Best Electric Kettle for Coffee – Buying Guide in 2021

Want to start your day with a delightful coffee?

Are you tired of heating kettles over the stovetop?

Do you want a good electric kettle for your coffee?

If that is what you are looking for, then stop right here. Because we are going to tell you about the best electric kettle for coffee.

Electric kettles are well known for their tendency to heat liquids at a faster rate. The traditional kettles took a lot of time and gas. But the modern electric kettles run over the electricity that makes life easier for you and your money.

So why not look for some suitable electric kettles for coffee here?

We will begin with some guides that you should see before bringing a kettle to your house.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Kettle for Coffee in 2021

Here we have come up with some of the main points to be considered before purchasing the best electric kettle for coffee. These will let you buy an ideal kettle that will work for years and be cost-effective at the same time.

So, have a look!


The material of the electric kettle is very essential to see before buying it. You would not wish to hold a hot ball in your hand while pouring yourself a cup of coffee. So you need to make sure that the material of the electric kettle is excellent and sustainable.

The electric coffee kettle comes in various materials. The most common of them is steel or aluminum.

However, metals like iron and silver have also been used on a large scale by customers recently. These materials are safe to use while working with hot drinks. They are harmless on the outside. But do not put your hand inside a hot kettle to check its material.


An ideal insulator prevents two temperatures from mixing into one another. This should also be the notion of an electric kettle.

An electric kettle should stop the cold weather on the outside from entering inside the kettle. It should not just heat and let the environment do its job.

After heating some liquids in an electric heater, it should not get cold soon. The point of an insulator is to avoid the warmth from getting out and vice versa.

So the electric kettle should be a good insulator that can be trusted with your warm coffee.

Temperature Adjustment

One of the best factors that all modern electric kettle possesses is that its temperature can be regulated. Unlike stovetop kettles, electric kettles have the advantage of changing the temperature. You might be planning to drink your coffee just when you are about to sit with your book. Or you might wish to drink it at your wok.

The temperature of the electric kettle can be easily regulated according to the need of the customer. It can be hot for more extended hours or a little warm to have your drink right away.


The size of the electric kettle depends upon the purpose of the kettle. The smaller the size of the kettle, the lesser quantity it will hold.

So make sure you see where you are going to keep the kettle before buying one.

If you live alone in your cozy apartment, then you would only need the best small electric kettle for yourself. But if you have a family and everyone is a coffee drinker, you would want a larger kettle.

Other than this, if you want an electric kettle for your office, then you might as well have to share it with your fellow employees. Thus, here you would require an extra-large size of the electric kettle.


Whether you choose a cute electric kettle for yourself or someone else, health is above anything else. If you are not safe to use a product, you would not wish to buy that gift.

So the priority should always be your safety.

When we talk about the customer’s safety, we mean that the wiring of the kettle should be of top quality. It should not short circuit in the middle of getting your coffee warm. Nor should it conduct electricity.

When a product performs electricity, it gives an electric shock to the user. And nobody wants that.

So before buying any electric kettle, make sure you know about the company’s history from where you are buying it.


It is not just about the safety of the user, but also their health. Many kettles start forming limescale at the bottom of them after many uses. This limescale contains calcium in a large amount. This is not at all healthy for your body as it can damage your kidneys.

Before buying an electric kettle, you must see whether the kettle allows the water to form such substances. You should also know whether it is removable and how often it should be removed. This substance does not harm your body directly but slowly accumulates inside, just like under the kettle.

Even cleaning the base of the kettle should be comfortable and rust-free. This will keep your healthy coffee kettle and toaster hygienic and your life healthy.

Power Supply

An electric kettle works on electricity. The name suggests taking a few minutes to heat coffee or any other liquid inside it. So that states that it takes a lot of power to do its job.

Well, before buying any electric kettle, you should know how much power the kettle takes. The power supply taken by an electric kettle should be less enough to not cause a short circuit at your house.

On average, an electric kettle takes 1.5kWh of energy. In simple terms, it costs 0.18 cents per hour. This is both economical and safe for an average household.


An electric kettle should be durable for as long as it can. It is no secret that electric kettles need a lot of repairing frequently. But this should not be the case with the best electric kettle for coffee.

The electric kettle should be an ideal machine that can be operated easily. It should also last long so that the customer does not have to keep taking it to a hardware shop for its repair. Statistically, an electric kettle lasts up to 4 years on average. But the best should always be better than the rest.

So an electric kettle for coffee should last up to 5-6 years. This lifetime also involves the frequent cleaning of the product and proper care to make it last this long.


No matter how good the kettle is, it should come at an affordable price so that everyone can use it with complete satisfaction. There is no point in a kettle having the best quality, yet the customers could not afford to get one.

An excellent electric kettle should consist of all the factors but with a decent amount. The price of the object should be customer- friendly. The best cheap electric kettle costs up to $100 at most. But $30-50 is the average cost of the best electric kettle for coffee.


What good is a product if you are too shy to boast it off? Many products have the best of the features but not the right appearance.

So it is imperative to have the proper formation of the product. An electric kettle has various shapes and sizes. An electric kettle is usually opaque, but now they have started to come in glass containers too. This gives an aesthetic look to the kettle.

These kettles come in various shapes. The most common is the dome-shaped kettle. But recently, there has been extensive use of gooseneck shaped the best glass electric kettle too.


Every electric appliance must always come with a warranty and guarantee.

Warranty is a written assurance given by a company about the quality of the product. A warranty lasts up to 5 years, depending upon the company and its commitments. It is essential to have these warranties because there might be some defect in the product you might not be aware of.

So the company takes responsibility for the development and its repair.

An electric kettle for coffee and tea from a reputed brand always comes with a warranty. It is from 6 months to 2 years depending upon the brand selling it. However, some terms and conditions are to be followed for the warranty.

The Definitive Guide to Coffee Kettles

Video Transcript:

Morning everybody so recently people have been asking me hey Vince what kind of cattle should I be using to brew my coffees well I use three different kettles at the store I thought I’d do a video to kind of just explain everything to everybody and why choose different kettles for a different kind of brews hey everybody Vince here with another video, uh today we’re going to be talking about kettles and how to select a kettle most suitable for your home brewing experience today we’ll be showcasing four different kettles that I like to use at the shop um we’re going to be using this one the Casio kettle it’s 500 millilitres we’ve got the Buono kettles also from Hario this is about 700 millilitres.

We’ve got the time war one this is about four to five hundred millimetres as well and then we’ve got the bara vita the massive kettle that is one litre first we’re going to talk about the Katsuya kettles at the shop I use two different sizes there’s a 250 millilitre one and then there’s a 500-millilitre one as well the kettle is so nice it’s this beautiful black matte finished kettle but it just the angles and everything make it a beautiful kettle and the spout is actually quite phenomenal personally I really like the spout the spot has uh it’s got quite a large opening so it can actually hit really high speeds and the angle of the spout at the tip is just enough so that it doesn’t drip vertically but it drips in a very nice arc the bad side to this is that this kettle doesn’t have a lid so when I’m Brewing Drip Coffees the water does cool down significantly.

The control on this kettle is actually quite nice um the slower parts are fairly slow uh quite easy to hit that point and it is easy to hit a good balance but you can actually really push on this kettle so that’s really nice um the kettle itself is about 65 70 I think it’s quite worth the price so next we’re going to talk about the 700 millilitre Hario Buono kettle I think that’s how you say it on this list it’s probably my favourite um it comes in a couple of colours the one I currently use is the silver one it’s very simple it’s got a nice handle and the rest of it is silver I mean that’s about it so one of my favourite parts about this kettle is the handle is actually super comfortable to hold and the spout is actually nice and flat so you get a nice arc different kind of arc from the casual.

But it’s still got a nice arc the issue with it is probably that it is a stovetop kettle so you do have to either pour hot water in it or boil it on a heat source itself and there’s no thermometer or anything you could get that as an additional option but the stock one does not come with it this kettle goes for about 60 and the thermometer would be an additional 50 or 60 as well I believe next we have the time war kettle um this is a brand that’s not very well known in North America not a lot of people use it it is very good actually they also have really good hand grinders by the way but the kettle itself is it’s a sleek design it’s more rounded um than the other ones and it is a little bit taller and more vertical for its size but it is very very good to use um the spout is very different in a good way.

So one of my favourite things about this kettle is actually its spout the spout is like I said earlier it’s more vertical but at the tip, they pull it down a little bit more so the stream and the water flow is actually much more vertical when you pour because it also has a smaller opening it is much slower it’s much more controlled and it is much more vertical this allows for many different pouring techniques the issue with this kettle is that it is a stove cup kettle um you do have to pour hot water into it or you heat it up on a stovetop and there is no thermometer adapter for it like all other stovetop kettles it’s 60 lastly we have the one litre Bonavita kettle it’s the only electric kettle we have on this list and it is the standard kettle I use in my shop this isn’t my favourite kettle but it is the kettle I use the most being able to set the temperature is so convenient um the downside.

Of this kettle is it is chunky it’s very big and it is naturally heavier than the other kettles especially if you fill it with water if you need a lot of practice to be able to get good at controlling it this kettle I think retails for about 130 and it’s the most convenient of all four kettles I talked about the flow of the water during in the introduction of the kettles a couple of times I wanted to go a little bit more in-depth with it the flow of the water and understanding how your water pours out of the kettle is actually super important certain types of spouts and create different types of water flows and it allows you to I guess in a sense penetrate the coffee grinds a little bit differently, for example, the time more one the kettle because it pours more vertically it actually penetrates.

Deeper into the grinds so what I mean by penetration or water flow is it’s actually important to know because you can control essentially the way you want the water to move inside the dripper imagine your coffee grinds imagine the waters dripping onto the coffee grinds if it’s a steady stream versus it being droplets whether you pour slow too slow or pouring from too high it hits the grinds differently uh even if the amount of water per second is the same if you’re pouring from higher you’re going to get little droplets that hit the grinds and what that does is it sits more on the top as opposed to a stream that actually penetrates deeper into it so being able to pour closer or pour higher is actually something we need to think about so not only do we actually have to talk about the flow of the water.

We should talk about how close we get to pour to the dripper um earlier when I was talking about the kettles I said that the Buono kettle has a more horizontal uh spout and that’s actually important not just because of the shape of the arc of the water but because it’s longer at the end and in a more horizontal way you actually get to pour closer to the kettle or pour closer to the dripper why that’s important is actually the closer you are the less time the water is affected by gravity and that would affect the amount of agitation that goes on to your coffee grinds.

The less agitation at the beginning the easier it is to control the bloom um we talked about this in the last video and when you’re able to do that you can actually push for different types of speeds and control um you get sweeter and heavier textures if you’re able to control that as uh carefully earlier I talked about how certain spouts or necks are more horizontal or more vertical and why that’s important is it actually determines how high you’re pouring from for example on the 700-millilitre bone or kettle because it is more of a horizontal neck you’re able to pour closer.

To the dripper that allows you to control your blooms quite a bit better since there’s the less gravitational force on the water, it just creates less agitation at the beginning and so that can actually be a quite a bit of a bigger bonus it is something to think about whereas the vertical ones like the Bonavita kettle you’re going to be pouring for much higher and so you is going to be harder to control the earlier phases uh better so I do think that your kettle knowing it is very important I hope that after watching this video you’re able to understand which kettle you would like to buy based on the different characteristics.

I did go over a little bit more advanced stuff earlier and I hope that would help you refine your technique a little bit more as well different kettles as I said to have different techniques involved with them so if you ask me what kettle I would recommend for a first kettle it would definitely be the 700 millilitre Hario Buono kettle that one’s definitely the most consistent and it’s just the easiest to work with and start with if you found this video helpful please leave a like if you have any questions leave a comment below make sure to subscribe to us for weekly content and I’ll see you guys next time.

FAQs on the Best Electric kettle for coffee in 2021

How often should I change my electric kettle for coffee?

The answer to this question depends upon how often you use your electric kettle. Just like any other object, if you maintain it properly, it lasts longer.

Electric kettles need to be cleaned frequently and maintained. Water should not be left inside the kettle for several hours, and the plug should be switched off after its use.

If all of the precautions are maintained, then an electric kettle coffee maker can last up to 5 years. Other than that, the minimum life of a kettle is 6 months. But it all depends upon the way the kettle is maintained.

Why do electric kettles whistle?

Electric kettles whistle when the water has boiled enough, and it needs to take out the steamed air from it. Just like a balloon, if you keep filling a substance inside it, it will burst. But a kettle bursting will be far more dangerous than a balloon. So the kettle needs to only be filled as much as its size allows.

When the water is boiled, the air particles are released from it. Once it is done, there is not enough room for both water and air. This is why the kettles release the extra air to allow the hot water to stay in a vacuum. This is when it whistles.

How long does the electric kettle for a coffee keep the water hot?

If you keep an electric water kettle for coffee with boiling water inside untouched, then the water can stay warm for up to 2 hours. But if you keep opening the kettle, it cools down the water within a few minutes. And if you keep the kettle opened, then you cannot expect the water to stay warm.

An electric kettle works on the vacuum. It traps the heat inside the kettle and does not allow it to move outwards. So the water stays warm for a longer time, and so does your coffee.

What is the best material for electric kettles for coffee?

An electric kettle should be made of a material that keeps the water or liquids warm inside it for an extended period. It should be hot enough on the inside but not from the outside. A customer will hold the kettle with his bare hands, and it should be safe to keep.

Possessing the factors in mind, the electric kettle for coffee and tea should be made of stainless steel. This material will keep the liquids warm on the inside and provide the right insulation. It will also be harmless to your bare hands, and you can pour it down to cups and mugs quickly.

How should I clean my electric kettle?

An electric kettle may get dirty after several uses. By messy, we don't mean just on the outside.

In the process of boiling water, the mineral deposits of hard water settle down in the kettle. This is not hygienic or safe to consume by an average human body.

To clean these deposits, you can use dish soap by mixing it in some water and boiling it inside the kettle. This melts the deposits, and it can be scraped off with gentle hands from the kettle. However, you can also clean electric kettle with lemon as an alternative.

How to clean an electric kettle?

Video Transcript:

Hello lovely people and welcome back to an accidental adult it is fantastic to see you here again and today I’m gonna show you the easiest way to clean your cutter don’t you just hate it when you go to boil some water and you look inside your kettle and it’s just well today we’re going to fix that cleaning your kettle oil is super easy and you can do it in three ways depending on what you have available in your kitchen you can use white vinegar lemon juice or baking soda and they all give you the same results a super clean cut it no matters what you decide to use the steps are the same.

Today I’m using white vinegar start by removing the filter because this is delicate we’re not going to scrub it we’re just going to soak it in equal parts of white vinegar and water for five to ten minutes and it’ll clean itself [Music] next fill the cattle halfway with equal parts of white vinegar and water boil it then let it sit for 20 minutes or longer depending on how bad the limescale is 27 minutes later rinse.

It a couple of times to get rid of the vinegar smell and that’s it if there is a stubborn dill duck just boil and repeat until it’s keen you can also scrub stubborn areas with a brush [Music] I can see my face, Hey to avoid limescale buildup in the future make sure to empty. Out the water and the kettle after every use and clean it once a month to clean the outside of the kettle I just use an old rag and a regular cleaner and I spray a bit of cleaner on the rag and I just wipe.

If you can’t put the kettle in the sink and wipe it there because you’re not supposed to submerge it in water or because this parts will get ruined so I just like to put it on my lap and wipe it my kettle was already clean because I wipe it weekly but you get the idea you don’t have to wipe it weekly but I do because stains give me anxiety hey all right and that is all I have for you today I hope you guys enjoyed this video hit that like button if you did subscribe.

If you aren’t already thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time hello and thank you for watching the entire video I appreciate you and because you are so special to me I’m going to share with you a secret while shooting this video the audio file got corrupted and there was very little audio that I could salvage so instead of reshooting like a normal human I decided to lip-sync the entire thing and redo the sound effects so everything you heard in this video was fake with the exception.

Of one or two clips so I just want to know did you notice was it good was it worth all of the effort and pain just let me know in the comments please below just comment anything you can comment penguin and I’ll know I did well anyway if you want to see how I redid the audio here is a couple of clips I can see my face Hey.


The electric kettle is of more generous use when you are going out or staying alone. Thus, it is such an item that cannot be ignored. Even if you plan to present a useful gift to someone of your knowns, then the electric kettle for coffee is the best.

However, you should always go for the best brand offering the best electric kettle for coffee at a reasonable cost. Thus you have to be aware that no manufacturer fools you with the price and offers the same specs.

Rest, it all depends upon you. But always make a wise choice while purchasing electronic items.

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