Best Apple Slicer for Apple Pie in 2021

Remember the phrase from your childhood “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

Do you diligently practice according to the phrase?

Or do you just love eating those fresh fruits packed with powerful health benefits?

Does your family love having freshly baked apple pie from your kitchen?

Then apples must have taken a necessary constituent in your diet. And further you must be knowing cutting those apples with the help of a regular knife consumes a lot of effort and you may not get the perfect slices that you desire having the same thickness each.

Do you want to have that deliciously pretty stuff be cut without any hassle and of course consuming half the time? Then the slicer for apples may prove to be a boon for you, where you can enjoy the power pack fruit very easily with the help of this kitchen tool. When you are enjoying a so yummy fruit salad in your favorite restaurant have you ever wondered how those apple slices are cut so evenly? Well, an apple slicer comes to the rescue when you want to obtain those evenly cut slices.

Buying Guide for The Best Apple Slicer in 2021

There are a lot of dishes that can be made up of apples as the primary constituent such as apple pie, apple sauce, poached apples, apple muffins, and apple cakes being the favorite for most of the kids. In order to make any of these you require to slice half a dozen of apples to prep, and you know if you use a knife it will cut through a lot of apples. At this point, an apple slicer may prove to be a boon for you.

Pondering on what is an apple slicer and how it works? Each side of this one-piece tool has divided segments and handles. The segments glide over an apple, slicing it into even slices. The adjustable apple slicer, also known as apple corers, are featured with round center cutters as well which along with slicing segments also detaches the apple cores and seeds in one swift motion. With this efficient tool, you can not just slice apples, but there are a lot of uses of this little thing. Don’t want to get extra teary while cutting onions for kababs? Try using this little for relief.

If you have a fresh round ball of mozzarella, you can cut symmetrical segments with an apple divider for pasta and salad—or both! Now you must be convinced that how important an apple slicer is for your kitchen. If you don’t own one, this article will provide you with features you need to keep in mind while buying one.

Features of the Best Apple Slicer in 2021

Slicer Blade:

When it comes to dividing the fruit into wedge-like bits, this is a crucial component of an automatic apple slicer. The blade is round and built with divided segments situated around a center circle, and is most typically made of stainless steel or hardened aluminum. The slices are created by the segments, and the center is removed by the circle. The blade part of the knife is sharp on the hand that comes into contact with the apple and dull on the other, similar to a knife.

Slicer Diameter:

Pay attention to the diameter of the slicing blade as well as the overall tool’s outer circumference. If you regularly core large apples, you’ll need a tool with a circumference large enough to fit around the apple and a large enough diameter to extract the entire core. If you prefer smaller apples, a large-diameter corer might remove too much of the fruit with the core.


The size of an apple is significant because it determines how easy it is to store. A simple corer takes up very little room in a small kitchen, making it an ideal option. The best apple corer slicer for large apples can fit in most drawers, but it will not lay flat due to its design. Since a corer is so broad, it won’t fit in a drawer and will need to be placed on a shelf in your kitchen.


The product’s design is also an important criterion for evaluating whether it is robust and capable of performing the job. Stainless steel should be the primary material for apple corers. The corer would be rust-free and long-lasting if it is made of high-quality stainless steel. The blade’s sharpness is the next thing to search.  Naturally, the sharper the blade, the stronger the coring. If you want an apple slicer for seniors of a good design, you can find it too in the market.

Handle Grip:

Handle grips are important for daily cooks who require large quantities of apple slices on a regular basis. It must be soft, comfortable, and have a shape that allows for a secure grip. The handle grip should be strong as well not only for comfort but also to ensure the user’s safety. Since it includes sharp blades, if the handle grip is ineffective, it can result in a number of accidents.

The number of slices per go:

Depending on how many slices you want to make, there are a number of options on this page. Choosing the right slicer can be affected by your texture preferences or the reason for your purchase. Consider one of the peeler, corer, thin apple slicer combinations if you want to make thin slices for pies. They’ll make 14-inch thick spiral slices that you can easily chop in half and use in pies. You can also make nutritious snacks by spreading out these half-rings and drying them in a food dehydrator.


Three factors should be considered when it comes to convenience. First and foremost, you need to read the user reviews to see how simple the product is to manage and use. You may only need to push and pull the apple corer in some cases. In some cases, you’ll need to push hard, twist it for a while, and then pull the corer out.

The next consideration is the ease of storage. The size of the object matters a lot in this case. Because of their small size, they are easy to store. The ease of cleaning is the final consideration. You must try going for an apple slicer that is dishwasher safe.


This feature is specifically for “serial slicers,” as there is little chance of being exhausted from using an apple slicer a few times a day. If you have not used such a device before then you would be shocked to know that the amount of resistance an apple gives as if 8-12 blades are cutting through it. So look for an adjustable apple slicer with big, padded handles that will spread the weight over a large area of your hands, preventing pressure from building up in one place. For obvious purposes, sharper blades would also assist in this.

Size and Durability:

With the exception of the most high-end apple slicers, the device’s sturdiness decreases as the size increases. It makes sense if you think about it because longer pieces of metal bend more easily. So there’s a trade-off here between the ability to slice larger apples and the amount of time you would expect the unit to last.

Many units with more than 4 inches of cutting section are called “big,” and these can see as much use as a good pineapple peeler because you’ll be far less likely to come across apples that wide than if you start buying pineapples in bulk. For the vast majority of apples, 3 to 4 inches of cutting section will suffice, with those who expect to use their best apple corer slicer for large apples often opting for sturdiness oversize.


As previously mentioned, materials can affect an apple slicer for seniors durability. However, it can also contribute to the comfort and protection that users can feel. It’s important to note that selecting an apple slicer made of durable materials isn’t enough. Check to see if it contains any products that may be detrimental to your wellbeing.


Though it’s tempting to choose the ones that cater to our aesthetic sensibilities, don’t forget to look beyond the design of an apple slicer. Look for the one that contains functions in every detail.


Do you want an apple slicer that can cut rounded fruits up to four inches in diameter? Or are you just interested in one that can cut fruits of average size? Consider the following questions to decide the type of apple slicer you need.


Cleaning apple corer slicer is a messy job that none of us enjoys. You need to check to see if the blades are made of rust-resistant steel and are easy to clean. It will be an excellent option if it is dishwasher safe. Any of it can be quickly opened, allowing for hassle-free cleaning. You will also see how it allows you to store it easily. You should choose the one that comes with handles that let you have super easy portability.

Available Price:

Do you really need another excuse to own an apple slicer? What about the cost of this multifunctional device? Apple slicers range in price from $5 to $20, with well-made versions lasting for years. Apple slicers with a price tag of $6 or less would do the trick. They do not, however, cut apples as good as slicers that cost a little more. The durability of the product after regular use and washing is also debatable.

Most consumers’ needs for durability and versatility are fulfilled by mid-priced apple slicers in the $7 to $14 range. Most amazon apple slicer at this price point are made of long-lasting stainless steel and have durable handles. There are also versions with different numbers of dividers, ranging from 12 to 16. Apple slicers will cost anywhere from $15 to $20. True, many higher-priced versions are made of stronger stainless steel and/or have more slicing dividers. Extra slicing blades for various types of fruit are available in some versions. However, if you just intend to use this system to slice apples, the cost might not be justified.

FAQs for the Best Apple Slicer in 2021

What is the function of an apple slicer?

An apple slicer is a must-have in every kitchen because it makes cutting, slicing, and peeling fruits a breeze. An amazon apple slicer can also be used to slice a variety of vegetables. When preparing salads, pies, or cakes, saves time.

What's the safest way to clean an apple slicer?

It's very easy to clean an apple cutter. It can be washed and rinsed in soapy water. Then, using a clean napkin or tissue paper, wipe it clean. If the product is dishwasher friendly, you can clean it by simply putting it in the dishwasher.

What are some useful hints for using an apple slicer?

When using an apple cutter, there are two things you should always bear in mind:

  • Never use the apple cutter slicer on a glass surface, such as a counter or a plate. The force you apply to the slicer can cause the glass below to crack.
  • Allowing children to use an apple cutter is not a good idea since the blades are typically sharp and can damage their fingers.

What else would an apple slicer be used for?

Any fruit or vegetable that fits into the size of an apple slicer may be used. It's better suited for things that are soft to medium-hard. However, there are apple slicers on the market now that are made of high-quality materials and can slice even the toughest fruits.

Is it possible to wash an apple slicer in the dishwasher?

Possibly. The majority of apple cutter slicer are made of long-lasting materials such as stainless steel or hard plastic. Your apple slicer's care and cleaning instructions will most likely be given by the manufacturer. For the sake of longevity, obey these guidelines.

How to use an Apple Slicer?

Video Transcript:

Got it here pretty cool apple peeler gotta be a new one because I saw one before like that and it says ultimate apple peeler so first of all you take this out and set this up like that and it’s like a guide by putting it like this not really sure what this is looks like an egg slicer but I guess it’s for the apple and looks like it will work with the big apples like that so let’s start out just I guess you put it like that slide it in and right in the middle did it work there you go okay that apple is kind of old but look at that it cuts all the way through nice and you have the core no problem nice okay let’s start with a smaller apple wow.

that’s awesome this apple are all but they go super easy to slice to an apple and you don’t have to worry about pieces getting stuck love it okay another small apple and I’m gonna do kind of on speed I’d say in the beginning kind of hard but look at that it sliced too so good finally a good apple wow so yeah if you ask me this is an awesome apple slice so probably the best but I have here another apple gadget so let’s see what this one is all about.

this is apple core so very simple adjust like that okay I guess you should set it down like this and then you line it up with the apple especially big ones it will work the best and then you just slide it down ah I went sideways well this is why we’re testing it and look it kicks it out I guess I can fix it by just going it on it one more time and I think it’s best to just do it slowly so that way you don’t go sideways.

so there you go pretty unique just line it up you see how it hugs the apple and then press it down ah it went sideways again this works a little bit better you line it up put the flat part of the apple down what happened yeah I miss nope and you see how much that goer missed the other one so I’ll stick with this gadget instead one more apple and it works with really big apples I like it okay line it up boom there you go and look again there’s a few seeds with the other color it didn’t work so slicer and coil at the same time boom come up for me.

How to cut an apple with an apple slicer?

Video Transcript:

Hi come on young and we are ready major we are sure you must have seen or even use this tool before this is the simplest Apple slicer in this video we are going to show you how to use a different way want to know another from Apple hug to take it away or leave it or later slide but still fresh used rubber band to keep all slices together so that the air won’t come in don’t forget to work fruits before let’s take the first but not so obvious put on board t we start peeling it off then cut off the end put it on cutting board vertically and finally use the slicer.

This is how you take it out as far as we can tell you get nicer chunks when you just leave yo kiwi light and then the courage of the difference if you need really small and even where just for food salad cut it into round slices then put them like this and right into the bowl robbery that’s something that you can also help them with our handy T we know it may not look so perfect but take a lot of time and Pat when you are a really huge fan of very high time or a pineapple this guy usually causes a lot of travel light down remove the button grab the green part and set it securely.

On the cutting board now cut down the sides of the pineapple to remove all of the Rings after it’s all done ahead of the leaf now use the slicer theory what a beautiful chain without and without this type of horn is small a bit or solder pits are needed with our long slices the third adult helping things really easy then have them the same way as before one or a few time is like removing them sideways devolve may be managers have the same way as the pineapple cut it into nice even wedding stuff like that so also into smaller chunks you the night after work although the ground prices will make your work even more efficient as it is much easier and faster.

Than size that is in society and one feel free to remove the hard per peel with the tiller and then light the way you light finally go double to please our justiciar repeat all this woman’s bed actually doesn’t matter if you prefer sizing it in smaller or bigger chance this is why we love the multi-talented Apple slicer so much probably not all of your fancy sweet fruit sellers don’t worry there is a solution product easily use of all dividers with chopped tomatoes like this also even the softest mozzarella it can be turned into nice big or even smaller.

Ones after cutting the cheese in half and now let us introduce our favorite insight with the most recognizable vegetables in our countries Pollan take a look at how easily prepared baking tray covered with baking paper drizzle it with olive oil and spread evenly on the wall cover now we can start filling the plate with potatoes and other vegetables.

Oh if you are not sure how we cut onions and beef check this out never in the good quality olive oil handful of our massive rosemary sea salt and pepper the amount you like from ginger to spice it up and finish it with a bit of black cumin bike for about 35 minutes in the meantime see how easy it is to cut your potatoes for the loop or your side with still file.

To it exactly the same way we showed you with food our health is our market vision ready to eat fill yourself apart and run by the twenties which side to put all the soluble lemon juice earth way the little I’m totally overpowered up and orange no it simply doesn’t work here thanks for watching and subscribe for our new videos every week some love.


There are various types of apple corer slicers available in the market, so you can choose the slicer for apples according to your uses. With minimal effort, you can quickly slice and cut the cores from the apples, and you can serve the family and guests as soon as they arrive or it just shortens your preparation time for dishes where apple plays a key role.

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