Best Jerky Guns for Beef Recipes in 2021

Do you like jerky meat or do you love dried meat?

Are you worried about the process of making jerky?

There’s no substitute for homemade jerkies, and having a jerky gun on hand makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Are you looking for jerky guns but are unaware of what to look for?

Well, we have come to solve all your problems by bringing before you the best features of a jerky gun that helps in making jerky meat.

Jerky guns allow frequent jerky fans to make it with ground meat rather than long-fiber meat cuts, culminating in a less tough and fibrous product.

If you like jerky, you can have a jerky gun in your kitchen. This equipment is simple to operate. It is a practical tool for both beginners and professionals. It’s simple to figure out how to use this fantastic product.

Buying Guide for the Best Jerky Guns in 2021

Everyone appreciates good-tasting, high-quality meals that can be prepared with the proper cooking utensils. And if you’re a lover of dried jerky, a jerky shooter might be the most useful cooking tool you own. These instruments help you unleash your inner chef by allowing you to make delectable beef, turkey, pork, and any other type of jerky you want.

Manually pressurized jerky gun kit can be filled with seasoned ground meat. When the handle is fully packed, the meat is pushed out in a long tube or a flat strip, based on the tip used, so the meat can be cooked and dried for long-term storage.

In appearance, equipment parts, size, and method of use, a jerky gun resembles a sealing gun. The components of this apparatus are that it contains a stomper or press button that is mainly used to push raw ground meat towards the end of the pipe’s extrusion.

It aids in the removal of air pockets within the tube. It contains a tube or a container into which the raw ground beef is loaded.  It also has an outlet that connects to the tube’s end side. When you put raw meat inside, it forms thin strips or curved stick contours. Lastly, it has a dejected handle or trigger that generates force for pressing raw meat towards the jerky gun’s tube’s end.

We acknowledge that looking for the best jerky gun can be time-consuming and stressful. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best features of the best Jerky gun to make things easier for you.

Features of the Best Ice Crusher in 2021


Jerky guns are made of a variety of materials, but the most common are aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. These three main materials are even used in some models.

It’s important to remember that metal jerky gun are generally operated under pressure, particularly when the piston mechanism is being pushed through the container. When you apply too much pressure to a jerky gun that isn’t well-made, it may fall apart.

The materials used in your jerky gun will differ depending on how often and in what capacity you intend to use it. Jerky guns made of stainless steel or aluminum are much more durable and could be more ergonomic and simpler to use than those made of plastic, but they are also much more expensive.

Some models have clear plastic tubes as well. This has the added benefit of allowing you to see how much meat leaf you have on the shaft right away. Plastic, on the other hand, is not as durable as stainless steel or aluminum.


Before pushing the jerky gun, you load and pack the ground meat mixture into the barrel of the jerky gun. Barrels of various capacities are available in various models.

The longer the barrel, the less time you’ll spend reloading it, allowing you to finish the job faster. Larger barrels necessitate a more robust design, which has an impact on both cost and durability. Some models have different barrels to help with productivity.

The majority of them can hold nearly one pound of ground meat, with some have the capacity to hold up to two to three pounds. So, while buying you need to consider how much jerky you’d like to make in each loading and how big a family you’ll be feeding when choosing the gun’s capacity.

If you’re making jerky on a regular basis and feeding a big group, a large-capacity jerky gun is a great option. You can load the barrel with more meat, reducing loading times and speeding up the process. A ground beef jerky gun with a smaller capacity is ideal for making jerky for a small group. In addition, the gun is smaller and easier to store.

Nozzle or the Jerky Tip:

If you know you’ll be buying the jerky for a long time, get one that’s made to last. If you’re just experimenting with jerky-making to see if it’s for you, you can start with a cheaper model and upgrade later.

The nozzle that connects to the jerky gun’s outlet is perhaps the most important attachment. When you pull the trigger, the pressure inside the tube pushes the meat out the other end. By using the appropriate nozzle, you can customize the shape and size of your jerkies. A jerky gun typically comes with two types of nozzles: one for thin, flat jerky and another one for long, rounded strips.

The style of jerky you make will be determined by the tips on your jerky gun. You’ll need to use the circular tip if you really like narrow meat tubes like pepperoni or cheese sticks that are commonly sold as snacks. But you need to use the fan tip for getting a flat strip of jerky.

Meat Cylinder:

Generally, Plastic or aluminum will be used to make the meat cylinder. If you don’t pack this cylinder tightly enough with the ground meat mixture, the cylinder will be full of air pockets, and your jerky will be inconsistent in thickness, burning in some places and failing to dry entirely in others.

To make it easier to get the ground meat mixture into the tube, many commercial jerky gun tips come with a feeding flange and a tamper.

Pressurizing Mechanism:

A handle and a piston mechanism are usually included in this section of your jerky gun. Ensure to check your ground meat for large chunks that could get caught in the tip when combining it, especially if you grind your own meat or are dealing with meat.

If your jerky gun’s tip is constructed of stainless steel and the pumping handle is crafted out of plastic, pushing a large chunk of meat via the tip would end up damaging the pumping handle, rendering the jerky gun ineffective. ​


Clogging and other disruptions to the meat cooking process should not be a problem for a jerky pistol. You should be able to use it without having to put in a lot of effort. Furthermore, it would be ideal if the jerky gun had sufficient ergonomics to make it easy to use.

Less Wastage:

When using a jerky gun, you can minimize the amount of meat waste that occurs when cutting meat the traditional way. When making jerky, you should keep in mind that every pound of meat counts.


Cleaning can be one of the most hectic processes. After you’ve completed the jerky-making process, you’ll need to clean up. Cleaning some jerky guns is easier than cleaning others.

Some jerky guns have options that enable them to break down into smaller pieces and/or come with brushes to help with clean-up. Most models are designed to be hand-washed with hot, soapy water, but some are designed to be put in the dishwasher, which can be a useful feature if you are not a cleaning freak.


Jerky Guns come in a variety of brands, each with its own distinct value. Most brands have some sort of distinctive selling proposition that sets them apart from their rivals. You need to research the brands while buying one.

Extra Attachments:

Manufacturers sell seasoning and curing ingredients, as well as cleaning kits, with some of their products. These packages are perfect if you’re just getting started with jerky-making so you can start making jerky right away.

Available Prices

The commercial jerky gun are available in the price range of $15 to $50 where the cheap and low-cost ones starting from $15 and ranging towards high-quality products available at $50.

FAQs for the Best Ice Crusher in 2021

What is the maximum amount of meat that the Jerky Gun can hold?

The ground beef jerky gun can carry between 1 and 2 pounds of meat. This range may differ from one model to the next.

Are all parts of the jerky gun covered by the warranty?

Yes, all components can be replaced if they fail to function properly or if they arrive during the warranty period.

Do Jerky guns require electricity to run?

No, this device is not powered by electricity. It's a small handheld device that produces jerky strips. You would not require electricity for this purpose.

Is a jerky gun necessarily needed to make jerky?

No, although you would not necessarily need a jerky gun and you can make jerky by slicing it or grinding it, making ground meat jerky with a jerky gun is much faster and easier than making it by hand.

Is it feasible to dismantle the parts of the jerky gun?

Of course, you can clean the jerky maker gun by removing the components. However, only a few models have this feature.

How to Use a Jerky Gun?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys it’s laura here from little house big Alaska and I have gotten a couple of emails about how do you use a jerky gun and how do you make jerky out of ground beef jerky it’s super duper easy and here’s why because you use what they call a jerky gun essentially it looks like a cookie process except it’s made for extruding ground beef so this is the trigger you see so you pull this back that’s the plunger and then as you’re extruding it’s pushing and it goes down the barrel and makes jerky out this end using this tip so I’ll show you how to load it will lay a couple of lines.

And then you can check out my beef ground beef jerky recipe if you’re interested right now I have a small batch of marinated meat that I’ve mixed up because I’m doing a little recipe testing usually I do a bowl with three pounds and it’s a lot fuller but I don’t want to do three pounds if it’s going to be a disgusting mess that I don’t want to eat a lot of so recipe testing is like that so you put this together first you put the extruder tube on or the tip on the tube and then you put it in like that and you want to leave this a little bit loose.

Because you’re going to want it to be the same direction as your trigger so you might need to adjust that get that and then you just twist that a little bit for me it just makes a lot of sense to lay it out like this you can’t you obviously could do it like this but this is just my preferred method and then this goes down when you’re pushing the ground beef out and then to get it back out of the barrel you just push this button back and open it and it’s ready and so if it was just me making jerky alone I’d definitely be digging in with my hands but since it a video I want to be touching my camera.

So I’m not gonna dig in with my hands so you just stuff this in I’m going to use a spoon you stick this in like that pack it all the way in you want to get any air bubbles out because that’ll cause your jerky to kind of come out with a pop and make a funny shape of the jerky strip and obviously you know you can make these Jerky’s you know if there’s a pop or you know an air bubble in there it’s not going to make a difference in how your jerky comes out it just you know looks better on the tray to me personally so there’s the loaded jerky gun you can see all will go like.

That there it’s starting to come out so then it’s just there’s one this is a little bit of a juicier recipe and there we go that is how you extrude jerky from your jerky gun and then you just when you’re when it’s empty and you’ve gotten all of your jerkies out you just press that button to pull your plunger back twist and fill the tube super-duper simple check out my jerky recipe at little house big Alaska go to the search bar and just type in jerky my probably one of my best searched recipes are ground beef jerky it’s fabulous it’s frugal my kids love it everyone eats it and um it’s just perfect for me no preservatives nothing in it so you do have to store it in the freezer or in the fridge but you can’t leave it on the shelf and you could freeze it in snack bags you can freeze it a lot of different ways just whatever works for your family just don’t leave it in your pantry or on the shelf have a great day.

Why do I need to use a jerky gun?

Ground meat jerky is preferred by many people since it has a more pliable texture and is easier to chew. When it comes to making ground meat jerky, a jerky gun makes creating flat, uniform strips of jerky or cylindrical snack sticks much easier than doing it by hand.

Making ground jerky at home with a jerky gun allows you to try out different recipes and season it to your liking.

How does a Jerky Gun work?

A jerky gun operates by putting a lean pack of ground meat into the ground beef jerky gun along with your spices and flavorings, then forcing it out onto your dehydrator trays or baking sheets. All you have to do now is sit back and wait for your dehydrator or oven to do its thing.

What the method of assembling a Jerky Gun?

To put together the best beef jerky, you’ll need to find your instruction manual first. If your super jerky blaster didn’t come with one, check the website where you bought it to see if there are any steps to make the process easier. Putting together a jerky gun is akin to putting other kitchen appliances together.

To begin, put all of the pieces together and wash the chamber with warm water. The nozzle must then be attached. With a few twists, this should be easy to put on.

What Is the best way to clean a Jerky Gun?

If you don’t have a long brush, cleaning a Jerky Cannon will be difficult. Many ground beef jerky guns include a premeasured brush that can be used to clean out the jerky chamber. You will, however, need to buy one if yours does not come with one.

We strongly advise against simply cleaning out your beef jerky dispenser with soap and water. This is because the meat will accumulate bacteria, and the meat will become contaminated each time you use it.

How To Make Deer Jerky In A Dehydrator! Weston Supply Jerky GUN?

Video Transcript:

Hey welcome back the city sticker today something a little different yeah look behind me pretty weird huh seeing Chris in the kitchen yeah what a joke but what we’re up to today is we’re gonna do a little product spotlight I’m not affiliated with these folks at all I know people that are they turned me on to this product and I want to try it but the question is what do you do with your deer meat seasons rifle season just ended and I was fortunate enough to kill and harvest some deer this year and have a ton of ground meat and what we’re after today is jerky who likes jerky everybody loves jerky right.

Well this is a jerky gun junior from Weston builds it and you can get this product right out of Walmart that’s the gun and they also sell small boxes there you can get their mixes for jerky Bologna’s and things but I just wanted to make the jerky so I actually used this all last year and enjoyed it so much that I thought I would put it on the channel here’s what the gun looks like and it has a tip as you can see it’ll squirt two strands of jerky out everything’s very good hard plastic the only thing is with the gum you can’t submerge it in the water you just want to clean this stainless steel rod off.

With soapy water and things but the rest of it I don’t think they recommend dishwashing either I think it’s all hand wash but I wanted to show you this today and I’ll bring you over here to the stove and let you see what I’m up to so the pre-mixed mixture that you buy to mix up your meat it’s a dry mixture of salts and spices and things you take five pounds of ground meat to throw it in a bowl mix it all together with a cup of water and they recommend rolling up these balls like this and that way it’s easier to shove down in a tube they give you a little stuffer jam it in there and squeeze it up so we’re gonna be doing is taking these large looking meatballs I kind of spin them outran them home fill the tube holds about one pound meat now the mix will do like I think it’s the box.

Says between 10 and 12 pounds of ground meat but I cut the mixture in half so I can do 5 pounds at a time so that’s what you get now squeeze it I show you how simple it is to do that squeeze it like a caulking gun you’ve got perfect strips of jerky right there that’s all it’s – this is nothing special it’s just a Mr. Coffee dehydrator that I got at Walmart I got the jerky gun at Walmart but mix it Walmart very inexpensive good way to use up deer meat maybe you got a bunch from last year you want to get rid of stock up the freezer with the fresh stuff works out very well.

Dehydrates so I don’t know I usually run it I know or something like that it’s fully done and this five-pound of meat equates to about believe it or not only like three-quart bags of jerky for you so there you go fresh from Chris’s kitchen that’s what I’m up to today what do you do at your meat let me know below drop me a comment how you do jerky or if you just if you process some room eat yourself what do you do with it I just thought it’d be quick little video show you what I’m doing I’m gonna get back to work so I can get this done the family gets I got the kitchen all to myself besides that I’ve got raw meat all over me I don’t feel like getting it all over the camera so have a good day I’ll catch you the next big one.

How do I choose the best Jerky Gun?

A jerky gun resembles a glue gun or a sealing gun in appearance. It’s made up of similar components, is the same size, and works in the same way. Each Weston original jerky gun will have four parts: a button or stomper, a tube or container to load the meat, an outlet that connects to the tube, and a handle or trigger to help deject the meat.

You’ll have a nice working jerky gun if you have all four of these components. Simply choose a jerky gun with a large enough capacity for the amount of jerky you’ll be making, as well as a jerky gun that can handle meats like turkey jerky, deer jerky, and beef jerky strips.


A jerky gun is a kitchen tool for making jerky by transforming seasoned ground meat into strips or uniform bits. A jerky gun’s basic components include a grip and trigger, a tube/cannon, and nozzles that convey ground meat in a variety of flat and cylindrical shapes.

To make dried jerky, these bits are dried in a food dehydrator or in a low-temperature oven. Other components, such as funnels, packers, and cleaning brushes, are included with some jerky maker gun guns.

So, now that you know the process of a jerky gun and the best features that are required to be possessed by one, your work just got much simpler.

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