Best Blender for Juicing Buying Guide in 2021

Do you like to drink fresh juice but do not have a blender?

Do your gym exercise demand fresh juice?

Have fresh fruit juice become a part of your daily routine?

Do you spend money on buying juice from the market?

If you are preoccupied with such questions, so here we are, with the best solutions. We have provided the solution after considering the features that should be present in a perfect blender.

It is a well-known fact that fresh juice boasts one’s immune systems, makes the skin glow, improves blood circulation, and so on. It assists in getting rid of stress and also has many health benefits. One should include fresh juice in a daily diet. But frequently, going out to the market and purchase fresh juice is not an easy task. Moreover, it’s not at all simple to spend money on juice daily.

So, what is the solution? If you want to find one, you have to come with us in the content.

Buying Guide for the Best Blender for Juicing in 2021

Purchasing a blender for juicing purposes is not at all an easy task. It is because there are many blenders available in the market for sale. Besides, every blender has its own advantages and features that one looks for while making a purchase. Moreover, when you spend a certain sum, you make sure that the product is worth it. Thus, the following are some of the features that you look for while purchasing a blender.


There are many types of blenders available in the market for sale, such as hand blenders known as stick blenders. These kinds of blenders are compact and powerful. One can also opt for the cordless hand blender so that it is easy to move around the kitchen. Another is a single-serve blender that is smaller in size. The main advantage of a single-serve blender is that it makes the best smoothies.

They are suitable for dorms and smaller places where there is a storage issue. The third is a full-size blender with a strong base with a vessel in which one can chop or puree the jar’s veggies and fruits. Next, there is a specialty blender that can blend, puree, chop, grind, and make dry fruit milk and smoothie. Another is the blender bottle amazon that is a manual kind of a blender. It is advantageous for gym lovers to make sure that their protein shake is blended perfectly. Lastly is a kitchen blender, i.e., a blender for all the chopping, mixing, and food processing needs. Therefore, one should choose the type of blender that the person intends to purchase.


There are two kinds of jar materials, as soda-lime glass and high-borosilicate glass. Both types of materials can pass the shock test, thermal test, hydrostatic pressure test, light transmission test, and impact test. It is possible to maintain the performance and efficiency of the product. Therefore, one has to decide upon the material of the jar of the blender.


You should check the edges before making a purchase. The blades of the blender are responsible for blending in the material and extracting relevant nutrients from them. The function of the blades is to mix and crush the ingredients at a fast rotating speed. It should have a high modulus of rigidity to avoid any distortion during the operation.

The reason is that the shearing speed act on the blade due to the speed. One should also consider the convenience of washing the edges. Therefore, you should take into account the clades before purchasing a blender. It is because the blenders are of different blender blade types and their parts vary from one another.


One of the features that one should look for in a blender is speed and power. A blender can work at different speed levels. One can adjust the speed accordingly. Usually, a blender contains a speed button by which one can easily control the blender’s speed. The power of the blender measures in wattage means the higher the watts, the powerful the blender is. However, if you want one to crush nuts or ice cubes easily, you need a more powerful blender because these food items are hard to blend.

One should purchase the product after considering the need and also the power of the blender. There are many blenders available in the market that differ in speed. Therefore, if one wishes to have a frozen fruit drink, then consider one with more power. However, if one does not have a liking for the best blender for frozen drinks, one should go for a medium speed blender.


Every item needs proper care, then only it will have a longer life. Nobody purchases blenders frequently, so it becomes more important to maintain them properly. Usually, the blenders package contains the direction for cleaning it and mentions whether it is dishwasher safe. or not. While making a decision, it is relevant to sider the repair and maintenance of the product.

Sometimes, it happens that the components of the blender may not be available in the market. Hence, it becomes difficult to replace the part of the product. Therefore, one should take into consideration every minute of details before purchasing the blender. The reason is that later one would find it difficult to search for the parts. One should go for the blender whose elements are easily available in the market.


Warranty is a guarantee issue to the customer of an article for a specified period. Nowadays, there are a variety of products available in the market and with a warranty period. The benefit is that if you can get the blender replaced or repaired within a specified period. Usually, there is a warranty period for electronic gadgets. If there is no warranty, it means that the product does not have good quality. Therefore, one should buy a blender that has a warranty period.


When one spends a certain sum, you make sure that the product is of better quality. You won’t like to buy a substandard quality product. There are tons of products available online or offline. Therefore, one has to check the quality before purchasing. Due to cut-throat competition, many companies try to sell the better quality of goods at a reasonable cost.

The reason is that many companies that aim to surpass its competitor. The main intention is to satisfy the customer and also to capture market share. The quality of the product also determines the life of the product and how the product works. Thus, quality is a significant factor that one should consider while making a purchase.


The blenders are available in different sizes to suit one needs and storage capacity. They can vary in size from 3 to 14 cups. If there is no proper storage space with a person, they can purchase a compact, single-serve blender. Otherwise, if there is ample storage space or one cooks for a large family, one can go for a giant-sized blender.

For instance, if you are staying in a dorm, then you can buy the best small blender. If you live in a big family, then go for a large-sized and more powerful blender. Thus, one should also consider the blender’s size after considering the family size, the storage capacity, and the workload of one person.


There are different blenders at a unique range to suit everybody’s pocket. There are thousands of products available in the market, from highly-priced to low-priced. It is not true that highly-priced goods are of superior quality. The reason is that due to globalization and liberalization, there is intense competition.

The company strives to survive in the market, where this is immense competition. The products are not as highly-priced as before. So, one should choose the best budget blender for their suitability and is of better quality at the same time.

Top Variants for the Best Blender for Juicing in 2021

Choosing the best variant for the best blender for juicing is quite important. As there are a number of alternatives available, you can get confused in deciding the right one. Thus, we are sharing some of our personally picked blenders which are usually purchased by the customers.

1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender– (Best blender for smoothies)

Best blender for smoothiesThe company provides dozens of kitchenware and appliances such as blenders, food processors, coffee makers, pressure cookers, air fryers, etc. This best blender for ice offered by the company is of superior quality.

The company specializes in blenders and juicer that has a sleek design. It has an attractive look and an outstanding performance with the power of 1000 watts. The blender has 64 ounces of maximum liquid capacity. This blender for smoothies is best for blending in the fresh fruit and veggies juice. The blender’s blades are crushing, blending, pureeing, and the controlled processing crush the ice and frozen fruits in a few seconds.

That means that the blender is also useful for making frozen drinks. Therefore, you don’t have to spend additional money on purchasing the blender for frozen drinks. Again, this blender works as a 2 1 blender. The jar is 72 ounces, perfect for making creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies anytime one wishes to have them.


  • It is a perfect blender to crush ice into snow and make your favorite dip, sauce, and juice.
  • The blender consists of 6 blades that help to blend the material in a few seconds.
  • It can make smoothies, juices, dips, sauces, and so on.
  • This best personal blender also has a power button that ranges from low to high.

Customers Feedback:

This thing is a marvel of smart design and high quality precision manufacturing. They do not lie…fill it with ice cubes, run it and you get snow! Because it has blades top to bottom this baby kicks out my breakfast smoothie in less than a minute. Everything is good. The poor spout stays open when pouring by magnets or magic, I can tell but the best blender for ice stays up, yet never opens when blending. The pitcher locks onto the motor logically and effortlessly. Clean up is easy, warm water and a drop of soap, run on high for a minute and rinse. DONE! It’s even really easy to clean the base, sealed and wipe-able all around. Bummed I didn’t get one of these long ago.

This is the blender I was looking for! I wanted something better than the $25-35 Oster, Hamilton Beach or Black & Decker, but I didn’t want or need the expensive Breville or Vitamix. The blender for smoothies is multi-blade spindle makes quick work of fruit or ice, blending everything completely. An extremely simple control panel – Low, Medium and High, plus Pulse – what more could anyone want? Do be warned, the blades are crazy sharp – but I clean mine the way I’ve cleaned every blender I’ve ever owned – adding a few drops of dish soap and some warm or hot water to the blender jar, run it for a few seconds and rinse it out! Only handle the blade spindle by the very top and you will never lose another drop of blood!

2. WantJoin Professional Food Mixer Countertop Blender– (Best blender for juicing and smoothies)

Best blender for juicing and smoothiesThe company offers a variety of blenders and juicers that is perfect for personal and professional use. The blender has a power of 2200 watts. It can also make frozen drinks and crush the ice or other ingredient in a few seconds compared to other blenders.

This blender for juicing and smoothies is not only easy to use but also easy to clean its parts. It has a speed control button so that it can achieve the texture it wants in the ingredients. The blender has a Real-Time Control System so that one can settle the time in the machine. The blender will stop working after completing the time decided.


  • This best affordable blender can crush ice, make smoothies, juices, soup, frozen dessert, salsa, and so on.
  • The blender is for personal as well as professional use.
  • It comes with a motor base, and a 2 l thickened PC container with a rubber handle.
  • The blender comes with a manual guide and a tamper.

Customers Feedback:

I absolutely love this blender ❤️ For years I’ve wanted a Vitanix, but the price was too expensive for me. Years later I got a good deal on a Blendtec, but wasn’t happy with its performance. Luckily I found Wantjoin. I’m making the most delicious frozen fruit ice cream. It’s really simple just frozen fruit and a couple drops of stevia and it blends in seconds. No more chuncks in my smoothies and cleaning is super simple too. Just blend a bit of warm water and soap then rince. I don’t think I’ve ever given such a long review on anything before, but this blender is worth it.

So I’ve wanted a Vitamix for a very long time… I bought a Ninja and I loved the best blender for green juice until I tried to make peanutbutter with it and the motor exploded… made me sad. I bought the ninja single serve IQ and I love it but I wanted to be able to make larger shakes for when I was really hungry so I went searching… saw this blender and it arrived today. So far I’ve only used it one time but holy moses it took the ice like a champ!!! I didn’t think it was overly noisy.. I really like it… hopefully it won’t die like the Ninja did… I should research before I try to make peanutbutter with it, I suppose.

3. Amaste Cold and Hot Professional Countertop Blender– (Best portable blender)

Best portable blenderThe blender is available in a different color that gives the customer a variety of blenders. The blender has a perfect combination of high-speed blade and microfiltration. The power of the product is 1200 wattage.

The eight blades are of stainless steel that can turn the ice into snow, the grains into flour, and nuts into nut milk. Thus, the edges are powerful to handle all sorts of fruit and veggies. This best portable blender is simple to use. It has a large touch panel with pre-programmed settings. Besides.

it can serve both hot dishes, dessert, and cold drinks in a few minutes. If you are diet conscious and drink vegetable juice, then the blender will prepare this best blender for crushing ice in a few seconds. And not only does it prepare the juice in minutes but also extracts the nutrients from the vegetables. The unique feature is the time control function that works as per the directions given.


  • It has a safety power-off feature that reminds a person if the lid is not locked.
  • It is a six-layer glass, and it has a high-temperature resistance to avoid any plastic release.
  • The unique feature is that if the lid is open during the operation, the blender stopped working during that time.
  • This best juicer machine comes with a 64 oz glass pitcher, the main blender base, a tamper, a cleaning brush, a cookbook, and a manual guide.

Customers Feedback:

I wanted to read the manual for the best juicer machine & let me tell you- it was the funniest thing I’ve read in years. I was laughing so hard. I think, even if you use Google Translate, you wouldn’t get such a Terrible translation as these instructions. Totally worth buying if you need a blender & happiness in this miserable pandemic. Don’t want to give any spoilers but some of my favorite moments are sentences like “If the food be sticky by being over heated” & in the recipe book under porridge section “beef oatmea”

I keep coming back to update my review. I had 5 stars at first then the connection with my old ones top was too loose and I would have to keep pressing it to blend— I was annoyed but the company sent me a brand new one! Which I just made a wonderful smoothie with!!! So- 5 stars again!!! Thank you… if the vegetable juice recipes for blender breaks – I’ll come back and say haha New new review – after fiddling with it and unplugging and replugging it worked again … but now I’m worried it won’t last New review! It’s broken! I’ve used it three times! Yes!!!!! After throwing away 3 blenders in the past 3 years all around 40-60 dollars I finally just got a nicer one- IM SO GLAD I DID! It is huge and powerful but blends so great!!! It is not for the dishwasher and if you make soup it boils before blending (don’t worry!). I’m not getting paid for this review at all but reviews from real ppl made me get this… I love it!

4. COSORI Heavy Duty Professional  Blender– (Best hand blender)

Best hand blenderThe attractive-looking blender is of superior quality that has the power of 1500 watts. The 1500 watts blender makes the product robust and makes it simple to blend the toughest ingredients.

This best hand blender is useful for making juices, green smoothies, crushing ice, milkshakes, and much more. The blender is safe to use as the blender automatically shuts down due to overheating or overloading. The six premium stainless steel blades help to cush the ingredients without much effort.

There is a 70 oz family-size pitcher with an extra 27 oz of personal travel bottle. The bottle’s advantage of this hand blender is that it can be taken to the gym, running, cycling, and traveling.


  • The containers are BPA FREE.
  • The speed of the BPA FREE varies from low to high to achieve every desired texture.
  • This best blender for juicing greens is easy to clean through warm water and soap.
  • The blender comes with a recipe manual, tamper, and a traveling bottle.

Customers Feedback:

I was a bit skeptical because I was a Vitamix owner….was being the key here!! I had done my research and chose Cosori because it had good reviews but beat a Vitamix?! NO! Well, let me tell you as of now…3 weeks into this…The best hand blender 2021 does beat my Vitamix! It is powerful, it is pretty, it has some nice safety features. Blends excellent and is VERY powerful! Plus it is quiet…reminds me of a well engineered high speed car! Not a lot of racket…just power that purs! Now a blender is a blender so it does make noise..but I can blend my bullet coffee with everyone asleep and they will stay asleep! Great value especially when you factor the price!! Just a fraction of the Vitamix! I love my Cosori!

A blender for health drinks and assistance with food preparation is a must in my home. The COSORI 1500 was doing all it needed for me “in spades.” Then came a loving house guest who used the blender without adequate instructions from me. In the use of the blender, something happened. When I was alerted to the issue, my faithful COSORI 1500 no longer responded — Dead! I called the COSORI Customer Service, recived assistance in trouble-shooting. Sure enough, it was dead! No questions were asked about possible misuse! I was assured that I’d receive a replace in 7 days. Sure enough, COSORI kept the promise of the hand blender amazon warrenty and its work. I am plesed with service and my COSORI 1500!

5. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor– (Best blender food processor combo)

Best blender food processor comboThe juicers are available in different colors and design, and also has an attractive and appealing look. It has dual control feature where the soft control button is for fruits like watermelon, orange, grape, celery, and cucumber.

The other control button is to blend in fruits and veggies like apple, pear, ginger, beetroot, etc. This blender food processor combo also helps to separate juice and pulp and extract high purity juice as it extracts relevant nutrients. The blender makes juices for people of all ages, such as children who love fruit juice.

On the other hand, middle-aged people who are fitness conscious can go for vegetable juice, and elders can drink beetroot juice. This best juicer for celery has a small feeder chute that removes the seeds and peels from the juice so that it does not have a bitter taste. It is also safe to use, and children won’t get hurt by the product. The blender also has a low sound, that is, less than 60 decibels. The parts are detachable and are of superior quality. The details are dishwasher friendly and easy to clean.


  • The blender comes with a cleaning brush that enables proper cleaning of the product.
  • The warranty for the blender’s motor is ten years and three years on other accessories.
  • The company provides an after-sale guarantee.
  • This best masticating juicer has a reverse function to avoid jamming.

Customers Feedback:

I’m new to juicing, but I can’t say I have any complaints. I’ve been using it pretty regularly, and it’s sturdy enough. I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet my Jucco is. It’s WAY quieter than a best masticating juicer, if I had to compare it to anything- it’s maybe a little bit louder than a microwave The pulp is as dry as can be, and it’s considerably more efficient than centrifugal juicers. I’ve learned through trial and error what does and doesn’t juice. I’d lean towards carrots and away from berries. Softer, wetter food like blueberries make wet pulp- you’re better off just eating them whole.

Happy, happy, happy, is all I can say, I finally broke down and bought a masticating best juicer for celery after buying $4-$5 ginger shots for well over a month straight everyday. I decided I needed to start making my own. After doing a ton of research and really being unsure as to whether I should just spend the $400 plus to get a quality juicer, or if I should take my chances with the reviews on a much lower cost juicer. Let me tell you, best decision I made was buying this juicer. It juices everything I’ve tried perfectly. I have no complaints and am looking forward to a long life from this juicer. Thank you!!
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FAQs of Best Blender for Juicing in 2021


Carrots contain antioxidants, lower the risk of stomach cancer, and treat leukaemia if consumed daily. Moreover, it also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer. The carrot also contains vitamin C that helps to cure many health problems. It is proven that drinking carrot juice is more beneficial than eating a whole carrot.

It also removes toxins from your liver and maintains a healthy body. However, one should not drink carrot juice excessively as it may cause allergies, cause vitamin A toxicity, and cause flatulence. Consumption of anything in excess is harmful. Overall, the consumption of carrot juice daily in a limited quantity is beneficial to health.


Juicing is beneficial for one's health. However, it may happen that excess that most people may substitute the vegetables for raw vegetable juice. Regular consumption of raw veggies exposes a person to bacterial consumption in the gut. When one faces a bacterial infection in the stomach, they experience a panic attack out of nowhere.

If you still want to go on the juice diet, then go for organic veggies washed thoroughly. Besides, some fruits and veggies contain sugar. Juicing can sometimes affect your daily medication, as well. The best vegetables to juice can also affect chronic disease negatively sometimes. Therefore, one should drink juice daily but to a limit.


Green juice is advantageous in many ways. It has many health benefits, such as its rich antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E. It is also beneficial to the skin and helps to get glowing skin. It alkalizes the body, energizes the body, delay sign of aging, and improves gut health.

The best green juice also enhances detoxification and supports a healthy immune system. Therefore, one should include green vegetable juice in the daily routine. It enhances the physical as well as mental strength of the one who consumes it daily.


Yes, one can use a blender for juicing fresh fruits and veggies. It can meet the daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. To make a juice or smoothie, one could make it in a few minutes by blending the veggies and fruits without extracting relevant nutrients. It does not separate the juice's minerals and minerals but mixes the nutrients and minerals in them. Blenders are not only beneficial for juicing purpose but is also useful to make the gravy, soup and so on. Therefore, the best blender for smoothies is used for making juice, smoothie, soup, and sauces.


A person should choose the juice that suits one's health. If one is suffering from thyroid, one should avoid veggies like cabbage, broccoli, and kale. One person suffering from stomach bloating should avoid using vegetables such as kale and bok choy. If one has kidney stones, one should avoid raw spinach and chard. Therefore, one should consider one's suitability before going for a green juice.

How To Make Celery Juice In a Blender?

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, okay so there is this crazy trend going around health trend celery juice have a glass first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it is supposed to heal literally everything let me just read to you the things that it’s supposed to do okay here we go it helps with chronic acid reflux I have acid reflux so that’s good to me it helps restore the adrenals it helps with constipation and digestive issues it helps with lupus arthritis every other autoimmune condition Lyme disease anxiety brain fog confusion depression bipolar disorder memory loss Alzheimer’s disease OCD ADHD PTSD poor focus and concentration.

And it also really helps for acne eczema and psoriasis it helps stabilize your blood pressure I could go on and on and you don’t want to hear all the things but I have a really easy way to make celery juice at home using a blender this is celery juice using a blender let’s get started so the first thing we want to do is we want to take our cleaned celery scoffs this is one full head of celery and we’re just going to cut it into smaller cubes.

Yeah SMR anyone to start we’re going to put some of our celery into the blender we just want to get the blender go in here so now that we have all of this chopped I’m gonna add more honestly I’m just gonna have the rest of my celery don’t put any of the leaves in and they just don’t taste as good so I always leave I leave the leaves and we’re just gonna really go and see how it’s cooking and as quickly as that it’s fully become liquefied of course we’re not just gonna drink it like this I’ve actually seen some people on Instagram drink it like this and it is terrified what we’re going to use is a nut milk bag this nut milk bag is going to allow us to strain all of the solids really nicely from the celery juice.

So that we’re left with the juice itself pour it right into the nut milk bag lift up and look at all the juice that’s already come out of here I’m gonna keep squeezing this until no more juice comes out of it and what we’re left with is like chunks of solid celery so you want to throw these away and look 16 ounces of juice so as you can see this celery juice is pretty frickin easy to make at home with a blender.

Here we go tastes like celery as you would expect it to now you guys know how easy it is to make celery juice in your blender at home I’ve actually started integrating this into my daily routine and I’ve seen serious improvements in getting rid of brain fog and getting rid of my acne and my sensitive skin I cannot recommend it enough if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up and feel free to subscribe to my page for new videos every Wednesday my name is Alaina thank you so much for watching and I will hopefully see you next time bye.

How To Make Apple Juice In a Blender?

Video Transcript:

Oh hi, welcome to day three of the three-day juice cleanse I’m really glad you’re here if you’ve made it to day three you should be so proud of yourself today’s recipe is the anti-ageing amazing apple juice it is simple to make and like the other days I’m showing you how to make it with a blender because the juicer is pretty straightforward so step one is to chop and prepare all of your apples I purchased an assorted bag of apples today got them all chopped up and ready to go so let’s begin so place your apples in your blender so they’re chunky.

They’re big they smell delicious they’re starting to oxidize here with the heat so about 6 cups of apples go into your blender I add 3 cups I free pour but about 3 cups of water into your blender there we go till everything’s covered nice and to the top and what you’re going to find with this juice is that it’s so delicious sometimes I add cinnamon in but for this challenge we’re just doing things as simple as possible so we’ll just get this ready I want to point out some of the health benefits of apples and one of the reasons why I chose apples for this cleanse apples have vitamin C vitamin K vitamin A b1 b2 b6 potassium magnesium they’re great for weight loss that they protect your heart they’re linked to a lower risk of diabetes they help good gut bacteria they help prevent cancer also asthma and they protect your brain apples are amazing so I’m just gonna very quickly turn on the blender here and get them going.

So we’ll get this going pretty good I usually blend about three minutes because I like everything very crisp and very smooth okay so our apples have blended for about three minutes I can still see that there’s some pulp in there there are a little bit of the skins so we are going to now strain our apple juice so remove the lid remember these strainers are available from the dollar store they’re just super simple now pour our juice into the bowl like this there we go we’re gonna need that again in a minute so to get your juice through I would just go help push it through the press it through there we go all the fibre all the skin anything else will be left in our strainer when we’re all finished.

I always want to rush this part but you just can’t it’s just gotta go at its own pace the great thing about this juice is that everyone in my house likes it we drink to get warm as well which I’ll show you in a minute you can actually spend quite a few minutes you can see the foam here this is the fibre that we’re removing from the juice so the fibre is going to stay in the strainer and the juice has been pushed through so you depending on how much time you have you can work away at this you can get as much juice as you want you can see the fibre is quite thick now you can also freeze and save this fibre if you want to use it in a recipe or a carrot cake or something like that for now.

We’re just gonna push it though there’s not very much left I’m not sure how much you can see there are about two big scoops of fibre left in here so I’ll just set this out of the way and then what I typically do just to make it easier and I have learned this the hard way is I pour my juice back into my blender then it’s much easier to pour and then I put it into my mason jars to store in the fridge so there we go now there’s nothing in this juice there’s no cinnamon it is just the apples it is beautiful delicious nice and tight and then I usually have a little jar me to sip on and then I would just repeat that process so I would make you want to drink four to six of these today.

So I would continue that process of blending the apples nice one tasty oh my gosh delicious so if you’re having trouble on the juice cleanse I know that it’s day three you can slice up a few apples really thin and munch on these you will be getting some fibre that is one way to cheat and the other way to cheat and some times I will just slice them up place them in my little pot on the stove on low with nothing.

And it’s actually amazing that the warm apples the flavour that comes out of them so those are two ways to cheat if you must cheat but I hope that you don’t I hope that you stick it out and again Cheers. Apple dick post pictures in our Facebook group let me see the apple juice that you’ve made and tell me your experience with that king talk to you tomorrow.

How to Make Green Juice in a Blender?

Video Transcript:

It’s taken a lot of years but we figured it out how to make green juice in a blender perfectly every single time all right there are three parts to making green juice in a blender and three keys to making green juice in a blender now before I tell you the three parts and the three keys I got to take a step back and give some credit where credit’s due I learned this method from the master you could say the third-generation CEO of Vitamix John Barnard he’s also the current chairman he’s a vegan he’s a super cool smart guy he owns a ton of patents on these Vitamix machines he told me how to make green juice in a blender whole-food juice not cold-pressed all the nutrients all the fibre in your juice.

Sidenote just read an article that doctors are now making sure that people know that juice is not good for you and we’re not talking about whole food juices that you can make in a blender that’s basically eating a salad and eating fruit whole but just the blenders doing all the work for you we’re talking about juice orange juice apple juice it’s basically just sugar so today we’re making green juice in a blender here we go the three parts part one is the fruit you start with a lot because you want it sweet you get it down to whatever you’re comfortable with no berries but really anything else goes berries are going to get you kind of an icky colour so we’re going to use banana orange apple what else is great we’ve used Kiwi.

Pineapple mango citrus fruits apples are great too okay part one the fruit a little bit of fruit okay part two the greens this is what makes a green smoothie you can use kale spinach collard greens dandelion leaves I think that’s the thing now any green you want the deeper the green the better lots of greens okay part three seeds add some seeds these are full of nutrients they’re going to give it a little bit of texture and a little bit of hint of flavour seeds you can use chia flax hemp seeds whatever you like C’s are part three okay recap a little bit of fruit a lot of greens a few seeds okay great okay now there are three keys to making perfect green juice in a blender key number.

One is water and ice okay so you start with water you’re going to pour water into the bottom of the container that’s going to help bring everything down it’s going to get you the juice consistency so water at the bottom and then ice on the top ice is important it’s like water but it’s going to make it cool and it’s going to give it a nice delicious consistency when you drink it important note about the water and the ice I forget what I was going to say what was like oh the difference between a green juice and a green smoothie excuse me stay hydrated people green smoothies are typically thicker they have a creamier consistency the.

Nutrients the ingredients are generally the same but with a green smoothie you’re going to use a frozen banana frozen mango even if like frozen squash that’s going to give you sort of that thicker creamier consistency and maybe if you add a little more ice green and smoothie today we’re making a green juice the only frozen ingredient is ice okay

So key one water ice key number two put this in every single green juice you make lemon tons of nutrients but it’s going to give it kind of a refreshing flavour kind of zesty is that or not zesty but you want lemon in your green juice I promise a little slice you can even add a little of the peel in the container while you blend lemon that’s key number two.

And key number three is ginger add a little bit of ginger to your green blended juice it’s going to give it an amazing flavour a great aftertaste and ginger is full of incredible vitamins and nutrients it’s a root it’s full of what you need ginger that’s key 3 so we talked about the three parts fruit green seeds we talked about the three keys water and ice lemon and ginger now one bonus tip to make a green blended juice of blended green juice fabulous give it a kick I like to add a little bit of jalapeno just like a just a teeny little bit like a thumbnail worth no seeds if you don’t like a too spicy a little bit of seeds from the jalapeno if you like it really spicy that’s going to give the flavour of the green juice some complexity you’re going to get the sweet from the fruit you’re going to get the bitterness from the lemon in the sort.

Of the whatever the heck the flavour is and the ginger you’re gonna get the greens but then you’re going to eat a little bit of a kick that brings it all together to make a complex symphony of flavours so wonderful that bonus tip make it a little spicy okay you guys we’ve been making green juice every single morning for several months now and I know it seems like just a short amount of time given how long we’ve been doing life is no blending every day but before that, we were doing protein shakes before that we were doing some other stuff.

Green juice it’s worth that it’s delicious wakes you up in the morning you don’t feel the need for coffee you’re going to it keeps you satiated all the nutrients I mean it’s like eating a salad now I want to say it’s very important this is a Vitamix this is what we do we sell Vitamix for affiliates that’s our job we help people pick and use the Vitamix but you don’t need this fancy machine to make green juice in a blender take the blender that you have in your cupboard and ulster an ingénue serve or whatever you have and make yourself some green juice it yes like it’s going to taste a little more like salad.

If you’re not using a commercial-grade machine like this all the restaurants use these machines and that’s in the Quick Serve restaurants that’s why those drinks that you buy tastes better but it’s ok you don’t need this use whatever you have and make yourself blended green juice ok ok green juice in a blender let’s make one yeah well what are they doing all right so we got all the ingredients cut up ready to go a couple of things I want to say before we start making this green juice in our blender one the jalapeno you definitely don’t have to use jalapeno if that’s not in your flavour profile if you don’t like spicy don’t use it we love it too with the ice we’re not adding ice to thicken it we’re adding ice.

Because when you make green juice in a blender it doesn’t matter what kind of blender you have you need to process for several minutes between 1 and 3 minutes to get everything the right consistency so the ice actually keeps it cool because of any heat or that’s created because of the friction and then the last thing is this recipe is a version of what’s called I am spicy hot it’s a green juice from our friend Tara Shan from blender babes we made a video with her I think a little over a year ago what do you think of juicing you can check that out that’s a lot of that was a lot of fun to do but this is kind of a version of that and I think that’s all I have to say because I’m really excited to make this green juice I’m hungry and thirsty and ready to go you ready ok so we started by adding water we put in about 12 ounces 400 millilitres.

I kind of eyeball it in the morning about this much okay water first then fruit we’re going to do a whole orange plop it in we’re going to do apple we have a whole apple cut with the skin and everything cored banana whole banana fresh so that’s the fruit once again if you want to make this more like a smoothie consistency adds a frozen banana with the fruit add frozen mango cool okay part two the greens we’re using kale packet hi that’s what’s you know sort of the beauty of these green juices you’re going to make a full blend like a huge full container of ingredients this is kale wonderful it’s about two or three cups two handfuls a quick note on the kale this is on prepared we pulled this straight from a bag I know it’s terrible okay a quick note on the kale we washed it but we didn’t take the thick really dense stems off kind of depending on what blender you’re using you might want to consider.

Removing these and just having the leaves we’re using our Vitamix we know it’s going to be able to handle these stems no problem so we left them on lots of good nutrients in them why not okay part three the seeds we happen to have all three of these seeds chia hemp and flax but you do not need to use all three one is just fine so we’re going to throw let’s say flax and Chia on top okay all three parts now the key to a good green juice guys member eleven throws it in throw it all in oh I just put in thank you I throw it now it’s all dirty this is a lot of light so you get on like a beverage at a restaurant okay slice with the peel wash the outside keep the peel on lots of good stuff on there ginger we’re already chopped it up but this is a piece of ginger about the size of like my thumb like the top of my thumb.

Ginger YUM that’s key number two and then key number three we talked about the water we already put in at the bottom and then ice we’re going to put ice on the top and the reason we put ice at the end is so it can push everything down into the blades this way you don’t need to do any extra work while you’re processing you to tamper or anything like that ice on top last and bonus tip guys remember jalapeno to make it spicy it’s delicious and.

The like jalapeno any kind of spicy peppers are really good for your immune system so if you’re not feeling well definitely add something spicy BAM okay we’re ready to go full container this juice will last two or three days in your fridge because unlike the stuff that you get in the grocery store this is raw it’s unpasteurized there are no additives or preservatives so you’re going to want to drink it within two or three days it shouldn’t be a problem it’s delicious okay hang on one second I got to go around either set a camera take a picture of this because everyone that follows us on Instagram loves pictures of full blends like this so once again DPT Kiki right okay full container we’re going to blend for between one and two minutes to get everything process up nice a fine homogenous juicy delicious consistency and we’re going to pour it and drink it and sing a song because we’re really excited okay.

Oh it’s life this is too dark of my hair it smells good now Fred John 32nd really failure all right so ran for full two minutes it felt like a lifetime but that’s the right amount of time to make green juice in a blender a long time two minutes it’s pretty cool we started with a very full container it got knocked down a little bit what do we have a delicious blended green juice guy it’s fabulous guys this is how you make green juice in a blender it doesn’t matter what blender you have give it a try playing around with the amount of fruit the number of greens the number of seeds you have to get a blend that’s right for you that tastes great and hey if you appreciate this video if you’ve liked if you found any joy of film if it was helpful for you in any way please please please if you decide to upgrade.

Or get a Vitamix please use our links to Vitamix use our promotion code so we get the credit you’ll get free shipping we’ll send you a starter kit with a shopping list and an e-book and all sorts of good stuff to get you started with your Vitamix it helps us immensely how we pay our bills it’s our livelihood thank you questions email us we’ll set up a phone call with you let’s hang out and make it not a one-way street love you guys too blending green juice life is no yoke thank you for watching Cheers. So key one water ice key number two put this in every single green juice you make lemon


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