Best Champagne Bottle Openers in 2021

Can you easily let open the cork of your Champagne bottle?

Or do you struggle with it and sometimes end up spilling some?

If you are at a party or function or even at your wedding and you are struggling to open the lid of the Champagne then you would not only embarrass yourself but also end up wasting a lot of your precious time.

Drinking Champagne is an entertaining thing and you would surely want to enjoy the process and appreciate it. You need a wine opener, if you are looking to enjoy a drink on your own or if you host parties. But if you have an issue opening a champagne bottle then this can ruin the entire experience.

This is why you need to get Champagne bottle openers. Champagne bottle openers make it easy for you to effortlessly open the lid of the bottle. Over years the openers have come to become popular over the years. The bartenders at the bars and even at homes have come to be in use.

Buying Guide for the Best Champagne Bottle Openers in 2021

All it takes is for the cork of the bottle to be removed and then you can devour the champagne and enjoy the moment. It satisfies you once you open the bottle but until then the struggle is real. You shall be super curious trying to struggle with the lid of the bottle. With the opening of the bottle, the hissing sounds that it makes are a signal of pure joy for you.

The signal that you finally enjoy your time without any struggle. But for you not to go through all the hassles and problems, you should really switch to using a Champagne bottle opener. Champagne bottle openers can be easy looking but buying one can be really difficult for you. You must look for an opener for wine bottle with all the functional elements, including ease of use, stylish design, and the correct length of the worm.

As different wine openers come at different prices, you should also consider your budget. But these all can be difficult for you to understand and can obviously confuse you. But we have made it easy for you to understand how to buy a champagne bottle opener by understanding its features.

Features of the Best Champagne Bottle Openers in 2021


Most openers for the champagne bottles are made up of metal or stainless steel. Some openers are also incorporated with wood and plastic. The material plays a crucial part in controlling the weight of the best champagne cork remover thereby making it either heavy or light. Generally, the Metal ones are for heavy-duty jobs.

The material of the handle is an essential factor that should not be overlooked by you because this shall regulate the force that you need to apply to the bottle.   Some of these handles are crafted out of metals and while opening a lot of bottles, can be hurtful to the hands.


The style and function of the bottle openers are essential for a champagne bottle opener. While not in use, they shall become a good accessory. They make a good accessory if not in use. The old corkscrew and simple opener for the bottle have had grown into numerous types, some of which are interesting, beautiful aesthetically, and unconventional.

But as a customer, you should not always fall for the look of the opener for champagne bottle.   You will have to make sure that they are ergonomically built so that when you use them, you will be comfortable while you use.


OVER THE CORK: A metal device that fits over the top of the cork is the first of one.  To transform it, you press down either a metal star or cylinder on the cork and use them outside of the system for leverage. For most people, this basic design works well. For someone who wants greater power to move the cork, we advise you should not to go for this.

PLIER: You catch the cork with a plier-style gadget with this champagne-style best champagne cork remover. The plier’s hanger provides you with more leverage to turn and remove the cork. For people who face troubles getting a strong enough grip to turn the cork, we believe these types are the perfect champagne bottle openers. If you have arthritis then the bigger handles are easier to hold on to.


Size is greatly connected to the convenience of the user.  Smaller openers for bottles are more convenient than larger bottle openers. However, since certain bottle openers are tiny yet heavy and vice versa, the content is not inherently directly related to size. Essentially, big variants can also be compact, so size is a matter of choice.


Bottle openers can, essentially, be manual, automatic, or electric. In terms of scale, type, and style, the manual is a wide classification. This includes keychains¸ churchkeys, standard openers, pocket bottle opener, and bar blades. Generally, the electric and the automatic ones are quite similar. For wine bottles, the former is used to remove the foil and the cork.


You should be comfortable while you use a champagne bottle opener because using one isn’t always easy for you. You can most of the time find it difficult to use a bottle opener because usually the electric ones and the automatic ones are not the same.

Each of the bottle openers has something distinctive to offer, no matter whatever their differences are. Evaluating the amount of room you have is paramount before you make your order for an opener. We advise you that if you have limited space in your house then opt for a waiter-style corkscrew that is small in size and can easily fit in your palm.

It is good to avoid electric and lever-style corkscrews of the bottle opener for wine if you have less space as they appear to take up a lot of counter and drawer space respectively. But if you have enough space then you could go for them.


Bottle openers are not just used for opening the lid of the bottles. They are rather versatile enough. They are multi-purpose in such a way that they can also be used for corks and twist caps made up of metal and plastic. If you want to buy a bottle opener not just for one purpose rather use it for any purpose, then buying a champagne bottle opener is one of the smartest choices you could ever make.


The durability of the champagne bottle openers is very essential as they should not be used just a few times. we would require it for a long time. So go for wine or champagne cork openers that are crafted with durability.

They should also not break with a minor application of force rather can without pressure. While high-end models can be expensive and they are made of strong material. Such models have a long life and could stay the same way for a long time. But the models that are not expensive enough or not of good brands might end up disappointing you.

Generally, the stainless-steel champagne bottle openers are corrosion and rust resistant with the need for simple maintenance guidelines. They are also dishwasher-safe making it a good buying option.


We would advise you to buy the models of bottle openers that are portable. This makes it convenient for you to carry to any place where you host your parties. But if want it for domestic use then you can simply store it in your kitchen and portability would not be much of an issue.


Some manufacturers also market bottle openers for wine that comes with a guarantee. If you want one that you know that the manufacturer expects to last for a long time, your smartest bet is to buy one backed by a firm guarantee.


With varying costs of bottle openers come varying designs and styles.  Simple bottle openers are generally affordable to buy, but it would just be more costly to use other models that are of popular brands and that which provides the best additional features.  You can choose the more advanced openers if you can spend more.

For this, you could even go for better brands. But if you want just a normal bottle opener then you could find them at any site. The bottle opener for champagne can be as cheap as $2 or even less than that and can also be expensive as $100 or more. The purchase shall be worth it if you are investing a little more on a wine opener made with powerful materials from a brand that has a good reputation.

You can easily spend a lot of money if you want something fancier,  or that something that you can showcase, or that guarantees to last a particularly long time. If you simply want something without too much effort that gets the job done, then you have a lot of choices with a fair and affordable range.

FAQs for the Best Champagne Bottle Openers in 2021

How often would I need a champagne bottle opener?

If you open bottles sometimes, at least once a day, you're going to want something that doesn't need that much brute force. Consider an electric cork opener in that case. If you regularly host visitors, an electric or automatic one may also be for you. It takes time to open bottle after bottle with a regular or screwball and makes the hands sore.

Are the champagne bottle openers dishwasher-safe?

Dishwasher-safe can be one of the most vital features to consider while buying. You would want to throw the opener in the sink after using it. Generally, the stainless-steel ones are dishwasher-safe so they can be on your list.

Would the opener not slip from my hands while using?

There are chances of slipping if you do not have a good grip on the opener. So, it is preferable to buy the amazon champagne opener that has ergonomically designed handles so that you can hold them comfortably and use them. This also makes it effortless for you to twist and turn it. Also, it eliminates the chances of it slipping from your hand.

How to Open a Champagne bottle using an opener?

Opening a champagne bottle can be difficult for you. So, we would suggest you some steps following which you can easily open up a champagne bottle. Firstly, when the last coil is covered, twist the corkscrew clockwise down into the cork.

Then, rest the middle step of the fulcrum on the bottleneck lip and draw the handle firmly away from the cap, raising the cork halfway out of the bottle. Lastly, if it doesn't pop fully free, twist the corkscrew out and just pull it out, put the lowest step of the fulcrum (the boot lever) on the lip and draw the cork up entirely. And with this, your champagne bottle would be open. But be cautious while you open it.

How do I maintain my champagne bottle opener?

There is a need for care and maintenance in order for your cork remover for wine bottles to maintain a good working situation for years to come. If they are not maintained, they can get rust or get corroded and damaged, and thus, your investment in it would be a waste of money.

  1. You should regularly clean and maintain your bottle opener as this helps to avoid cork or wine sediment build-up on the spiral.
  2. As this is likely to affect it, do not drench your corkscrew or opener in water. If the wine opener is made of aluminum or wood this can specifically affect it. But with stainless steel, it can be an exception.
  3. Use your kitchen bottle opener only after the wax is removed or the wine bottle fails to cap.
  4. Avoid greasing your wine opener or oil it.

How to Open a Champagne Bottle?

Video Transcript:

Hello good afternoon everybody welcomes to this episode wherein this episode I will be showing you how to open up a champagne bottle I was doing this around 12:30 midnight last night and I didn’t want to wake up anybody and yeah it was a lot of fun opening it but it was even funnier drinking it and I did get buzzed so follow along and I will show you how you open the champagne bottle okay so you have to realize it’s midnight.

Okay it’s a little bit past midnight and yeah this was looking pretty good I had already drunk all of my other alcohol and there was no more alcohol and I was it was my mom’s this was my mom’s champagne bottle I think but she doesn’t drink right so I’m like what’s the point of having alcohol nobody’s gonna drink it and as you can see it’s it has alcohol in it and I was like okay let’s do this and uh yeah follow I’ve never opened up a champagne bottle you know I was just staring at this like if it was some kind of spaceship.

I’m just like what do I do you know and as you can see it’s pretty classy I don’t know we’re drinking champagne I usually just stick to anything that’s not bubbly well I do drink beer but you know so I’m over here my laptop just bubbly I couldn’t go sleep but I tried going to sleep but I was like I mean a little bit so I wasn’t trying to you know make a hole in the roof right because I wall pop and there’s a hole in the roof and sorry mom my drinking champagne and there’s a hole in the roof no right so I was trying to be careful and you know just trying to caress.

The bottle be one with a bottle just caressing the bottle I was trying to figure out how to work the bottle you know opened a champagne bottle especially this one had like like wires on the top and it was confusing cause it normally you see them with like a cork of some sort and I never seen well I’ve never drink champagne so I assumed it was gonna be like a wine bottle right oh yeah it’s not wine champagne or two different things so I don’t camera down so that you guys could see me you’re gonna need two hands for sure I still haven’t figured out at this point to open the bottle it’s just wild so I try peeling off the tape or whatever.

So I can like okay it’s some fancy tape I like aluminum foil-like some fancy aluminum foil and I went ahead and peeled it off and now as you can see it’s much easier to see what is going on it’s just while holding it together but it looked really fancy I’ve never drunk champagne before so there’s the C for the brand I’m not gonna edit this go out to him I’m not gonna just sit there and watch this more than I need to I was already you know a little bit buzzed in it so I was trying to be careful I wasn’t really really buzzing out but like I said I don’t want to make a hole in my mom’s roof so you have to remove the wire in closing well you have to turn the wire and you know how it’s much easier to open it if it’s the first time.

Because there’s like pressure in there and all that pressure is just waiting to push the top off so I found this easiest to open it the first time no I closed it and then I try to open it again the second time and I had to use as a spoon to put between the glass and the bottle but as you can see if it’s the first time you just you know it’ll come right off real easy just by turning it almost wanted to fly into the ceiling which was when I was trying to avoid I wasn’t gonna be a mom I drink your champagne and oh, by the way, there’s a hole in your ceiling you know it really does come off easier the first time you have to kind of wedge a spoon or something.

In between the top and the glass and so I’ve never drunk something before it was really bubbly like now, I know why they call it the bubbly very bubbly and I was not expecting to creep up on me like I was thinking like oh this is gonna be like any other alcohol I drink and it slowly but surely crapped up on me you know like you can drink like some vodka and boom 10 minutes later you know right this one was like a very smooth ball it just slowly it was really difficult to put the top back on the court I had to use both hands for sure so I fast forward you know I don’t put it down but you don’t get the idea home how that would work you just push down on it really hard with both hands and then make sure to put the wire back on it.

Because you know what I mean like if somebody were to pick it up and they weren’t aware that it was already open as the top may come off again and my mom keeps her champagne inside of a glass bookshelf so you know I have to put the wire because you know what if like the top comes off and breaks the glass door on her bookshelf you know so make sure to put the wire back on even if you know there’s like oh there’s less than half or whatever then know is you still have to put the wire back on it you know.

Just to be you know good so that the top doesn’t go flying off when you pick it up next time and you forgot you didn’t put the wire and Boop it hit you in the face and oh right yeah so that’s how you open up a champagne bottle and how you close it by.

How to open Champagne Bottle and spray?

Video Transcript:

Welcome to how to do basic things today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to open the champagne bottle but also spray your friends with the champagne is used in many situations whether it be your birthday your graduation or you broke up with a significant other or even if you’re going to hike so it’s very important to learn how to open the champagne bottle so today is one of my best friend’s birthday today it’s his 25th rotation around the Sun so for those who don’t know what that means especially Flat Earth believers it’s basically 25 so today we have some of our friends looks like everyone’s here already.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to open the champagne bottle and see anything that’s up and imma for from there okay so grab this sore in the head over so even I took graduation photos during my undergrad year well who doesn’t right everybody takes your typical photo with their cap and gown splashing other champagne bottles but even though the photo can be great if they.

Don’t know how to open the champagne bottle and not only that she spray the cameraman so it’s a horrible photo so I’m here today to show you guys how to spray on a champagne bottle but knowing that open the champagne ball at the same time stay tuned okay so the first thing what you want to do is to take out the aluminum wrap that surrounding the tip of the champagne bottle after you do that you don’t want to take off the metal bracket that’s holding the cork in this place after you’re doing so make sure to have this point away from your face as it can potentially blow up when you’re doing so for safety measures put your thumb over the cork.

So that if it were to explode it will pop up out of nowhere like for this person nice when you’re ready to pop the champagne bottle make sure to have a tablecloth so then you don’t break anything in the house that would be a really unfortunate event but all you got to do in terms of popping the champagne bottle twist the cork about half an inch by then the pressure of the bottle will be ready for the cork to pop off but sometimes you might need.

To use your thumb to give it an extra punch but once you do that are you gonna do is lick over your thumb and pop these easy lastly if you want to spray your cameraman or your friend all you got to do is cover the tip like so leave this in spate just and give it a good 1 2 3 shake easy peasy enjoy this quick montage of our friends spraying themselves.

– Cheers alright guys thanks again for watching if you guys thought this video was helpful make sure to like and leave a comment below make sure to subscribe to our Channel on how to do basic things so that way you guys can stay connected on any future content other than that Cheers like the champagne is getting really warm so when you start drinking it, yeah it’s definitely warm.


It’s time for you to enjoy your precious Champagne time and party without struggling with the lid. With so many wide features we have narrowed it down for you to understand only the essential factors that need to be considered while you buy the bottle opener for champagne. You can refer to this buying guide to know about what is the best bottle opener.

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