Best Kabob Skewers Buying Guide in 2021

Do you like Barbequing? Or do you like grilled foods?

Do you like Kababs or kabobs?

No one can resist the temptation of grilled food. They would make you go nuts with their aroma.

But grilling can be only possible with the use of skewers.

Barbeque is all about sharing when you’re grilling a dinner. If you have a set of skewers on hand, you can quickly make a filling and shareable meal.

Skewers are useful for cooking on the grill. Some of the benefits they offer are that they make it simple to expose the food to consistent heat without burning your hands. They are easy products that can be easily stored at any place. With the use of skewers, you can make the most of the barbecue grill.

Buying Guide for the Best Kabob Skewers in 2021

Shish kabobs, also known as kabobs, are meat and vegetable cubes chopped into one-inch cubes and skewered. “Kabobs” simply translates to “meat dish from the Middle East.” Most skewered meats and vegetables in America are referred to as kabobs.

While kabobs are not always cooked on a grill, they are frequently done so. This allows the meat to absorb the smoky grill flavor while also obtaining a good char. The skewer has a good char when using wooden skewers.

The kabob grill skewers are one of those handy little tools that you don’t think about until you need them, but they come in handy for a variety of uses. Kebabs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can do with a decent skewer.

They make it easier to cook all kinds of seafood over an open fire, provide a good rigid center for softer foods to clutch to, and are perfect for candy apples and other sweet treats. Some skewers are better for certain tasks than others, and there’s a tremendous degree of difference between different types of skewers, both in terms of quality and intended function, as well as in terms of how they might affect the taste of the food.

The key to excellent kabobs on the grill is to make sure they cook evenly. Before you put something on the grill, make sure it’s at a moderate temperature. Then, as the kabobs cook, rotate them frequently so that one side does not burn while the other remains raw.

A skewer is a common grilling accessory, but there are several different varieties. Some are better suited to meet, while others are better suited to fruit. You can also choose from a variety of handle designs, sizes, and blade styles. The key is to choose a product that you can use on a regular basis. So, this guide shall provide you with a detailed knowledge of the best features of a Kabob Skewer.

Types of Skewers

  • Bamboo Skewers:

With the exemption of specialty skewers for people who want to experiment with various woods, the majority of wooden skewers are made of bamboo. In contrast to metal skewers, which can be soaked, they can be soaked to add more flavor to the meal.

Because of its smooth texture, bamboo is perfect for skewers because it is easier to slide food onto it without splinters getting into the food. It’s also not as flammable as other types of wood, charring only when used on a grill.

Most supermarkets sell these low-cost disposable skewers. They come in a variety of lengths, with the shorter ones being ideal for appetizers.

  • Metal Skewers:

Stainless steel is also used for metal skewers. To add stability, the skewers can be flatter and wider or simply round. Others don’t have a handle to avoid burns when the skewer is grabbed.

People usually purchase metal kebab skewers because they don’t char either and they are not too expensive, thus, being easily available and affordable.

Further, you never have to worry about splintering.  Also, importantly, there’s no need to soak them unlike those of the wooden ones. However, after each use, you must wash them.  Because metal conducts heat more efficiently, the risk of people being burned is greater. Also, you cannot infuse flavor into them.

Metal skewers can be used for a long time. Most supermarkets carry simple 12-inch metal ones like the one shown here, as well as more decorative ones from kitchenware stores.

  • Wide Flat Metal Skewers:

When choosing between fully round skewers and more flat, wide skewers, the wider, flatter skewers should always be chosen. The reason for this is that a skewer that is broader and flatter will hold the meat better.

Specialty Flat Metal Skewers, which resemble swords but are intended to slice through meat, are also available. They’re then grilled over an open fire. This is quite general with specialty skewered kabobs, which come in hundreds of different variations all over the world.

Features for the Best Kabob Skewers in 2021


Some skewers have a loop on them to make them easier to handle and maneuver. Metal, plastic, or wood handles are available on some goods. Avoid skewers with plastic or wooden handles, as they are usually not heat resistant. Metal handles, on the other hand, heat up quickly, necessitating the use of heat-resistant gloves when handling them. You’ll burn your hands and the food if you don’t.

Fancy handles should be avoided, whether they are made of wood, plastic, or metal. Plastic and wood cannot withstand high temperatures, and thick metal handles retain too much heat, rendering them useless.


For even heat distribution and to prevent skewers from rolling out of control while grilling, the best grill skewer should have a flat blade. While the smooth, rounded alternatives may appear appealing, they often lead to disaster. Rounded skewers necessitate finding the right position, which takes time.

Furthermore, they cause an unevenly cooked meal. Using the flexible best shish kabob skewers is also a bad idea. It’s best to buy flat models, particularly if you want to make your skewers look like they’re from a professional chef.

Form and Shape of Skewer:

The shape of the skewers should be the first thing you should inspect. They should be easy to work with. There are no fancy handles to be found. They should be designed to be functional and have enough space to hold the skewers. Before making a decision, you should consider the length of the skewers.


While the non-stick coating allows for quick food release, it is not very long-lasting and is easily ruined by high heat. It is, however, advisable to invest in a good metal grill skewer. They aren’t durable also.

Double-Pronged Skewers:

Since there’s more space for the meat to rest on again and they won’t roll out of place when rotated, these ones may feel a lot more comfortable when skewering and rotating your food. However, skewering your food onto these will take a lot more time and effort, and you’ll be limited in how large or small you can keep your food.

Individually packaged appetizers and kabob grill skewers will no longer be available. It is preferable to use a single-pronged skewer because you can conveniently choose the size of the food and skewer it.

Food Pusher:

This mechanism aids in the removal of your food from the skewer. It’s possible that it’s made of plastic or metal. Food pushers are merely decorative addition to a standard skewer that provides no additional benefit.

Not only do they add weight to your skewer, making it more difficult to rotate and move around, but you could do the same work with your fingers, forks, or even tongs.

Ingredient suitability:

The majority of the skewers are interchangeable. They go well with meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese, and seafood. You must be certain that the skewers you choose are flexible. It’s best to avoid those skewers if they don’t work with a particular meal.


Look for wooden kabob skewers that are durable enough as you would not want the skewer to break down when you push through the ingredients in it. It should be durable enough to withstand all the pressure. This would also ensure that your purchase is worth it.


Skewer Sticks come in a variety of brands, each with its own distinct value. Most brands have some sort of distinctive selling proposition that sets them apart from their rivals. Also, every brand has certain advantages and disadvantages associated. So, we would recommend that you weigh down all pros and cons while buying a kabab skewer.

Ease of cleaning:

You must consider the cleaning process for the skewers. Skewers are frequently exposed to grease and oil. That is why it is critical to clean them after each use. Ideally, you should choose skewers that can be washed in the dishwasher. You won’t have to clean them manually if this is the case.

Available Prices

The price range of Kabab skewers ranges from INR 150 with not many equipped qualities and features to around INR 500 that are equipped with handles and other features also.

The metal and the wooden kabob skewers can be costly and thus would differ somewhere between the mentioned price range.

FAQs for the Best Kabob Skewers in 2021

What precaution do I need to take with Bamboo skewers?

To keep the Bamboo skewers from burning on the grill, soak them in water for at least 30 minutes before threading food on them. Before adding the meat and vegetables, gently coat them with non-stick cooking spray to make removal easier after grilling.

What type of skewer is best suitable?

The Stainless steel kabob skewers are a good investment if you plan to make kebabs frequently. They're more durable, will last a lifetime, and are easier to control over a flame than other alternatives.

Avoid using round metal skewers because the meat will spin mostly on the skewer when you try to flip it, making it difficult to cook the meat uniformly on all sides. Choose single-pronged flat metal skewers instead, which are much easier to turn.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Disposable Skewer?

Disposable skewers are distinguished by two main characteristics: their construction and their cost.

You want skewers made of a good wood that sharpens to a good point, stores well are heat resistant enough to not char too much and leave a sooty taste in the meat, and maybe even adds some flavor.

As a result, bamboo is practically the ideal material. It's pliable without being flimsy, and it's solid without being brittle. It has a good taste on its own; it's not overpowering, but it's visible as an undertone. It's also heat resistant, cooling rapidly and maintaining a pale color for an extended period of time.

Is metal or wood skewer preferable?

Disposable wooden kebab skewers are ideal for situations where there isn't a place to wash dishes. However, many people are afraid of setting them ablaze. Even if the tip of the bamboo skewers catches fire, which is hard to do with bamboo skewers, you can quickly extinguish it with a quick puff.

Metal skewers can be reused, which is better for the environment. They won't catch fire, but be careful because they will become extremely hot. You can buy ones with special handles that won't burn anyone who touches them, so they'll cost you more. Metal skewers, even the cheapest ones, are more costly than bamboo skewers.

It shall always depend upon the customer choice, so we would advise that you consider all other features also while buying one.

What all features shall I keep in mind while buying a Kabob Skewer?

If you only grill occasionally, disposable wood or bamboo will suffice. Investing in a set of metal skewers will pay off in the long run if you grill frequently in the summer. The ones with fancy handles should be avoided. The heat from the grill may kill plastic or wooden handles, while metal handles may retain too much heat and burn you.

Also, avoid skewers with food pushers. They're supposed to make removing food easier, but they take up space on the skewer and aren't necessary when tongs or your fingers will suffice. Flexible blades make cooking more difficult because they are more difficult to turn uniformly.

Choose large flat skewers with a flat blade so you don't have to spend as much time spinning your kebabs. Pay attention to the handle shape as well; a thin loop holds less heat and is easier to grab and turn on the grill, or to hold while eating. Finally, look for skewers that are easy to slide food off of, as this is likely to be the most difficult task for you or your visitors.

How do you make kebab skewers?

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to the in because what works my name is Dima if you’re just joining us this is a part 2 video of the skewer build and in this part, I’m going to show you how to install the hardware to make the skewers complete so the first thing I do is I cut all my Farrell’s to length and for this, I’m using a 3/4 inch copper coupler that plumbers use for tubing water lines or whatever you can find these at any hardware store and here I have six couplers that I’m cutting in half to make 12 Farrell’s since I’m using 12 handles for my skewer set.

So once I have them all cut I use this fixture that I made to make all my ferrule the same length here you can see the fixture that I’m using to cut those and all it is is just a counter board hold that up with the ferrule and holding down with a screw so once I have them all trimmed the next thing I go to is polishing all the ferals and I have a special jamb, Chuck, that you see here that I use to hold all those Farrell’s watch are definitely always use eye protection and some kind of a breathing mask dust collection at the same time you don’t want to be breathing the copper dust so what I usually do is I trim the ends that I cut on my table-saw to get rid of all any burrs and just make it smooth round over any sharp edges make sure that it’s all nice and smooth before.

I move on then I’m moving my tailstock to put pressure on that Jim Chuck so I could start sanding the outside usually I start with a coarse grit something about you know 150 grit moving up you can see here a close-up of that jamb Chuck and then the tailstock and I finish off with the Bott 600 grit what’s and that leaves it a really nice finish here you can see on the left the finish on the right so the next thing I do is I take a Dremel and I chant I do a little bit of a chamfer on this on the edge that’s gonna be against us against the tenon.

So that when I press them down it’s not gonna cut tenon I want to slide right on press nicely here you can see the difference so once I got them all polished the next thing I do is press on all the ferals to all the handles and for this, I’m just using a dead blow mallet and a piece of wood you can use a press if you have one I’m just using a dead lawyer brother so the next thing you want to do is you want to cut all the stainless steel skewers and for this, I use half-inch wide I think thick stainless steel flat that I get at my local steel center and I get about 144 inches in length and I haven’t gotten down into 2 and 1/2 if I can fit it in my car each half I can get about 3 skewers.

And here you can see me using a template to mark it so what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna make three cuts to 45 degrees and 192 give me three skewers out of that one piece remember to wear eye protection because the sparks fly everywhere so here you can see that I’ve got three cuts and there is my template that he so the next prep stages you need to cut shims to fit into the empty spaces and I have a special jig made that’s got a half-inch hole drilled and all I do is stick a rod into that hole cut that rod in half to give me two shims and I’d part that apart those gems off of that rod and I repeat this process until I get enough for all 12 handles so next comes the assembly stage and I put some glue inside the hole put in the stainless steel flat.

And then I used those shims to fill the gaps there sometimes they go in easy sometimes they go in tight once in a while you have to use a little adrift punch and then just wipe off the excess glue and here you can see the different stages in the process of the assembly so now what I do is I punch a center punch a hole so I could start drilling for the rivet is what holds everything together that way nothing kind of slips out so I use an eighth-inch drill to drill.

That hole so on the first drill I make sure that the hole is deep enough so my rivet fits all the way through the stainless and then I just go ahead and rip it all of them up so the last thing you want to do with the skewers is you want to sand the stainless spring this just makes it more presentable and removes any sharp edge and earth and here you can see the rough and the sanded skewer well thanks for watching part 2 of the kabob skewers I hope you enjoyed the video.

And I encourage you to make your own for family friends or for craft shows that you sell it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up comment down below if you got any questions and subscribe to see future videos see you next time.


Whether you refer to them as kebabs or even kabobs, meat on a stick is a summer season barbeque staple that is easy to get carried away with. It’s difficult to use the barbecue grill effectively without the right skewers.

It’s possible that you’ll end up burning your supper. As a result, it is always preferable to use kabob grill skewers. Once you consider all the above-mentioned features, then it is quite effortless to buy a kabob skewer.

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