Best Ice-Cream Scoopers Buying Guide in 2021

How do you scoop out ice-cream for a chilling delicious bowl of homemade ice-cream?

Do you use your hand to scoop out?

Then your spoon would surely bend and you would end up getting ice-cream all over your handover. Moreover, the ice-cream would not even sit in the bowl in the perfect shape.

Can you scoop out a perfect round shaped ice-cream? Isn’t it a struggle to use a spoon to scoop out ice-cream?

With summers around the corner, you need to stop the struggle with the ice-cream scooping and start switching to a scoop for ice cream that makes it amazingly easy for you to scoop out perfect round-shaped scoops of ice-cream.

Buying Guide for the Best Ice-Cream Scoopers in 2021

A simple kitchen gadget, an ice cream scoop is a must if you want to make perfectly rounded mounds from your favorite ice cream. Ice cream fits perfectly into dessert bowls or on top of crispy cones when scooped smoothly with uniform shapes.

Even though all ice cream scoops have a similar design, they are not created equal. Quality materials and user-friendly structures distinguish scoops that last and are simple to use from those that lack longevity and functionality.

Furthermore, scoops come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the best one for you will depend on the firmness of the ice cream as well as the portion sizes you want.

But knowing about the features of the ice cream scoop spoon is a must when you plan on buying one. And this is why we have brought before you this guide to provide you more understanding about ice-cream scoopers.

Features for the Best Ice-Cream Scoopers in 2021


Instead of flimsy plastic, look for an ice cream scoop made of high-quality materials like stainless steel. If you’ll be scooping really frozen ice cream, this is particularly important to avoid the scoop bending or breaking. There are two types of ice cream scoops: one-piece and mechanical. Mechanical scoops usually have moving parts in the shape of a squeeze-release lever.

Design of Scoop:

The best scoops have a sharp edge that allows them to cut through even the firmest ice cream. Some also come with a pointed tip to aid in this mission. The perfect ice cream scoop heads should have a rounded head so that the ice cream forms a comfortable round ball and slides off easily. This allows the ice-cream to easily sit on the bowl and have a perfect shape for presentation. Generally, mechanical scoops usually work well for uniformly portioning food like for mashed potatoes and for the batter but are a little trickier to use for frozen ice cream due to their harder consistency.

Scoop tips:

The part of an ice cream scoop that scoops the ice cream into perfect portions is called the “scoop.” The design, though basic, differs slightly from scoop to scoop.

Slightly Pointed:

These scoops work well for breaking up hard ice cream.


This scoop is great for scooping firm ice cream and forming round servings.


Ideal for creating perfectly round, uniform mounds. These scoops are ideal for scooping soft ice cream and creating attractive ice cream cones.


It’s ideal for scooping up huge amounts of ice-cream.


It’s important to think about the material used to make the ice cream scoop. The material of the scooper is essential to know whether it is going to last longer or if it shall get damaged quickly.  You must ensure that the material is of high quality and long-lasting. As a result, stainless steel is the perfect material for an ice cream scoop spoon.

It is a non-toxic, lightweight material that was produced without the use of chemicals. Stainless steel is almost indestructible, and you’ll usually get a long warranty to prove it. The scoop’s fine finishing gives it a pleasing appearance. Besides, the stainless-steel scoops are rust-free and dishwasher resistant.

Other metals, such as cast aluminum or aluminum, are often used to make ice cream scoops, and they are similarly sturdy and long-lasting.  Metal tops and plastic or silicone-coated handles are used on some scoops.  Even all-plastic and wooden ice cream scoop sets are available, but they’re less common because they don’t last as long when used regularly or when scooping very firm ice cream.

The coating on the Handle:


Handles covered in hard plastic, rubber, or silicone are found on certain metal scoops. While this feature makes it easier to grip the handles, the coating will trap water and eventually break or peel off.


Ice cream scoops with straight or contoured handles are made of metal from top to bottom. They are the most durable of the bunch.

Heat conductive:

This special feature includes a handle that is normally double-walled and filled with a heat-conductive liquid. The liquid warms up as your hand warms the handle, making scooping hard ice cream easier. Hand washing and avoiding rough bumps or drops can help to keep these unique handles in good condition.


An ergonomic handle on a good ice cream scooper is easy to grasp and manipulate. The best ice cream scoop should have a handle that is neither too long nor too short. It should be the ideal size for scooping ice cream. Some ice cream scoop handle is angled or contoured to the hand for a more comfortable grip; others have built-in heat technology, such as heat conduction or defrost fluid, to aid in scooping and releasing frozen ice cream.

A handle with sufficient insulation is comfortable to keep for long periods, and an insulated handle is also non-slip. We would advise you to use an insulated handle for safety purposes.

You run the risk of easily tiring your hand with a non-ergonomic model. Also, make sure to choose a model with a long-lasting and comfortable handle. Models with elastomeric thermoplastic rubber grips or BPA-free food grips are the ones that we shall recommend and you are also preferable.  These handles have a pleasant feel to them and provide a firm grip.


The size of the scoop is also an essential factor while you go for a professional ice cream scoop. They are available in different sizes generally, such as in Extra Large, large, or medium and even average and small. We advise you to consider the amount you shall be serving and then decide on the size. Consider buying a larger scoop if small portions aren’t enough for you, or if you want to top cones or bowls with big, round mounds.


It is important to note the weight of an ice cream scoop when making a purchase. Heavyweight would not be an ideal function for this method since it is carried and used by hand. A heavy scooper would make it difficult for you to heavy ice cream scoop out ice-cream comfortably and would also simultaneously put a lot of pressure on your hand. We would recommend you to go for one with a lightweight to make work simpler and more fun.


Make sure you have an ice cream scoop that is worth every penny you spend while purchasing one. To achieve this, a good one should be strong and firm, allowing it to scoop large amounts of ice cream over a long period of time. It should also be rust-free to ensure that it lasts a long time. Stainless steel and aluminum are two of the most common materials.

Discolouring free:

It is not possible to use a scoop that has been discolored after being washed in the dishwasher. This may be harmful to the ones who consume. Even when washed in the dishwasher, a good quality scooper does not lose the color. This function will aid in maintaining high hygiene standards by making cleaning easier.

Non-stick surface:

If your ice-cream scooper leaves behind ice-cream or the ice-cream sticks to the surface of the scooper then it can be a waste.  You may want to serve several types of ice cream flavors to avoid mixing them up. To provide the service that you need, a good &  unique ice cream scoop should have a non-stick surface.


While no other kitchen utensil can scoop ice cream as well as an ice cream scoop, this versatile tool has a variety of other uses in the kitchen.

Not only confined to the scooping of ice-cream, but this can also be used to scoop out perfect shapes of melons. You can use it to make pancakes, cupcakes, and cookies by dividing the batter. You can use the ice-cream scooper to make burgers with just the right amount of ground beef, salmon, mashed beans, or other ingredients.

This can also be used to serve mashed potatoes, or unique ice cream scoop firm oils like coconut oil, vegetable oil, ghee, butter, or lard. You can use it for forming the fillings of several stuffed foods like vegetables, eggs, pasta shells. Another use of the scooper is to remove the pumpkin seed or to make a serving-size scoop of cottage cheese or tuna that can go with your salad.


It’s simple and an easy task to clean the ice cream scoops. Cleaning them does not require much effort. However, the majority of them are dishwasher safe, which will make your job even easier. The best ice cream scoop is one that can be washed by hand as well as in the dishwasher. So, it gives you an option to clean it any way you want. Even the stainless-steel ones are dishwasher-safe and you can easily wash them. Cleaning the ice-cream scoopers does not require many instructions and it is basically self-explanatory.


In general, a professional ice cream scoop with few edges and corners is easier to keep clean. Even, one with an effective non-stick coating not only ensures trouble-free ice cream release but is also easier to clean.


Storing of the Scoopers should also be considered while you buy one. If you do not have enough place to store you can go for the ones that have loops or holes that make it possible for you to hang it anywhere.


You should look into the ice cream scoopers warranty. Generally, the warranty period offered shall vary with each brand and manufacturer.  A good warranty period is usually included with the good quality ice cream scoop. This refers to the nature of the commodity you are purchasing. Good quality products generally have a longer period of warranty offered on the product. We would advise you to spend on a product that is crafted out of good quality material and provides a good warranty.

Available Prices

Although ice cream scoops aren’t particularly expensive, you can save a few dollars by opting for a basic model with a low price. However, keep in mind that saving money may come at the expense of longevity, and if you plan to scoop very firm frozen treats, a scoop with solid construction is a must.

Though inexpensive ice-cream scoopers are unlikely to be durable or long-lasting, there are options available for less than $6. You can spend a little more — between $7 and $12 — and still get a simple, affordable unique ice cream scoop that will last you for years.

But expect to pay between $13 and $25 for scoops with more functionality, such as advanced handles or trigger releases. On the other side, if you want a scoop that is designed to last and is made by a well-known company, you might have to pay $30 or more.

FrAQs for the Best Ice-Cream Scoopers in 2021

What type of material is best for the Ice-cream scooper?

Ice cream scoops made of stainless steel should still be your first option. They are rust-free and have a long life span. They are presentable enough as they would give you a perfect shape. Choose the non toxic ice cream scoop that is manufactured without the use of any chemicals.

Can the ice-cream scooper be washed in the dishwasher?

You should read the manufacturer's directions carefully before you clean. Some of them can be washed in the dishwasher, while others cannot. Generally, the stainless-steels ones are dishwasher safe. But we would advise reading the instructions.

Is an insulated handle ice-cream scooper preferable?

Yes, using an ice cream scoop with an insulated handle is often a smart idea. As a result, even though you have to make a lot of scoops at once, the handle will not get cold. Generally, the non-insulated ones would freeze if the ice-cream is too chilled.

Is it risky if the heat conductive fluid in an ice cream scoop handle leaks?

A food-safe oil is commonly used to conduct heat for more efficient ice cream scooping. Even though it isn't risky and leakage isn't normal, it's always a good idea to throw away any good quality ice cream scoop containing the fluid that leaks.

Is there anything I can do to avoid the trigger release feature on an ice cream scoop from malfunctioning?

Triggers on ice cream scoops, like any other hand-operated mechanism, will wear out over time. However, if you use the trigger gently, keep it clean and dry, and inspect the device periodically to ensure it is in good working order, it should last a long time.

How to scoop ice cream with scooper?

Video Transcript:

Okay now scooping ice cream is a little bit more complicated than most people think so we’re gonna go over the basics here this is our ice cream scoop so this is going to be for our normal scoops whenever we sell single scoop double scoops whenever we sell it to buy the scoop we’re going to use this scooper here it has the reddish end to it here whenever you do sundaes you’re going to use a different sized scoop and this one has the green ending to it this is going to be four banana splits custom sundaes anything hot fudge anything along those lines that have a predetermined price we’re going to make sure that we use the green scoop.

Here now if somebody orders a single scoop of ice cream and then want to add toppings to it you can do that as well but make sure you use the right size scoop so we charge differently for these scoop sizes so and they are much bigger different size there are much different size than one another so please make sure you’re using the right scoop and charging appropriately alright so moving on to the scooping I’m gonna use the smaller one to help illustrate how to properly scoop ice cream now what a lot of people will want to do is they want to push down and try to scoop it all out all at one time we don’t want to do that.

Now, this is a spherical shape inside of the scooper here so once we portion the ice cream correctly the ball of ice cream should be exactly that a ball of ice cream it will be a nice perfect sphere and we want to get a nice tight scoop out of whenever we’re scooping ice cream so we’re gonna start with vanilla so to do it again you don’t want to push down and try to get it all out at once you want to go just a little bit at a time so we’re just gonna scrape it off a little bit scrape.

A little bit more a little more until you have a nice browns scoop of ice cream you know if you look closely you can seem like it’s still inside the scoop here and we can work around until it’s a perfect ball of ice cream now if we keep doing that we can over scoop and if it’s like spilling out the edges here then you have too much ice cream and we’ve got to make sure that we have the correct amount of ice cream so if you look at the side of the scoop.

You don’t want it coming out the edges where you want it to be inside the scoop so that is one scoop of ice cream that will go into a sundae and again with the bigger scoop you’re gonna do the exact same thing just with this scoop okay I’m gonna go ahead and show you the difference in size between these two scoops of ice-cream again.

You want to pick up just a little bit at a time that this makes it a lot easier when the ice cream is super cold because it’s gonna be a lot harder to scoop but you can see the difference in size between those two scoops of ice cream so that’s the size that we’re gonna use in sundaes this is the size that we’re going to use on cones and waffle cones and in single and double scoop servings so we want to make sure that we’re using the right ones to help keep our food cost accurate and make sure that we can keep a consistent product across the board so that’s how you do that.

If I want to be able to wash my ice cream scoop in the dishwasher, what do I look for?

When it comes to buying a new ice cream scoop, if any of your dirty dishes end up in the dishwasher, longevity, and durability are a must. One that is likely to last you for several wash cycles will be made entirely of stainless steel, which is resistant to fire, water, and detergents.

What type of scooper should I buy if I have issues with the grip?

People with health issues like arthritis or tendonitis have a hard time grasping objects and exerting strength to complete tasks. For ice cream lovers with conditions that restrict hand strength, the best choice is the new ice cream scoop with a basic but powerful design and a contoured handle. Soft silicone or silicone rubber/ only rubber-coated handles also help to minimize hand pressure.


Ice-cream is jolly fun and what makes it more enjoyable is a perfect presentation of it. The ice-cream scoopers or scoop for ice cream would allow you to scoop out ice-creams easily at your homes and enjoy them at any time. This would also add more to your fun days. It’s So, what’s your excuse for not having one?

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