Best Icing for Chocolate Cake Buying Guide in 2021

Are you baffled while deciding the best suitable icing flavor to compliment your chocolate cake?

Do you want your icing to remain soft for a longer duration after the cake is prepared?

Does your icing get lumpy even though you followed all the steps accordingly?

Well, choosing the right icing for the cake can be quite tricky and time-consuming. Thus, we have come up with content that will make you aware of chocolate cake’s best icing.

As you know, chocolate cake is one of the highly preferred cakes among teens and adults. So, without the perfect flavor, likely, the taste may not be as impressive as expected. To avoid any miss happening, you need to go for the right kind of product with all the necessary ingredients.

Our research found things to be considered for the purchase and the best and budget-friendly icings for your cake. In fact, their flavors and textures are so rich that they can be served serve as a cherry on your chocolate cake.

So, now it is time to get started with it.

Buying guide for the best icing for chocolate cake in 2021

To facilitate your buying process, we have customized a buying guide that will work as a map and guide you through the icing flavor purchasing journey. Going through a guide makes it easy o make up your mind and choose the best icing flavor. It becomes necessary to know all about the icings and what it consists of.

Features and Composition of Icing

Icing, or be it frosting, unlike the complex formulated decoration edibles, is a sweet, creamy glaze with sugary liquid texture. This texture of icing comes due to the two main contents – water and milk content. Icing is enriched with other vital ingredients such as butter, egg whites, cream cheese, and added flavorings.

It is basically used as a coating element in baking for decorating finished goods like cakes and muffins. It is also used as the sticking layer known as a filling between the cake sheets. It’s important to know that icing can also be molded and shaped to make flowers or leaves with other patterns. This is done to add variation in the birthday and wedding cakes’ decoration pattern using pastry or piping bags. Edible dyes can also be added to it if one wants to achieve any desired hue.

Difference Between Frosting And Icing

To start off with the primary textured difference, cake with cream cheese frosting is stiff, thick, and fluffy, consisting of either cream or butter. It pipes well and is used for coating the outside and the inner layers of the cake. On the other hand, icing is thin, glossy sugar glaze spread, which hardens on cooling and is used for detailed decorations of cake. Both are used in making cakes, muffins, cookies, doughnuts, and other confectionery items look tempting and irresistible.

Various Icing Textures

Basic icing consists of powered or confectionery sugar and water, which can also be flavored and colored, using lemon juice instead of water. Complex icings are made by beating fat with powdered sugar or melting them together with egg whites or whipping butter, or in some cases with glycerin or sour cream.

Categories of Icing

All the different types of Icings for cakes and other baked goods can be broadly categorized into 9 variants :

  • Royal Icing
  • Fondant Icing
  • Marshmallow Fondant Icing
  • Ganache Icing
  • Marzipan Icing
  • Couverture Chocolate Icing
  • Powdered Sugar Icing
  • Butter Cream Icing
  • Glaze Icing
  • Whipping Cream

The most commonly used ones are mentioned below in a detailed version to facilitate your choice options.

  • Royal Icing

It is hard, brittle white icing made from softly beaten egg whites, icing sugar, and sometimes lemon juice. Royal Icing is used in decorating Christmas cakes, wedding cakes, gingerbread houses, cookies, biscuits, etc. with a smooth covering or sharp peaks formation as per the preference.

Glycerine is also added to it to prevent icing from setting too hard. Some bakers put marzipan Sweet under the coating to prevent discoloration. It is best suited for layers and decorating cakes with flowers and other adhesive figures that can also be piped into shapes separately. It is done to harden on a nonstick surface and making its easy application on the cake for edible decorative effects. However, glycerine should be omitted before this.

The Royal icing recipe is best for creating snow effects on baked products. Bakers mostly prefer Meringue powder or ready-made pasteurized refrigerated egg whites rather than raw whites. It helps in avoiding the minimum chances of transmitting salmonella poisoning.

  • Fondant Icing

Fondant icing is french icing commonly referred to as a simple fondant used to decorate and sculpt cakes and pastries. Fondant is made from sugar, water, gelatin, vegetable fats, and glycerol. It is not textured as most icings and is like stuff clay-like rolled dough or a thick liquid. Poured fondant is the creamy confection used for filling and coating cakes and other baked goods.

The fondant icing cake is cooled slightly after cooking and should be stirred or beaten to incorporate air into the mixture. This procedure is to be repeated until it turns into an opaque mass with cram like consistency. Flavors can be added to it as per the requirements. Another fondant type is the rolled one, which is made of gelatin and food-grade glycerine. Sugar is kept pliable to create dough-like consistency. It is moved over the cake to fully cover it and is mostly used in colossal wedding cakes.

  • Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow Fondant is also one of the categories made by adding melted marshmallow shelf-stable to standard clay fondant. On the other hand, Sugar or Gum Paste Fondant is also made by adding egg whites, powdered sugar, and shortening to clay fondant and making figurines for cake decoration.

  • Ganache

The french icing glance sauce made from white or dark chocolate and cream is heated together in equal parts of weight. It provides an exceptional dark matte finish to cakes. The mixture is stirred and blended until smooth. To acquire desired extra flavors, liqueurs or extracts can be added to the mix. Butter is also added for shiny appearance, smooth texture, or corn syrup for shiny color and sweetening effect without crystallization. It is better to be used as a cake filling with whipped cold to increase the volume. It spreads as icing to cover the cake giving it a mouth-watering appearance.

  • Buttercream Frosting

Classic icing and filling are used inside cake layers and outside for coating cake as decoration. It is made by creaming together fats and powdered sugar. In it, the sugar amount can be altered by creating the desired consistency and lightness of frosting. Vanilla extracts and flavored oils can be used for additional taste. Buttercream frosting for cake can be made smooth and airy by adding eggs to it.

Basic buttercream is used to add various flavors to create the magic of taste in the cake. Some of them are Chocolate Buttercream, Meringue Buttercream, Italian Buttercream, French Buttercream, Salted Peanuts Buttercream, and whatever flavors one can imagine. But remember to keep it in the refrigerator as it melts quickly. Hence, it can’t be retained for many days.

  • Glaze

It is a glossy outer coating, mostly sweet and sometimes savory, as per personal taste preferences. The glaze is made from egg whites and basic icing with butter, sugar, milk, and certain oils. Glaze can also be prepared from fruits, and their juices are mostly used for pastries and candies. Recently mirror glaze effect had gained worldwide popularity when a Russian confectioner made a video and posted it. Mirror glaze is a standard glaze with a clear surface reflection of objects covering the cake’s full outer surface.

  • Application

Nothing can transform a cake from good to heavenly rather than the application of icing on it. Icing is applied with utensils such as knives, spatulas Icing, and piping bags, depending mainly on its type and consistency. It can be drizzled or dripped, rolled, or draped all over the cake. It can be used to fill in between cake sheets or used for decorative purposes on the cake’s outer surface and other baked items.

  • Pocket-Friendly Product

Pairing the right cake flavor with the proper filling and frosting can be a critical process to succeed. No one wants to wonder about the pricing factor between this confusion. When one gets the best icing for chocolate cake in one’s budget, then it is no let then a celebration. That’s why icing product in the market is not high-end and can be easily afforded by anyone, be it any brand or company. These vanilla cake frosting ranges make our life a bit sweeter. Because of this reason, one gets a variety of options to choose from without consulting the price factor while buying one.

Top variants for the best icing for chocolate cake in 2021

1. Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Gluten-Free Frosting– (Best chocolate cake frosting)

Best icing for chocolate cakeLet your chocolate cake taste wondrous with this rich, creamy frosting by Betty Crocker. Betty Crocker has been an ultimate brand for producing gluten-free products, which lies in its chocolate milk frosting. This easy chocolate icing for the cake is to be applied on the cake’s top and sides after the baking process to give a soothing effect and milky texture to the baked cake.

This chocolate cake frosting taste is so excellent and sweeter, offering a homemade taste. It consists of sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, and water as its main ingredients. Further, it has various healthy minerals and is prepared gluten-free, which also adds to the health.


  • It is gluten-free.
  • This chocolate cake icing can be the presence of milk ingredients too.
  • The taste is similar to homemade frostings.
  • There can be the addition of sprinkles, dry-fruits, or fruits on top of it.

Customers Feedback:

We love this frosting. My daughter and I have started baking and out of all of the icings this is one of our favorites. It is one of the easiest to spread, and tastes the best. The easy chocolate icing for cake is always a hit with the family. Just know as with any frosting you have to be careful spreading it, after a couple of spreads around the cake it will start to tear your cake.

I love to keep frosting stocked in our pantry. Sometimes we might not have the ingredients to make homemade frosting, so having a can of frosting readily available, is a must when you have kids (you never know when they’re going to come home needing cookies, cupcakes, or a cake for school/sports). I saw this Better Crocker Milk Chocolate on prime pantry, and with the price being reasonable, I decided to give the chocolate cake icing a try. The frosting was smooth and creamy, and the chocolate flavoring was just as good as homemade. I was very pleased with this frosting, and will be purchasing more, to keep our pantry stocked.

2. Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge Frosting– (Best sugar free frosting)

The best icing for chocolate cakeHere comes another famous brand Pillsbury. Pillsbury is one such brand that offers all the edible kitchen products, among which one of the best lies to be its chocolate fudge frosting.

This chocolate sugar free cream cheese frosting is a super creamy frosting, which adds a genuinely overwhelming taste to the cake. It can be used as icing, but you can even add textures with its help. Different designs can be added, such as flowers, spirals, or any other you desire.

Further, This sugar free frosting tastes so sweet. Well, this is the benefit which can be enjoyed with this superb product. It comes in a pack of two, each of 15oz. So, your one purchase can now work for such a long time and that too at a friendly price.


  • It tastes super sweet.
  • It is free from sugar, so it’s fit for diabetic persons.
  • The price charged is budget-friendly.
  • This sugar free chocolate frosting is indeed a chocolate fudge.

3. Wilton Decorator Preferred Chocolate Fondant– (Best chocolate cake frosting recipe)

Icing for chocolate cakeChocolate icing is indeed one of the best flavors you can apply to a chocolate cake. So, Wilton has come up with one of them. It has launched a chocolate fondant, which is indeed one of the best icings for chocolate cake. It is known to offer a creamy brown texture to the cake and similarly a mouth-watering taste too.

This cake frosting recipe creamy fondant is prepared from egg, milk, tree nuts, and some soy products. You can not only use this in icing the cakes, but also cupcakes as well as cookies. But do you know, there are more colors available in this fondant? Well, Yes! This chocolate cake icing recipe comes with more cute colors, which can create an enhanced look on your cake. Mixing the shades will give the cake a marbleized and tasty look, thus improving the texture.

Further, if you use some decorating kinds of stuff on the top of the cake, it will enhance the taste. So, you can use sprinkles, gems, chocolate, cookies, or jam to decorate it. Thus, making your own customized cake for the occasion.


  • It is certified kosher.
  • This fondant icing recipe gives a creamy and smooth look to the finally prepared cake.
  • With different shades of fondant mixed together, it gets a marbleized look.
  • This chocolate fondant comes at a reasonable price.

4. Duncan Hines Creamy Home Style Dark Chocolate Fudge Frosting– (Best gluten free icing)

Best chocolate icing for banana cakeNow, we come to a premium frosting by Duncan Hines. This brand has come up with a frosting having a taste of dark chocolate fudge and tasting even more, sweeter than ever.

The texture is creamy, and the application is so light that it will give you a homemade look and cover the layers smoothly. Thus making this gluten free icing easy to spread. This frosting is quite thick that it can be easily used to create designs and decorations on the cake. So, this time, you can use any decoration style you had wished for your cake. Not only for cake, but you can also use the same in cupcakes or muffins too.

If used on muffins, this dark chocolate fudge frosting can complete around 36 of them and an entire large cake of 13″ X 19″. Well, the most essential thing which is a must for your knowledge is that it is gluten-free. So, anyone of you can smoothly go for this product without thinking once. It comes with essential ingredients such as water, processed cocoa powder, water, vegetable oil, and additional flavors. However, there are some vital minerals, too, which adds to its health richness.


  • It comes with additional flavors.
  • It is gluten-free.
  • The texture offered is relatively smooth.
  • It offers a homemade look.
  • There are no hindrances faced in evenly spreading it.

5. Simple Mills Organic Chocolate Frosting with Coconut Oil– (Best homemade cake frosting)

Best chocolate icing for yellow cakeOrganic frostings can be something cool which you can go for your chocolate cake. These frostings are not only gluten-free but also vegan and egg-free. So, any individual who is allergic to gluten or isn’t consuming eggs can simply go for the organic frostings.

While conversing about this homemade cake frosting, we have come up with our final product by Simple Mills, which fulfills the desire of being organic. This frosting comes with a touch of coconut oil, which enhances its texture and is easy to spread. Further, chocolate frosting is quite creamy in nature. It appears to be homemade in taste, i.e.

not too sweet or less sweet. Moreover, This homemade chocolate icing for cake is free from any additional or artificial flavors or ingredients, making it more healthy to consume. So, what can be better than this frosting for the cakes?


  • It doesn’t contain any artificial flavor.
  • Once opened, it’s necessary to refrigerate it.
  • It is free from corn and gluten and certified as Non-GMO, organic, and vegan.

Customers Feedback:

I do not know what everyone is talking about who says this doesn’t taste good because it tastes amazing! Yes, it’s dairy free sugar cookie frosting so some people who are accustomed to dairy frostings may not like the taste; however, everyone who tasted the cake (I used the same company’s almond flour chocolate cake) raved about how lovely it tasted. I think the best part about it is that it’s not overly sweet. Sweet, but not overly so. The only qualm I have about it is that it is NOT as easy to spread as regular frosting, but I still managed with a bit more patience.

Dairy free chocolate frosting that actually tastes good. I thought it tasted like chocolate but not artificial like some other dairy free chocolate products I’ve tried. I used this on cupcakes made from the chocolate muffin/cupcake mix by the same brand. The frosting was easy to spread at room temperature, but it definitely hardened in the refrigerator. I expected the texture change in the fridge because there are no additives or preservatives. I just let the cupcakes sit a few minutes to warm up and did not have a problem. I have already bought this again to keep on hand. I have tried multiple products by this brand and have loved all of them.

For many years I have searched for a healthy frosting. Unfortunately when people hear the word “natural” they equate it to a tasteless, not satifying dish/item. However, this item has changed everything. I have put this frosting on chocolate cupcakes and have served it to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and have received the same reaction from both sides “complete shock”. Thanks so much Simple Mills, keep up the good work.

FAQs of Best Icing for Chocolate Cake in 2021

Can we fix split or lumpy buttercream?

If your buttercream is not coming together, don't worry as it can be caused due to temperature. Buttercream is an emulsion of fats and liquid which don't get easily mixed together. They have to be forced with the right temperature and physical mixing agitation to convert it into the smooth and creamy frosting.

Splitting can be fixed simply by heating or chilling the buttercream. When it is too cold and splits apart looking curdled and small clumps of butter and white liquid oozing out from the sides. A small portion can be heated and then mixed with the remaining cream to even out the temperature. The same goes for when buttercream is too hot and runny. A small portion of the entire quantity can be kept in the refrigerator to maintain the temperature consistency.

What consistency of icing should be used for piping cakes?

Piping is used in cakes and other bakery items for decorative purposes. A firm whisked mixture of icing sugar and softened butter should be used, holding its shape but doesn't get too hard. Hard chocolate icing for cake doesn't provide a smooth matte finish to the cake. Also, avoid over whisking of icing as it will create small air pockets. Food gels and colouring can be added to acquire the desired consistency. Flowers and leaves with other edible patterns can be piped on parchment paper and kept for 20 minutes in the refrigerator to harden them a bit before placing on the cake.

For how many days whipping cream remains in its shape?

Whipping cream may remain in its shape for as long as 3 days if refrigerated properly. Some people prefer adding gelatin, corn starch, or other cream substitutes to maintain the heavy texture. The heavier the cream and the longer it was whipped, the stiffer it will get by which it will stay longer in shape. It is crucial to start whipping it with cold cream, and during the whole whipping process, the cream should be kept cool even after that. Whipping cream can again stay intact for 24 hours at room temperature.

How long does extra icing last if kept in the freezer?

Icing can last up to a month in the fridge and up to 3 months if kept in the freezer. One can be relieved if healthy chocolate frosting is made and stored beforehand as all the hard work is done that way, and one doesn't get exhausted when the cake decoration part arrives. Hence all energy and mind can be utilized into creating beautiful cakes. Icing should be appropriately stored protected from air in either sealed piping bags with rubber bands or in airtight containers.

How long can frosting sit out at room temperature?

The frosting can go for up to 2 days at room temperature. Chill, the frosting won't get spoiled, or you won't get sick by consuming it as it's the high-fat amount, and a low amount of cream prevents it from spoiling. Indeed, there is some science behind it, but who would want a science lesson when one has a good frosting recipe to focus on.

How to do Frosting A Moist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache?

Video Transcript:

Today I’m going to show you how to frost a chocolate cake actually this is a moist choco this is the design of this paper alate cake with cling wrap so this is the chilled cake I prefer to chill it first before frosting it okay so here are the tools that I’m going to use again so the spatula, of course, this is the offset spatula scraper but it has designed here so depending on what design it was likely I am using always this is the design of this paper and of course the piping tip this is where the border here and going to fight later so this is number 22 and of course the piping bag this is the small size we are also using ear duck a court this is 10 inches size and the people Lerner.

Very important for us guys when frosting a cake it will help you a lot especially when we are going to level the to make your job easier when you level your crossing here using a scraper like that so it would be very easy would be easier for us to level the fake on the sides so this is the function of our label so if you don’t have these guys you can use so we have to anyway and you know to make things easier for us so if you have a stainless people stainless Bowl like this just put it there and stuff your pic there and voila okay so you can adjust so every time here are crossing on the sides like that so you can take your cake to slow me not that not as fast as the table turn our turntable rather so like that so so hope this will help you guys giving you tips on how to do it without using a certain type of car taking typical.

Or turntable turning table but every day you would like to call it okay so that’s it these are the tools as I have mentioned in this one so I’m going to use of course the rectangles for easy and fast frosting on my face that you are here so when you fight it, people, you know we could farm exactly so what I am saying is that one so that’s not okay because it’s covering your tip the design of your clip right so it should that’s perfectly okay can you fight it it will follow what is the design in your tip another let’s start on this up but you can put on the sides if you like.

It’s not it matters for me I started on the top and spreading it good night we have to prepare it in advance so when you make your chocolate ganache you use to kill it first so for the next day when you are going to use it you sell it first at room temperature because it is very you know very hard when you take it out from the fridge or chiller so you have to go set at room temperature so it will have a consistency like this one it’s very personal already and it’s very easy to versus you know what wouldn’t make a baby.

How to do frosting a cake with homemade chocolate buttercream?

Video Transcript:

Hi this is Jen from cookies cupcakes and cardio comm today I’m going to teach you how to make a very simple chocolate buttercream recipe all you need is your bowl your mixer sand or your hand beaters and you can get started right along with us so the ingredients that you’re going to need for this recipe are 1/2 a cup of butter 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract 3 cups of icing sugar or confectioners sugar you’re going to need approximately half a cup of milk but you probably won’t go through that we’re going to use tablespoon measurements of milk into the icing and 1/3 of a cup of cocoa so the first thing you want to do is whip your butter so just put it into your bowl and turn it on wanna make sure your butter is nice and light and fluffy before you start to add your other.

Looks about good for here so it’s going to give it a scrape to get it all back together next thing I’m going to add is just about half of my icing sugar gradually out of that into Bowl so out half and you want to start your mixer out very slowly just going to let it mix up until it starts to incorporate the butter I like to add about one teaspoon of milk at this point just helps the process so you can see that is slowly starting to come together with the bottom of the boulder and speed it up a little bit once it’s looking like this just more it’s stuck together it’s yellowish you can start to add your vanilla another teaspoon or tablespoon of milk.

And the rest of your icing sugar the slowly sprinkle that in there another tablespoon husband four in total we’re just going to pause here and scrape the bowl we want to make sure all the icing sugar that we’ve dumped in is now going to be mixed in before we add our cocoa so the consistency of your icing that you’re looking for is light and fluffy makes it easier to put on your cake and makes it easier to pipe your if you’re doing buttercream flowers or whatever if you’re at that stage of decorating give it one more mix then I’m going to add the cocoa so one-third of the cocoa and at some point in the recipe of this whenever I add the cocoa it likes to fly out of the bowl at me so I want to start it really slowly and finally nope flying coke over here I’m going to add about half of at East half of the tbsp they don’t want it to be too moist because it was at the perfect consistency before.

You see it’s got that nice dark rich colour scrape the bowl one more time before we call it to check the consistency at this point it’s a little bit heavy right now I might I think I’m going to add the last half of that tablespoon yeah it’s quite heavy to move okay last half tablespoon add it in and we’ll give it a final mix so there you have it that’s how you make chocolate buttercream frosting – I see a cake with and the next step obviously is to ice that cake so we’ll be right back with a chocolate cake and show you how to cover that one simply with this icing that you’ve made so we have the buttercream frosting all made up the chocolate version and over here I also have a chocolate cake that we actually made for another video so if you’re interested in learning how to make your own homemade chocolate cake from scratch find that video on our Channel.

And so I’m just going to show you a simple way to frost the cake cover the cake and icing however you want to call that and all you’re going to need is I just have a flat spatula here it’s used for cake decorating you could even use a butter knife you can use a kitchen spatula whatever you’ve got that’s handy just to smooth the icing back and forth pretty much you can use anything that would satisfy that so it’s going to take up this cake here actually first for up to trilliums I want to be able to anchor the cake to the board so I’m just putting a little bit of chocolate onto the board there and that just stops the cake from moving around too much.

So just find your um cake on the centre of the board here and I’m just going to put a dollop of icing into the middle and then I’m just going to use my spatula my knife whatever I’ve got on hand I’m just going to work it around this adds a little bit of sweetness in the centre of your cake if you’re using just the icing in the middle there’s also you can use lots of different things to fill the cake like pudding mousse and we actually have a video up on how to fill a cake with a homemade chocolate ganache and that is delicious so check that one out too if you’re interested in that just going to put a little layer in there not too much don’t go overboard on the sweetness then the next level we just bring over this cake over here put it up on top line it up and then we start to cover so I like to work with mostly icing up on the top I just find it’s easier to grab from rather than trying to get from the centre of the bowl.

So I just take a little dollop off the top here and I just stretch it down and wipe along the edge just going around and obviously the more times you go around the smoother it was it will get let’s give you the general idea here and chocolate is not forgiving when you’re making when you’re decorating a cake so all those messes will need to be cleaned up afterwards that’s all simple just use paper towel wipe off your cake board so I’m just going to make sure all of the cake on the sides is covered first and then we can start working on the top just going around filling in all the open gaps of the cake smoothing it out so if you are going to use a knife make sure you use a big one makes a smoothing out process a lot easier you don’t have to use a turntable you can use a regular plate and before I got a turntable actually use an upside-down Bowl with a plate on top it’s a little bit riskier.

But it still does the trick just go around a couple more times and then you can just continue to work it smoothing it out and you will have your very own homemade decorated chocolate cake covered with chocolate buttercream so I hope you enjoyed learning how to make homemade buttercream icing and how to Frost and cover the cake please send us any of your questions or comments we’d love to talk get into conversation with you and thank you for watching again and please subscribe to our Channel.

How To Decorate Chocolate Cake?

Video Transcript:

Today we’re going to be doing a festive cake for the holidays and we’ve baked a chocolate cake here yeah and so now I’m going to be frosting so cut your sponges in half so you normally have two layers of paper yeah so we can we can make a filling in the middle of it basically yeah and this is what the one you’re putting inside this is chocolate frosting what is chocolate frosting is butter icing and cocoa powder okay so it’s cool so that’s dunnock so that’s a double kick there we go it’s about good it’s a good six inches we’re gonna be using the same cream to cover the cake okay so now we’re going to make a crumb coating now for the people who can’t make that cream at home or for some diet reason do you have anything else.

So which they can normally I mean you can these products are widely available through supermarkets and so at your local supermarket can go and buy one any type of cream basically so you put it on the sides as well we put in we start on the sides we started with a very thin coat and this was stopped as you can see it’s crumbling all over yeah so this is we’re putting a very thin layer in the beginning so we can stop all this crummy nurse happening after we put a second layer now we’re going to add a let’s second layer let it sit for about five minutes so it can Frost either basically as soon as it’s frosted over which means it by touch when you can touch it and nothing comes off it’s ready to coat again.

Basically so are you very busy during Christmas I am you’re busy with the wedding says well I am busy very busy in the Christmas season because we have a lot of Christmas orders basically a lot of cake orders once you have kind of finished it, yeah you have to let it rest of it you let it rest for about five minutes 5-10 minutes so you can get a good smooth finish until I said it gets a frosting over it basically so what are you doing now I am just skimming it basically I’m going to give it a smoother finish but I don’t like it too smooth and some people might at home one perfectly smooth finish so if you get a paddle hold it at a 90-degree angle hold it up straight and then move your turntable as you’re going around well really smooth you should be able to get it smooth now with the same paddle if you take the top if there’s any.

Leftovers edging just pull it in as so right now if we clean the board so any frosting like you see here on the edging just take a cloth to take a lot yeah and wipe it off and just wipe it off and then you let this rest as well you let this rest for at least 5-10 minutes and so it can basically have skin and you can set basically so when you do touch it nothing will come off basically so done it’s frosted and set what do we do next now are we going to be decorating it with a stencil which you can probably buy it your DIY shop probably any social yes looks like a henna sign stencil to me Yeah right so any stencil from any DIY shop really just place it on top of your cake.

As so but because it’s still a bit probably a bit soft don’t press it down too much just gently write in a bow just put a bit of water in it you can buy these at your cake decorating shops really and we’ve got some coloured powder basically which is like a bit of a paint which we can put on to the cake itself so you take about a half a teaspoon of water yep and then you add your colouring into it and you basically want to make it into a paste you got your take the lead thank you and this is edible this is wonderful what does it made of ah I actually don’t know it doesn’t say are we going to use some edible glitter and just to spark it up a little bit ah beautiful.

All right we’re going to let that sit for a little bit um it’s an edible glitter which you can buy from your decorated cake decorating shop you can go to see beauty shopping no you can’t any and he’s got to be edible glitter so don’t just pick up any all clear up basically so final piping yep now I’m gonna go fry ping the edges so put a bit of pressure lift and drop pressure again lift and drop so keep cleaning in a little pattern different pattern on the top we’re going to be doing shapes on the top so you’re making an identical type yes.

Beautiful right so we’ve done the piping on the top now we’re going to lift our stencil Oh beautiful look at that very very nice right what’s next so now any mistakes that you’ve made so far so like I’ve made one just here fill that in a little bit I’ve gone in a little bit here I’ve not made this into a round shape even at the bottom if there’s any mistake sir don’t worry so you can buy these flowers obviously in your local supermarket and I’ve actually made these so if you buy you can buy sugar from your local supermarket rolling sugar basically you there’s something called rolling sugar.

Yeah like fondant fun will you find the fondant yeah and say and you can buy the cutters from the supermarkets as well the little flower cutter fondant generally would be white in colour you, yes and you mix it mix no you mix different colours into it basically and I’m doing it with a cutter and you can do it with the cutters or you buy ready-made or you can buy ready-made yes I will do right so what I’ve done basically any mistakes that I’ve made or wherever you can see you can put a flower in just put it in to cover it up basically could you do with real flowers you could do that with real flowers as well yes so let’s talk about your pricing structure a bit so this cake would sell for how much this one back 25 pounds yes gosh for that much money I’ll be buying 25 cakes for my birthday.

It’s it trust me we have this is worth every penny look at the amount of work he’s doing and you put this dust as well yes hey go thank you sir and your brush so ladies also edible glitter glitter glitter yes glitter I’m learning great very cockney accent, yeah well I enjoy it mm-hmm I enjoy teasing well it’s been an amazing journey I would say because these are the things which I normally wouldn’t do and then showed us how to do it but it’s been a pleasure to have down on the show thank you so much thank you for coming along and enriching our lives you.


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Hope you make the right decision for your bake and enjoy your baking session.

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