slots it includes. Blocks can be unsightly and take up valuable counter space, which many of us still lack. Fancy blocks have a bad reputation for dulling blades.

So let us make you known all these shortcomings while storing your knives can be overcome. Yes, with the help of a Knife Roll you can store your knives safely and it also aids to keep your knives sharp rather than letting them go blunt.

Buying Guide For The Best Knife Rolls in 2021

Be it whoever you are whatever your profession is storing those razor-sharp things can be a difficult task. But a Knife Roll comes to your rescue serving the purpose. Now you must be wondering what a Knife roll is?

A knife roll or knife bag can make storing and transporting kitchen knives much easier. The knives must be long-lasting, razor-sharp, and dependable. The Knife roll bag is a knife bag that keeps your knives and people secure. The knives’ edge can also be maintained thanks to the proper storage provided by the multiple compartments of these bags.

Now you must be convinced how important it is to have a Knife roll. If you don’t own one or planning to buy a new one that this article is just for you as we have tried to provide all the basic details along with price briefly which you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best Knife roll.


For reasons other than aesthetics, you should prioritize the material of the Kinfe roll. Canvas, cloth, waxed canvas, or a combination of materials: the possibilities are endless! Each has advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before purchasing a roll.

If it suits your needs and style, there is no right or wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the most common choices right now.

  • Polyester Canvas:

600D/600 denier canvas is the most popular type of canvas you’ll come across. A fabric’s density is measured in deniers; the higher the amount, the denser the fabric. The material is waterproof polyester, and it usually has a PVC backing for added moisture protection.

Polyester canvas is long-lasting and easy to clean. You can, however, obey the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer. The disadvantages are mainly in terms of appearance and color choices. However, this material is used in many chef bag for knives on the market.

  • Waxed Canvas:

Cotton canvas varies from polyester canvas in that it is made of cotton. Until spinning, the thread is treated with paraffin or beeswax to make it waterproof. If you choose a natural wax style, this can be a great fabric for the environmentally conscious chef.

The treatment of waxed canvas is a disadvantage. They must be washed by hand and dried by air. One advantage is that they’re easy to spot clean with soap and water.

  • Leather:

The leather design gives you a bit more style flexibility. They look fantastic and are sure to make a point. If you like, you can use leatherworking tools to further customize them. Cleaning leather is a big drawback. If you can’t do it yourself, recruit someone who knows how to deal with food-grade leather.

This means that nothing dangerous to humans or food preparation comes into contact with your blades. Before allowing any knife or utensil to come into contact with your pocket, make sure it is completely dry. If you don’t care for leather properly, it will rot.


The best size/capacity of the roll bag to purchase will be determined by the number of knives and equipment you plan to carry with you. You’ll need a greater ability if you have a ton of knives and equipment.

For example, you can’t expect a 6-slot pocket knife cases to hold your entire toolset of more than ten tools. To prevent knives from scratching each other during transit, we believe the best knife roll should have each knife in its own slot.

Consider buying a rolling bag to hold all of your kitchen equipment if at all possible. You never know when you’ll need to bring the whole thing with you for an outside catering job.

Dimensions and Max Blade Size Matter:

Also, the best knife roll or bag can have limitations in terms of size or types of knives it can hold. If you have an 18-inch knife, for example, you won’t want to put it in a pocket that can only fit a 16-inch knife.

Some specialty pockets, such as cleaver pouches that house the knife at an angle, do not neatly small knife roll up to the maximum height. If you’re not sure how big your knives are, take a measurement of each one (and include the handle).

Refer to your list when researching storage and portable options, as well as our ratings, and before making a purchase.

Ease of Carrying:

A knife roll is designed to make carrying your chef knives more convenient. It should have a sturdy handle and shoulder braces to make transporting it to your office or culinary school more convenient.

Though some models either have a handle or a shoulder strap, those that have both are highly recommended. You should think about the carrying system to avoid being upset if you don’t like the handle or the strap after you’ve bought it.

Make sure the straps and handle are sturdy. Padding for comfort is a bonus.


A knife roll’s appearance and aesthetics are the ones that are going to steal the show. Do you prefer a knife roll that looks like a backpack or one that you can hold in one hand? This may seem insignificant to certain people.

but the existence of a pocket knife cases is determined by how it is used and carried. So, look for a product that meets your requirements and complements your personal style. The majority of the choices we discussed today include a shoulder brace that can be adjusted.

Our recommendation is to select one of them so that you can hold it both in your hands as well as on your shoulders.

Build Quality:

This is where things start to get complicated. When inspecting rolls, pay attention to the specifics such as stitching, material quality, and the overall design of the bag. This is the most effective way to see if the bag meets your expectations and tastes.

If the build quality of a bag does not meet your expectations, it may be wise to avoid purchasing it and instead look at other options.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Many knife rolls aren’t machine washable or dry cleanable. They can only be cleaned with a soft brush and a wet, damp cloth.

When it comes to a leather knife roll it is simple to care for and maintain. Wash away any dust, debris, or dirt that has accumulated. Using a wet damp cloth to spot clean. Machine washing, dry cleaning.

Or using any detergents on the knife roFVll is not recommended because it may damage the leather fibers. Some leather knife rolls have a wax coating that acts as a natural protective barrier; however, if washed improperly, the wax coating will wear away over time.

Available Price:

When you are searching for the best knife roll, in the market you will be able to get a lot of options having different price ranges.

The truth is that if the quality is important to you, you will have to spend more. It is important that you understand the price of any chef’s knife bag before purchasing it. The price does not have to be astronomically high; however, it must be significant.

This does not mean you need to buy the one which is cheap as that might be a compromise with the quality as well as longevity. So, it is our recommendation to buy the one that offers all that you need from a Knife roll, having great durability.

FAQs on Best Knife Rolls in 2021

What Equipment Does Every Chef Possess?

Aside from a proper knife set, a skilled chef may need a few additional items. Cooking wooden spoons, a heat-resistant spatula, measuring cups, a grater, dry and wet measuring cups, a whisk, a strainer, and tongs are all included.

A chef should also have a suitable bag for their knives, as well as a vegetable peeler and a thermometer.

What is the maximum number of knives that a knife roll can hold?

The carrying capacity of different roll bags varies, ranging from four knives to more than twenty. The length of knives that the rolls or chefs knife bag can carry varies as well. Before buying a knife-carrying case, make sure it meets your needs by checking its carrying capabilities.

Is it true that knife bags prevent my knives from being dull?

Yes, it does. It ensures that your knives stay sharp and protected by keeping them separate and stable in their own compartment.

This is in contrast to throwing all the knives together or on top of each other, which would cause them to crush, harm each other, and even the bag you hold them in.

What's the point of getting a knife roll?

To begin, place all of your knives in the bags, including the chef's knife, utility knife, and several paring knives, among others.

Knowing which knives to put in your chef bag for knives should be simple if you know your knives. A peeler, honing steel, measuring spoon kit, sharpies/pens, thermometers, and any other necessary culinary tool should be carried in addition to knives.

Is it possible to dry clean the knife roll?

This is decided by the knife bag's construction material. Some knife rolls can be machine washed or dry cleaned, while others need spot cleaning.

So, before throwing the Knife roll bag into the washer, read the summary on the roll. If it's not machine-washable, a soft brush can be used to remove dirt and a damp cloth can be used to add shine.

What are the reasons that Chefs bring their own knives?

The majority of chefs believe that having their own knives and other cooking equipment gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

They also claim that using a knife that isn’t yours can be strange and awkward. Using other chefs’ knives can be risky because you have no control about how sharpened they are, and dull knives can cause injuries. These are some of the reasons chefs like to bring their own knives to the restaurant.

How to make a Knife Roll?

Video Transcript:

Oh going on everybody welcomes back to judge barbecue my name is Bradley Robinson and today I’m gonna show you how I put together this beautiful sharp pointy custom knife roll for my professional and personal needs coming up so ever since I started this channel I’ve gotten one request for a video more than any other and that is to talk about my knives whether it’s in the comments people damning me the tick-tock comments are full of just people ask me where I got this Carhartt knife said people didn’t know that Carl Hart made knives so today I’m gonna go through each of my knives why I chose it what I use it for and hopefully you can put together a knife roll for yourself.

As we speak can you make a video about what your knife kit can do buddy so to start things off let’s talk about the knife bag itself this is a Carhartt tool roll not necessarily meant for holding knives more meant for screwdrivers and wrenches that kind of thing but works pretty well for holding knives as well being a welding pitmaster hailing from the Northeast I’m a big fan of Carhartt proper fit and also this I was a gift from a good friend Evan Leroy so thanks Evan the only downside to this knife roll is that it’s pretty short so any knife that’s over eight inches is gonna poke out the top not very safe so probably gonna have to get a new bag here pretty soon maybe just keep this one around for the smaller knives so if you guys have any suggestions on a new knife?

Bag let me know in the comments below I lost the tip of this knife because of that so that’s one knife I reach for more than any of the rest it’s got to be this one this is the shouldn’t keiretsu k knife which is very similar to their eight-inch chef’s knife which I’ve got right here I use this knife for a long time pretty beat-up so it’s time for a new one so then I saw this one which is similar shape similar size cutting wise anyway and I gotta say I love it this little notch right here just fits your finger perfectly for holding a knife properly and makes cutting a dream also in compared to the traditional chef’s knife this one’s a little got a little less belly to it which makes using this tip a little bit nicer really great for cutting onions which is something I do quite often so yeah.

This is my go-to knife I use this all day every day highly recommended shouldn’t make some really great knives they’re very sharp really thin but the best part about them is that they’ve got a 16-degree edge on them which is crazy sharp and makes cutting through anything super precision and real easy the only downside to that though is that because it’s such a DIN knife it’s also a really fragile and delicate knife I’ve kind of chipped it up a little bit in certain spots I’m gonna have to take this to the stone here pretty soon and because this knife is so fragile that’s why I have two chef’s knives in my bag this is the boost Dolph what stop icon series eight-inch chef’s knife this thing is a workhorse it’s a lot thicker of steel and a much wider edge on it still very sharp.

Holds a really good edge really ergonomically designed but it can take much more of a beating this is what I use for hard vegetables cutting through ribs breaking down chicken wings anything that requires a lot of pressure or a lot of cutting power I’ll go for this another great benefit of having two chef’s knives is that they last longer you know if I just put all the work into this one it would go dull a lot quicker same with this one so having to really makes the longevity of your knives last a lot longer so precision vegetables delicate stuff hard chomp and beat it up moving on the second most-used knife and my knife roll has got to be this my red boning knife this is a Victorinox 6-inch semi-stiff boning knife really not much to it real cheap knife but it’s been a part of my knife kit since the early days of 2015 and for me, there’s really no other boning knife.

This is I’m just used to it and I’ve tried some nicer ones I bought this shun boning knife and I just didn’t like it I maybe it’s just cuz I’m used to using this one or because this one’s got a wider blade on it but I stick with these are real nice real cheap so easy to replace if they get dinged up or mess up sharpening them or something like that but the real reason I like these is because of this rubberized grip on here if you’re cutting through cases and cases of briskets or ten thousand beef cheeks there’s a lot of moisture involved in it could get really slippery and I was kind of sliding all over the place with this or if I used to roost off one so these stay nice to get a really good grip and yeah probably ten of these floating around the house I also have two of these in my knife.

Bad because I keep one real sharp for trimming briskets and cheeks and the other one is for breaking down hogs they’re really nice for doing the butcher grip and kind of breaking through spines and cutting through cartilage that kind of thing so again one’s kind of saved for precision one’s more of a workhorse the newest addition to my knife roll is this is the Gustav scimitar and this thing is awesome I got this mostly because it’s like a sword I think it’s really fun to play with but also it’s really great for cutting steaks I tend to buy big loins whether the strip loins are realized at the grocery store and then cut my own steaks however your thick I’d like them to be vacuumed upkeep them in the freezer or cutting pork steaks this thing is really great.

It’s kind of like a gigantic boning knife that you can go in one to get one really nice slice out of this and that way you’re not getting all those saw marks on big pieces of meat great knife a lot of fun another knife I keep in my bag is this guy this is an Ikon series as well this is a roost off 7-inch Santoku knife and this is really great for cut vegetables this thing I’ve seen a lot of cabbage a lot of Kay a lot of pickles a lot of jalapenos the reason I got it because it’s got these little dimples in the blade that helps veg not stick to the steel while you’re cutting along.

If you’re going through and cutting up a whole case of cucumbers or something they just come off the knife easier instead of riding up in clumping up and all that stuff so doesn’t get the most use so I’m usually dealing with meat but if I was just a home cook I probably wouldn’t have all these knives but because I use these knives at home and at work there’s a knife in my hand for like 50 hours every week so having a variety makes things very nice then moving down the line here I’ve got the old garlic crusher I got this basically cuz I’m a brad Leone fanboy and he kept talking about how much you love this thing so I found one on eBay a while back and I picked it up and I gotta say it’s really cool it’s really thin it’s a lot like a cleaver but its inner.

So you can actually get some really nice precision with it works as a bench scraper you know and really great for crushing garlic like this guy a lot it’s really great for vegetable kind of like a Chinese cleaver style, yeah pretty cool knife then last but not least I always keep this guy on my knife bag because this is the first and only knife I ever built myself I bought a piece of knife grade steel cut it down made this handle put a really nice sharp edge on it it was a fun little project to get back into it but this is a carbon steel knife which is the only one I’ve got in here and these are really great knives too they can hold a really sharp edge on it but the only problem.

Is the patina up and they can rust really badly this knife it’s very clean it’s just got that stained metal look and some people really like that but for me, because I use these knives all the time I recommend sticking with stainless maybe one day I’ll get back into making knives expect that video in the distant future a few other knives that I don’t keep in my life role because they won’t fit or I don’t use them very often is, of course, the bread slicer you’ve seen this is perfect for slicing briskets cutting up ribs this is kind of the BBQ knife also works really well as a bread knife who’d thought but this is your classic scalloped dimpled serrated bread knife.

Highly recommend I also have a cleaver this kind of lives at Laroy and Lewis this is great for breaking down hogs cracking through bones a good cleaver comes in handy more often than you’d think we make chicharrones lye and I have to dice up a bunch of skin and having a big thick cleaver like this makes easy work of it because it’s such tough skin the weight really helps you get a nice dice on it this is a Dexter Russel cleaver don’t eat anything too fancy but again I got it because I really like this plasticky grip on there you don’t want this thing flying.

All over the place love a good cleaver few other tools I always keep in mine I fro is first and foremost a marker this is just your classic sharpie there’s a sharpie Pro I have these because I use them in the welding shop because they’re grease proof which also works out really nice for a barbecue because things get a little greasy then as always thermometer thermapen yeah it’s that hot right now this thing is great it’s a pro I can trust it this is what the health department uses as well so I know it’s good stuff I keep a Microplane in my bag I don’t know why I very rarely use it it’s just when you need it comes in handy but I rarely need it it’s great for nutmeg or throws some garlic on there zest a lemon or something like that probably take it out of the bag down the line here a good veg peeler is always nice this is an oxy good grip one I like this style as opposed to the wider style.

Because you can go back and forth on like a carrot or something like that make quick work of it some good poultry shears kitchen shears are a must for taking spines out of chickens cutting up wings anything like that a good pair of shears comes in real handy dandy and that’s it that’s what’s living in my knife roll currently I try to switch it up every now and then boys on the hunt for good new knives because I’m a bit of a knife guy whether it’s pocket knives or kitchen knives can’t seem to get enough a few of you have asked about my pocket knife this is the micro tech ultra-tech OTF I just like because it’s kind of fancy but mostly because it’s one-handed.

Which is real nice open and close kind of too flashy though so you got to keep it on the down-low when it comes to sharpening knives first thing you need to do is get yourself knife steel these are super handy especially if you’re doing a lot of chopping and it’s really simple you just realign the edge every now and then every few times you’re cooking just go through you know taking off any steel you’re just kind of realigning the microscopic tip and I know a thing or two about it my ghost can’t beat it sorry but every six months to a year you do have to put a new edge on and that’s when you reach for your trusted whetstone this is just simple one thousand six thousand sides start rough finish nice and fine run it on your steel good to go also if I ever have chipped knives.

Or I need to put a new tip on something what I’ll do is I’ll bust out the little one-inch sander this thing a little belt sander this thing is really great because it’s got this little angle guide on it so you can start with some really high grit sandpaper and work your way all the way up to this which is a leather strop wheel gets a really razor-sharp edge on there so this is also what I used to make this little knife alright guys and that is it that is what I keep in my knife bag like I said it kind of rotates around sometimes different tools come in depending on the season and depending.

On what we’re cooking out Laroy and Luis again if I was just a home cook I wouldn’t use all these knives I’d probably just stick to the two nice chef’s knives a boning knife and the scissors are a really nice touch too but I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you now can go out and build your own knife set for your specific needs I’ll have links in the description for all these knives if you want to pick up any of these please like and subscribe to the channel it helps me out a lot hit me up on Instagram tik-to all those good things at judge BB Q.

As well for more content I also just launched my new website chugs BB Q calm where you can find all the information on Pitts waitlists smokers all that good stuff so hit that up as well let me know in the comments below what you guys want to see me cook next and until the next time I see you please go cook something outside, please.

Which closure should be used: a zipper or a snap button?

It is based on how you plan to use the bag. It is often preferable to choose a bag that is simple to open and close. If you’re a culinary student, for example, you may want to invest in a case that can be locked to ensure that no one else accidentally takes a knife from your pocket (or intentionally… you never know).

Clips, snap buttons, hook-and-loop fasteners, and zippers are only a few of the various closures that can be used on a knife bag. Prioritize your preferences when making a decision.


So there you have it: a detailed guide to the best chef rolls available, as well as how to tell a good roll from a mediocre one. Every chef has different requirements, so each will need a different set of rolls. The prices, designs, and uses of the bags differ greatly.

This is to ensure that there is chefs knife roll in the market for any form of chef, from experienced professionals to those just starting out in the culinary world. There is also a range of low-cost choices for the home cook looking for a proper knife storage solution for you.

If you pick the bag that meets all of your requirements lacking nothing and better if it has that vintage look, no one can tell you that you don’t have the right chef’s roll bag.

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