Best Can Opener for Seniors Buying Guide in 2021

Are you weak handed to use the manual can opener?

Or, are you sick of using the old traditional can opener, which includes lots of pressure?

Once you enter the senior category age, you demand every utensil which works without pressure or hindrance. This utensil can be a can opener too.

Update list of top 10 Best Can Opener for Seniors in 2021

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

Yes! Even like a can opener, the small stuff can lead to immense pain in the hand and even the body. To avoid such a situation for you, we have come up with the best can opener for seniors. The best can opener for seniors is one of the best products available in both manual and electrical style.

However, you have to be considerate before purchasing it. This can happen only when you will go through its buying guide. So, let’s have a look at it.

Buying Guide for the Best Can Opener for Seniors in 2021

You might have heard a lot about the best can opener for seniors, but do you know what all does it contain? What are its specifications? Or, what should be considered in it?

While purchasing the product, there are a few things which you should look for. So, let’s find out these things in the best can opener for seniors.

The Types of Cans

You are aware that there is a varied variety of can available around. Among such cans, if you are thinking of using an odd shape or thick metal, you cannot go for the electrical can openers. In such an instance, the manual can openers can only work. This is because the smooth edge electric can opener face issue in cutting the can lid of different shapes.

Well, sometimes, the manual ones can also face problems while cutting the can lid. If the can lid has a size different from the regular size, you have to be quite particular about which type of can opener can work. We would advise you to thoroughly study the market and then choose the right can opener suiting all needs.

It’s the overall structure

While looking through a product, what is the first thing you notice in it? Is it the body? Well, yes! While we are looking for the item we wish to buy, we consider its structure. To avoid any kind of discomfort, you should try going for the one you feel will be comfortable for your hands. Try considering different elements such as a comfy handle, easily turn-able knob, operation style, and where it can be used. These factors are essential to be well-thought-out only if you will be using the can opener in the future.

On the other hand, if you think of using it once or twice a month, go for the can openers that don’t demand regular maintenance. This makes them ready for the perfect use as soon as you grab it from the drawer in months.

Whether it is safe or not?

Just imagine how sharp the can opener’s blades will be, which entirely removes off the lid with the least effort. So, if it hurts you, the injury can be severe. But don’t worry at all. This is because the can openers now available have a sleek design and some with safety measures that fail to injure the user.

Further, it cuts the lid so sharply that even the top won’t create any holes in the trash bag when disposed of. Well, this feature is with both electrical and the best manual can openers. However, as an additional safety measure in electrical can openers, there is a magnet preinstalled in it. This magnet doesn’t allow you to touch the lid and offer the cover’s hands-free disposal in the trash.


For the seniors around, user-friendly is one of the essential features to be considered in the openers. Earlier, the can openers available were quite tricky to be used. They required lots of energy and even injured the user. Sometimes, it even made the user waste his entire day to open the jam jar or the can’s lid. But now, things are changed. The can openers are now available with innovative technology, which makes removing the cap easy and effortless. The bottle cap opener can now remove the caps in just seconds.

The trendiest and user-friendly can openers are the electric ones. In these openers, you have to tap on the button present on the top, and the rest is the can opener’s work when placed on the lid.


While considering the durability, we come to two conclusions.

  • Can Opener’s Lifespan

  • The Cutting Power of the Can

If your can opener is made up of carbon steel, it is sure that your product is quite durable. After all, metals can bear the pressure to be applied to cut the lid off the can. These kinds of can openers can easily handle the pressure to be used to the more massive cans without much struggle. However, if you think about the plastic handled can openers, we would recommend you to avoid it. Plastic handled can openers are easy to break and fail to bear enough pressure. This automatically reduces the durability of the can openers.

Next, coming to the cutting power of the can, try purchasing the ones with sharp blades. Be it electrical or manual openers, their edges should be competent enough. This enhances the cutting power of the opener. In the stainless steel electric can opener case, you should make a thorough study to understand the power the blades apply and then choose the perfect one.

Cleaning and Maintaining Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene of the cans is quite necessary. When a can opener is not washed thoroughly, it can catch dirt or germs, ultimately leading to its rusting and blunting of the blades. However, you wouldn’t mind using the can opener, which is rusted, but it can contaminate the food with harmful bacteria.

While you purchase the manual can openers, it is relatively easy to wash them. You just need soap, mild detergent, and water to keep it clean and hygienic. However, you should be considerate as some of the amazon can opener manual can’t be washed in a dishwasher.

So, you should avoid using it. On the other hand, electrical can openers are quite tricky. You need to remove its parts and then wash them separately in lukewarm water. You cannot clean the electrical can opener entirely. It contains small electrical gadgets installed in it, which may get damaged while coming in contact with water.


The can openers available should always be pocket-friendly. This is because they aren’t a big gadget with lots of innovation. Thus, their price should be as low as possible. Further, if you are getting attracted to the can opener at a high cost, you should look through its features. Additionally, you should be aware of whether its available features are worth its value or not. If you find it way too expensive, you can go for its alternative at a much lesser price and better design.

But, be alert that the can opener’s price varies according to its types. The manual can openers are less expensive as compared to the electrical can openers. So, you can easily understand whether you are getting the best can opener for seniors at the right price or not.

Top Variants  for the Best Can Opener for Seniors in 2021

As you know can openers are a must for one’s kitchen, so purchasing the best one among hundreds of available is quite necessary. To serve this purpose, we have come up with the top 5 variants of the best can opener for seniors. These can openers are perfect in their way and can be easily used by the seniors without much effort or hindrances.

So, let’s prepare for an in-depth look at each one of them along with their specifications.

1. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener– (Best electric can opener)

Electric can openerA can opener is indeed one of the necessities in every kitchen. But does your opener fail to open cans easily? If so, then we have come up with the best-ranked electric can opener for seniors of all time. This can opener has been brought by the top-selling brand – Kitchen Mama.

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener be that automatic opener that opens the can’s opening with just a button touch. It works the best with the 4 AA batteries that add to its power.

You just have to place the blade at the edge of the cap, and it will smoothly remove the top with the push button. Further, it won’t be spoiling the stuff inside it. Usually, this type of red electric can opener is perfect for seniors who are arthritis patients.

Let’s head up some of the cool specifications by this opener for our elderly persons.


  • The opener has been designed with complete safety that it won’t harm either the food or your fingers.
  • It can even be used by kids; thus, it is user-friendly.
  • No weight is required to hold or use it.
  • This easy can opener for seniors doesn’t leave any sharp cut on the lid.

Customers Feedback:

I bought this red electric can opener for my mother and she is so excited to finally have a can opener that doesn’t have a huge list of directions (or buttons), is light, and effortless to use. It’s even easier to use than a standard plugin can opener for her due to severe arthritis in her wrists. I may have to get one for myself now! The only thing it’s missing is a litter pincher or design element built in to lift up the lid. (my manual crank version of this style of opener comes with a little pincher claw to lift up on the lid). I tried this new opener of hers and the lid WAS easy to lift up for me, but I told her to use gloves to pop it open just in case any areas were sharp because it lifts the entire lid.

Thanks to the best electric can opener for seniors my hands don’t suffer anymore. Before it was just awful and painful to you use a can opener but thanks to this wonderful electric CanOpener my hands are in great shape. I can open many cans without any problem. After reading the reviews that the batteries could melt I decided to remove the batteries after each use and I haven’t had any problems. I will definitely recommend it is perfect and wonderful for your everyday use in the kitchen.

2. VIIMI Electric Smooth Edge Portable Automatic Can Opener– (Best electric can opener amazon)

Best electric can openerWhile paying a reasonable amount for the can openers, you would desire the latest technology embedded in it. So, here we have one from the brand VIII.

This electric can opener amazon by VIIMI comes with the latest technology, which can release its pressure from inside and let the opening come out without leaving any cut. This effortless opening happens with just one button present on the top of the opener. So, the seniors who are either the patient of arthritis or disabled should go for this electric can opener.

However, one of the essential facts about this smooth edge electric can opener is that it is completely hygienic, has a metal gear, and works efficiently with 2 AA battery. So, do you wish to know more about its features? Let’s head up.


  • It can easily open the lid of any sized can.
  • These types of manual can openers are ideal for chefs, kids, and disabled seniors.
  • You can just clean it by wiping it with a clean cloth rather than wasting water.
  • There has been the use of the latest technology to enhance innovation.

3. Zyliss Manual Handheld Can Opener– (Best manual can opener)

Best can openerIn the early days, people were used to using the manual can openers which is still the trend. So, let’s bring this trend among all our seniors with Zyliss.

Zyliss is offering its unique manual handheld can opener with innovation. It comes with a locking mechanism which helps in locking the cutting wheel in one place. This stainless steel can opener manual helps in cutting the can’s opening utterly without putting pressure on the palm. Further, there is the presence of a built-in magnet. This helps in easy lifting of the lid and disposing of it without a touch.

Let’s go through some of its unique features.


  • The wheel present in it is of stainless steel, i.e., it won’t get rusted and worn out easily.
  • It is perfect for those who adore the traditional look in can openers.
  • The design is elegant, and its structure won’t hurt you in any way.
  • This best can opener for senior citizens offers hands-free disposal of the can lid.

Customers Feedback:

I had an OXO can opener for years – I never loved it, but I figured it did it’s job so it wasn’t worth getting rid of it and replacing it. Was I ever wrong! The OXO one finally broke and I ordered this Zyliss one based on the favorable electric can opener reviews. I’m glad I did! It operates smoothly and easily while fitting nicely in either my smaller hand or my husband’s larger hand. It is effective and I love the little magnet on the front for lifting the can lid – no more sticking the point of a knife under the cut lid to pry it out. Who knew I’d be excited about a can opener? This is a great little tool!

Seriously, I feel like I’ve spent my life “coping” with really crappy can openers. Our most recent one got to the point where you couldn’t even turn the wheel and had to just “pierce” the can all the way around before you could get can opener for senior citizens open. To be honest we dealt with this for way too long. Finally we looked up the highest reviewed opener on Amazon and sure enough, this baby popped up. Of course once we bought it, i managed to only buy “pop tab” cans for a good month or two, so i ddidn’t get to try it out. But – when I finally did, it was like BUTTER!!! It’s so high quality and works so well, i’m pretty sure I’ll be handing this down to my grandkids in my will.

4. Best KitchenAid Can Opener– (Best can opener amazon)

Beer can openerKitchenAid is a highly efficient brand offering the best kitchen products to its customers. Among these products, there lies a can opener. Usually, they provide the can opener, which is manual with all the mandatory innovations. Thus, showing the best results without any though of electrical damage.

This can opener amazon comes with a stainless-steel blade, sharp enough to puncture the lid and easily cut it from the can. It is usually oversized, which lets the edge of having a tight and hindrance-free grip on the top. Thus, it becomes easy to serve all kinds of cans with this opener. One more thing which adds to its speciality is its durability and warranty.

Significantly few kitchen products come with a contract, and this best manual can opener for seniors is one of them. It has a 1-year warranty, ensuring that the product will work best until its warranty period.

Now, let’s grab a look at the features of this manual can opener.


  • It is easy to turn over the edges.
  • You can wash the opener even with your handwash or detergent mixed with lukewarm water.
  • It has a superior quality with high durability.
  • This old school manual can openers is made up of stainless steel, which ensures that it won’t get rusted even when put for water hours.

Customers Feedback:

I will preface by saying that it may be because I had an old can opener, but this kitchenaid can opener is a revelation. My old one (not sure the brand) would slip and hurt my hands. The edges were too sharp somehow… but this one fits your hand comfortable. It slices easily through the aluminum of the cans. I was thinking about how I would need to get an electric one because it was getting harder to open cans… nope! I just needed a new, sharper can open with much more comfortable handlers – I don’t think I would save any time with electric, because this one is so easy.

This is the old school can opener I’ve owned. It’s sharp, smooth and easy to use…even with arthritis. Their heavy weight so you don’t have to work to hold it down or in place. Ive bought other Kitchenaid kitchen tools in this light blue color and it really is lovely. It leaves sharp edges on the cans but this isn’t an issue for me. I have used those kind that leaves smooth edges and battery operated ones and they hang up and slow down on a corner that’s not perfectly round or their very hard to turn.

5. Nicunom Multi-Function Ergonomic Bottle/Can Opener– (Best bottle opener)

Can opener amazonLastly, we come to the most preferred can opener by Nicunom. Nicunom has come up with the can opener serving a jar opener, bottle opener, and can opener. It can correctly open the soda bottles, jam jars, or any other airtight can or jar. Further, it is made up of good quality material, making it suitable to be used by wet or weak hands.

So, isn’t this can opener impressive? This wine bottle opener is a pack of 6 openers offered at a relatively reasonable cost, i.e., any person can easily purchase it. Hence, this makes it a must kitchen tool, which is safe, hygienic, and BPA free. So, what do you want now?

Now, let’s go through some of its features.


  • It is user-friendly, lightweight, and budget-friendly.
  • You can serve 5 purposes with a single can opener.
  • It is size-friendly, i.e., it can fit in any sized bottle or can.
  • Being available in a nonslip design, this opener can be used even with wet hands at any time.
  • This 5 in 1 multi function can opener serves best for the elderly, weak hands, arthritis patients, and seniors.

FAQs on Best Can Opener for Seniors in 2021

Can we wash the can opener?

Well, it is a relatively common question generally asked by the customers around. Although it is easy to be understood, they still commit a mistake and end up wasting their money. Let us tell you that the two can openers available – manual and electrical have different concepts regarding the washing.

When it comes to the manual can openers, you can easily wash them as they are stainless steel electric can opener. You just need soap with warm water and can add some mild detergent too. However, when it comes to electric can openers, you should avoid washing it with all its parts. Before washing, it is mandatory to remove its features such as the cutting wheel and lid holder. Then, place the cutting wheel and lid holder in the water and rinse them. Otherwise, you can just simply wipe the opener with a wet, sanitized cloth.

How to avoid rusting of the can openers?

Although the can openers are made of stainless steel, they can still corrode over time. This only happens if you allow them to contact water for a longer duration or don't clean it regularly. So, to avoid the rusting or corrosion of iron of blades, you should keep it dry and clean always. No matter it is a manual or electrical can opener, keeping it hygienic it entirely necessary. This way, your can opener will work correctly for many upcoming years, retaining its shine intact.

What can be added to the can opener to keep the rust away?

As rust or gunk is a common problem usually faced on stainless steel blades and bodies, it can cause a future hygienic problem. So, to avoid germs, bacteria, or dirt on the can openers' surface, you can apply WD-40. Then you need to leave the opener 5 to 10 minutes. Then wash and scrub the opener thoroughly with a rag. In case there are food spots or hard surfaces, you can even try scrubbing it with a toothbrush for a better effect. This will not only
clean it but also keep the easy can opener for seniors away from rusting for a longer time.

Can the can opener for seniors cause pain the hand?

While you are purchasing the can opener for seniors, you must be sure that it doesn't cause any pain in hand. These can openers are designed to avoid creating pressure or stress, and so avoids any numbness. However, suppose you are still feeling the pain while using it. In that case, we recommend getting the product changed if in the warranty period. Otherwise, you should go for the new one before it harms your hand.

Are all expensive can opener for seniors of good quality?

Going after the thought that the expensive can openers are good quality ones is a complete
waste. This is because all the can openers, be it electrical or manual, lie in the same price range. If you purchase an most expensive can opener, it will indeed be considered that your money has been fudged. Lastly, we would commend you to go through the varied can openers and choose the one from $7 to $30. In fact, the one you would choose should be below $30.

How to open a can with easy way?

Video Transcript:

This is the review channel and in this video, I’ll review a can opener that I received for free on Craigslist preserving food in tin cans dates back to 1772 but the cans were typically opened using a chisel and hammer the can opener was not invented until 1855 offering a more convenient and efficient method of opening the tin cans over the next hundred and fifty years the can opener design has evolved with each design becoming more efficient than the last as well as an electric option for anyone who does not want to spend the effort opening cans themselves I received this can opener in a peculiar manner through Craigslist.

I typically browse the free section for any items that may interest me and I happen to cross a posting for the can opener that was not too far from my home the can opener was listed in excellent condition but the posting had been up for five days I found it interesting that this post thing stayed up for so long with no one offering to take up such a great deal the poster states that this is in fine working order my wife wanted a fancier one I was impressed that he decided to photograph and list his old can opener instead of tossing it in the trash when getting his newer and fancier can opener so I decided to take him up on his offer.

The can opener is seventeen point five centimetres long with a width of 4.5 centimetres when in a closed position the can opener widens to 10 centimetres when fully opened offering a good opening range to fit in most any hand looking at the can opener up close it has a simple stainless steel design this is a bunker style can opener which clamps onto the can using a turning key and wheel to spin the can while the blade slices the main piece holding the turnkey is twisted 1/2 turn to give it an ergonomic shape to fit well into your hand while opening cans the piece with the blade holds the two pieces together giving it its distinct plier type motion to open and close there’s also a bottle opener included on the bottom of the can.

Making this a multi-function tool for opening all kinds of containers in your kitchen upon closer inspection I was disappointed to see there was a large collection of rust along with the centre pan of the wheel as well as on the slicing blade on the Craigslist post it was listed as being in excellent condition but there was no mention of the rusting components along the body of the can opener there’s several scratches and rust spots indicating that this can opener has seen some serious use in its day the previous owner must have been opening cans for years with this opener it’s no wonder they’re opting for a fancier can opener since this one looks like it belongs in a bachelor’s.

Apartment despite its flaws it was time to test how well this can opener functioned when opening cans this style of opener can be tricky to start using open the jaws of the opener and align the blade along the top rim of the can clamp down tightly so the wheel can clamp on to the bottom of the rim the blade is not as sharp as when it was brand new but it still slices the lid of the can well enough with each turn of the key the opener only slices a few centimetres at a time taking the considerable force to turn the key I had to keep my grip on the opener very tight so it could clamp on to the can finally reaching the end of the loop on the can I like to leave a little bit of the top still attached so it easily latches open instead of falling right into the food when it gets clipped off for opening cans.

This opener does do its job though not very well sadly I already own a can opener that is much more efficient and easier to use the bunker style can opener can be difficult in comparison to a cutting wheel design the advantage of a cutting wheel is that it spins while the clamping wheel spins the can making a nice clean incision along the lid of the can instead of these juddering cuts along the lid you can see the difference in the design of clothes and both of these right hand oriented can openers here you can see that with the cutting wheel opener it clamps onto the can very easily and you can start turning the key with ease as it slices the can open in a sing.

Swoop using this opener took less effort and it was much quicker looking at the can you can see the markings left behind by the bunker style can opener which are very large markings due to how tightly I had to clamp the can opener to get it to properly work with the cutting wheel design the markings on the can are very small since it required very little force to use comparing the slice marks on the lids you can see with the bunker design that there are several warped and wavy marks with a very sharp point made from the initial incision of the opener with the cutting wheel opener the marks are very smooth and even with very few indentations or markings side by side you can see that the cutting wheel opener is much smoother to operate than the bunker style now it’s time to break down the pros.

And cons as a pro this can opener can open cans and bottles if you’re in a pinch to make some baked beans or open a bottle of beer this opener will do its job I receive this opener for free on Craigslist which makes it a great deal even though I had to spend 550 on round trip subway fare to get it this can opener comes with a unique history the adventure of meeting someone from the internet for a can opener is interesting in itself this opener has been in use a long time.

And has seen and experienced many things beyond my comprehension the exchange of the can opener itself was ok all he said was my wife wants a fancier one then he closed the door so that was that moving on to the cons while this can opener does work it does not work very well when compared to a cutting wheel design opener this bunker style opener falls flat on its face. I wouldn’t recommend this opener for anyone with a weak grip and impatience for canned goods this opener was listed as being in excellent condition but I found that to not be true at all covered in scratches and severe rust this opener is in subpar condition at best while this can opener does have a unique history.

It took some effort to get Craigslist encounters are like a box of chocolates you never know if you’re gonna die I would give this can opener a c-plus rating while the opener does function for opening cans and bottles it just isn’t as efficient as other designs and with the amount of rust and scratches this really does belong in the trash I will be listing this can opener back on Craigslist to pay it to forward to someone else in need of opening cans this is the review channel and if you found this video helpful please like comment and.

How to use a can opener?

Video Transcript:

Oh, Ashley, she’s going to try to open a can Ashley doesn’t know what the can opener looks like I know I can’t over here looks like is everything that’s it right there this really decanter that’s really the cave no that’s the can opener right there yeah what is this Joe hold on I could eat a better angle here’s Ashley attempting to open Jeff hey you don’t own these this is abnormal can opener it’s very abnormal so I can help me out I’m hungry chop stirs they do this you wanna do it yeah is it this way C is awesome Ashley you’re doing a great job keep it up is this right you just tell me just give me a hint is it Emma doing this right no I sleep not even close.

does this go like this is that really can’t ever do that is really like that one gonna use the electric one this might be fun also okay let’s see what I do Jeff this is not real living everything cry oh waits nothing’s happening I’m so confused okay it’s in sir this is wrong Jeff this is just you this is too good this is gonna be a great YouTube video is this missing a part nope how does this work is this right like this does it go up here oh god this is seriously gonna be forever mm-hmm this is so dumb how’s it only opens parts at a time you said I wish you it’d make your way tomorrow no.

not doing anything this is painful to watch we’ll take the lid off for me I guess we’ll find out in a moment one-way hold on Oh Jeff oh my god it’s not even deaf into anything, oh oh hi Jeff I wasn’t too bad where’d you at this that was awesome Ashley great job.

How to easily fix electric can opener?

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys, I’m going to show you all how to fix the let your can opener when it won’t open the can no more there’s a simple fix for it imma show you what I’m talking about when it won’t open hey guys spinning ping please not opening up to extend around the problem is that the actual sharp part of it lets both the punching the can have lost its back in that caused it to stay out to where your puncher can so I’m going to show you a simple way how to fix it.

Now that you see can’t open won’t work the problem is that this which is the actual sharp part of the candle press is supposed to punch it to the can to open it’s messed up so a simple fix is all you need for most is a full up head screwdriver is removed on this one it’s just two screws is removed those two screws once you remove those screws this the whole assembly comes off with the metal actual thing that punctures your hand right here okay guys the problem is this little piece right here has come loose and side of the can opener so what you want to do you’ll see like a little the thing looks like this as a little net Lang like is that you’ll see.

So what you want to do is take this little piece it kind of slides right into a little groove like that and that’s how it should be now inside of her like that so you see this back part is where the back of the blade presses against to keep it from going all the way up and it pushes it back out and once you do that type this piece drop it back on here it’s just snap right in place just like it and then once you’ve done that take your screws you want to screw on way back into the same hole don’t you took them out.

And this total job should take no more than five minutes and once you do that should be fixed off the blade now springs back because I was touching against that so next thing you want to do is just connect it back and you can take the can opener there are you having Kate over is working in the working again alright thanks for watching the video, please check back for more thank you.


Now, you might be satisfied with the information you have gathered about the best can opener for seniors. As you know, a kitchen is supposed to have all the mandatory stuff, among which a can opener is a must. And when you are a senior and alone at home, then a can opener is that stuff which can reduce your daily burden on hands and pressure applied to the body.

But, when we talk about which type of can opener is to be purchased, we recommend the electric ones. This is because it is effortless to be used. However, if you are a traditional lover, then you can even head up to amazon can opener manual. After all, both the openers are designed in the way they can serve the seniors.

Lastly, we would like you to go through the star ratings and reviews before the purchase. However, we have personally maintained a research list of the top 5 variants trending on Amazon. For a better investment, you can buy one from there too.

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