Best Chinese Chef’s Knives for Your Kitchen in 2021

Do you often order Chinese when at a restaurant? Is Chinese your favorite, most savored cuisine?

Do love the way Chinese Chef prepare there so fine, so yummy dishes?

Have you ever thought about which sort of knives these chefs use?

Do they use just those regular knives in their kitchen?

Let us make you known, just like traditional Chinese cuisine, a Chinese Chef also uses a traditional Chinese chef knife. Nowadays, it’s no more just a traditional knife that only the Chinese chefs use, but instead, you can find a Chinese knife in the kitchen of most of the chefs.

It has become among the favorite knives for most Chefs. When it comes to the ultimate all-purpose cutting instrument in the kitchen, nothing beats using the finest Chinese cleaver. Each part of the traditional chinese knives is put to work, making it very flexible for this form of the cleaver, particularly when it comes to cutting, slicing, dicing, and even the hardest meats and veggies being cut.

Buying Guide for the Best Chinese Chef’s Knives in 2021

Wondering if buying a Chinese Chef’s knife will be worth your penny? The Chinese chef’s knife is a lightweight and flexible all-purpose tool that pounds, chops, crushes, minces, scoops, and slices food, and even the handle heel is used for bashing and grinding.

It is compact with a small cross-section and able to perform delicate peeling, cutting, and slicing activities that are outside the realm of the skill of a butcher’s cleaver. In this article, we have tried to make sure what features you need to keep in mind while buying the Best chef knife for the home cook.



These are all the sort most closely identified with the moniker of the Chinese chef’s knife and have a blade slightly thicker than slicers. They’re not as thick as cleavers, however, and they can be used for most general tasks. On meats, vegetables, and herbs, a chopper can be used and performs all slicing, chopping, and mincing tasks with absolute perfection.

Also, this is the perfect knife to use if you are preparing mounds of veggies, such as the amounts typical at canning and freezing times, because of the large face paired with the lightweight and nimble nature of the chinese knife set. Don’t you want a knife that does not tire you out?

This is the one that should be chosen. Some may also be suitable for cutting through soft or thin bones in poultry and seafood, depending on the type of steel used and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. But for most, this is not recommended, so please always check the instructions on any hard tissue before using them.


These are also known as ping knives and are also often referred to as Vegetable cutting knife. They have the thinnest blades in the cross-section of the three styles, and with a tight bend, they are also the sharpest. They are often not as tall or as long as choppers or cleavers, and are very similar in appearance to a Japanese nakiri knife.

For cutting vegetables, mincing herbs, peeling, paring, and slicing very thin strips of meat to stir-fry in a wok, slicers are used. But it should never be used on the bone because of the thinness of the blade.


These have thick and heavy blades similar to their Western counterparts, meat or butcher’s cleavers, known to Chinese chefs as bone choppers. They are suitable for cutting bones, such as pork ribs, beef, and poultry, and for cutting through the joint’s tough, dense connective tissue. As heft and momentum provide most of the cutting action, they have a broad bevel and the dullest edge of the lot available in the market.


You must look at its measurements before purchasing a Best chef knife for home cook.  It is necessary to grab it in your hand and make sure to store it properly. If the chopper is too big, retaining and maintaining may turn a be difficult. And if the cutter is too thin, spoons and forks would also be difficult to maintain and may be mistaken.


One of the best things about the Chinese cleaver is that the advantages of a chef’s knife and those of a traditional cleaver are practically merged. Like a chef’s knife, they are sharp and lightweight, but that little extra weight makes them perfect for finer cuts.

Most of the cutting for you will be done by the weight of the blade, so you simply have to direct where it goes. Only try using a Chinese cleaver to cut through a tomato. Setting the edge against the skin and pressing a little is all you need to do. There is no need for exertion, and the blade goes exactly where you want it.


When making a Chinese chef’s chinese knife set, design plays a huge factor. What tasks the knife can carry out depends somewhat on the cutter’s design. Not all models are made for bone cutting only. Some are intended for cutting meat, fish, and vegetables as well. So, if you’d like to cut bone, go for a thicker blade, and opt for a thinner edge if you need to cut softer foods.


A handle made of wood looks good. In design, it provides a classic feel and gives that elegance. It provides a good grip as well. Meticulous care is required, however. To avoid wood rotting, a wooden handle should be devoid of moisture. Since a blunt force can warp or chip the wood, it should also be handled with care.

Steel handles do not incur wood rot and would not have any problems with moisture and water penetration. And if the Best Chinese cleaver knife is a one-piece design in which only a single piece of metal is the handle and the blade, it is durable and clean. The difficulty, however, lies with the handle. Especially if you are handling greasy food products, it tends to be slippery.

A combination of plastic and other components that provide a strong compound that is lightweight and provides a good grip are composite handles are also available such as polypropylene and Santoprene.


The Chinese chef’s knife is somewhat rectangular and broad in shape. The blade measures about 7 to 11 inches on average. It actually looks more like a meat cleaver than traditional chinese knives as in the case of Japanese or Western style.

However, it is thinner than a meat cleaver, and at the tip, the blade is a bit heavier. Also, the blade is mostly straight, which makes it perfect for cutting, but the belly has a slight curve that enables rocking strokes to be done as well.


In a Chinese chef’s knife, there are different blade lengths. The most common and versatile among them is 7 inches. As they are not really useful, it is better to avoid shorter Best beginner chef knives. So, 11 inches, including the blade and handle, is the best one to choose.


The thickness of the blade is from 2 to 8 millimeters. Depending on the food you intend to cut using the blade, the thickness should be determined accordingly. For cutting fruits and vegetables, thinner blades are more suitable, while thicker blades are ideal for cutting meat and bones. A more detailed thickness guide is illustrated below:

  • 2 millimeters: suitable for cutting vegetables, berries, and fish.
  • 3 to 7 millimeters: Deals with flexible tasks that involve chicken bone cutting.
  • 8 mm and more: Ideal for thick bone cutting and is not appropriate for fine cutting and slicing.


This is the primary advantage of making this sort of professional chef knives. This is a knife that has a blade that is heavy enough to cut solid materials through which may feel rock hard and yet light enough to be able to quickly fillet or skin fish, fruits, and vegetables. Not only that, but its width can also be used to transport chopped products into the cooking pot with not much effort.


The cost of a Chinese chef knife depends on a few factors, such as material, density, and construction. Most of them cost between $13 and $250.The reasonable ones have thinner blades and carbon steel or stainless steel are made from the cheapest Chinese Chef Knife Set.

Usually, they have a partial tang and they cost about $13 to $28 anywhere. The middle range ones have relatively thicker blades made from carbon steel or stainless steel. They could have a partial or full tang. It costs from $28 and $112 for these choppers. The most expensive Chinese chef’s knives are made of thick blades of stainless steel, carbon steel, or a mixture of both. They’ve got a true full tang, which costs $112 to $250.

FAQs for the Best Chinese Chef’s Knives in 2021

How to use a chef's Chinese knife?

It is really simple to use. You just need to tightly grasp the knife handle with one hand and hold the ingredients with the other hand when cutting. Shift the Sharpest Chef knife in the world slightly and carefully while slicing. You should try practicing more and more in order to gain that perfection.

Is the Chinese Chef's Knife safe to use?

Until and unless you know how to use it properly, Chinese Professional chef knives are completely safe to use. It varies slightly from a standard chopper. So, if you're a kitchen novice, we'll advise you not to use it. Go for the standard one instead. You can turn to a Chinese chef's knife once you become an expert at cutting.

Chinese Chef Knife or Chinese Cleaver, which one is a better option to buy?

Many people believe that the Chinese chef's knife and the Chinese chef's cleaver are similar. But no, they are distinct from each other entirely. The Chinese chef's knife is smaller and lighter in weight relative to the Chinese cleaver. So, according to your needs, buy one.

Is it safe to clean the Chinese Chef's Knife with a dishwasher?

If you study the company's rules for the purpose of cleaning and taking care, it would be easier for you. Some manufacturers say that washing with a dishwasher would be safe, while others do not. But avoiding the dishwasher is safer as it can result in a rusty and damaged blade of the knife.

In order to store the Chinese chef's knife safely, which is the best place?

Since a Chinese chef's knife is thin and sharp, it's best to hold it on the magnetic strip or in the best chef knife amazon block. You need to remember not to keep it flat on the shelves in the kitchen. Otherwise, it can result in an accident for both you and your family members.

Do you sharpen your knife at home?

You’ll need another chopper to sharpen the knife. For this reason, you can use a standard cutter of your choice. Keep the best chef knife amazon at an 85-degree angle initially, holding a thick cloth under it. Then, take the other chopper and drive it along with the blade forward and backward. Do it for a while and you’re going to get a sharp edge soon.

What is the Best Chinese Chef’s Knife?

Video Transcript:

Wow, It’s almost been another year another full year that I’ve been doing a bunch of these reviews and you got a few guys to watch you notice that my channel was gone through some changes formats always changing I’m just trying to find my signature my style I kind of like my openings my Intros but one thing that I’ve reviewed is that I feel like I reviewed quite extensively on this channel or our cleavers and so today we’re gonna look at another cleaver we’re gonna look at Immersive culinary Chinese style welcome back to my channel JP MDOC croisine I’m your host JP and today we’re taking a look at another knife from Mercer It’s actually the Mercer Asian style or Chinese chef’s knife It’s a It’s a cleaver vegetable stock cleaver very reminiscent of the challenge Chinese style cleavers.

That I’ve used In the past and another one that I’m gonna review for you so I’ve I’ve done a few reviews of of these vegetable style cleavers on my channel so I feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle or understanding of cleavers and how they operate and I think for the most part If you haven’t watched my channel you should go back and check out some of those videos but I used to use these Chinese style cleavers extensively In my kitchen especially after watching Martin Yan as he would always use the Chinese style cleaver on his shows.

These are an X 50 CR MOV 15 so they’re German steel they actually have rounded spines on them they have sent preen style handles so they’re NSF certified and they feel very comfortable and tacky In your hand I’ve had several variances of these flavors but typically this number one style or number one size Is what I’ve been using mostly let’s talk about the knife a bit so In terms of the balance It Is blade heavy right near that crest Is where we’ve got the balance there the top Is actually rounded which I find pretty unique especially for the cleaver.

The style they don’t typically have a rounded spine on that and that’s really comfortable depending on how you’re using It’s got a convex grind on It as I can tell so we’ve got a convex grind and the convex grind just means It’s more of a rounded shape than just a straight angle grin on It pretty flexible still very nice can be for smashing garlic on the board Itself looks like you can use the top to pound and tenderize meat If you don’t want to chop through It seems very sharp definitely broad so you can grab whatever It Is using It as a spatula and again.

The Santoprene handle and I said German free rough dry or rust-free or stained for you type still okay I believe It Is an 8 Inch It’s an 8 Inch so some of the Clippers that never reviewed on the shin alone even a 7 Inch you get an extra Inch on there which I think will work let’s get Into some cutting hair some celery and depending on how you’ve used It or If you’ve ever used a cleaver In the past It’s you know It’s a Chinese chef’s knife and you can do slicing with It you know If you want to do slicing which It’s Intended that you can get some really thin slices to remember when we’re doing stir-fry or Chinese style cooking.

It’s all about the shape the presentation Is In the cook Is In the cutting mostly but It’s also for evenness In cooking so most people for this video most people will just shut down and you’ll get basic shape very quick with a very traditional shape not much In that one very very sharp It’s got a convex grade grind on It which was pretty good In terms of just Initial cutting It feels very good I’m not doing anything particular with that just testing out the way that It cuts no way that film It’s a little bit all that’s rounded to It felt like It was a little bit sharp here.

It’s got a rounded heel on It as well but It still feels a little sharp on that edge so not bad comfort In It It’s razor-sharp so cut through very cleanly let’s see about the since the balance Is closer to the crest here you get a little more driving force here so maybe we’ll get some number our nimble cutting and precision cuts up the front, yeah performing twice I like It It’s very light compared to the cleavers that I’m accustomed to I love the fact that It’s balanced right here by the crest because that’s where I put my finger and as I’m holding It because that’s the Dons point It feels pretty view secure In the hand I don’t feel like I’m going to be losing.

It works very good as a spatula for grabbing whatever vegetables or whatever Items that you’re cutting to be able to transfer them yeah works good I like It flavors are a fantastic tool If you’ve never used a cleaver they’re very unique compared to your typical chef’s knife or even your Japanese-style santoku or In the Curie’s and the curious probably the thing that comes closest to It but the cleaver you get such a broad edge on It It works honestly I think It works a lot better than Anna carry the carries are still good to use they’re compact that is essentially a compact cleaver but man the cleaver from Mercer It feels really really good I like the Santoprene.

Handle the wood It’s got sort of a wood texturing on It which supports more grip It’s sort of like stippling or knurling If you will’s It’s kind of a fatter style I handle compared to the edge but It still feels very comfortable In the hand the rounded spine Is really nice to grip and the whole when you’re using It It does have this It does have a rounded belly so If you’re looking at It It’s kind of It’s curved all the way through the center almost symmetrical so you get very clean cutting through whatever It Is using the center If you try to use the front.

To cut you end up with things like this where It doesn’t cut all the way through so you either need to rock and that supports If you need to go slow positive lock up and positive cutting versus If you’re trying to use the top to chop you’re going to have a space between the edge and cutting through all the way so those are just some techniques to understand when you’re using a knife like this It’s to be aware of the curvature and how It works now It’s an X 50 so I Imagine It’s It’s a softer still It’s something that I would I kind of be the type of still that I would recommend using for a knife like this because you want something.

That’s gonna be soft enough and It doesn’t chip and It’s gonna be easy enough to sharpen you don’t want to go softer than that because you don’t want It to deform as you’re using It this Is not something that you want to use the cut through bones or frozen food because you will cause the blade and the edge to deform but for vegetables and for meats and things of that nature especially for stir-fry It doesn’t have to be Into anything this Is a really good substitute for a chef’s knife so If you were only you chef by your entire time you’re your culinary career or whatever I recommend picking up one of these this Is you know what those.

Other brands that you might see especially that If you go to an Asian market or something like that those are hit-or-miss you never know what you’re gonna end up with Is buying you know a Mercer branded one for me that makes all the sense you’re gonna get the same performance out of It this feels like any of the other Chinese style flavors that I’ve used It’s a little bit lighter the balance Is definitely right here by the the crest It’s got a much better handle on It and how I can believe In or I felt confident In distill that.

They’re using as opposed to one of the other brands or what you might find just on a bargain show well I hope you guys have enjoyed this quick review we’re looking at the Mercer Chinese style flavor It’s the 8 Inch trying to sell flavor I’ll leave everything In the description below all the links so you can purchase It If you want but for me, I really like this knife It’s gonna go In my bag It’s gonna be one that I use alright thanks for watching and we’ll see you In the neck.

Is buying an expensive Chinese chef’s knife worthwhile?

If we say honestly, The Expensive knives brands knife will remain sharp for a long time and your hand will feel more balanced. But, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to buy one that’s expensive only. When required, you can sharpen the chopper’s blade and it will last longer.


If you are preparing to savor a Chinese dish, a Chinese cleaver is a must for you. It could become one of your favorite new knives. Although it does look a little daunting, you’ll see how quickly you can cook with it once you get used to it. Just make sure you’re getting the right knife for the job.  There is a variety of chinese knife set in the market, chose the best one for yourself and you are good to go.

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