Best Containers for Meal Prep Buying Guide in 2021

Are you looking for the best containers for meal prep?

Do you lack the thought of how to buy the best meal prep container?

Well, if purchasing the best containers for meal prep is becoming hectic for you, then you have come to the right place.

We are well aware that people are becoming highly concerned about hygiene around them and would never compromise with sanitization. So, in need of the best hygienic stuff, they are now diverting their mind towards mean preps. Though these meal preps look amazing and add to one’s lifestyle, it is quite challenging to manage them. Let’s see why:

  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to be carried around.
  • It can be challenging to store them.

So, it becomes crucial to make the right choice. But how?

To help you in your selection, we will be sharing the buying guide and the top variants of meal prep containers. Also, some FAQ’s have been included to reduce the hustle-bustle that comes in your head.

Buying Guide of the Best Containers for Meal Prep in 2021

‘So many brands and so many types. Tons of shapes.’

Huh! Which meal prep container to choose? To answer these questions, we are sharing below some points with you, which you must consider before making your purchase.

The material of the containers

This is the most important and the first thing that you have to keep in mind before purchasing the meal prep containers. This actually depends on your requirements, whether you need a plastic or a glass one.

The plastic storage containers are light in weight and do not break so easily. They are even attractive to look at. But the worst part is that they are not BPA free. But, for additional protection to avoid breaking, it is perfect for the kids.

Now, there are glass containers. These are chemically ideal for keeping in higher temperatures. So, you can place in microwaves or oven to warm up the food. They can even get rid of the stains and odor very quickly. But extra care is needed while handling them as there are high chances of its breakage. Moreover, these look very classy, but somewhere they are challenging to carry. If you have to take it in your car or are not required to take other heavy stuff, you can surely go for these.

The capacity of the containers

This is another factor for which you should wisely think. You should have a clear idea about how much quantity of food you need to store or carry with you. If you are thinking to pre-prepare the food and keep the food for 3 to 4 days, buy a little big container. But if you are looking for containers to carry to work or school daily, then average sized containers should be fit for you. Generally, 24oz containers are considered as averagely sized containers.

Temperature range

The containers for meal prep are considered to be strong enough to withstand high-temperature changes without reacting chemically.

The best containers for meal prep freezing are generally kept in the freezer or refrigerator so that the food inside them does not get spoilt. Sometimes we have to reheat the food. So, we quickly just place those boxes inside the microwave or oven. They should be able to survive those low as well as a high range of temperatures. Some containers release chemicals at higher or extremely lower temperatures. These are, of course, harmful to our health. So, you must check these things before you purchase them.

The Ease of Cleaning the Containers

Cleaning the containers properly and maintaining sanitation is a significant factor. Though sometimes it becomes hectic to clean the containers. But we have to at all costs because we do not want an after-food odor coming out of them. So, make sure that your meal prep containers can be quickly and hygienically washed in the dishwasher. As mentioned earlier, glass containers are much easy to maintain from the viewpoint of cleaning. These days silicon sealing is applied, which gets a miss-shaped shape on repeated washes of the container. So, clean them properly, keeping these points in mind, and purchase a firmer sealed one.

Compartments inside the containers

The type of food you want to keep within it is considered to select the compartments inside the containers. If you only need it for storing food in general, then you do not really need compartments. But if you are carrying lunch at your workplace or packing it for your husband or child, then they have to be there. It again depends on you what you put inside the best food storage containers for meal prep. Maybe in one compartment, you put bread, in other sauce, and fruits in the rest of them. So, you can buy them as per your needs and the needs of your family. One container with a few compartments is much easier to carry instead of carrying 2 or more small boxes for various items.

The lid of the containers

One of the critical aspects of a container is its lid. The lid is what matters the most, actually. You have to look very thoroughly at the lid before purchasing the container. The lid of the containers must have a firm grip. This is mandatory for all the containers or any container that you are buying. If the container’s lid is not tight enough, then whatever you fill inside, it will be leaked around.

It would create such a mess for you. Not only while traveling but even inside your fridge. Imagine food spilt over in the refrigerator or your car seat or a new dress of yours. How bad it would feel then! So if you do not want to see yourself in that mess, check the containers’ lid before you buy. Though most boxes these days are acquainted with liquid-tight seals and silicon seal strips. These types of seals prevent the food from spilling off. So, try to find the ones with these seals for yourself.

Do not ever compromise with the quality

These meal prep containers are not so cheap. You buy them once in a while. So, make sure that you purchase suitable quality containers. The best reusable containers for meal prep are different variants in quality as well. Sometimes you can get better quality at a lower price for a non-branded box. It is not that you only have to purchase the hypes and branded ones. But the assurance of the marker is of utmost importance. Once you compromise with the quality, it will only be a loss for you. The lower-grade containers get away with their lid’s grip and the silicon sealing very fast. If the lid becomes loose, then whatever you put in, it will just leak out. The food will slip out of it, creating a chaotic mess all around.

In fact, they lose their color in a few washes. Thus, giving an unsatisfied and unpleasant appearance.

Try to get a warranty

Some brands provide you with the warranty of the containers while others don’t. The main problem that is seen is with the lid and the grip of the lid. That loses its tightness and firmness. So, what these brands do is they give the warranty of the lid. So, if it gets spoilt before or within the warranty period, they change the container’s top. Or some companies even replace the whole container with a new one. So, keep an eye for the ones with a warranty while selecting your boxes.

Finalize the budget of the container

Budget is an obviously important factor that will be considering before your purchase. You have to make your purchase within your account. The budget matters a lot. So, if you purchase the glass containers, they are a little costly as they give a very classic appearance. But the plastic containers are a little cheaper. They are not even as heavy as the glass ones.

These days tons of meal prep containers fall in various ranges of money. They come in different designs and other properties. So, you can get the right meal prep container within your budget, and you need not stretch your budget extra for that. Thus, when you are looking for the product, you can sort it according to your price range, and it will show you items within your content.

Top 5 Variants for the Best Containers for Meal Prep in 2021

Deciding one meal prep container from thousands of boxes can be quite hectic. So, we have come up with the top 5 variants of meal prep containers from which you can choose one.

1. Large Glass Food Storage Containers with Locking Lids– (Best meal prep containers)

Best size for meal prep containersAILTEC brand has come up with unique and classy food storage containers made of glassware. The boxes offered by them are user-friendly when it comes to its usage and maintenance. This container is available in a pack of three with a 36oz of volume. These freshware meal prep containers are quite spacious.

So, of any one of you is looking for spacious glass containers, this can be the best choice. In fact, with this container, you can prepare and keep the meal in them conveniently without any worry about health. It will indeed save time as well. As you can easily prepare the meal beforehand and store it in the refrigerator. You can keep these best glass meal prep containers inside the fridge and microwave safely.


  • A small space created on top of the lid for the stainless-steel fork and spoon with comes along with this.
  • The locks of the lid are rotary shaft snap locks that are durable and lock the moisture.
  • The lid is a thick matte one.
  • This is a BPA free meal prep container.
  • It is safe to be used in a microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer.

Customers Feedback:

3 Pack Meal Prep Containers with Lids&Cutlery。I love how easy glass is to clean, Glass seems to be very good quality.Very happy I bought these!Great for left overs because you can safely heat up food in the microwave, without the dangers of plastic。 I keep my veggies and fruit in them, and they stack beautifully in my cabinet!containers are made with microwave, oven, and dishwasher-safe glass, re-heating and washing are quick and hassle-free.That’s a good choice.I love it.

I love & buy glass meal prep containers. Sometimes my husband likes to bring in left overs to work for dinner. I make a lot of soups and stews and these are perfect for that. I prefer a glass container to plastic. Although it makes it heavier, I just feel that glass is overall safer to have in contact with food. I know that the top is plastic but mostly the food is sitting in the bottom part. The lid with a space for silverware is genius! I knew it had a container for the utensils but I did not realize it came with them. I assumed I would have to put plastic silverware in there. These are about the same size as a plastic fork and spoon but the metal is just a little bit nicer. I also like that I do not have to take silverware from our drawer, so if he loses this, it’s not the end of the world. One of the best things, is that these are dishwasher safe! That is a must for me. I am sure we will get a lot of use out of these. Thanks for reading my review.

The best glass meal prep containers amazon are bigger, cooler are even cuter in person. The glass is thick! And the robin’s egg blue lid snaps on without any wiggling around or slipping. The little spoon and fork are adorable and should be comfortable for any age group to use. They fit nicely into the recessed area on the lid, which also snaps securely. It’s cool that you can make a dish, cover it and store it in your fridge then when you need to serve it, simply set the dish out. It’s attractive. You don’t need to fumble with saran wrap, or transfer your food from plastic gladware into a serving dish. The glass dishes stack up together to store also. I handwash mine, but these can go in dishwasher too. That said, the plastic is thick without much give and might break down and crack if you wash that in dishwasher. I’m super happy with these!

2. Bento Lunch Box– (Best hot food containers for lunch boxes)

Best food containers for meal prepHere we come to the lunchbox stainless-steel container offered by the brand – Habychoi. This container provided by this is quite firm and has a sleek design. It comes with leak-proof technology to provide safe food. Further.

This type of hot food containers for lunch boxes can easily be washed in a dishwasher too. So, you don’t have to work hard to keep it clean and hygienic. When we talk about storage, you can quickly put this box in the refrigerator and even the freezer. The glass is so hard that it won’t break even if it gets frozen.

And to warm the food, place the box directly into the oven or microwave and enjoy eating whatever you had put in these glass lunch box containers. The storage capacity of the box is excellent. It comes with 4 steel compartments, which can be removed easily as and when required. So, this facilitates easy cleaning of the containers.


  • It has an anti-rust and anti-corrosion formula. So, you can be mentally free from your containers getting spoiled.
  • These lunch boxes & travel food containers are included as a complimentary items with this product.
  • is easy to be carried anywhere.
  • A cutlery set of a spoon and fork comes along with this set.

3. Collapsible Silicon food Storage Container– (Best lunch box food containers)

Food containers for meal prepAre you searching for a vibrant kind of container? Or you want boxes for your kids? If so, then you can go for the containers offered by the brand, SuperDee Crop. This container store lunch box comes as a pack of 4, each with soft and vibrating colors, yellow, blue, green, and red.

This color offers an attractive look to the boxes, be these lunch box food containers of different sizes or styles. Furthermore, some of them come with a separate compartment, thus making the containers user-friendly.

As they are silicon-made containers, you can reheat them in a microwave or oven. In fact, you can store them in colder temperatures too.


  • These containers come with a non-stick as well as non-toxic formula.
  • The lid of the containers is firm and airtight to lock the moisture.
  • It is BPA free.
  • These lunch box lunch containers do not give an unpleasant taste or odor of silicon into the food.
  • It is easy to clean in a dishwasher.

Customers Feedback:

I have had So many compliments on these since I bought them! They are just such an ingenious design. I love the space saving aspect of them. I do meal prep and that often involves using many different containers throughout the week and those have to be usable, easily washable, and easily storable or they are worse than useless. These container store lunch box do all three and look nice too. The collapsible design really puts these over the top, saves space and is kinda space age too. I highly recommend them.

4. Freshware Meal Prep Containers– (Best amazon meal prep containers)

Best meal prep containers for bodybuildingThe meal prep container offered by Freshware is quite an impressive one when it comes to being budget-friendly. Yes! As these containers are available in bulk, it comes at a reduced price.

So, you can either buy them in sharing with 2 or people or for only yourself. Usually, these plastic meal prep containers are available in a set of 2 premium designed containers. Even its quality is quite impressive, durable, and sturdy. Further, these containers can be quickly piled up after their features of being stackable.

So, isn’t these amazon meal prep containers just perfect when it comes to their storage? Well, Yes! Every household requires products that have an adequate storage capacity just like this product has. It comes with a capacity of 24oz, which makes it perfect for office, school, picnic, and other outings. So, what do you need more in such a fantastic container?


  • They have three compartments, each with a volume of 12-6-6 oz, respectively.
  • It can be kept in ovens, microwaves, or freezers exceeding the heating temperature of +120°C and freezing weather of -40°C.
  • They are FDA approved, i.e., it’s a high-quality product.
  • These freshware meal prep containers act as a complete meal box.

Customers Feedback:

Love the plastic meal prep containers. Bought them for our family of six to make lunches. We had them about four months using daily before the first one cracked. Six months in we have lost one base and one lid. Still a great deal at less than $1 each. And I don’t have to get upset if someone loses/breaks one. Update: It’s been a little over a year and about half the lids have broken. This is with regular use from elementary age kids, getting tossed around in back packs and who knows what else. I’ll be purchasing another set!

We’re throwing away so much leftovers Because they would get lost in the fridge. This has allowed us to create meals in individual containers that we can grab throughout the day and week. My teenagers called them they’re homemade hungry mans LOL. What ever it takes to keep them fed and at healthy portions I’m happy to do. So glad we pundits these and they are so affordable. I am happy to say that we have use these regularly and they’ve held up quite well to the microwaving and dishwashing and fridge. A very smart purchase for anyone Who is wanting to make sure that leftovers don’t go to Waste or to prep healthy portion meals.

The meal prep salad containers have worked out great for my family. I have used them to make about lunches that I put in the freezer (limited space) and then make a handful of snack boxes to keep in my office fridge. I rotate which container I use to extend their life. I put them on the top rack of the dishwasher and they have been fine, but hand washing is probably better for them as it is most things. The compartments seem to stay sealed pretty well. Food stays where it should. It is nice having so many of them. I can have a set in freezer filled up, some in the dishwasher, and still have some ready to go when I am ready to cook a new batch of meals to put in them.

5. Glass Meal Prep Containers by C Crest– (Best glass meal prep containers)

Meal prep containers for bodybuildingCrest’s glass meal prep containers offer both a trendy look and premium quality when it comes to the glass. Its glass is indeed borosilicate, hard to break, and can withstand high temperatures without getting damaged. This indeed enhances the container’s quality to the maximum, thus making it sturdy.

Further, These prep naturals glass meal prep containers lid is made of such hard quality, thus preventing the food from getting spilled. Whatever food you put inside the container will not spill out of it. This set comes in a pack of 10 glass containers. In these packs, you will find 5 big containers and 5 small containers set to use as per the requirement.


  • The lid of the container is completely airtight, which prevents the moisture from going inside the box, thus increasing the shelf-life of the food.
  • It is straightforward to clean them as it comes with a removable silicone seal on the lid.
  • These glass prep meal containers is a dishwasher-proof product.
  • The material it is made from makes it an environmentally free product.
  • It is stackable.

Customers Feedback:

They fit nicely in our less than awesome dishwasher! The glass meal prep containers made in usa is my second set. I bought a set of 5-34 oz pale turquoise containers for my husband and loved how well the seals fit in them and how well they stacked in the dishwasher so much, that I bought another set for myself. These have a great warranty and the company replied almost immediately to my email, so I decided to go with this company again. They stack empty beautifully in the cupboard and I have already used them to freeze, refrigerate, and microwave food. The lid bowed a little when microwaving it straight from the freezer and I was disappointed that it wasn’t high quality, but I went to clean up after eating and it had gone back to its original shape. I fit 15 containers with lids all on one shelf in my cupboard.

The value is definitely there. The glass meal prep containers amazon are heavy weight, can be microwaved, long lasting unlike plastic meal prep containers, and I love that you get five large. I ordered 3 sets (orange, blue, green) and I was not disappointed. I worried about them being broke because there was no foam, just a box inside a box, but they were all in perfect condition. I feel these will last a long time, I do hope tho they start selling lid replacements separately because that is the only part is could see damaging easier. The mini ones are great for sauces, snacks, desserts, or if you’re someone who likes smaller meals or needs smaller portion containers (bariatric surgery). Very very happy with my purchase.

I ordered two sets of five large and five small glass containers for meal prep. The shipping was fast, and the glass prep meal containers were well packaged. On inspection, I noticed that four of the large lids had hairline cracks near the clips. I e-mailed the company using the address provided on a warrantee card included in the box. I was contacted within 12 hours, and after providing an order number, a new set of five large containers and lids was dispatched. I used a few of the containers to freeze a batch of pork chops. Three pork chops fit in the large container. It could probably fit four if needed. The clips were strong and not difficult to use at all. I like that the silicone ring in the lid comes out so it can be washed if food gets behind it. So far very pleased with the product and the company’s service.

FAQs on Best Containers for Meal Prep in 2021

What is BPA, and is it harmful?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. This is an industrial chemical that is very common in practice for making plastic and silicone products. It is used in many items like food storage items or the inner lining of canned food. It is also used in the bottles that are used for feeding babies. When BPA goes inside in our stomach through the nutrition contained in these storage products, it has the power to malfunction with a lot of our organs. If too much BPA is consumed, we can get affected by various diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and even infertility.

What exactly meant by Meal Prep?

Meal prep means planning of meal ahead of time. When you become too busy and don't have enough time, you do not get time to cook food for yourself. In this process, you eat anything that you get at that time quickly. But this damages your health and your diet. Thus, meal prep recipes are done beforehand to save time in the future.

You can prepare your dishes half done or entirely on the weekend and then keep eating them throughout the week. This will not help you in saving time but also be a little beneficial for your health. This is so because you will make the food at home with proper sanitation and cleanliness. Moreover, it will be nutritious food and not just those junk ones affecting your health and diet.

Are metal containers suitable for storing prepared meals?

Well, this depends on your requirements. If you want a unique design or little cheaper ones, then the metal storage containers are not meant for you. But otherwise, metal containers are suitable for durability. They are more durable than plastic or glass ones. They are resistant. In fact, Metal containers are considered to be useful even for the environment. This is so because they can be recycled, deformed, and converted into other more containers.

Another thing is your food is not visible from outside, so others will not see what you are carrying in your lunch. But it has some cons too. Metal containers are quite expensive and have a risk of corrosion also.

Is leaving the container's lid on top fine while microwaving it?

According to our experience, we would never advise you to keep the lids on while microwaving because there are chances of the container to explode. The microwave works with the mechanism of particles near moving and generating heat. If it is closed, it becomes very similar to a pressure cooker. If the lid is closed, too much pressure gets created within it. Eventually, if the content is liquid, it has chances of an explosion.

Can the meal prep glass container be directly put to the oven from the freezer?

No, this is something that you should never do. Though the glassware is designed to be kept in both freezers and microwaves, they will not withstand the fluctuation in temperature ranges. If you put chilled or freezing glass containers directly into the microwave, there are full chances for its breakage. so, don't do this with the best meal prep containers for bodybuilding.

How to Meal Prep on Containers?

Video Transcript:

What’s up guys and welcome to my kitchen so today is Sunday and in my house it usually means cleaning watching Disney and of course meal prep now I know that this video is highly requested so I thought today I’m actually going to show you guys kind of what I do and some of my favourite dishes to me so meal prep for me it saves me time saves me money and it stops me slipping up in my diet how many times have you been sitting working or out somewhere thinking I really need to eat and the closest place always seemed to be junk food always so for our household meal prep is a must and it is an absolute lifesaver so today I’m going to be showing you my curry at yoga chicken and also a protein snack box because for me it’s not only meals I personally love a snack so super important I have.

Something in the fridge that I can just grab and eat when I need that little pick-me-up between meals so before I begin guys don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed this video and also to subscribe as well I love seeing my little community grow so thank you guys if you are a subscriber to my channel promise you there is so much more to come I’m going to be starting with the main event and that is the chicken I have two tablespoons of olive oil I have one tablespoon of allspice I have one tablespoon of cumin I have one.

Tablespoon of red curry powder and half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper okay so I’m going to make my chicken and I’m simply just gonna mix all of this in it doesn’t matter how you do it guys because at the end of the day it’s all going to be mixed in any way now I love all of these fresh seasonings I don’t add any salt any of my mills because this is absolutely enough for a tasty dish so of course with clean hands I’m just going to rub it into the chicken another way you can do this is to actually put the seasonings into a bowl mix it together and then add it to the chicken but I’m keeping this real-life with you guys and I do everything the quick way as long as each bit is covered that’s all right with me another thing guys is that when you’re doing this make sure you pre-heat in the oven I.

Preheated mine to 350 so I’m also going to add a dollop of Greek yoghurt and mix this in as well okay so once I’m satisfied that everything is mixed in I’m going to transfer it to my baking tray so I have lightly greased it before placing the strips on when it comes to cooking chicken I don’t have one favourite way to do it and I used to grill it and then I started doing it just on the stove and now I actually like to bake it that’s when it depends what chicken I’m working with and obviously how much time I have if I do this on the stove it means I actually have to keep an eye on it and be turning it over whereas I’ve got other things to cook so if I stick it in the oven it’s a little less maintenance.

Okay so these are ready to go to the oven so what I probably do is bake them for about 15 to 20 minutes I do also have another batch of marinated chicken so in total it is two packets of chicken that I’ll be using I’m gonna move on to the quinoa it’s what I’m gonna have with my chicken so first I’m gonna boil some water for the pan and then I’m going to rinse one cup of quinoa so for every one cup of quinoa I use two cups of water and we’re going to cover I’m gonna put this on a low to medium heat now, of course, any good meal prep includes vegetables so we’re gonna go with my favourite and that is broccoli is my favourite green with it tons of benefits as well so I’ve already rinsed it and I’m just chopping them up and chucking them into the pan.

Okay so that is my broccoli chopped and into the pan, so I’m gonna add hot water and put it on a low to medium heat now I love my veg so I’m not only gonna be having broccoli I’m also going to be chopping up some mushrooms a red onion and also some peppers as well just as usual up a little bit you know I find it crazy when people say they find healthy foods boring, for example, I wouldn’t know how many people I’ve actually got into the kitchen and experimented a little bit you know it doesn’t have to be boring but it does require you to put a little bit of work in and a little bit of effort thing for me is actually a joy I am obsessed with cooking programs like you could ask them I think I Drive him crazy for the number of cooking shows I watch ok so now I’ve chopped up all the vegetables I’m going to heat the little oil in a pan.

And I’m gonna add this chicken on I’m quinoa on my broccoli and my stir-fry of mushrooms peppers and red onions on I’m estimating I have about 5 to 10 minutes left on everything so I’m gonna get started on the snack box now you may have seen this snack box in Starbucks or any other healthy places you go to and they literally charge a-killing for it so I’m going to show you how to make it for less okay so I have rinsed my celery I’m now just gonna chop it up.

So I’m adding these vegetables because personally, this is what I like so I’ll behave celery I’m gonna add apple cheese and boiled egg and grapes but feel free to switch it up to do you guys like strawberries add that instead carrots as well characters a great thing to add okay so I’m onto my apples so I’ve rinsed my apples and I’m just going to slice them up a so apart from the boiled egg I’m going to be making this is all there is to prep for the protein snack box so I’m gonna give these vegetables a last little rinse and I’m gonna put them away until I’m ready to make the whole box up.

So everything is cooked and now we’re at my favourite part and Eze dish enough now I like to do this because I never know how many of these boxes I can fill just always a little bit of the game we’ll see I’ve got ten out so fingers crossed this quinoa is so perfect look how fluffy it loves it so why do sometimes as well when I cook the quinoa what I didn’t do this time is um I’ll add vegetable or chicken stock just add so much flavour but because I already know I’m gonna have so much flavour in the meat I thought let me just keep it nice and simple and plain okay so I plate it up to my quinoa it’s crazy how sometimes I actually manage to overcook so I have so much broccoli here.

Never too many dreams right because we have so much to fit in these do you think I need to get bigger ones but these are quite handy for me because I’d say I eat around four small meals a day now as well as snacks on top of that as well okay next up I’m gonna add my stir-fried veg I’m gonna cheer just going to chuck it on the top of the quinoa and broccoli as you can tell presentation here yeah doesn’t read matter so my lovely chicken is done look how juicy it looks so my aim is to have two chicken pieces per container because they’re pre chunky to be fair and I didn’t actually count how much I have but we’ll see so by the time I’m done plating this up my eggs should be done and then I’m ready to finish off my protein boxes so what you’re going to be left with is some really nice juices from the chicken so I’m just going to evenly pour them over like a little gravy sort of goodness.

There you have it guys I have ten perfect meal prep mils so I know I mentioned that presentation isn’t really a big deal when it comes to meal prep I’m gonna sketch out some sesame seeds just on the top to make it look a little bit fancier because it’s nice we like to eat things that look good right there we are perfect so we are on to the final part already and that is my protein box so my eggs are done now please don’t judge me on how they look like I even checked through sim he said that the eggs over here they’re really hard to break the shell off so they look a little funky but protein nonetheless I’m gonna start by placing an egg in each one now I have a bit of a funny

Relationships with egg so I’m gonna make some for sim which has egg and some of mine which isn’t gonna have any okay so I’ve got some grapes I’m gonna just Chuck a bundle in now again with these protein boxes you can do as you please guys you can add whatever you like personally this for me makes a good old tree, okay and I’m gonna add my celery pieces finally I have some cheddar cheese, of course, guys this is optional you’re just gonna chuck some in because it’s super nice to have with it you can add peanut butter almond butter cream cheese.

Whatever you like to dip it in with there we have it they look pretty good to me for a snack and we are done thank you so many guys for joining me of my meal prep today if you did enjoy these video guys please leave a comment below and let me know because this is just one of my meal prep ideas I have plenty more that I’d love to share with you. All right so I’m gonna put Museum have a glass of red wine and eat one of these tasty meals all right guys until next time mwah.

How to Reheat Meal Prep?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys Adams and I are so excited because we finally have the answer to your biggest question of all time how do I reheat my meal prep you’ve probably noticed that in all of our description boxes we have the storage every hitting directions for each meal you’ve also probably noticed that we always say to either heat in a saute pan put back in your oven or eat it cold which leads to tons of questions from you guys who say that you go to work every day or you go to school every day and you don’t have access to an oven or stove we personally would not use microwaves.

So that’s not something that we’re going to recommend you do and this leads to the very awkward part where we don’t have an answer for you if you go to school or work and you don’t have access to an oven or so but today we finally have an answer for you and as you know we don’t really pitch many brands because 99% of them are not in alignment with our mission of making the world a healthier place this company followed up with me to quickly glance through it saw something about safe reheating methods and I was like off to check this out they sent it to me and now I have your answer the biggest answer to your biggest question of all time.

And I am so glad that I did check it out because this product is absolutely genius I have no idea where it’s been all of our lives I’m eating cold meal prep Adam and a cold meal for four years and years and years cold cold cold meal prep needless to say we’ve both been using it for weeks now and feel like our whole world has shifted it’s called hot logic and what it is is a mini personal portable oven seriously or as the Aussies would say seriously buff because they just end sentences with but it’s just the weirdest thing ever it uses low slow conduction heat which basically just means a low-key over a long period of time and what it does is bring food the ideal temperature without drying them out or burning you can use any flat bottom container like glass.

Tupperware metal or even BPA-free plastic there are no buttons any dials and note so you literally cannot mess this up all you have to do is put your meal prep container into the hot logic zip it up to plug it in walk away and come back whenever you’d like to eat it if you’re one of those people that put something in the oven and then walks away and forgets about it and comes back and it’s burned to a crisp that doesn’t happen in the hot logic you can literally put it in there completely forget about your food.

Come back for hours later and it’s still just puffins they ready to be eaten it’s like magic now you can take your meal prep with you and eat it hot wherever you want that even includes taking it to the gym for all the guys we’re like whoa – no-no food well yeah you can have hot chicken or it’s just for people who go to work or go to school and they just want a hot meal you can use it in dorm rooms it’s literally the smartest thing ever.

Get this they’ve even thought about people who are on the road travelling a lot including truck drivers or just people that take road trips or airline attendants so they even have a deluxe package with a power inverter so that you can plug it in in your car and eat it on the road although I would recommend pulling over first but just that you can heat it up in your car we know most of you already have meal prep in your fridge but what happens if that one sad day comes where you run out of meal prep and don’t have any in your freezer well before you leave for work you take a raw chicken breast and some veggies put it into the hot logic bring it to work and it’s ready to eat in two hours.

Just like an oven so now let’s take a quick trip to Australia so that Adam to show you how he’s been using his hot logic for the last couple of weeks hey guys anybody here and obviously got to jujitsu training I trained it to about five times a week and after travel an hour to get here so I thought I’ve done two hours of training of silver drive an hour home so I bring my hot logic to the gym with me and plug it in and then I let my meal cook while I’m training so I’m actually going to cook this meal all from frozen I’ve just got a frozen fish fill it here I’ve got some frozen green beans and some frozen cauliflower I’ve added some coconut oil and some herbs and some lemon juice.

And now I’ll just let it cook and then by the time I’ve finished training had a shower all ready to go my meal also ready to go and I’ll have a nice hot meal before I leave so there we go, guys, catch you soon okay guys training is done it’s almost the three hours that the fishes been cooking the hot logic so now is the moment of truth here we go check it open it’s very hot nice and warm that is cooked to that steam well let’s have a look, yeah these beans are cooked nice juices in there and this cauliflower is definitely cooked and the fish have a look oh yeah that flakes off perfectly cooked from frozen easy is that guys that are beautiful oh look at this perfect.

Not fair hot wow that’s definitely cooked all the way through tastes delicious this should be a big cup of cooked recipe definite go get some hot logic to catch you soon guys notice day since hot logic stands behind their products knowing how great it is they offer you a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and a free here extended warranty if you get from their website like what company gives you a three-year warranty just when we thought hot logic couldn’t get any cooler they just released this it’s a nine by thirteen hot logic so you know when you go to a party and you bring a casserole or something that’s in a nine by 13 pan and you say to the host.

Hey, host, do you have any room in your oven so that I can reheat this casserole so I can serve it warm to your guests and the host will see like she wants to rip your head off because she has twenty thousand other things that also need to be reheated in there to rack oven well now all you have to do is walk into the party holding your hot logic and your casserole and say excuse me host do you have an electrical outlet that I could hug this in so that this can be warm and delicious for your guests that host will be the happiest host ever so you can use it for that or I’ll tell you how I’ve been using the nine by thirteen my grandparents are in their late 80s and quite honestly my grandma’s just sick of cooking so I’ve been making her meal prep and putting it in her fridge.

And sometimes even the thought of reheating it on the stove is too much for her sometimes they also forget to turn off the flame on the stove which is quite dangerous so I’ve been giving her the nine by thirteen hot logic and she takes two containers out one for her well for my grandfather puts them in the nine by thirteen hot logic plugs in walks away she doesn’t have to clean any pots or pans she doesn’t have to worry about the flame and we don’t have to worry about the flame not to mention sometimes elderly people forget things so if she puts it in there around noon.

And forgets about it until dinner well guess what they can have for dinner and it won’t be burned or overcooked so safety is also a major factor here in the hot logic one of our top priorities when first speaking to hot logic was making sure that most of you would actually be able to purchase the product and have it shipped to your country so hot logic was generous enough to add our top geographies from the fit cup of cooks channel to their shipment list so if you live in US UK your Australia Germany Canada or New Zealand you’ll be able to actually have this shipped to you and for those of you who have loved comments saying where can I get the fit Packers if I don’t have Amazon in my country guess what pot logic also has fit Packers so you can now buy fit Packers from hot logic and get them shipped to you, yeah so many wins insert classic infomercial.

The catchphrase here but wait there’s more we know so many of you are gonna want to jump on this product so hot logic is offering fit couple cooks fans only a 20% discount on any of the products on their website Oh take it back and they’re even going to run a little promotion the first times are people who go to their website and buy something using the fit couple cooks coupon code will then be entered into a drawing where five of you will win a free hot logic will call you up and let you know that you’ve won a free one and will also announce the winners in an upcoming video.

So but now you’re probably wondering how the heck do I get my hands on this product all you have to do is go to pick out whatever you’d like to purchase and when you get to your cart you can type in the coupon code fit couple cooks I bet you never would have guessed that that was the coupon code I’m so excited for each of you to get your hot logic mini and let us know where and how you use your hot logic see you on Sunday for meal prep video bye guys.

How to Meal Prep for Your Goals?

Video Transcript:

If you’ve ever said anything along the lines up I don’t have time to cook eating healthy is boring I don’t know where to start you know it’s more convenient I don’t have time to eat healthy foods then this video is for you so today we’re going to learn about meal prepping we are going to learn what it is why you should meal prep and how to create a meal plan that will set you up for success what is meal prepping Neela prepping simply means instead of cooking in food every single day to eat you instead prepared all at once at the beginning of the week so that you can eat it.

Throughout the week you can prep all of your meals for the week or you can prep for certain meals say for example lunch see you prep your lunches for the week and once at lunchtime comes around every day instead of fighting everyone in line at chick-fil-a you just take out their meal but you already prepped like the responsible adult that your heat it up and eat it and then for breakfast and dinner you can make those meals as they come if you prefer to have some fresher meals throughout the week.

Whatever meals you want to prep it’s completely up to you you can do as little or as many as you want there is no right or wrong why should you meal prep if you have a specific fitness goal you want to reach I believe that meal prepping can be especially beneficial for you because it helps you stay on track with your nutrition which in turn means that you’ll see the results that you want to see it decreases the amount of time of cooking and cleaning you have to do throughout the week it saves you money right I’ll guarantee you that if you compare one large weekly grocery haul to the multiple times you eat out a week big groceries will cost you much less keep in mind that you absolutely do not have to know prep to see results or you reach your fitness goals if you’re someone who enjoys cooking and likes variety every single day then more power to you do whatever you like that fits within your lifestyle for me.

I enjoy doing it because it keeps me on track with my nutrition I never have to guess what I’m going to eat next because I know exactly what I’m going to be eating and I’m not a huge cook so if I have to do less cooking then I’m not complaining next we’re going to get into what I believe is the most important part of meal prepping creating a meal plan because you can get as healthy as you want but if you’re not eating the right amount it probably takes you a little longer to get to where you want to imagine if I had a flower that needs attention and water to grow if they gave it too much sunshine and water it will die but if I give it too little of those things it’ll also die even though in both cases I’m giving the flower exactly what it needs to survive.

Am I supposed to keep on feeding you if you’re not feeling your body with a proper amount of nutrients it may take you a little longer to achieve your goal that’s why I believe in creating a meal plan so that you can know how much food you should be eating to hit your goals and you can really set yourself up for success so Mia plan is going to tell you how much you should be eating to get to where you want to be SFO where you are now this is completely personal to you and no two people will ever share the exact same meal plan because no two people will start at exactly the same place don’t want the exact same goal so just because you want the body of your fits Bo please do not follow their diet because you’re starting at a different place than they did or are at and therefore your diet needs to be?

Customized to you and your needs anyways we are going to be focusing on the micronutrients part of our diet for creating our meal plan alright some micronutrients are commonly referred to as macros these are the carbs proteins and fats of your diet by the way when I say diet I don’t mean restricting yourself of food and eating nothing I’m simply referring to it as the food you eat / your nutrition we’re going to focus on macros because macros are the foundation of your diet now where your body receives most nutrients from if you’re not familiar with macros and how to calculate and track them please go watch my video on how to calm macros either right now or after finishing this video you will eventually want to watch it because I go much more in-depth.

On how to calculate a calm macro so which I won’t be going over much at all here because it’s just too much info for one video and macros itself is a whole other topic alright so after you have watched at how to calm macros video have calculated your macros and downloaded the myfitnesspal app or another can be tracking app onto your phone make sure you have your goal set in the app so the app knows exactly the amount of food you should be eating every day I explain how to do this in the how to cut macros video as well then take your app and we are going to begin creating meals most people will enter food into their app as eat it but most people are basic.

You’re not which is why you’re watching this video so what we’re going to do is pub meows them to our app that we potentially want to eat for the week so let’s save your calculator our macros but we don’t want to prep every single meal of every single day for the week instead we’re just going to prep our meals for the watch so we said okay what if we want to eat for lunch tacos pasta chicken pizza burgers just to make it simple let’s do chicken breast but you can do whatever you want all right so what else do you want to Eve the chicken probably some type of carb rice soup potatoes bread quinoa let’s do sweet potatoes and let’s decide how much of each we want to eat well say six ounces of chicken breast and four ounces of sweet potatoes I will say it’s a little difficult to know.

Exactly how much each measurement of food will be actually like when you cook it as you start out but the more you do it and more comfortable you’ll get with the measurements so put six ounces of raw chicken breast and four ounces of sweet potato into your app the app will automatically tell you how much of your macros those foods take up and how much of your macros you have left if you already have a specific recipe you want to try then alice ingredients into your app as well just make sure that if the recipe makes six servings of food that you divide the ingredients into 6 that add only one serving into your app not all 6 servings from here even though we said you weren’t going to prep our other meals I still think it’s a good idea to know these plan out what we want to eat for them I know I’m talking about multiple meals here picked keep in mind that there are no right or wrong number of meals you should eat no specific number of meals per day will give you more progress than another at the end of the day it comes down to hitting your macros and calories.

Anyways plan the rest of your meal so that you can make sure you will be getting your macros every single day this will help you stay on track with your nutrition so if you’re planning on eating breakfast then put into your app on the same day that you put in your previous lunch what you want to eat for breakfast as you plan to have dinner every night put it into your app on the same day as other meals what you want to eat for dinner from here you can see on your app where you’re at with your macros your app will be able to tell you if you still need to eat more or perhaps need to decrease proportions somewhere.

So check and see do I need more protein yes let’s do eight ounces chicken for lunch into the six do any fewer fats, yes okay I’ll bake my chicken breasts instead of frying it etc this is where you come into play you experiment with the different foods that you want to eat for your meals for the week and see how you can make the foods you want to eat fit into your macros play around on just the numbers until you have a meal plan that you’re happy with and fulfils your macros all right so now that we have a neo plan we need to make a grocery list how much food do we need to buy it’s as easy as taking all the measurements of the food from a meal plan and.

Multiplying it by seven because there are seven days in the week and we want enough food for each of those dates so let’s say for breakfast we are eating two boiled eggs 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 1/2 cup of Greek yoghurt all we need to do is multiply all those measurements by seven so now we have 14 I your and a half cups of oatmeal your and a half degrees yoghurt and that’s how much of each of those items we need to buy it elastically moving out to lunch we have 8 ounces of chicken breasts before ounces of sweet potatoes multiply those numbers by seven and now we have 56 ounces or three and a half pounds of chicken breast and 28 ounces are 1.75 pounds of sweet potatoes.

Lastly, dinner we have 8 ounces of chuck roast beef take 2 unto the rice and 1 cup of veggies multiply all those by 7 and we have 56 ounces or three and a half pounds of chuck roast beef or e two ounces or 2.6 pounds of rice and seven cups of veggies and here I present to you complete grocery list again even if you don’t want to prep every single meal beforehand I still think it’s a good idea to have a plan for what you want to eat it so that you know how much we to buy when you go grocery shopping by the way this grocery list and meal plan is very much just for example please do not follow it now sensi for creating a meal plan and have a grocery list you need just a few more things a food scale and some Tupperware the scale will be to measure and away from food on and the Tupperware.

We’ll leave to put each individual meal into I have links to each of the items down below I’d recommend all right now that you have everything you need to kneel prep and you can go into the week knowing that every meal you eat is putting you on track to reach your fitness goal aren’t you excited there won’t be any more guessing and checking that you’re in sir mama noodles are going to fit into your macros anymore because now that you have created a pan for success you will be successful as long as you stick to it be stick to it also who would typically weighs more before it’s cooked and less after so do you make sure that when you’re entering the food into your app as you’re creating your meal plan that if you’re going to add say six ounces of salmon let you measure the six ounces prior to cooking it however if you do forget to do that stone stress just look online for conversions and I will assure you that you’ll be able to find it and get it all sorted out so all the technical stuff is done yay if you want about grocery shopping and cooking with me just keep on watching.

I’ll also be answering some questions I received about meal cropping and while I prep my meals if you want to follow along with me while I do that that a good one good job facts okay did you find any who say it again what are you looking for it okay sweet here it’s right there did you find your super tails yeah they are organic good job don’t forget everything the hurt you got it so I’m about to put these sweet potatoes into the air fryer I like using the air fryer for sweet potato specifically because I feel like it’s much easier to cook them in the air fryer because there’s the pan you don’t have to have its aluminium foil or spray it anything down you just put them in there and let them cook so that’s what I’m gonna do I mean I don’t have any seasoning on them.

Right now I’ll just put a little bit of Solomon later but that’s really that’s all I put on them it’s just salt for 15 minutes and I’m gonna also like about the air fryer and set it similar to like the George Foreman grill and that’s the concept that is sucks the fat out of the food and it also gives you that Fridays without actually deep-fried it and it makes your food really crispy so if you ever have a second-day prize and if you have an air fryer but the man air fryer because crunching not cycling mmm ice cream so I personal email got the same thing every single week I am the type of person to eat the same thing for months on end that’s just because I’m not picky and I just don’t really care but if you are someone that likes variety and likes to change it out then a good place to find recipes from is from our EP strength comm which is where my recipes from so they have two different.

Cookbooks are just like everyday recipes that would be good for milk wrapping ideas otherwise they also have another recipe book that’s geared towards fallow so if that is your goal then that would be going in for you to get otherwise they also have another one that’s more soaker like you can have a sweet tooth so that would be really good for someone like me I like see-through sweets and but I will leave the link to those in the description box below along with my discount code so I think that it really just depends on your overall goal if your goal is just to live a healthy lifestyle and you don’t care too much about aesthetics you don’t have a specific physical fitness goal.

You want to reach then you might just wash your portion sizes and eat clean and eat healthily but if you have a specific fitness goal you want to reach like you want to lose weight or gain weight build muscle and I do think that you are better off counting your macros or meal prepping because it gives you a better guideline I see what you should be eating in order to reach your goals alright so everything is done cooking now I’m gonna put everything into the Tupperware containers like containers that I have other brand fit packer and I bought these ones because they are BPA free dishwasher safe microwave-safe and freezer safe.

I personally just keep my meals in the fridge and that’s a for me I’ve never had a problem but then going bad in the fridge but if you’re concerned about and go around in the fridge and just put them in the freezer I’ll be just fine the only thing I’m going to measure out is my rice into the containers everything else since I’ve already pre weighted and measured it beforehand before I cooked I’m just going to distribute them evenly.

Throughout and because I know overall I have enough for the whole week and I know that as songs I’m distributing distributing distributing them evenly throughout the days then I should have generally their correct amount every single day but if you’re you want to weigh out the exact amount right or some of it and you can do that do whatever makes you happy and whatever works for you so if you don’t have enough room in your fridge for all these containers so note that these can take up a lot of space what I’ve also done in the past is to put everything they cooked separately so like for me like I put all my rice in one big Tupperware and.

Or just one big container I’m a chicken no one and all my veggies in one and then I would just put those big containers in there and then when it’s time for whatever meals that I grab for that I would just measure out and weigh out how much food I need for each meal and that does take a less room as where someone who doesn’t have a or bridge or like someone else’s review I hope you feel a lot more confident about how to milk up now and that it makes sense if you do feel more comfortable going into
Meal crafting after watching this video please make sure to give it a thumbs up if you have any questions please let me know if I can clarify anything for you also be sure to comment what videos you’d like to see from me next to don’t forget to subscribe to my channel like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram.

Thank you for watching this very long video I hope you enjoyed it and happy meal perfect to all of you and I have one more very important thing because of your continuous love and support via Ridge 10k subscribers in celebration of that and to thank you guys I partner with Legion to do a supplement giveaway one lucky winner in the US and this will be for us only so do apologize to my international cubbies one u.s. Winner will be winning a legion wave plus protein pulse pre-workout and a legion blender bottle so in order to enter this giveaway you have to do five things one like this video to subscribe to my channel 3 comment down below what your favourite food is for me my favourite foods are Hot Cheetos and cookies and orange Fanta.

And sushi so comment down below what your favourite food is for like Legion on Facebook 5 follow Legion on Instagram and I will link their pages down below in the description box along with all of these guidelines but if you want additional entries on top of that one you can get a total of 10 entries by doing the following like me on Facebook follow me on Instagram comment on both of my giveaway post on Facebook and on Instagram and then after doing all of that come back here to this video and comment done along with your Instagram and Facebook name because not everyone’s face Lake youtube and Instagram names are the same and so I know who you are so that I can contact you easier if you win the giveaway and that would give you a total of 10 entries instead of just one alright I’m just super excited for this thank you all again for your continuous love and support I’m saying out all my love to you guys from here Zota.


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