Best Cake Server Sets Buying Guide in 2021

How do you cut and serve your cake? With your regular kitchen knife?

How do you transfer the cake?

Isn’t it difficult to transfer the cake with a kitchen knife?

Doesn’t it ruin your cake and embarrass you in front of everyone at the party?

This is another disaster happening on your favorite day! And if you are Monica of FRIENDS then your thunder is stolen truly.

Cake cutting is a ritual and you cannot miss it. But what if you end up dropping the cake. This can be both difficult and heart-breaking. But saving you from big embarrassment, we got you a buying guide for the best Cake server sets.

The cutting of the cake, which started when weddings increased in scale, is one tradition that has survived. As a result, the cake increased in size, and the icing became denser to withstand the weight of all those layers. And to cut through these layers you would need a cake server set.

Buying Guide for the Best Cake Server Sets in 2021

Let it be any function or party or wedding, no one can forget a cake. But for weddings, the presence of a cake is essential. The cake needs to be huge, large and beautiful. Even for this enormous cake, it can be difficult to fulfill the appetites of the entire wedding party. Cake server sets are one of the most common products that brides and grooms pick for their wedding. They are available in a range of finishes and designs and can be embellished with everything from hearts to wedding rings to flowers and ribbons. Cake server sets are another essential factor that cannot be missed if you are throwing a party or having your wedding ceremony.

As difficult as the process of making and baking a cake is, the cutting and serving of the cake can be another difficult task. For cutting your delicate soft-textured beautiful cake, cake server sets should be your first priority that shall make your cutting of cake a piece of cake.

There are several types of cake server sets available and it can be difficult for you to arrive at one decision owing to the shimmering and glittering attractive cake server sets that catch everyone’s attention. For this, you need to understand the features and essential factors that are related to the buying of a cake server set. These features need to be understood in detail to know what features the best cake server set shall possess.

Features of the Best Cake Server Sets in 2021


The majority of cake server sets are constructed from three simple materials. Stainless steel, silver-plated stainless steel or gold, and sterling silver. Stainless steel is the least costly of all the materials stated, but it is also the most robust and long-lasting, and it does not require any special polishing. Some stainless-steel sets may also be washed in the dishwasher, but if the handles have complicated designs or engraving, hand washing is recommended. Generally, stainless steel can be considered a good option if you want to buy it for regular or frequent use.

The most expensive is sterling silver, which will last for a longer period and even for a lifetime, but real silver takes special care to keep it looking flawless. Since sterling silver sets are so much more expensive than stainless steel sets, they are not as popular.


Cake server sets are available in a range of types and designs, so you shall witness a wide range of options in front of you. The majority of them are made of polyresin or silver-plated stainless-steel blades. High-quality models are normally rustproof and have classic designs, making them a good choice for a number of other occasions. The cake server is normally the same size as the knife and guarantees that you can evenly and perfectly cut slices of the cake.

Cake Server Set size:

Cake server sets are available in a range of shapes and sizes. A cake knife and a matching cake server are included in the majority of sets. The size of these pieces will vary from 8” to 13” long, depending on personal preference. A collection that measures closer to the 8”-10” scale can make you feel more comfortable and at ease for using if you have short hands but if you have long hands then you go for the longer size.

Cake Server Set Shape:

The shape of the wedding cake has a lot to do with the shape of the cake server package you select. The majority of sets are either triangular or square in form. If you’re serving a round cake, a triangular server would be even more useful. Using a square-shaped server for square cakes.

Some cake server sets generally have blades that are more rounded, which is great as well. Although choosing a package with a wider server blade will make it much easier for you to serve dessert if you plan on having a wedding or hosting gatherings and holiday parties. Usually, the shape of the cake server set is the least essential characteristic of the set. Many slices of cake will fall off the thin serving blades in the sets with thin serving blades. But with a bigger one, you can easily cut through it and then transfer it easily to any plate.


Another aspect to consider is the handle’s shape and scale. You would want handles that are easy to carry and that fit comfortably in your palm. It is obvious to expect it as you shall be spending a good amount of money on the set. Trying to cut your cake with a slippery or thin little handle might cause a lot of stress.

Thicker handles are easier to hold and manipulate, particularly because you will be cutting and holding the handle together on your wedding day. Most knife and server handles come in a variety of designs, ranging from ribbon motifs and sculpted hearts to Baroque and antique types, so select ones that are suitable for you. A weighted, ergonomic styled handle makes it easier to maintain the weight of the cake or pie, reducing the risk of slices falling out while you cut it or transfer it.

Also, a good grip on the handle shall ensure that you would not let the knife slip down from your hands. For this, you need to ensure that the material out of which the handle is crafted should be of high quality.

Size of the Blade:

A longer, larger pie and cake server allows for larger slices in general, so if you regularly serve big cakes, look for a blade that is almost as long as the radius of your largest cake pan. The biggest blade you’ll need for most home cooks is one that’s 10 inches long and 2.5 inches thick.

Pick a knife and a cake server that are suitable for the size of your cake. This means that you can cut and serve equal portions. If you are hosting a party of cutting your wedding cake and the size is large, we would recommend that you buy a blade that has a larger size otherwise it cannot accommodate the size and would make it difficult for you to slice the cake thereby ruining your cake.

Sharpness of the Blade:

The sharpness of the cake knife included in the server package varies, but most aren’t very sharp because the manufacturer keeps in mind that you need it for the purpose of cutting or slicing a cake and cakes are generally soft in texture.  So, they are crafted in such a way that while some of them have tiny teeth, the majority of the cutting blade is smooth. Depending on the design of the set and the maker, the blade may be mostly straight or may have a curve.


Look for high-quality steel construction and a stainless or corrosion-resistant finish to ensure long-term durability. The level of gleam is a personal preference, and it can be determined by whether a matte or high gloss finish complements your current flatware and kitchen knife package.


Look for cake server sets made of polyresin that can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher. Even if the set is dishwasher secure, it is recommended that you wash it by hand to prevent scratches on the info. Generally, the stainless-steel ones can be hand-washed easily and thus, ensure to check this feature before buying.


You can find almost any sort of cake server collection you want online if you’re looking for something truly special. More designers are making new and exclusive designs that can go with a lot of different themes and wedding venues because they are so important for weddings.

If you’re going to give this package as a gift, look for one that comes in a good presentable display box, and see if there are any matching wedding cake boxes if you’re going to be packing cake for guests to take home.

Several wedding cake server sets allow you to personalize them with information like your initials and wedding date. This personalizes the package and helps you to reminisce about your special day for years to come. If the manufacturer does not have a personalization option, you can always contact a local craftsman.


Engraving your cake server package is one of the most common ways to make it completely unique and personal. On the blades of the knife and server, you can engrave whatever you want, but the most common inscriptions are the wedding date and the bride and groom’s names.

Available Price

The cost of cake server sets is determined by several factors, including scale, nature, content, and customizability. The server sets generally cost anywhere from $20 for plastic and wooden handles to hundreds of dollars for those made of specific metals. But you shall not only rely on the price, but also look for the material and other features while buying.

FAQs for the Best Cake Server Sets in 2021

What type of cake knife should I buy?

While buying a cake knife ensure that the blade is about as long as the radius of the cake or the length of the largest slice, you'll be cutting to find the right cake knife for you. This is because the cake might just slip if the knife is not broad.

How is a Cake server different than a pie server?

Although the purposes of these two kitchen tools are often merged into one, a cake server is typically a smooth, flat triangular blade designed for laying a slice of cake on its side on a plate, while a pie server has a slight bend in the blade to fit into a pie pan. Generally, they almost serve the same purpose, so you can use them as a cake server for even cutting the pie. But usually, professional chefs use different knives for the purpose.

How do I use a cake server?

Using a cake server is tricky. So, to begin, first measure the required portion with a cake server and a knife. Now, uniformly cut the section with the serving knife. When you're done, carefully remove the cake from the pan using your cake server to avoid ruining its appearance. With this, the cake server will protect the original cake's body from injury. You'll also be able to preserve the table's aesthetics this way.


We care about your special day and this is why we have brought this guide before you to make your day more special. This guide would have made your understanding of the cake server sets much easier. We are sure that you can now get ready for your next party in the true sense.

Since it is your special day, we do not want it to get spoiled in any way. You would also not want to ruin your wedding day for sure or your birthday party. But not having a simple thing can actually ruin it. So, get ready to buy a cake server set and cancel another possible disaster from happening on your special occasion.

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